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5 日 前

Georgia lawmakers pass sweeping voting restrictions, corporations finally speak out after threats of boycotts, and Donald Trump trashes MLB, Coca-Cola and more. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #VoterSuppression
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Bo Harris
Bo Harris 時間 前
Seems to me the loopholes utilized to falsify ballots are being closed and all those that benefit from it are squirming. Pass a law to make elections more secure and all the corrupt a-holes will reveal themselves
Mike B
Mike B 4 時間 前
Ah ha ha ha 😂😂😂
YoungManDub 10 時間 前
Wow I never thought a person of color could be so racist.
Blue Red
Blue Red 18 時間 前
Can someone tell me what in the world is going on with America. How long has this been going on?
Ildz Bildz
Ildz Bildz 19 時間 前
Super dope. You guys are awesome
Sergio Watson
Sergio Watson 23 時間 前
Who goes and votes just to get free water he’ll yea save the environment by giving out less plastic battles🤣🤣
Volf Khat
Volf Khat 日 前
Now Remember Folks... *MLB...* is B.L.M backwards!! 🔥🔥
VodShod 日 前
The eagle is supposed to be the representation of the American ideal. In other words the new laws make the old laws look tame by comparison based on the number of lives affected
brainfreeze44131 日 前
Maybe Trump is going to bring Trump airlines. Of course the previous version defaulted on it's loans.
Rasheed Eqbal
Rasheed Eqbal 日 前
Atleast Delta Red will serve actual food.
Mateusz Zielonka
Mateusz Zielonka 日 前
I think he [Biden[ meant 'eagle' as a symbol of freedom, so he's saying that these laws are so bad, they make past discrimination look not so bad in comparison.
wovfm 日 前
Nominee for country's worst race baiter. It will be difficult for any other baiter to beat his racist diatribe around the Asian massage parlor massacres. Trev's a real scumbag, but he does have an amiable appearance and friendly demeanor.
Arthur Cage
Arthur Cage 日 前
Trevor you need to stop lying about the ga voting law did you not see the four Pinocchios Biden got from The Washington Post then you just go regurgitated should be ashamed
Naz Annan
Naz Annan 日 前
I like Coke I don’t like Pepsi
Ray Alvarez
Ray Alvarez 日 前
Have every intention of watching the game,now.
Dannie Carey
Dannie Carey 日 前
IDK Trevor? CBS is BLM on the weekdays and worships the big bucks aristocrats who live for golf on Sunday! We see you CBS, get it together!
Kitosa 日 前
So, during elections you just make sure to lace water bottles you give to officers and keep them on the john lol.
jayceh 日 前
Corporations looked at what the vote count looked like based on county contribution to GDP and make some easy choices.
Nameless Child
Nameless Child 日 前
Pepsi needs to step up
Groffili 日 前
Yes, people have the _right_ to vote! But where does it say that people should have the _opportunity_ to vote? Nowhere, that's where! So if you are not able to drag yourself to the voting booth by your own bootstraps, you don't deserve the privilege of voting! (Warning: this post may contain traces of sarcasm!)
Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or 日 前
\\\ WHY UN SECURITY COUNCIL FAILS ITS MOST IMPORTANT WAR-PREVENTING IN ITS HISTORY? /// THE WAR AGAINST NON-ABATING CORONA/VARIANTS IS ITS GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY, FAR BEYOND AND OVER EACH OF 180 INDIVIDUAL COUNTRIES' HORIZONS & ABILITY. The UN Security Council has mostly failed in five domains: a. MANDATING POWER TO WHO TO STOP CORONA SPREAD GLOBALLY, b. Own Acts to curb corona/variants spread COUNTRY TO COUNTRY, c. Mandating CORONA DEATHS RATES, CDR, sole scientific action gradient, d. Petty politics distracts said responsibility, inducing many CDR victims. e. WHO-CDR-HISTORY-TRENDING for 5-Months/114 countries available by clicking name & search..
Danny 721
Danny 721 日 前
Georgians should storm their capital
CESAR CASTRO Jarochelo 日 前
Wow! What a commercial!! That’s exactly what delta means...
Justin Nessy
Justin Nessy 日 前
This video is so dumb
aazhie 日 前
Companies don't tend to thrive under Fascist rule, I suppose. Also, they can see that Leftists are the new generation, and those are the people they want to cater to. Boomers and more conservative numbers are dwindling. It's just smart survival for them to support voting for more than one reason.
Kendall Sessoms
Kendall Sessoms 日 前
I think “makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle” means that these laws makes Jim Crow look better in terms of Liberty, bc the Eagle is a symbol of freedom
CuriousEarthMan 日 前
I wonder who came up with the Delta idea? Brilliant, I thought!
Edward Mercedes
Edward Mercedes 日 前
Biden meant that a crow is smaller than an eagle, so if that the case this is much bigger than Jim Crow. This is a Jim Eagle(Bigger) It's Better than calling a person Tim Apple, Because he's the CEO of Apple Computers. Who does that!?
Tony Armstrong
Tony Armstrong 日 前
They couldn’t even say Pepsi is better🤣 they said it’s just okay
Cannon Random
Cannon Random 日 前
He meant Jim Crow looks like it is part of American democracy, thus Jim Eagle.
Jack Morgan
Jack Morgan 日 前
The unbecoming bacon apparently touch because street nouzilly itch after a paltry neck. historical, daily cylinder
Jude Ochalifu
Jude Ochalifu 日 前
I can't believe you said "Soccer" Sell out.
Ian Einstein
Ian Einstein 日 前
Hey, Trevor - Regarding that Jim Eagle metaphor... The Bald Eagle is our national bird. He was saying the new voter restriction law makes Jim Crow look positively patriotic by comparison. Personally, I thought that was an elegant slam.
Raule2 1
Raule2 1 日 前
Please read the Bill 1st before you listen to the media and politicians. Don't forget the democrats introduced Jim Crow...
The 6icK Sense: Masses of Gorgeous Asses
The 6icK Sense: Masses of Gorgeous Asses 日 前
{Never thought I'd see white supremacists this afraid in USA this soon. Too hilarious. That's karma.
Geri Allen
Geri Allen 日 前
Jess Smith
Jess Smith 日 前
Trump as someone who works in a restaurant that sells Pepsi products. Nobody is boycotting coke.
John Jr
John Jr 日 前
If only the threat of a boycott would convince disney to stop ruining star wars.
King Okafor
King Okafor 日 前
A crime to give water and food to people in line? Who thought of that?
Ithrowcards Alex
Ithrowcards Alex 日 前
Democrats didn’t turn out in large numbers. They turned out in large numbers by mail.
Chateece Chappelle
Chateece Chappelle 日 前
Wait didn’t Delta give money to Georgia in favor of the bill, I’m confused
Chateece Chappelle
Chateece Chappelle 日 前
It’s Jim Crow 2.0
alice goodman
alice goodman 日 前
Always vote.
Luke Byrne
Luke Byrne 日 前
Think Biden was trying to say Jim Crow is more American in comparison to the voting laws cos eagles are the symbol of America
yodray 日 前
By the way this isn’t a democracy we have entered plutocracy 60 years ago
yodray 日 前
Corporations know that about 90 million Angelos do not consume more than 410 million others even if the wealth is hoarded to one side
MrMoss786 日 前
Blue and Red Delta, actually not a bad idea 👍
Vanessa Donato
Vanessa Donato 日 前
Look up Jim Crow Laws sweet Trevor
DMX 10033
DMX 10033 日 前
Superb - Delta, get the f out of ATL - United is very welcome! Star Alliance rules
Louvine Williamson
Louvine Williamson 日 前
B.s. corporations pay No taxes!
NickNames 日 前
I don't think people understand the whole water bottle and food stuff is to stop electioneering
King JRC IV 日 前
@Ty in VA muh muh muh water😂😂😂
Ty in VA
Ty in VA 日 前
@NickNames lol why is there waits in only black areas? And now its Illegal to hand out food and water! Also 7am to 7 PM is garbage in Virginia its 6 am to 7 PM. Most jobs start at 7am. And why do we vote on a Tuesday anyway. If the government really wanted us all to vote it would be on a Sunday.
NickNames 日 前
@Ty in VA can stopping electioneering be racist? Georgia literally made it easier to vote, they expanded the times in which you can vote. They had the option to put voting times from 9am to 5pm which is actually the least amount of time they could've done. Instead, they decided to expand the voting time by 4 HOURS. So now in Georgia you can vote from the hours of 7 AM to 7 PM which gives the working class plenty of time to vote
Ty in VA
Ty in VA 日 前
Its racist.
DtWolfwood 日 前
It's ez you only need to cater to the larger demographic. Guess what, the blues out number the red, corporations never really need to fear Republican backlash. Plus they get 80%+ of the lobby money so even if republican lawmakers threaten to tax the Corps, they'll back down when their lobby money dries up. Super ez for corporations to side with blue, it costs them less.
Tj H
Tj H 日 前
1:19 no no, he says 'this makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle'. Jim crow being obviously bad, he's saying the new law makes something bad look much better in comparison, 'Jim eagle' being better than Jim crow cuz eagles are american?!
Tj H
Tj H 2 日 前
am I on the same side as Coke and Delta? this feels REALLY WEIRD.
oscar flores
oscar flores 2 日 前
Cutting coca cola and Jp morgan is like cutting half of civilization right there.
Jordan Summers
Jordan Summers 2 日 前
Now racists are staging boycots to pressure companies into supporting racism?
Wiliam m
Wiliam m 2 日 前
Hugues Jouffrai
Hugues Jouffrai 2 日 前
Corporations, especially the biggest public companies, shouldn't take political positions.
mansi shukla
mansi shukla 2 日 前
They basically want to restrict voting and even if the majority votes blue, they will sabotage that in the Legislature
Ruphk RK
Ruphk RK 2 日 前
eagles are faster, he meant crow on steroid
Shanilla Abdul
Shanilla Abdul 2 日 前
And they say "liberals" use cancel culture...
Jeanny Thomas
Jeanny Thomas 2 日 前
At&t suntrust comcast ups CVS pfizer allstate verizon T-Mobile lyft united health group walmart walgreens intel home depot they also donated to do the same in texas
Kien Thinh Tran
Kien Thinh Tran 2 日 前
The direful granddaughter empirically start because chronometer repressingly part alongside a spiteful antelope. brief, abiding trombone
Denise R
Denise R 2 日 前
Georgia is just like the temperamental teenager of the country
Tina Brewer
Tina Brewer 2 日 前
The people righe to vote is their right. No one can take that right away from them
cuteshadowKIA 2 日 前
It´s illegal to give someone food and water? For free? Why not pass a new law that states "if you dont vote for our choosen leader, you get executed" so you cant commit "fraud" or "steal a vote" the supporters of the ex-president are basically nazis at this point.
Elisabeth Wittner
Elisabeth Wittner 2 日 前
_Here‘s a fine idea how to work around the drinkingwater handout ban, pls vote it up so that some1 in georgia possibliest sees it:_ 1) set up a water sales cart 10 feet behind the line 2) have a coworker with selfstanding shields telling ppl in line how much longer it is at which position in the line (i.e. „3 more hours from this point“) 3) make sure to have a more or less accurate waiting time notification directly at the cart 4) set up another cart selling cheap sunblocking umbrellas; you can walk the line up & down cuz this hasn‘t been delegalized Greetings from germany
DragonSheep 2 日 前
Yeah corporations realized a long time ago that conservatives like to give them a lot of free publicity when they're mad.
Janne Peltonen
Janne Peltonen 2 日 前
That Red and Blue Delta kind of says it all about corporations, really.
Philip Neri
Philip Neri 2 日 前
Your wrong, pinhead, it’s liberating...and fair, you’ve got to show ID...more difficult to cheat like you did last election...and MLB hurting the economy in Atlanta!
Garfield Pink
Garfield Pink 2 日 前
The red n blue delta commercial killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I loved it
Sadie Dol
Sadie Dol 2 日 前
Don't understand why people are angry big corporations are moving or speaking out? Why tell anyone to "Stay out of politics" when politics directly affect *everyone*. *everyone* should get a say. I don't understand these republicans outrage
Saneliso Dlaba
Saneliso Dlaba 2 日 前
Guys, we're trying here 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Liwile Lilungwe
Liwile Lilungwe 2 日 前
Tell us about ANC also
IeatURANIUM 2 日 前
I always thought crows are inferior to eagles...
Valore Dramack
Valore Dramack 2 日 前
A misdemeanor for giving away water and food? I thought Conservatives claimed to have Christian values, this voter suppression law is the opposite of what the Bible teaches.
Daha Solomon
Daha Solomon 2 日 前
Red delta has a more solid business plan tbh
Osman Rodriguez
Osman Rodriguez 2 日 前
"I will have to say that ray man will agree to give them carbonated water"
Osman Rodriguez
Osman Rodriguez 2 日 前
wow someone is on such a great way to drink some hot drinks
Darius Yee boi
Darius Yee boi 2 日 前
This is so petty
Last Girl
Last Girl 2 日 前
I mean....Red Delta sounds fun. On the verge of disaster , but fun Blue Delta is comfy, and a little formal
Bacon 9000
Bacon 9000 2 日 前
Liberals at it again. Lefty loons and liars ur all so ridiculous
Tyler Altom
Tyler Altom 2 日 前
Wait is this a news channel? Trevor Noah News Channel. Where’s the comedy? We get enough fake news from the clowns at Fox on the right and the clowns on the left.
Maria Mendoza
Maria Mendoza 2 日 前
What is the real meaning of voting?
Nathon Chavez
Nathon Chavez 2 日 前
Geez, I don't even pay attention to the news anymore. On the left, you've got socialist/communist idiots that use fascist tactics to bully you into following their beliefs, or they'll call you a racist or homophobe. On the right, you've got old idiots who overreact to everything happening on the left and believe everyone is out to get them and exaggerate stuff that's going on to fearmonger. Both sides are idiots, and neither side is correct.
Tinnell Edwards
Tinnell Edwards 2 日 前
Yup looks like that what its all coming to WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jasc Random
Jasc Random 2 日 前
These companies know where the wind is blowing.
Whq Wilson
Whq Wilson 2 日 前
False misinformation; misleading rederick all BS no facts here. (THATS THE TRUTH). F MLB COCA COLA N DELTA AIR. LIES,LIES,LIES
Motoloki Tournas
Motoloki Tournas 2 日 前
Trevor Noah used to be funny!
Thuggish 2 日 前
Minding my own business reading the comments
Sithokozile Maphumulo
Sithokozile Maphumulo 2 日 前
You know America could literally be one of the best countries in the world if they really understood what they have as a country and stop fighting cultural wars that don’t have a happy ending. It’s actually jarring to me from the outside looking in, like how can you not see what a beautiful nation you have, and learn to accept and coexist with all the beautiful people in your country? I swear if they started embracing each others cultures more and stop self hate projection it would be top 1! I just think all States should be like Utah 😂 best hospitable people ever, culturally accepting and curious but very respectful of differences. Lived there for like 10 months. And I’m from South Africa where the whole country fought for democracy and 27 years later we’re still democratic. (Not saying these politicians aren’t corrupt😂🥴but we’re better off democratic and trying than divided and fighting)
Sean Gust
Sean Gust 2 日 前
Without Trump, Trevor Noah would just be dust in the wind 🤣also, Trevor is lying just like Biden is about the voting law. Typical. It’s racist to assume colored people cannot do something as basic as getting an ID.
Multi Vision
Multi Vision 2 日 前
Some were a CEO is thinking, this idea is not bad at all 🤔
Shantavia Farrier
Shantavia Farrier 2 日 前
Man he so silllllllllyyyyyy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
greypimps chass
greypimps chass 2 日 前
This is bs.. whats wrong with requiring an id to vote?? Thought the democraps what to be transparent but they are hiding tons of craps.. and allow fake votes so they can run the country.. just have your id in place if you want to vote.. no one is denying your previkedge to vote if you have your documents in place..
Awesome Dad
Awesome Dad 2 日 前
Like you playing trump bruh
Tylor Jones
Tylor Jones 2 日 前
Red delta caps on blue delta
Brian Kurtz
Brian Kurtz 2 日 前
Replace boycott with cancel... 🤦🏼‍♂️
debjoy12 2 日 前
ngl that red delta in-flight meal looks delicious af 😂😂
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