This Staten Island Bar Owner Who Hit a Cop Is So Lucky He’s White | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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In protest against New York’s COVID restrictions, a Staten Island bar owner declares his property an autonomous zone, hits a cop with his car and becomes a Fox News hero. Trevor compares this man’s treatment by law enforcement and the media to the ways a Black person would be treated for the same actions. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #StatenIsland
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Shadow 22 分 前
Assault=a peaceful protest. WTF is wrong with these people?!?!
Alex Davis
Alex Davis 2 時間 前
America is a 3 world country shit hole country Singapore is a first class country not America
Christina Partida
Christina Partida 3 時間 前
All Trevor is doing is calling it out like it is...I mean you snowflakes seem to not like it cause it makes ya uncomfortable. Hmmm i wonder why that is.🤔
Rachel Mofya
Rachel Mofya 7 時間 前
The guy is foolish how dare he plows his cars in to people like that? Put people at risk, very in human.
Laura Davis
Laura Davis 9 時間 前
collarmole 10 時間 前
Your hair is mesmerising, Trevor.
Michael. 11 時間 前
The Capitol riot:White People can get way things that nobody else could.
Mr. Whoever
Mr. Whoever 15 時間 前
muuuuricaaaa FUCKYEAH
Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson 19 時間 前
Lelee DaDutchess Spoild
Lelee DaDutchess Spoild 21 時間 前
Whats BLOWING MY MIND IS TODAY, THESE PEOPLE ARE SAYING SCREW MASK, DO WE NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE? CASES TO SUE GOVERNORs for mask Laws, when contact tracing gets better, we should start Sueing MoFos for risking us bodily harm. Best believe i get covid im tracing my infection let me see a store that has mass break outs and ive been there. I. Contacting an attorney. So stores keep not enforcing the mandate for mask. I get sick im coming for YOU.
Lelee DaDutchess Spoild
Lelee DaDutchess Spoild 21 時間 前
They spent the Year pissed bc ppl started saying White Privilege... And Damn it now when shit hits the fan. They are spewing White PRIVILEGE. YES LUCKY HE IS WHITE BC YES A BEAT DOWN HUH... SHOOTEM UP.
Galeng Ness
Galeng Ness 日 前
The Whole World is going to Hate America
Omgitsjoetime T
Omgitsjoetime T 日 前
Go back to Africa
calm and cool
calm and cool 日 前
Go back to britain
Barbara Thompson
Barbara Thompson 日 前
Trevor Norah!! You are so so so much on point!!!!
Barbara Thompson
Barbara Thompson 日 前
brandon martin
brandon martin 日 前
And “white people” are racists?...we should spoof this video! Take what he said, reverse the words with literal opposites and see how offended he gets.
calm and cool
calm and cool 日 前
well it doesn't make sense reversed
tzenna 777
tzenna 777 日 前
Wow....released on bail after running over a police officer. He has police officers apologizing to him and sympathizing with him. Wow. May Father Yahweh have mercy
kostraone 日 前
''This is America''
Gypsyjazzirie 日 前
This shit aint evn funny no more. Equally is LOVE
jada jada
jada jada 17 時間 前
We don't want or need your love just leave us alone we know you are jealous of Black men and yes black women we are family no matter. We.will all survive or we will all perish.
Ricardo Fierro
Ricardo Fierro 日 前
The moment his car touched a cop while driving away, he committed a crime. If he was black or Hispanic the cops would have shot 57 bullets into his car. And then released without bail. Basically lucky while man. Here in Texas an (unarmed Black man )with mental issues was shot 4 times by a cop for just waving his arms. Regardless it’s not right. Thanks
Ice Bear
Ice Bear 日 前
I feel ashamed in my own skin.
Tataadow Vasser
Tataadow Vasser 日 前
Lol 😂😂😂😂
richardvilseck 日 前
“You’re so lucky you’re white...” Says the guy who just bought a $27 million mansion. I never knew just how lucky my broke ass was... paying rent.
Faith Thornton
Faith Thornton 日 前
This was NEVER about "BLUE LIVES MATTER" they clearly don't give a Fuck about POLICE, it's what happens when WP go UNCHECKED for outta here
Roberto Santos
Roberto Santos 2 日 前
Only in America
R. Platnum
R. Platnum 2 日 前
You said "killed him till he was dead" wrong Trevor... you said it like "beat him, then his car"
Paul Maingi
Paul Maingi 2 日 前
Case was closed when the sign was put up...
behnam khaleghi
behnam khaleghi 2 日 前
Hi Trevor, congratulations on buying the $27 million house with your GF in Bel-Air. I feel so bad that how difficult is for you to live in this country coming from South Africa. You poor child!
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole 2 日 前
This isn't very Blue lives matter of them. 😂
Linda Day Holliday
Linda Day Holliday 2 日 前
He tried to run the cop over with his car? How is he alive?
Shanna Barnes
Shanna Barnes 2 日 前
Fox news is racist!!!!!
King Ukno
King Ukno 2 日 前
Tony T
Tony T 2 日 前
I like Trevor. But I think he is being pressured to come up with race baiting stories now. The bar owner is copying BLM's CHAD nd CHAZ zones. See when lawlessness becomes the law, The lawful will become outlaws, to make things RIGHT again! We either have laws or we don't! In my 99% black city. I guess the decent black people that moved out of their homes to escape low life behavior from people that LOOK JUST LIKE THEY DO, are....Racist!!! Please stop manipulating us!!! Learn what we really think if you dare to care
Freddie Mack
Freddie Mack 2 日 前
Notice they're not passing any laws on the books to stop this madness
Iyen Peter
Iyen Peter 2 日 前
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣BLUE LIVES MATTER 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
AJNpa80 2 日 前
How the fuck is that not attempted murder?
Lukáš Melichar
Lukáš Melichar 3 日 前
It's easier to be white than others in the USA. That's is for sure not good. Just be aware that your show is creating a situation black vs white, which just increases hate between b/w. Instead of that, maybe, just maybe, the focus should be on the US (as a whole) vs. black (other minority). The reason is simple, anyone can join the police (in this case) and influence its behavior. If anybody believes some election will solve it, hmm, nope. Sure, you can complain here on JPpost about white privilege, but will it help, hmm, nope. It will increase have, yes (as you already can see). Solution: much more nonwhite people must join police forces ( and become politicians.
Ruans Jutz
Ruans Jutz 3 日 前
Let me correct you there Trevor... It's "white Americans". Don't equate them with white Europeans... They are more subtle.
Sam Grant
Sam Grant 3 日 前
Was the police he ran over black!!!
Alonso Gee
Alonso Gee 3 日 前
Yes then they stormed the US capital and walked out like nothing happened, they even got to take home souvenirs. So lucky... 😂😂😂🇺🇸
Cryptic Cyclone
Cryptic Cyclone 3 日 前
Danny Presti smh
fbbWaddell 4 日 前
This would have been the first police shooting that I would have stood behind the cops on. You not about to kill me with your car. Oh I hope he goes to prison.
Hayden r
Hayden r 4 日 前
Trevor Noah whiter than my ginger ass 😂
Hayden r
Hayden r 3 日 前
@הנצרות שקרית you can follow me on Instagram Ya_boy_haydo
הנצרות שקרית
הנצרות שקרית 3 日 前
@Hayden r can i get ur number?
Hayden r
Hayden r 3 日 前
@הנצרות שקרית I bet you do
הנצרות שקרית
הנצרות שקרית 4 日 前
I love orange butts
Adam Lerch
Adam Lerch 4 日 前
Why IS that Guy a "hairy egg"?
DA RUDE 1 4 日 前
It's a cold world we live in! White privilege to the fullest!
Don Juan Matus
Don Juan Matus 4 日 前
It’s My Opinion T.V
It’s My Opinion T.V 5 日 前
Didnt shoot no windows huummm oh I forgot he’s White
King Jamez
King Jamez 5 日 前
Heaven on Earth for white ppl.... Fact'z not Fiction!!🤷🏼‍♂️
Kendrick Lamar Duckworth
Kendrick Lamar Duckworth 5 日 前
My butt-hurt white people out here smashing the dislike button
Sebastian Müller
Sebastian Müller 6 日 前
Better to be lucky than pride.!
Randa More
Randa More 6 日 前
And I was been asking why we’re pleaching 😂
Aaron Flores
Aaron Flores 6 日 前
Haha, orange man bad 🤖....Haha, orange man bad 🤖....Haha, orange man bad 🤖....Haha, orange man bad 🤖
sugarman08 7 日 前
More bullshit Rhetoric
Lydia Johnson
Lydia Johnson 7 日 前
And Staten Island has the highest rate of Covid infection in NYC.
'Smoke weed, every day.' ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"
E 7 日 前
Trevor Noah is so lucky he's white!
Esmirna Ramirez
Esmirna Ramirez 7 日 前
The capital, case in point. Where is Trevor?
O.G. 4019XX
O.G. 4019XX 7 日 前
Definition of white privilege...
Prove its a fact
Prove its a fact 7 日 前
*"The "American way"* If your black or brown you'd better stay down. If your white, anything you do is allwhite.
L H 7 日 前
Anyway I stay in my own neighborhood far away from the cities where my enemies live that way I don’t have to see them or deal with them unless it’s business wise 😁 and have a gun license just in case
Opal Spence
Opal Spence 8 日 前
This is the same behaviour on the capital with White privilege ruling America..
Ded Ede
Ded Ede 8 日 前
White supremacy is a human right we should all be so lucky to have.
Osoblw Qeilow
Osoblw Qeilow 8 日 前
lol are you black or white or Mabey some of both
Hazel Atkinson
Hazel Atkinson 8 日 前
Win 9 日 前
So true!!! Fox news is a joke!!! & so is Trump supporters , when all lives should matter but our so called President is trying hard to divide & tear our nation apart.
Chocolate Ninja
Chocolate Ninja 9 日 前
If he were black he would get shut down. All the different inspectors would get called in to do inspections. Lose his liquor license etc
Greyareas27 9 日 前
_"I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone, and not lose a single vote."_ -Donald J. Trump,2016 (The "White Privilege President")
Jonathan Villeneuve
Jonathan Villeneuve 9 日 前
Trevor seems so racist, I know coming from a “white guy” it seems I could be called a racist but I’m not and I can’t stand how America has gotten to this point. Literally everywhere there is more segregation than when I was born in the 80’s
Lunar_Memories 6 日 前
​@Jonathan Villeneuve I definitely agree that this should be a thing of the past, but from a psychological standpoint, it's a part of us. We like to group things so we know who's like us and who's not. So I think that, due to this, we still have issues with race. Maybe in the future we can overcome it and evolve, but who knows.
Jonathan Villeneuve
Jonathan Villeneuve 6 日 前
@Lunar_Memories it doesn’t offend me but the country as a whole seems to be slipping down the ‘racist slope’ . What happened to best person for the job? Rather than making sure the hiring quota (or other) has been met for each race? Why even have race enter equation at all? Let’s move past that
Lunar_Memories 9 日 前
Nah, you're good dude. Trevor's show is complete satire so - I think - he's mostly joking. But he has a point, sometimes Caucasian people are safer than minorities. (Sorry if this is offensive)
Sponge me boy
Sponge me boy 10 日 前
literally I got this recommended after police allowed white people to occupy the capitol
Autumn Price
Autumn Price 10 日 前
Anyone else click here looking for Trevor’s show about the siege on Capital Hill today?
Blessed chituri
Blessed chituri 9 日 前
Just did that!
Kee Nez
Kee Nez 9 日 前
No lie. Me!!! It would be titled "You're so lucky you're white, part 2"
bbyshady 10 日 前
Go hold them accountable in person than bitching about it over the internet
Maryam Rasheed
Maryam Rasheed 10 日 前
I feel like this segment could have a FEILD DAY with January 6th, 2021
shawd thompson
shawd thompson 10 日 前
Trump Protesters BROKE INTO THE CAPITOL! Let's see if people get tear gas! Tazered! Let's see how many get arrested.
Melissa Lucchesi
Melissa Lucchesi 10 日 前
What about coffee 😂
Peter Baisseley PHOENIX
Peter Baisseley PHOENIX 11 日 前
Danm! I can barely believe that shit!🤦🏾‍♂️ The dude declared himself above the laws. 😂😂😂
Thomas Fulton
Thomas Fulton 11 日 前
Both legs reportedly broke. That’s wild. As much as I don’t like to complain. Thats really Wild. He’s definitely dead if he was black. They put their lives in danger to not kill him .
Thomas Fulton
Thomas Fulton 11 日 前
“Daaaaammmnnn boi you so lucky you white” 😂😂😂😂
Eugene L. Roman
Eugene L. Roman 11 日 前
You gotta Love White Privilege On Video 👍
Kanini Juma
Kanini Juma 11 日 前
Hehehe, Let me laugh...
Jo G
Jo G 11 日 前
This is disturbing af.
Robert Frantz
Robert Frantz 11 日 前
Black Johnny
Black Johnny 12 日 前
You didn't want to say it but you forgot killed
Divine grace
Divine grace 12 日 前
I can't even imagine the outcry on the streets and the extent of MSM coverage of this if he wasn't white because the outcome would have been totally different. It is sad to watch especially when you are a mother
Rock Lively
Rock Lively 12 日 前
UnFREAKIN’ real!! I got arrested for simply complimentary comment to a white woman at a major department store!
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato 12 日 前
A virus is not a fn choice!
William Hyman
William Hyman 12 日 前
Trevor I think you put it best on the bottom of the totem pole black lives matter in the middle blue lives matter on top white lives matter......
William Hyman
William Hyman 12 日 前
I have said this before and I'll say it again and you can dispute this all you want to because the facts are there white America for white Americans the laws were made so white American can get by with things had it's been a black person or person of color it'd be a whole different story the proof is in America's history
Flyboi Clarkston
Flyboi Clarkston 13 日 前
My old football teammate was killed for having a brush they thought was a gun this guy assaults cops with deadly weapon gets a apology... THE FUXK AMERICA
Session Swittenburg
Session Swittenburg 13 日 前
#lucky .com
Shreosi Dutta
Shreosi Dutta 13 日 前
Trevor you're lucky too, youre a Citizen, me being brown, i think it doesn't look good we point fingure towards whites all the time, we need to be better part at our gesture too..after we're representing our nations and needless to say we dont hold lot of good impression either in the eye of first world...
Veronica Parker
Veronica Parker 13 日 前
So lucky... no bail. Dragged and beaten
david johnson
david johnson 13 日 前
is trevor a racist?
Lock Tay
Lock Tay 13 日 前
Has Trevor become a JPpostr now? I love it!
transgreaser ftm
transgreaser ftm 13 日 前
Deaths skyrocketing in #SanDiego thanks to this kind of stupid. It’s the federal governments job to keep us safe so you don’t have to open. And I’m reminded everyday how lucky I am to be white in America. Just walking out of Walgreens with an armful of goods because I forgot a bag is enough to get it. Hello white peoples!
some dude
some dude 13 日 前
I live on SI, pretty close to this bar actually. Every day is full of disappointment on SI.
oc3 13 日 前
If he was black, he'd be dead.
Jaime Cortes
Jaime Cortes 13 日 前
If he was Mexican or black that car would of been swiss cheese.
Nym eria
Nym eria 13 日 前
Your video title is SO appropriate
JAMES OSORIO VideoLogs 13 日 前
Eye opening.
Just Me
Just Me 14 日 前
😂😂beat the shit out of his car..
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