Desi Lydic Spends Christmas with Her Fox News Fam | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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ヶ月 前

Can Desi Lydic’s family avoid talking about politics during their Christmas Zoom? Not when her family is full of Fox News hosts. #DailyShow #DesiLydic #FoxNews
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Mike 9 日 前
The world is a better place with Desi.
somsanouk saensombat
somsanouk saensombat 15 日 前
..................Goood CGI-ing
kelly O
kelly O 17 日 前
I enjoy this segment with Desi and her Fox family.😂 I hope it continues when they return to the Daily Show studio.
American Patriot
American Patriot 23 日 前
Good video
imagine taking the lords name on the lords own birthday
J. Skellington
J. Skellington 26 日 前
M Mitchell
M Mitchell 26 日 前
They're so stiff! It's scary.
Emanuel A
Emanuel A 27 日 前
Brilliant lol
theCulture 28 日 前
3:02 lmao can't help it
Viola Parker
Viola Parker 28 日 前
I honestly forgot about cousin Brian lol
Palmer Eldritch777
Palmer Eldritch777 29 日 前
Loved Kilmeade LOL
Hval Bein
Hval Bein 29 日 前
You dont need long vids. Fox news dont talk about you at all
Andre Fricke
Andre Fricke 29 日 前
As a German guy I had to laugh at "peppermint schnapps" way too hard 😅
Hope Is in the ether
Hope Is in the ether 29 日 前
The following link is a huge divergence from consensual reality sending you smack dab into a dark, confusing, and disturbing Trumpian reality. I found this in my email trash. Forget crack. Rather simply load your glass pipe or if old school, use a lighter, foil, a straw, and a light bulb filled to the top with a crystalline MAGA rock. Smoking that will achieve the same end.
pop5678eye 29 日 前
Desi is totally the next Colbert.
tm tm
tm tm 29 日 前
haha love you Desi. I feel way better about my own family!!
Mark Stanley
Mark Stanley ヶ月 前
Hey African boy trevor you used to be a beautiful Kafue. Now (by mistake?) your just another Uncle Sam (don't get me wrong, now you knew your place).
GiacomodellaSvezia ヶ月 前
Desi will have to go into defox after this confrontation.
estella very stable genius
estella very stable genius 29 日 前
LOL ,nice one !
KEN BEE ヶ月 前
Desi has many, many, many performance awards, right? Right guys?
Antoniyah Israel Stories
Antoniyah Israel Stories ヶ月 前
Dang she funny as heck 🤣
salemandreus ヶ月 前
I laughed so much.
ThisWreakTonight ヶ月 前
Daoud Ahmady
Daoud Ahmady ヶ月 前
omarr Phillips
omarr Phillips ヶ月 前
King James Version Deuteronomy 12:28 Observe And Hear All These Words which I command Thee, that it may Go well with Thee, And With thy Children after Thee For Ever, when Thou Doest that which Is good and right In the sight of The Lord thy God. Light Esther 8:16 One, THAT IS, God. Matthew 19:14-17 1 John 1:5 God is Light 1 John 5:7 The Holy Ghost Zechariah 14:9 His name One
Villanelle ヶ月 前
Genius editing! Very funny! ☺️❤️🎄
Dan G
Dan G ヶ月 前
Joke got old pretty quick. At minute 3 I had enough and stopped.
Anne Kerrigan
Anne Kerrigan ヶ月 前
Did anyone else notice Laura’s face moving when her hair was not? They were obviously very separate entities. What’s going on with that?
Jeriel Colon
Jeriel Colon ヶ月 前
Wake-Up America
Wake-Up America ヶ月 前
FOX is an entertainment company that creates a grave threat to our democracy and to the lives of all Americans. Fox News does not appear to be interested in science, facts or meaningfully engaging with opposing views -- it seems they are only interested in creating a mirage that will keep people watching.
Natalia C
Natalia C ヶ月 前
Love it!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
B. Theophilus G Russell
B. Theophilus G Russell ヶ月 前
He spent three years and found nothing 😂
KSK Singh
KSK Singh ヶ月 前
Desi is super fake 🤨
gymratatouille ヶ月 前
Brilliant!! Tons of laughs 🤣
X Y ヶ月 前
These are so cringey and so hilariously well put together
Rebecca Freeman
Rebecca Freeman ヶ月 前
r pieces
r pieces ヶ月 前
Desi is a Hoot!
jan morgan
jan morgan ヶ月 前
absolit=ely no amount of money could ever make me watch faux snooze
Sherry Lee Davis
Sherry Lee Davis 27 日 前
First time I accidently saw Fox news, I actually thought I had stumbled on some sort of SNL rip-off.
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers ヶ月 前
I think all the Fox Hosts were created in a lab in Wuhan.
Antonio Valle
Antonio Valle ヶ月 前
Desi is just too funny. Good job. Nice going. I can’t stop laughing.
rockandrollfantasy86 ヶ月 前
LMAO their screen names.
Jules TBD
Jules TBD ヶ月 前
Lmao 🤣 🤣 🤣
Barbara Joseph-Adam
Barbara Joseph-Adam ヶ月 前
Desi’s bleeped out “Fuck Christmas” at the end there, HAH! No, seriously, I love you. Merry me!
Dreykini ヶ月 前
Fox needs Bill O’Reilly back...Lou Dobbs, um nope. I would even venture to say Meghan Kelly instead of Laura Ingram.
Arnold F. Mwumva
Arnold F. Mwumva ヶ月 前
🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
Team Mopar
Team Mopar ヶ月 前
Poor lost Brian 🤦‍♂️...😂🤣
Emily Innocent
Emily Innocent ヶ月 前
Lmao 😆
Billy Lantigua
Billy Lantigua ヶ月 前
That was super good.
Kevin Bandy
Kevin Bandy ヶ月 前
She kills me
Jei Hoseok
Jei Hoseok ヶ月 前
When they say "illegal" votes they're really saying minority votes.
Gonzo York
Gonzo York ヶ月 前
It's funny because is true
Patty J. Ayers
Patty J. Ayers ヶ月 前
Brilliant 😊
Rocky Power
Rocky Power ヶ月 前
Do you give your "Thoughts and Prayers" to Fox watching researchers? Hazard pay? Free deprogramming sessions?
Edward Jones
Edward Jones ヶ月 前
The best nostrils in the biz!
Lauren Adams
Lauren Adams ヶ月 前
CoolAsTuck and HannityTheMannity 🤣🤣🤣
Lauren Adams
Lauren Adams ヶ月 前
Soooo when is Desi going to get her own show?
M O ヶ月 前
Desi you are amazingly good, you nailed the Fox gang perfectly!
Tina Clark aka Aunt Tina
Tina Clark aka Aunt Tina ヶ月 前
Nice 👍🤩🎁🎄
Anthony Lucero
Anthony Lucero ヶ月 前
Why does good ole Tucker always look like he battling a bad case of constipation😄
kosh2001 ヶ月 前
Just Surfin
Just Surfin ヶ月 前
That is so wrong, love it >^_^
Alain Michel
Alain Michel ヶ月 前
It never gets old.
Swanand Gadgil
Swanand Gadgil ヶ月 前
The editor deserves a raise 😂
Seline erek
Seline erek ヶ月 前
This is brilliant 😂😂
Kim B
Kim B ヶ月 前
Alex Cha
Alex Cha ヶ月 前
This is great fun
abdenbi CHIKOUN
abdenbi CHIKOUN ヶ月 前
About Tom Cruise "When the cow falls, the knives come out. "
Robin Chakravarty
Robin Chakravarty ヶ月 前
No gutfeld? He is the craziest of them all!
King Louie
King Louie ヶ月 前
This is the most unfunny thing I have ever seen. I must congratulate you.
allen chang
allen chang ヶ月 前
I love you Desi, I literally do❤️😁
DethronerX ヶ月 前
Why do they all look like Vampires who haven't had blood in a month
インドの忍者 ヶ月 前
I love this 👍👍
Chris Albert
Chris Albert ヶ月 前
Is it just me or does Desi have no nose hairs?
Jake Peralta
Jake Peralta ヶ月 前
She has one crap family
Gregory Marsh
Gregory Marsh ヶ月 前
I got a warm fuzzy watching this :)
Gonzo York
Gonzo York ヶ月 前
Me too
Strange Wayfaring Stranger
Strange Wayfaring Stranger ヶ月 前
Hahahaha Rudi Tuti
William Horton
William Horton ヶ月 前
Looking good Desi!
Allan Ray
Allan Ray ヶ月 前
Hahaha these are really entertaining!
Kelly's Noble Herd.
Kelly's Noble Herd. ヶ月 前
Well this is creepy.
Jesse Fuentes
Jesse Fuentes ヶ月 前
Drew Ciccotelli
Drew Ciccotelli ヶ月 前
Her family is drunk.
Huib Rijntjes
Huib Rijntjes ヶ月 前
Merry Christmas = allowed by President Trump !!! No more apologies for saying these words... God bless President Trump !!!
bery mod
bery mod ヶ月 前
I Cannot Stop Laughing Hilarious
purplefireweed ヶ月 前
Cute. 😍
Papi Splitz
Papi Splitz ヶ月 前
I lost it at Hannity-the-Mannity :D :D
maynunal ヶ月 前
Not a single word of criticism for Putin. Not a single word of criticism for Russian’s cyberwar against our nation’s government systems. He betrayed America & our 17 intel agencies in Helsinki. He’s betrayed America ever since.
Marvin Jones
Marvin Jones ヶ月 前
Fox news is like trump! BULLSHIT.
Johanne ヶ月 前
This is hilarious! Desi is great!
abdenbi CHIKOUN
abdenbi CHIKOUN ヶ月 前
Tom Cruise not only was 100% right, but also reached the pinnacle of human consciousness.
annakeye ヶ月 前
Clearly Desi is the black sheep of the family.
Matt ヶ月 前
Does Desi have to watch Fox News anymore? I mean, these are hilarious, but at what cost? #BLINKTWICEIFOK
Rahul Padman
Rahul Padman ヶ月 前
Desi Lydic everybody 👏👏👏👏
Russell Laverty
Russell Laverty ヶ月 前
This style reminds me of those old Dickie Goodman records from the 70's like Mr. Jaws and the Energy Crisis '74.
Michelle LeBlanc
Michelle LeBlanc ヶ月 前
To t you know I love 💗 lol ha lol
Michelle LeBlanc
Michelle LeBlanc ヶ月 前
Tamara Smith
Tamara Smith ヶ月 前
😂😂😂😂😂 How can they watch Fox enough to get all these clips? I'd never be able to do it.
Barbara Joseph-Adam
Barbara Joseph-Adam ヶ月 前
That’s how you know that these people are pros; you and I on the other hand are mere mortals 😁
Victor Ramirez
Victor Ramirez ヶ月 前
😂😂😂😂 awesome!!!!
Fredia Mccoy
Fredia Mccoy ヶ月 前
that was the BESSSSTTTTT!😂
moses parker
moses parker ヶ月 前
Too funny 😂
The Zombie Whisperer
The Zombie Whisperer ヶ月 前
JPpost keeps deleting my Trump Christmas Poem, there is nothing violent or reprehensible in it either 🤔 Twas the night before Christmas When into the bar, strode Trump the President with a nasty ass cigar. He just stood there and snarled like a big ugly cur, the aches he flicked burned right through his fake fur. He just stood there staunchly as he burst into flames, then began to call all the patrons really bad names. The room quickly filled with a warm friendly glow, it came not from friendship but Trump's burning fake stole. Then in came Santa as he made the day, he talked Trump the President into guiding his sleig. When Trump concented the Patrons all cheered, and even old Santa gave a smile through his Beard. Now if you spy in the skies and through the thick underbrush and find a burnt toenail lost in the rush. Just think of Old Trump as he flies through the air with a rancid cigar and a clump of burnt fake fur.
maynunal ヶ月 前
People like Kayleigh McEnany also pretended to be offended when Hillary Clinton called them "deplorables" without cursing. Spoiler alert: they're not offended. They don't care. They're proud to be bottom feeding filth. They're just trying to get us to turn against ourselves.
maynunal ヶ月 前
There's something galling about Trump lying that he's been cheated out of another term as 3,000+ die each day from coronavirus, the economy is in tatters, the government is ravaged by cyberattacks, etc. A normal politician with a sense of shame would actually consider resigning.
tHaT vEgAn cHiCk
tHaT vEgAn cHiCk ヶ月 前
I love these! 🤣🤣
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