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10 日 前

Join Ronny Chieng and learn all about the amazing wildlife making themselves at home in your house. #DailyShow #RonnyChieng #RemotelyEducational
Watch our special "Remotely Educational" in full:
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Soham Gupta
Soham Gupta 日 前
I am like (but not) a Brooklyn hipster, so I'm also a fruit fly
Marsh Morgan
Marsh Morgan 2 日 前
Electric shock is wonderful for discouraging raccoons.
Bob Shah
Bob Shah 3 日 前
Gotta find chocolate tic tac
Justin 4K
Justin 4K 4 日 前
I felt like the enture vudeo was about mediocre life style of lazy america n toxic celebrities
Lily 5 日 前
This is great. Make more!
Melissa Godwin
Melissa Godwin 5 日 前
Love this guy makes science wrong but funny 😘😘
cutedogsweetsugar 5 日 前
What's the song in the background??? I can't remember where I first heard it.
Kidd H.
Kidd H. 5 日 前
Kris Minten
Kris Minten 5 日 前
Ladybugs are definitely not a pest. They are very useful in the garden because they feed on the little bugs that can otherwise ruin your entire harvest.
79chgoh 5 日 前
Looks like he is still in Malaysia
Rick Hard
Rick Hard 6 日 前
Just nailed it in the new Kong zilla movie. He needs more screen time.
rojoperro310 6 日 前
Ladybugs are useful in controlling actually pests in a greenhouse they eat the bad lil bugs
Excellent Bug
Excellent Bug 6 日 前
Waiting for Trevor to retire am this guy to take over
Excellent Bug
Excellent Bug 6 日 前
True about lady bugs if you are a farmer keep them around
Chiang Wey Tan
Chiang Wey Tan 6 日 前
Greetings from Malaysia!!
Jay Stein
Jay Stein 6 日 前
Rabies makes animals act like they're from New Jersey 😆
jashane stone
jashane stone 6 日 前
That was a bit actually informative and accurate with deterrence. Mice and roaches hate well lit and clean places. And bed bugs?? You'll have to get rid of everything or even move!! 😂😂😂
Brett S.
Brett S. 6 日 前
Racoons are NOT the king of pests. Squirrels are.
Maxi Ihrig
Maxi Ihrig 6 日 前
I want him to be my teacher ..even tho i finished school 15 years ago lol
Jazz Man
Jazz Man 7 日 前
Chocolate Tic Tacs!!
Jan E. Elliot
Jan E. Elliot 7 日 前
BEST JOKE ALL YEAR: The Hannah Montana b-bug joke
Club 1kJho
Club 1kJho 7 日 前
I just went to Godzilla vs Kong, and saw Ronny playing a role in it. I love how you don't even break your character in a movie.
Casey Mizokami
Casey Mizokami 7 日 前
Next episode: The Hairless Asian Male Body
robbielex 7 日 前
Now I want chocolate tic tacs!
Violet Light
Violet Light 7 日 前
Karl 7 日 前
what did u say about Scandinavians? 😲
Roger Anderson
Roger Anderson 7 日 前
You know if only we all could be comedian's, imagine how much better the world would be. I mean to laugh at our diversity instead of become hateful and resentful towards one another. I know in large most are not ignorant but we could all stand to lighten up and not allow hate and fear to separate us.
resortpoint 7 日 前
Students would get straight A’s if RC teaches. 😂😂😅
NaoTa MF
NaoTa MF 7 日 前
is Ronny still trapped down under!
Trina Lewis-Mondy
Trina Lewis-Mondy 8 日 前
You were in Godzilla vs Kong!!!!!
Small Town Girl
Small Town Girl 8 日 前
So many great lines 😂🐞🪰🐀
Arthur Idrisov
Arthur Idrisov 8 日 前
I see Ronny, I push thumb up!
Bhavesh Kabra
Bhavesh Kabra 8 日 前
This reminds me of the alligator man from Australia who used to have show for alligator
Xph Aku
Xph Aku 8 日 前
Trash pandas?
HungmanX XXX
HungmanX XXX 8 日 前
lol ......if only your science teach is like Ronny! lol
Qiunts 8 日 前
I need more Ronny chieng
Christopher Bedford
Christopher Bedford 8 日 前
So TDS must be on hiatus, because they are re-releasing hordes of clips this week.
Claudia 8 日 前
That was hilarious, Ronny. I loved this segment!
Charlie Lan
Charlie Lan 8 日 前
I thought there was gonna be a political spin at the end with some "woke" msg. Boy was I pleasantly surprised.
Matt Valverde
Matt Valverde 8 日 前
Nice hickey Ron
smsmurni 8 日 前
Ronnie Cheng back to Malaysia to catch chicken ?
Ravi Chakraborty
Ravi Chakraborty 8 日 前
He's fukcing hilarious 🤣
yerahm lee
yerahm lee 8 日 前
Ronny is amazing
Jason Cheng
Jason Cheng 8 日 前
Any tips on bears going through garbage?
lm Lucifer
lm Lucifer 8 日 前
Laksamana Adhitama
Laksamana Adhitama 8 日 前
JLF 8 日 前
Ladybugs ARE like beetles who just got their nails done!
sk doremi
sk doremi 8 日 前
Hhhhh i like it a lot❤
Vince F
Vince F 8 日 前
Hey, Ronnie has the same voice as the guy on that JPpost exotic wrist watch add.😳
FLiang 8 日 前
Ronny is the best!
W Coston
W Coston 8 日 前
I need a whole nature documentary narrated by Ronny !!!
Boy Aditya
Boy Aditya 8 日 前
Ronny Chieng channeling his inner Diego and Steve Irwin
Diego Camilo Rivero Tarquino
Diego Camilo Rivero Tarquino 9 日 前
Lost me when said "colombian drug lord" 🙄😒 ... And he's the one criticizing people for generalizations and stereotypes 🤦‍♂️
C B 9 日 前
The theme song sounds eerily similar to crash bandicoot... And ronnie is australian... 😂
Fahrenheit Celsius
Fahrenheit Celsius 9 日 前
Ronny Chieng is the best
lightshow 9 日 前
Tauney 9 日 前
Using Dbz font. Nice! 🐉☄
Sparky's Space
Sparky's Space 9 日 前
Ladybugs are vicious little killing machines, underestimate them at your own peril.
Ashutosh Sapru
Ashutosh Sapru 9 日 前
gaaa...bage - love when says that.
Particlese 9 日 前
As a South Jerseyan: Heck yeah calzone. Don't worry, I made one for you, too. And here's a glass of wooder to go with it.
Ida Larsen
Ida Larsen 9 日 前
😂😂😂 As I'm sitting here in my cold, bland Norwegian apartment.. thanks for the Scandinavian shoutout! 😂😂
ZZM 8 日 前
Oh, sorry for you, Ida. We have already ladybugs since a couple of weeks...
Kyle Russell
Kyle Russell 9 日 前
Ronny should tackle all fields this way, he’s the oracle of orthodox Chiengism!
Darren Mitchell
Darren Mitchell 9 日 前
eyakut rasheda
eyakut rasheda 9 日 前
I'm from Bangladesh,Indian subcontinent🇧🇩🇧🇩 And I want to say that he'd must be the funniest teacher😂😂
Elle P
Elle P 9 日 前
He is so classically handsome ❤
Sally Choo
Sally Choo 9 日 前
A beetle went into a nail salon, voila, out came a beautiful "woman bug" , ha ha ha !!!!!
BellaPJ 9 日 前
Me as a Scandinavian looking around my very cold, white and black apartment 😳
Ginger Kitty
Ginger Kitty 9 日 前
Bush tucker man 😂😂
samuelmadsen 9 日 前
“...that’s a lesson I learned many many times.” 😂😂😂
Achilles _1
Achilles _1 9 日 前
Great cameo in Godzilla vs Kong Ronnie!!
Tejah 9 日 前
Lol Ronny always makes me laugh.
Anupam Tiwari
Anupam Tiwari 9 日 前
Whoa, I was in for a surprise, this guy popped up in GODZILLA VS KONG
Mohamed Eusoff
Mohamed Eusoff 9 日 前
I got here because of him. As cute as ever !!! 👍👍😍
Taryn Morvillo
Taryn Morvillo 9 日 前
"Rabies - a virus that makes animals 🦝 act like they're from New Jersey." 🤯💯 CHURCH. Like how they're always doing 105+ mph on the NJ Turnpike for no reason. And I'm a NYer!
Izna 9 日 前
Corny segment
geek tree
geek tree 9 日 前
"racoon evolved million of years ago,when a bear f**k a monkey"that was hilarious
D H 9 日 前
More of this please!
Delta V
Delta V 9 日 前
The only thing I've learned from this is that I need to emigrate to some Colombian town near some coca fields, because I want a pet hippo!
Mayuresh Jog
Mayuresh Jog 9 日 前
I hope he doesn't eat bats there
reedip banerjee
reedip banerjee 9 日 前
Great to see him in the new movie :)
meggi liem
meggi liem 9 日 前
Congrats on Ronnie Chieng's appearance in Godzilla vs Kong (2021)!
win zyl
win zyl 9 日 前
dbassir87 9 日 前
“Just look at square earls” 🤣
Amy 1
Amy 1 9 日 前
Hilarious 😆
Xelsancho3 fuku
Xelsancho3 fuku 9 日 前
Ronny is one funny fool ! 🤣😂😜
yahozak 9 日 前
That's a pretty much confirmed to be a tropical rainforest that he's in.. is Ronny back in Singapore or Malaysia, doing that shoot? no way that's an American forest..
Joey Tagz
Joey Tagz 9 日 前
He's like kuya Kim without the hat
Bea 9 日 前
Hilarious + hot = Ronny!
Jeff Parker
Jeff Parker 9 日 前
Did a raccoon give you that hickey, Ronny?
Meribela Savior
Meribela Savior 9 日 前
Awesome to see Ronny in Godzilla
Glormo Parch
Glormo Parch 9 日 前
Have i been in quarantine too long or is Ronny the crocodile hunter hot?
I’m apart of Black History!!
I’m apart of Black History!! 9 日 前
I enjoy this show 💯%!!
Happy 9 日 前
The Natural Museum in Los Angeles is opening April 8th 2021. They have a great butterfly pavilion.
Christel Headington
Christel Headington 9 日 前
My tip: Don't go out in the wilderness with Ronnie.
Don't SSleep
Don't SSleep 9 日 前
"Makes animals act like they're from New Jersey" LOL
Jeff Liem
Jeff Liem 5 日 前
I'm from Jersey and I approve this message.
Isaac James Tea
Isaac James Tea 8 日 前
Legit the best line from this video! I died.
Amelinda TOEIC
Amelinda TOEIC 9 日 前
Tahtahme's Diary
Tahtahme's Diary 9 日 前
Actually I knew of a Senior Prank where they let ladybugs into the school and it was a crazy infestation and hella creepy and messy!
Alexander Lee
Alexander Lee 9 日 前
The best way to get rid of bedbugs is to just leave you home. Walk out the front door and start a new life 🤣🤣🤣
Tri Duong
Tri Duong 7 日 前
Im always tempted to....😂
Kya ElRose
Kya ElRose 9 日 前
So no one is going to mention the hickey on Ronny’s neck? 😂
teetee tee
teetee tee 9 日 前
Much better than political satires. This is the break I did not know I needed.
Maryama Oyefusi
Maryama Oyefusi 9 日 前
Had a ladybug infestation in my room as a teen. It was not pretty! 🐞🐞🐞
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