U. Synlig
U. Synlig 18 時間 前
So, ... Tucker Carlson is not just “pro-choice,” he is probably _pro-termination_ for U.S. citizens. All in the interest of preserving his vote from “dilution.”
Somali Seven
Somali Seven 18 時間 前
Stay there am on ma way🤣🤣🤣🤣
L L 18 時間 前
Republicans are becoming increasingly tyrants. They hate seeing other people having fun while preaching precepts like personal responsibility, individual freedom, religious freedom, small government, conservative fiscal policy, right to life yet abandoned those principals as soon as they have the power. Bunch of hypocrites!!!!!
Gabriel Souza
Gabriel Souza 18 時間 前
Does anyone here hate Brazil?! 😂😂😂 ***Actually, we brazilians don't hate any country.... 😂😂😂
dannythemann6 18 時間 前
Can I get vaccinated and still be in doors only? Cuz it's not so bad being alone. *sings Hello darkness my friend*
Łukasz Lupa
Łukasz Lupa 18 時間 前
The "news" about the new particle is VERY VERY wrong - muon was discovered in 1936, it's existence is not exactly "news", but the potentialy new particles are related to the measured value of muon's g-2 factor that is not as the theory predicts - the same theory, that calculated this g-2 factor for electron with astounding precision, being in total agreement with measured value.
Rena Fagel
Rena Fagel 18 時間 前
This is going to be a thing. Because I'm telling you, I will feel comfortable going into a restaurant or a theater or a bar or nightclub or any place where you linger indoors only if the business demands its patrons show verified proof of vaccination. I'm not alone in this, and if you agree you should declare this on social media as well. Businesses are private entities. You're constitutional rights really don't apply. They can decide what's best for their bottom line and their business. And many are going to decide that people with money are avoiding going into their establishments until and unless they tighten up and require verified proof of vaccination. Capitalism, right? It's so funny to watch these supposedly pro-business people twist themselves into knots over Delta and Coca-Cola and the MLB and others in Georgia withdraw their support for Georgia's ridiculously prohibitive voting legislation, and now suddenly they want to tell businesses that they can't demand vaccine passports? The whole world is f****** upside down.
MannequinAttack 18 時間 前
GreenBandon 18 時間 前
People should be free. Freedom is more important than life... or was the civil war fought in vain?
Daniel Quispe
Daniel Quispe 18 時間 前
they are replacing black people with latinos actually.
Mauranne Geffrard
Mauranne Geffrard 18 時間 前
Thank you for covering this ! Much needed
Sandshark 2
Sandshark 2 18 時間 前
Pepsi made a deal with soviet russia to sell only pepsi drinks in russia, where in return pepsi got a small fleet of naval ships. Gotta love republicans supporting a (by their definition) socialist company in their attempt to keep suppression of minorities
james eaton
james eaton 18 時間 前
After a few minutes of this show and the attempt....at something...I return to Robin williams...a comedian...when he talks about rambling joe Biden...that's funny
Jon Krueger
Jon Krueger 18 時間 前
Bible: Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Trans Person: I want to be an unbeliever.
Ritchael Ch.
Ritchael Ch. 18 時間 前
United States where's people aren't United
Sibyl B
Sibyl B 18 時間 前
Thankfully, when the Volcanic Mountain on Cabo Verde slides into the ocean, Florida will be swallowed by the 100 Meter Wall Of Water five hours later.
Jacky He
Jacky He 18 時間 前
Christmas in Russia is probably a lot more fun than in fricking America
RoeGi 18 時間 前
As a European from the heart of Europe i dont consider turkey european.
Janie Lee
Janie Lee 18 時間 前
What do you think? I watched your video about your book thank you for sharing that with me. I don't want to hurt you I just don't think if their country is so bad that they want to get away from it by coming here why aren't we and they doing more to fix their country so they can stay home. I like to stay home I don't really want to go to another country to get away from this.
æiou ÆIOU
æiou ÆIOU 18 時間 前
"Where's the Wall? Is it really ten feet tall? Is it made of wood or brick or steel Something I can really feel? Where, where's the Wall?" - sung to the tune of 'Where is Love?' from Lionel Bart's 'Oliver!' (1960)
Corey Fellows
Corey Fellows 18 時間 前
Whoever is filibustering has to talk, and the guys who want them to talk gotta be in the room listening
Tortuga Almuerzo
Tortuga Almuerzo 18 時間 前
this guy is funny
Picesrunnergoogle+ 18 時間 前
You are making this up...it's ridiculous.
Myrtle Jones
Myrtle Jones 18 時間 前
Timothy Harrison
Timothy Harrison 18 時間 前
You should have a debate with him like Stewart and O’reilly used to do.
Ron Sol
Ron Sol 18 時間 前
Like and admire Tucker much more after watching this extreme leftist propoganda. Everything these people object is what we need.
Jun Moreno
Jun Moreno 18 時間 前
And the brown ones don't forget the brown ones. Minorities, plural. Not just one. Kinda getting sick and tired getting excluded constantly. Your not the only person getting messed with.
Abram Carroll
Abram Carroll 18 時間 前
When it was announced that 70% of the people dying were black, republicans joined forces with Corona virus. They don't want masks or vaccines, because they want it to spread.
mirbramo94 18 時間 前
I don't want to fly on a plane where the pilot was chosen because of his race rather than his competence and ability. Why is that crazy?
Bee 18 時間 前
That was the most Un- American, grossest "thing" I ever heard
Andromeda 18 時間 前
You have time to watch a Daily Show video, you have time to email your state legislature about how the "women's sports" bills aren't backed by any evidence.
Andromeda 18 時間 前
In general, ""gender criticism"" doesn't help anyone. It actively hurts trans people, and it actively hurts cis women who aren't traditionally feminine as they get harassed for getting to access women-only spaces, like public restrooms.
Benjamin Vaccaro
Benjamin Vaccaro 18 時間 前
every year there's a flood of new voters moving in to edge out the existing electorate. each year more and more people cross the border between 17 and 18 years old suddenly allowing them to start voting... MADNESS
Steve 18 時間 前
Republicans announced they want to destroy business and act in job killing ways. Also, I own a lot more stock in Pepsi than in Coca-Cola, so I guess I'm ok with this...
Acenix 154
Acenix 154 18 時間 前
0:52 :Turkey is not Europe" gang where you at?
Blue Red
Blue Red 19 時間 前
Can someone tell me what in the world is going on with America. How long has this been going on? jppost.info/project/j2CcpraDaJfbed0/bideo.html
Antonio Smith
Antonio Smith 19 時間 前
I have to disagree about the trans part. The world of trans is a complicated one that continues to get even more complicated with the addition of 74 additional genders. I personally think trans should be treated as their own group or groups (bathroom, sports, etc). The guy asked if anyone has lost a scholarship due to a trans person... I would assume the question should have been focused on safety (not talking about none contact sports). Let's face it, its not about biologically born females, its about biologically born males that has most people debating this topic. I believe everyone including trans people want a one size fits all equal and fair policy for transgender people but that's never going to happen so the fight for equality is slowed down and continuously pushed back because of this belief.
Noah Pitre
Noah Pitre 19 時間 前
I love this🤣🤣🤣🤣
L-cpone Wins
L-cpone Wins 19 時間 前
Rukayat Jimoh
Rukayat Jimoh 19 時間 前
She sounds like she is narrating for Avatar: legend of Korra
lola johnson
lola johnson 19 時間 前
He's going to get away with it. I have lost my believe in getting justice for the American people. As long as you're got money, theses people will get away with anything.
HERcules 19 時間 前
Goodness, jugs exist. Why the beer bowl?
MrBonniesdaddy 19 時間 前
I'm all pro legislation that keeps us safe from covid19. But what if someone is naturally immune to covid19 and is afraid of all these life threatening side effects and simply don't want to get the vaccine in thier bodies?
Tia Marie
Tia Marie 18 時間 前
@MrBonniesdaddy also check your research again, I could only find 5 deaths, 3 wrongfully linked to vaccine, 1 was a straight up lie, 1 did die (x-ray technician)
Tia Marie
Tia Marie 18 時間 前
@MrBonniesdaddy so how many people have DIED from the disease vs. people that have died from the vaccine?
MrBonniesdaddy 18 時間 前
@Tia Marie in California alone, there have been around 10 deaths and hundreds of serious side effects from the vaccine in two weeks. I think there should be more data on the folks experience serious life threatening side effects. 35 million folks here, there must be a high number of unreported cases of side effects.
Tia Marie
Tia Marie 18 時間 前
A) how would you know if you were naturally immune? Catching it & surviving it is not "natural immunity." B) please take a list of actual (experienced, recorded, & people died from them) side effects & long lasting effects of getting covid-19, and put it next to the list of POSSIBLE side effects from the vaccine. Then make a decision. I can personally tell you all I got was a headache and I have anaphylaxis.
Desktop Kitty
Desktop Kitty 19 時間 前
As a girl I preferred to hang around boys and do boy things. I was given a lot of grief about it from my family, especially my grandma, who pressured her son (my dad) to make sure I grew up to be a girl. But it wasn't even because I wanted to be a boy, I just couldn't stand the girls. At best they were boring, and at worst the were gossipy and bad mouthed everyone behind their backs and wanted me to join in. I just wanted to be a kid and play.... climb trees, read comic books, and be silly. So I hung out with boys.
Joseph Alexander
Joseph Alexander 19 時間 前
So you’re the law is controversial.... lol exactly
Eric Daniel
Eric Daniel 19 時間 前
I hope Tucker doesn't have a bunch of guns...
Jae Lynn
Jae Lynn 19 時間 前
Yeah, no thanks to scamming delivery apps.
Carlos Magana
Carlos Magana 19 時間 前
(Men are more productive in cold weather and women in warmer weather it’s just fact) but love how she made it a none confrontational joke 😂
Peter Lorichs
Peter Lorichs 19 時間 前
I just want “Carrot” to be my apple assistent
Osvaldo Domingos
Osvaldo Domingos 19 時間 前
Reverse psychology is the most effective way to make people do the right thing. Well done.
j.david C
j.david C 19 時間 前
“If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it” -Mark Twain
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist 19 時間 前
I don't know what Tucker means by "free healthcare," because _we_ don't have it.
100MPH Selfies
100MPH Selfies 19 時間 前
what a nice state to live in. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Ger Leahy
Ger Leahy 19 時間 前
One diplomatic slip up Roy. Don't... call... Romanians... ROMA. AHHHH
redhotz21 19 時間 前
Yahoo answers has been my one specific question oh no!!!!
Sigge Värn
Sigge Värn 19 時間 前
You forgot sweden and denmark
Millard Alexander Dorsey, MAD1
Millard Alexander Dorsey, MAD1 19 時間 前
Sorry iF fussed at U. Leave My guy POTUS and the Special Lady VPS out of your Struff for a moment please! Folks really love you as I do. I am a native person to the Americas
Di Loy
Di Loy 19 時間 前
my Siri was always male
Khefren Ka
Khefren Ka 19 時間 前
Even Arkansas GOP governor was against these measures because they were intentionally cruel for no reason.
Philly Tobes
Philly Tobes 19 時間 前
Vaccine passports are an infringement on the liberty of the American citizen
Carlos Draws
Carlos Draws 19 時間 前
Thanks to the Karens, Spring Breakers, Retrumplicans, Fox News, Idiots, And Republicans who opened up and removed restrictions in some states, for helping the virus spread and mutate.
JamieZarr 19 時間 前
It's very funny-strange when you come across a video that doesn't make you laugh at all and, apparently, the audience find it funny-haha... What the heck??
Mbulelo Bam
Mbulelo Bam 19 時間 前
I wonder if the purple razor for transfolk costs more ?
Steven D. Bennett
Steven D. Bennett 19 時間 前
The 2nd Amendment reaffirms the existing right.
Shelley Zuelich
Shelley Zuelich 19 時間 前
Fjk Fjk
Fjk Fjk 19 時間 前
Trump Gangsta as fuqk. I have to hand it to him, he knew who to get over on.😂🤣
Ayding V.
Ayding V. 19 時間 前
Can you IMAGINE countries being ruled not by greedy business people and/or narcissistic psychopaths, but by cultured and emotionally intelligent folk who actually have the public’s best interests in mind, like this man? If THAT is going to be the result of the world ending as we know it, with its normalized abusive systems coming to an end, then bring the mf apocalypse on!!
Shelley Zuelich
Shelley Zuelich 19 時間 前
I think they meaning us censor should quit asking what nationality or ethnic preference is. Who really cares unless your an alien .well maybe id care cause id want to have a talk about why now are they exposing themselves
BMWRider1080 19 時間 前
Tucker is the guy who pretended he was an introvert in school so he didn’t have to deal with the reality that NOBODY liked him
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 19 時間 前
I’m not even going to bother reading the comment section (including any replies I might receive) to expose myself to how many people, with all the willful ignorance they can muster, insist Affirmative Action places incompetent people in jobs they can’t do and keeps competent people out.
The Art Doctor
The Art Doctor 19 時間 前
the words pyramid scheme and brainwash are coming to mind
Diego Larrea
Diego Larrea 19 時間 前
Its almost like tucker carlston is radiclizing the right
Khefren Ka
Khefren Ka 19 時間 前
Did Carlson just make the case that he isn't sane?
Philip B
Philip B 19 時間 前
If a white entertainer parodied the African Diaspora in America the way Trevor parodied the French: he would have been crucified throughout all media.
Daniel Rocha
Daniel Rocha 19 時間 前
vaccination will protect you, but how long? what about those that have perfect immune system and beat coronavirus.
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist 19 時間 前
Studying science is not about getting to a point where you have all the answers. It's about achieving a better understanding of just how ignorant everyone _else_ is.
James Scott
James Scott 19 時間 前
Alright then ! Great sensible video ! Let's just go and take every law abiding citizens guns from them and f[]ck the constitution.
michael alfandary
michael alfandary 19 時間 前
Mitch McConnell is Kermit the Frog
Nasipi Kapela
Nasipi Kapela 19 時間 前
What a minty interview❤️