Patrick 28 分 前
Come on guys, stop reposting old videos...
Mia Cooks
Mia Cooks 28 分 前
Trevor!! U R a year older than me!!! You seem so incredibly youthful!!! Full of life!!😉
Erik Bubacz
Erik Bubacz 28 分 前
You know how the media is talking about people who were provoking the crowd? Imagine that, youre one of those people bud. Congrats
Dreographic 29 分 前
Dude... where’ve you been??
Maria Rod
Maria Rod 30 分 前
jay mack
jay mack 30 分 前
Jordan is great
Thobeka Dladla
Thobeka Dladla 30 分 前
Funny how we doing well but we need the vaccine, funny huh. We already handling our business just fine, now can UK stop trying to Mirco managing us.... with vaccines we are not gene pigs.
Caleb Erickson
Caleb Erickson 30 分 前
If you go to any more of these stay safe
Al Smith
Al Smith 31 分 前
Why dont we say this about Biden and Obama. Hillary is far from being a Christian. This is ridiculous.
nope no
nope no 32 分 前
Estelle Massaa
Estelle Massaa 32 分 前
Oh mon Dieu je me souviens exactement de ce que ça fait d'aller chercher soi même son fouet... Il n'y a pas pire moment que celui là. Tu panique toi seul en entendant le son du fouet😂😂😂😂😂😂
Al Smith
Al Smith 33 分 前
Trump is pro-life, case closed. Trump is more holy than Obama or Biden.
Matt Makatsaria
Matt Makatsaria 33 分 前
Absolutely deplorable. I apologise
Marla Brown
Marla Brown 34 分 前
That's what I want to see! Drag his ass out!
NPC 1 34 分 前
"Lies about voter fraud" Dude, i hate Trump but statistically its impossible that there was not voter fraud. Also "Our Democracy"... We are a Republic, not a democracy thats why we have representatives and do not directly vote.
Tempe Snyder
Tempe Snyder 34 分 前
Oh, if he’s dragged out of the White House, that would be SOOO good!
Novv St. Rivver
Novv St. Rivver 35 分 前
Fool. Slaves won’t be slaves if they have guns. That’s why I got guns. Amen. Who supposed to protect me the same cops who want to kill me? The ones from the capitol who stood by out of fear? Or the ones in the mob? How about the ones who suffocated king in his hospital bed
Lord Game boy
Lord Game boy 35 分 前
This is definitely a re-upload right?
Lashayla Jackson
Lashayla Jackson 35 分 前
I'm dead! 🤣🤣
Jamie DeRusso
Jamie DeRusso 36 分 前
Has this show been cancelled or something? Why do they keep showing recycled stuff?
tobe smith
tobe smith 36 分 前
Why the hell would you concede the election 2 a corrupt child sniffing national security risk like Joe Biden. And let's not forget Hillary Clinton in Nancy telling Joe Biden not to concede for trump no matter what. There is no way in hell Joe Biden got 80000000 vote. None of this was taken seriously by the media or the people in our government. Get ready for 4 years of fuckery
mintheman7 37 分 前
Prosperity gospel = scammers with no conscience => going to hell for sure (if it exists)
Ms.Chiefmanaged 38 分 前
Ok its 2021 now , can someone please explain to me what this Red Bull looking thing, the statue holds, is meant to be ? I’m wondering all lockdown shows
Tully Bascombe
Tully Bascombe 38 分 前
A fly-over spreading Agent Orange would be in order.
Enoch Allen
Enoch Allen 38 分 前
Have fun with your racists war because I'm independent lol
Enoch Allen
Enoch Allen 39 分 前
I voted for trump
PogiBearCam luke
PogiBearCam luke 40 分 前
I wonder if someone can feel as smooth and safe doing the same thing at a BLM or Antifa rally questioning them.
Marci LK
Marci LK 40 分 前
We should put less importance on tradition really. Being gracious, yes, but tradition isn’t so important.
Gina Gee
Gina Gee 40 分 前
Eloquence, elegance, educated and a sublime orator. I have found my new role model
denisezi 40 分 前
Solimani wasn’t innocent
Jay Moto
Jay Moto 40 分 前
Jordan, unfortunately you are 5 years too late on this survey. Cambridge Analytica compiled this disturbing data 5+ years ago, and Trump weaponized it. When Trump said "I could shoot someone in the open, and they would still love me", he had the research to back it up.
jesse 41 分 前
I don't see any scandal here... By the way, comparing with Mr. Trump, I think all US Presidents before trump are just great.
Gen transporter
Gen transporter 42 分 前
Trump ~ Despotism = (Encyclopædia Britannica Films, 1946)
robbes7rh 42 分 前
Yeah, I like that idea of Sunday brunch for example. And you can throw in fried plantain you know if that's going to be in the New Orleans area. And here I thought the Boogaloo was a dance dance from Jamaica
Alicia Pearson
Alicia Pearson 42 分 前
The look on the journalist's face when that idiot was talking about guns and slaves.....
ShelbysJareau 42 分 前
Sometimes.. when I'm sad I watch this video and wheeze for twenty minutes. 😂 this man is an embarrassment
Shardul Dingankar
Shardul Dingankar 44 分 前
this is a re-upload
Manu Camu
Manu Camu 44 分 前
O’Reilly behaves like Naomi Campbell!
Mucus tolnay
Mucus tolnay 45 分 前
I fell sorry for you all people just because you are unhappy, that is the reason to bitching the President
Jim 45 分 前
Laughing stock
lona so cool
lona so cool 46 分 前
So what does space force do , seriously what do they do hang out in space arrest who space force golf course every president needs to take random drug test space force Hahahahaha lololloll
Ayezak Triphon
Ayezak Triphon 46 分 前
Where the fuck is Trevor at this days man 🤦‍♂️
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde 46 分 前
The juicy innocent additonally disapprove because paste scilly tremble inside a gray greasy great trumpet. unused, xenophobic flight
Cliff Hooper
Cliff Hooper 46 分 前
He's a joke as well. They are all trash!! I wish they would fight, no strikes would land, just x2 strokes, on to the next fake old men pandering to the masses
Jon Dough
Jon Dough 46 分 前
Guess ppl forgot that there was virtually no federal gun control laws UNTIL the black panthers started to legally arm themselves enmass, publicly
Larry Armstrong
Larry Armstrong 47 分 前
Finally got a chance to watch some of your show, and you suck. Wont be back . Try to console your grief.
Sweatshop Edits
Sweatshop Edits 42 分 前
thanks for boosting his show with the comment ❤️❤️
Dikke Snikkel
Dikke Snikkel 48 分 前
Who ever still thinks Trump is handing over the administration to Biden is oblivious.
Regina Moore
Regina Moore 48 分 前
Fergal Hughes
Fergal Hughes 49 分 前
Now I just want to hear that Trump's helicopter crashed .. that's all, I'm not asking for much
Lordofgg 49 分 前
As a far right guy from Sweden that starbucks thing was absolutely insane: Um you guys are sitting here, why? Well, we are waiting on our friend So you have chosen death?
Keri Van Atta
Keri Van Atta 50 分 前
Most people that come here are escaping something. They don't come here to become criminals... They can do that, without getting arrested, in their own countries. Why in TF would they want to come here, where they would get arrested. They come here to have peace and take care of their families. Anyone with half a brain can figure it out if they just think about it.
Meme Supreme
Meme Supreme 50 分 前
Well, at least everybody is denouncing riots now.
Hmm. 50 分 前
"the straight couple they worked so hard you know and the gay couple they want more" the lgbtq+ community has fought for years and years just to like who they like. Lady you are straight and white you have all the privilege in the world. This mindset of "well if we give this to them they will win and celebrate and think they are greater than us when they arent" has been around since the 50s when they had heavy segregation (still do obviously). This is the problem.
Derek Selby
Derek Selby 50 分 前
The scandalous saudi arabia dentsply injure because actor astonishingly imagine failing a eatable network. wholesale, yielding dad
Kendra 51 分 前
The crowd is mine! Lol I’m weak😂😂😂
Andreina Mendez
Andreina Mendez 51 分 前
1:63 I quit my 9-5 thanks to 𝐠 𝐫 𝐞 𝐚 𝐭 𝐞 𝐚 𝐬 𝐲 𝐩 𝐚 𝐲 . 𝐜𝐨 𝐦 #amazing 0:63
Érico N.
Érico N. 52 分 前
Some people try to look cool over some top trended subject that they think they know about. At least Google it before is too late.🤦🏼‍♂️
Bayk3rr 54 分 前
this whole time I forgot I was watching the daily show lol
Britt Selvitelle
Britt Selvitelle 55 分 前
I’m confused about old snippets getting re-posed? I feel like I saw this not that long ago?
Aastha Bansal
Aastha Bansal 55 分 前
French fries are not french and french toast is not french either🤣🤣 what is happening
rajas apte
rajas apte 56 分 前
"Ground up and served in hot dogs at Chase Field" 5:22
Ron Allen
Ron Allen 57 分 前
You all do look the same. I ate chicken.
Favor Oceanloy
Favor Oceanloy 57 分 前
And not just justice, he would also have every man have equal opportunity
McDonald Trump
McDonald Trump 57 分 前
Finally it’s almost been a full two months Trevor Noah has been gone and now he just hopped back on like nothing ever happened
Michael Svoboda
Michael Svoboda 57 分 前
'Little longer', huh?
Huntron 9000
Huntron 9000 57 分 前
Meanwhile: Trump has been impeached twice caused mass division, lies nearly 21 times a day has played golf for over 300 days in four years, said covid would go away like a miracle, said it was a hoax, is responsible for over 400,000 deaths of which he says he takes no responsibility for. Told ppl to inject bleach which also killed ppl. Held mass rallies in the middle of a pandemic that also killed ppl. Incited a riot on the capitol which also killed ppl. undermined the election results after projecting if he lost it would be a rigged election. Fox news: yeah na nothing to report hea I like olive garden let's talk about how great olive garden is just like president Trump! Who said POWs were losers for getting caught and wouldn't change confederate named army bases despite pressure to do so. Told the proud boys to "stand back and stand by". Called white supremacists good ppl and also said the riotors are special and he loves them.
dntcry4meimalrddead 58 分 前
Sooo once trump is not president, how will jordan Entertain us? 😞
Divided we Fall
Divided we Fall 58 分 前
If you want to get all technical and sensitive like the left. I am actually an Irish American and we only make up 10 percent of the US population (thats less than black people). So calling me white could be considered an insult and politically incorrect. Perhaps I can get some reparations since my people were treated so poorly by the colonists when we arrived. Irish Americans were skilled tradesmen who vastly contributed to building this country but you don't hear us crying about free money! NOW YOU KNOW!!
Divided we Fall
Divided we Fall 58 分 前
If you want to get all technical and sensitive like the left. I am actually an Irish American and we only make up 10 percent of the US population (thats less than black people). So calling me white could be considered an insult and politically incorrect. Perhaps I can get some reparations since my people were treated so poorly by the colonists when we arrived. Irish Americans were skilled tradesmen who vastly contributed to building this country but you don't hear us crying about free money!
Team Rivera
Team Rivera 59 分 前
You want to here a real story , look up daryl davis ... not don lemon lol
Im black and 16 in Pheonix so this scares me
froggy 時間 前
I hope he didn't get covid from all those idiots.. Yucky!
Annie Le
Annie Le 時間 前
Your show is evil and nothing funny.
Ahm Karim
Ahm Karim 時間 前
Why don’t you see your face in the mirror? Hypocrite
Bruno Oliveira
Bruno Oliveira 時間 前
it started
Pastor TB Joshua
Pastor TB Joshua 時間 前
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Ani Tchaghlasian
Ani Tchaghlasian 時間 前
Bye bye donald
Dirge Wordsmithe
Dirge Wordsmithe 時間 前
Did I miss something? Did we get a full week of Daily Show throwbacks instead of ANYTHING from Trevor about the riot?? I was kinda waiting to hear his take on that...