In Memoriam: The Real Victims of The Insurrection | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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6 日 前

Our hearts go out to the true victims of the January 6th insurrection #DailyShow #FoxNews
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conti marthas
conti marthas 11 分 前
The puzzled beggar prominently spare because inventory focally stitch in a calm thunderstorm. diligent, sneaky amusement
Kes Bradley
Kes Bradley 23 分 前
Steve Winter
Steve Winter 51 分 前
Egos running wild..alot of people in important positions they are just hot shit.
Anarasha 2 時間 前
Oh no, poor woman who has her wild statements fact checked! A moment of silence for this tragedy.
Pvt. Prinny
Pvt. Prinny 3 時間 前
Javid Seyad Ahmed
Javid Seyad Ahmed 6 時間 前
What about Ashli Babbit?
Darius Sims
Darius Sims 6 時間 前
I have also lost 3 followers 😢😢😢😢 and I'll never get them back. Now who will scroll past my post without liking it
Christopher Craig - Seawright
Christopher Craig - Seawright 7 時間 前
Boo hoo
Kerry Boles
Kerry Boles 7 時間 前
They need safe space. Damn snowflake's.
weed man
weed man 7 時間 前
Twitter=White problems
Lauren Haupt
Lauren Haupt 7 時間 前
"And I've been fact checked for the very first time" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Stephanie Spencer
Stephanie Spencer 8 時間 前
Ruth Wezeman
Ruth Wezeman 8 時間 前
Keith J
Keith J 9 時間 前
They call black whiners when they're losing their lives, but think its ok to whine about losing some twitter followers?!
Galactica Phantom
Galactica Phantom 10 時間 前
Lol sounds like middle schoolers about their Instagram followers
Hate Haters
Hate Haters 11 時間 前
Noah Ark
Noah Ark 11 時間 前
Ty Twitter and anyone that has the balls to speak truth
Sharon Kritz
Sharon Kritz 12 時間 前
Let’s not forget these idiots flamed those crazies one. Wish fox would be held accountable!
Tech Man
Tech Man 12 時間 前
Booo hooooo, wipe them crock tears Foxies.
Leslie Rainer
Leslie Rainer 12 時間 前
Snowflakes. Be a bigot, lose your followers🤣🤣
Mx Dae
Mx Dae 12 時間 前
"I got fact-checked for the very first time" THE COMMIES ARE UPON US!!
Jonathan Torres
Jonathan Torres 13 時間 前
They were probably fake or paid followers lol
The Jack
The Jack 13 時間 前
Red Bird
Red Bird 13 時間 前
I had two followers and now I have one. My mom. 🤪😇
Red Bird
Red Bird 13 時間 前
This ROCKS!! 🔥💦
Sou1defiler 14 時間 前
"I've been fact checked for the very first time..." Ohhhh Nooooooooo!!!!
Caroline Jones
Caroline Jones 14 時間 前
The rest of America almost lost the democracy, but who cares????
Narciso Vasquez
Narciso Vasquez 15 時間 前
🤣 The Fox News people really suck don't they!?
stiletto10826 15 時間 前
Arrogance and stupidity should be painful. These people have turned America into a dangerous joke.
Mauricio Lopez
Mauricio Lopez 15 時間 前
skipheart4 16 時間 前
Oh my. Actions followed by consequences . . . How sad for these poor victims
Jo Lei
Jo Lei 16 時間 前
You helped to eliminate FREEDOM OF SPEECH 🎤 disgusting
Roberto Lopez
Roberto Lopez 16 時間 前
“From 10,000 followers to 22,000” Definitely losing followers there bud (cut the bs lol)
NaS7338 16 時間 前
If the 20th Century nazis could see the 21st century nazis whine about twitter followers, they also would be ashamed.
Marie Locke
Marie Locke 16 時間 前
Omg,Oh,we must cry for the anti vaxxors,let's Not protect innocent children from dying cause ignorant to assholes feel they deserve to play the role of God
Neo I am
Neo I am 16 時間 前
I have a Twitter account a FB account and Yahoo, Google JPpost accounts, my followers number is still the same... ZERO! I’m not a victim 🤣😂😅
ginimuse 17 時間 前
Meanwhile how many people have LOST actual friends and family to COVID-19... These imbeciles are disgusting!
tavi921 17 時間 前
We have a saying in our country, "the country burns and the old woman combs her hair". It fits perfectly.
Vip Blue
Vip Blue 20 時間 前
Cynthia Hood
Cynthia Hood 20 時間 前
Trevor...too funny. The "true victims"..too sad..too pathetic...too callous...too out of touch...too inhumane.. too selfish.. too thoughtless... too whiney...etc...
niki ninehundred
niki ninehundred 20 時間 前
Ramuis166 21 時間 前
It's so hilarious that beeing fact checked is one of the biggest concerns mentioned :D
Liv3 Ent
Liv3 Ent 21 時間 前
Those are ghost accounts. Or. You all had done something really bad 😌
wintahsun 21 時間 前
That man's arithmetic made my head hurt
Billie Eyelash Extensions
Billie Eyelash Extensions 23 時間 前
Kim Sweetie , There's People That Are Dying.
Jessica Loree
Jessica Loree 23 時間 前
Are you serious right now.. seriously?.. 🙄
Rj Heath
Rj Heath 23 時間 前
LMAO 😂😂😂😂 poor babies
Lungelo Yili
Lungelo Yili 日 前
Chris Ehresman
Chris Ehresman 日 前
Fernando Briseno
Fernando Briseno 日 前
Yay, these are the ppl that get to decide how to spend a chunky of my check each month.
Alex 日 前
They sound like IG models 😂
CeeCee Strong
CeeCee Strong 日 前
Twitter over Democracy..... makes total sense to senseless pathetic people.... insane....
Ghostcamel 日 前
They lost followers as Social Media sites finally banned their Nazis
TheManslayer 日 前
Fox news should always be Accountable for false statements. They are another reason why this country is in the state that it’s in. instead of fact checking they lie. Fox do you should be bandit for life! network should be bandit for life!
Melanie Medina
Melanie Medina 日 前
Lol 😂
Jim Matt
Jim Matt 日 前
Follow THIS!!!
Elton Parks
Elton Parks 日 前
Too Funny! Freedom of Speech means the gov't. won't lock you up for speaking your mind; doesn't mean there aren't consequences for talking sh...trash.
Valarie Grady
Valarie Grady 日 前
mickiemouseHM 日 前
Normando Caban
Normando Caban 日 前 sad, I’m going to cry
MJP Parrish
MJP Parrish 日 前
Not so popular as you thought, huh?
Carol Rademacher
Carol Rademacher 日 前
halim ghazi
halim ghazi 日 前
You are playing same game as fox, by not condaning the censorship of Facebook tweeter and else... Desappointed
Rudolph Brown
Rudolph Brown 日 前
All off shouldbw shutdown you just like trump
ᗯⲁɳⲧⲈqᥙ8s2Ⲛⲉⲉᕍ 日 前
Maybe they should be thankful they've lost 1000s of possible stalkers.🤨
Leon logo
Leon logo 日 前
Sending thoughts and prayers
swi55cheese s
swi55cheese s 日 前
Omg comedy at it's best. tu trevor for always helping me find laughter in some of our countries darkest momentssss ))))
randall leboeuf
randall leboeuf 日 前
Freaking out over followers..who gives a shit doesnt make you more important than anyone else.
Lb Gr8
Lb Gr8 日 前
Thanks for spotlighting the real victims here. RIP to the real ones. Not the cop beaten to death with the fire extinguisher. 🤦🏽‍♀️Americaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
A Kind
A Kind 日 前
blame your mob boss.
Akhibrass Beats
Akhibrass Beats 日 前
This should have ended with a Rick James lookalike saying "Attention is helluva a drug"
Dasher Little
Dasher Little 日 前
Whatever Republicans mock about all those celebrities, its all coming from jealous...where is my followers?
Dasher Little
Dasher Little 日 前
Since when Republicans care about followers, I had thought it's all liberals' game....
Fahad Malik
Fahad Malik 日 前
pizdocivka 日 前
Thoughts and prayers
MFPhoto1 日 前
Poor babies.
Mary Wood
Mary Wood 日 前
Oh poor babies...your followers are saying crazy false and inflammatory stuff and these private companies exercised their rights and removed them. Wait, I'm confused...aren't you the party of small government, but you want government to take over and stop you from losing Twitter followers?! PEOPLE ARE DEAD AND MANY MORE HAVE BEEN THREATENED WITH DEATH...and your worried about Twitter! How dumb is this?!
Om Channawar
Om Channawar 日 前
Only guy who can save America is Jake Paul
Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas 日 前
Poor babies.
AcidicBuble 日 前
The REAL problem facing america right now. These god awful, horrible people lost their twitter followers 😢 lik if I cri everytim
Chris T.
Chris T. 日 前
Is this all - Just the worry about followers ? Virtual Followers ? This world is insane
Nancy Clark
Nancy Clark 日 前
Oh my goodness I feel so bad for them, 😭 how will they ever survive? Poor baby’s...who gives a rats ass! People are dying, our country is in turmoil. We have a president that’s a mob boss.....grow up!
Bruno Walther
Bruno Walther 日 前
How reminiscent: A mob also surrounded the German parliament when Hitler was anointed to become dictator ( Quote: “The law was enacted by the Reichstag, where non-Nazi members were surrounded and threatened by members of the SA and the SS.” And look at the last photo in this link, it looks like a shot taken straight out of the movie adaptation of George Orwell’s “1984.”
Bruno Walther
Bruno Walther 日 前
When I wrote this editorial letter (see link below) almost four years ago, I had no idea how prescient my letter would be, as Trump and his Republican cronies have tried to conduct a dictatorial overthrow of November’s election results. I also recently saw a documentary about Hitler’s rise to power, and it was scary how reminiscent it was of what is happening in the USA right now. You were warned! A plea to learn from the past - How Trump increasingly compares to Hitler
Bruno Walther
Bruno Walther 日 前
The entire Republican Party is now a threat to democracy, and if they ever get voted into power again, they might very well never relinquish it again: Trump is a buffoon - but the next aspiring autocrat won't be so incompetent Trump's coup is failing but American democracy is still on the critical list Trump will soon leave office. But the ingredients of homegrown fascism remain See also the warnings of many different people about a possible rise of fascism in the United States and elsewhere, now even including Taylor Swift: 1. It's now become clear exactly how Republicans might try to overturn a Biden victory in November 2. Donald Trump wants to be a dictator. It’s not enough just to laugh at him 3. Madeleine Albright: ‘The things that are happening are genuinely, seriously bad’ 4. John le Carré on Trump: ‘Something seriously bad is happening’ 5. Is President Trump Fascist? | NYT Opinion 6. Beto O’Rourke on Trump and El Paso: 'He is an open, avowed racist' 7. Trump should be removed from office 8. Under Trump, America has gone a bit late Weimar. We know how that ended 9. Taylor Swift accuses Trump of 'stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism' 10. James Mattis condemns Trump’s handling of George Floyd protests 11. Donald Trump’s re-election playbook: 25 ways he'll lie, cheat and abuse his power 12. 'Slide to illiberalism': ex-general joins chorus of condemnation of Trump 13. Trump consults Bush torture lawyer on how to skirt law and rule by decree 14. America 'staring down the barrel of martial law', Oregon senator warns 15. Scholars warn of collapse of democracy as Trump v Biden election looms 16. The left is accused of authoritarianism - but it's the right that gets away with it
Margaret Albers
Margaret Albers 日 前
Awwww poor babies
Ray Thomas
Ray Thomas 日 前
"I'm losing followers."😰 B.O.O. H.O.O!🤣
Rhonda 日 前
Whiners. Guess this means that some of those 70 million that voted for Trump went bye bye.
Vicki Hatley
Vicki Hatley 日 前
BOO WHOO Actually they need 2 throw Ya'll lying so & so off
Cyntia Chew
Cyntia Chew 日 前
Them talking about loosing followers reminds me of my niece who's 14.
Michelle M
Michelle M 日 前
I love how these people think that losing followers is "suppression". No, it's just people getting sick of hearing their nonsense!!! What are the social media platforms supposed to do, force people to follow them? Ridiculous!
johnbeamon 日 前
Thoughts and prayers.
Cee Bee
Cee Bee 日 前
Awwww.... bless... how sad .... NOT ;-)
Tequanna Horn
Tequanna Horn 日 前
Anita Bath
Anita Bath 日 前
“People are dying and we won’t wear masks. We elected & enabled a fascist dictator. We are hopelessly addicted to social media & have forgotten what life was like before Twitter. Pity us!”
Herne Webber
Herne Webber 2 日 前
A) Social media are banning literal Nazis. B) You are simultaneously losing followers. Therefore C) YOUR LOST FOLLOWERS ARE ACTUAL NAZIS. How and why are they whine-bragging about how many actual Nazis like them?
Abhimaan Pattar
Abhimaan Pattar 2 日 前
8thlvlMage 2 日 前
I added up just the concrete numbers that were given, and they have only lost around 175,000 followers combined (plus however many "10's of thousands" is). They've lost fewer followers than the number of people who have died due to covid (almost half as many) and this is more troublesome to them.
Misses Hippy
Misses Hippy 2 日 前
"Sick-o-phants." What is an elephant with covid?
Electric Rune Games
Electric Rune Games 2 日 前
Imagine thinking people have a right to Twitter, but not healthcare...
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