Dr. Carl L Hart: Why We Need To Change Our Perspective On Drugs - Extended Interview |The Daily Show

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5 日 前

Dr. Carl L. Hart discusses his new book “Drug Use for Grown-Ups,” why not all drug users are addicts, and the reasons why drugs were outlawed in the first place. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #CarlLHart
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Victoria 59 分 前
Also, legalizing and controlling the quality of the drugs will help to get rid of black markets and violence in many countries, put big taxes on them and with those taxes help communities. The root cause of addiction isn’t the drug itself, it is loneliness, our materialistic and individualistic society, unhappiness, lack of purpose, mental health, etc. We should focus on the root of the cause. As a Mexican I think it will help to remove a lot of violence in my country as a result of the cartels.
Chris Oconnor
Chris Oconnor 時間 前
Dr. Carl ..........Nailed it!
J.Hollo 時間 前
Just ordered the book.
2126Eliza 2 時間 前
Drugs have been with us for thousands of years. What’s sick is our society and everyone’s failing mental health. Drugs are easy to blame but look around. Americans are miserable, with or without drugs.
shutup2 3 時間 前
only out of touch upper class celebrities living in their big mansions with no real world problems think drug addiction is something not to be worried about
LovingMe1st 5 時間 前
I grew up around drug addicts, they made life miserable for everyone. I wish it was a movie because movies don't last 25 yrs with multiple children they couldn't take care of.
Nakoda 10 時間 前
think dmx would disagree about the addiction part
Stephen Norako
Stephen Norako 13 時間 前
Remember when Trevor Noah was funny? Neither do I.
KS Reynoso Moreno
KS Reynoso Moreno 16 時間 前
Trevor Noah show- you guys are doing amazing work. Awesome that Trevor stays so humble on his show as well. 🙏🏼
Kiskil Lilla
Kiskil Lilla 21 時間 前
I think the USA need universal healthcare (including mental health care!) way before the legalization of drugs. Drug use shouldn't be financially cheaper than visiting a medical doctor or a therapist.
Linda Ward
Linda Ward 22 時間 前
Great interview Trevor! I'm going to miss this format when you're back to "normal."
Linda Ward
Linda Ward 22 時間 前
l like what this man is saying. He's forward thinking.
Hamry Asad
Hamry Asad 22 時間 前
We live in a society where sinners judge other sinners for sinning differently
Haley Rison
Haley Rison 22 時間 前
I think this guy is awesome.
Chrissy BeTalking
Chrissy BeTalking 23 時間 前
Weight loss. I’ve never done coke, but I’ve heard it does wonders for weight loss. If it becomes legal, I hope they add it back to Coca Cola.
James Thomas
James Thomas 日 前
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant interview.
Lynda Blanton
Lynda Blanton 日 前
Being bi-polar (referred to as manic depression when I got diagnosed) I once had a doctor many years ago tell me the reason I had fallen down that rabbit hole was in part because I was trying to self-medicate!
Kate McBride
Kate McBride 日 前
Illegality makes it hard to manage. People do it anyway do it cheap and legal. Monitor it and help people understand it
tantzer 日 前
Trevor looks great with his longer hair.
mary hershelman
mary hershelman 日 前
We need to follow the Portuguese system.
Mormielo 日 前
I think that while the reasoning certain makes sense, there is a certain amount of oversimplification inethe arguments. I am not sure all the way in is the way to go.
sean jokela
sean jokela 日 前
"I can quit whenever I want to"- famous last words of an addict. So irresponsible of this guy to preach this. He's like a Fox news contributor
B T 日 前
I mean they tell us to say no to drugs and then make prescription drugs super addictive to raise profits. We have over-criminalized marijuana but now a bunch of the same critics is investing in cannabis. We shouldn't treat addiction as a crime, to begin with, or put people in jail for their drug use. How does that even make sense or address the root of the "problem?" I definitely think addiction is a real thing and it's an expensive habit as well, but recreational drug use especially amongst the white-collar and 1% critics is more common than we think.
free2express08 日 前
15:25 So true. I always thought if drug use was regulated albeit heavily, things would safer.
Richard Landrum
Richard Landrum 日 前
Sovereignty of self.........what a concept.
Purpose & Profit
Purpose & Profit 日 前
I loved this interview! What an interesting and valid argument. Definitely against what I was taught. I will have to get the book.
ramin khoshbin
ramin khoshbin 日 前
"Look beyond Drugs"
Free ToBree
Free ToBree 日 前
Just because you meet your responsibilities doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem.. this man is deep in the trenches of denial if you ask me 🤷🏽‍♀️
Valerie Chastain
Valerie Chastain 16 時間 前
You are defiantly in the minority in this comment section.
Moritz Lässer
Moritz Lässer 日 前
When you do drugs you harm your body and then the public (healthcare system) has to pay
Valerie Chastain
Valerie Chastain 16 時間 前
Same as being fat!
M Anuswadh Srinivasan
M Anuswadh Srinivasan 日 前
A Great Interview
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 日 前
Dr. Hart stated that 80% of drug users are not addicted. I doubt is this is verifiable (most drunks do NOT think they have a drinking problem), but even if it is true, should we recommend playing Russian Roulette with our lives? It is also important to ask over what population was this 80% measured. Are populations that are stressed, (e.g. poor, African-American, etc.) more likely to become addicted? I have seen too many lives destroyed by drugs and too many lives destroyed because of drugs to find his statements acceptable. Drugs have decimated too many of our communities! They do not need a black advocate.
Corinna Ulloa
Corinna Ulloa 日 前
I believe Noah, Colbert, and Oliver are the only interviewers that actually read the books of their writer guests.
colleen carey
colleen carey 日 前
Jonathan Post
Jonathan Post 日 前
If only 20% of people who use hard drugs become addicted that is still a very risky behavior. If you went to an amusement park and the roller coaster attendent warned you that 1 in every 5 people who rides it dies would you say "well that means odds are I will live?"
Otter Cai
Otter Cai 日 前
Treat the issues that a person is having and society is suffering from. Drug use is a scapegoat when we want to avoid facing our darkness.
Jesus Ortiz
Jesus Ortiz 日 前
I as a productive member of society and a drug user, I thank you.
American Martyr
American Martyr 2 日 前
*Cuz U-666-Tube(Owned by DeMon666Rats) BLocks Me from Posting the* *URL's to My VID UP Loads; I am NOW a RePubLiCan Voter for LIFE TIME!!!*
melo7849 2 日 前
Cure pain. No pain, no drugs needed.
Fateha Begum
Fateha Begum 2 日 前
Roderick's Point Of View
Roderick's Point Of View 2 日 前
Could it be that these drugs have patents and belong to someone and this causes a property rights problem?
Lekeisha Jones
Lekeisha Jones 2 日 前
Trevor is a great interviewer
Broken English
Broken English 2 日 前
Blind leading the blind, going to the drain USA
M K 2 日 前
THX 1138...and so it begins...
Larrybillboren38 Boren
Larrybillboren38 Boren 2 日 前
ty 4 a smart and thoughtful decurion
gggnumber1 2 日 前
mainly "....... supported by middle-class, upperclass people, white people......" First of all, is that true. Secondly, every time someone "supports" the illegal drug trade, they are helping some one some where get murdered.
gggnumber1 2 日 前
Some very interesting points and perspectives. Some of the stuff said, though, was through "Rose colored Glasses."
Q. S.
Q. S. 2 日 前
Why does dr Carl talk like he constantly has hiccups
Shawna Marie
Shawna Marie 2 日 前
We're just not advanced enough of a species to design around the human experience. The human experience and wellness are 2 things completed deglected by the human race. Therefore no structure and design to care for this desired experience shall be designed.
Vernon Bowie
Vernon Bowie 2 日 前
Preachers are responsible!
Patricia DeWinter
Patricia DeWinter 2 日 前
Right on!
Bisola Olasehinde
Bisola Olasehinde 2 日 前
I'm so stunned. I've been ignorant for so long. What else have I been thinking wrong?
Janae Nae13
Janae Nae13 2 日 前
I think there is some funny stuff going on with drugs in washington state People are getting sick
Janae Nae13
Janae Nae13 2 日 前
Janae Nae13
Janae Nae13 2 日 前
Thanks for your info sir!!
Janae Nae13
Janae Nae13 2 日 前
Janae Nae13
Janae Nae13 2 日 前
Addicts are amazing people😭😭❤
Taurusman tv
Taurusman tv 2 日 前
Don't forget that it was the same people are prosecuting black people are the same one's who introduces it to the communities.
Taurusman tv
Taurusman tv 2 日 前
What is drugs,isn't our head ache or sinusitis relieving tablets drug?
ImBoredToo 2 日 前
15:39 Trevor suddenly sounds like the devil lol
Andrea Cuchetto
Andrea Cuchetto 2 日 前
But, drugs are already regulated....
Scott Martinez
Scott Martinez 2 日 前
Oh, they are addicted. They are just functioning addicts. Addiction is a great business model.
roy trail
roy trail 2 日 前
Matt Wyman
Matt Wyman 2 日 前
People never ask the critical question of WHY people come to feel the need (addiction) to feeling differently than they naturally do. Drug ABUSE is a symptom NOT a character trait. Help people ffs.
Thiago Abreu
Thiago Abreu 2 日 前
Alisha Gadson
Alisha Gadson 2 日 前
You lost me at heroine.
Drake Sorrento
Drake Sorrento 2 日 前
When I used to sell amphetamines and opiates customers came from all walks of life. I sold to cops, teachers, college coaches, restaurant managers, firemen, nurses and doctors. People are gonna do drugs illegally or not. If you want to save lives, Legalize drugs and drug testing.
NileshR12 2 日 前
The public misinformation campaigns around drugs is insane. I applaud Dr. Hart for doing this work to destigmatize drug use bc people get villified for using any sort of drugs & it's such a nuanced situation
Trevor noah a race maniac..
Skyler Johnson
Skyler Johnson 2 日 前
If banning drugs were really about health and safety, more resources should be put towards rehabilitation instead of incarceration.
Xochitl Reyes
Xochitl Reyes 3 日 前
What about behavior, I haven't known a single person that doesn't change their behavior because of use of drugs and affect their family and friends relationship.
Ballin V
Ballin V 3 日 前
Trevor looking like tucker Carson
- Totembot -
- Totembot - 3 日 前
Racial prejudice is how not why. Just one of many methods the U.S. and other countries employ to keep the machine running. It's not about feeling any way about black people for them, it never has been, that is merely a means to an end.
Ballin V
Ballin V 3 日 前
The homie said bankies.
Joshua 3 日 前
Trying to be compliant. Yes, wrestling with an officer is very compliant behaviour.
Joshua 3 日 前
Yes, they are banned all over the world because every country in the world hates those racial groups. Including Latin America, African and Asian countries. They ban drugs because they hate themselves.
Joshua 3 日 前
Drugs fund crime sindicates in Latin America. If you buy drugs you are funding the drug war
leonor correia
leonor correia 3 日 前
I live in a country where drugs have been decriminalized but not trafficking. Deaths by overdose plummeted. AIDS: plummeted. Less people in prison, more people being followed by mental health institutions and also getting clean.
Alex Dolye
Alex Dolye 3 日 前
As a student of science this was very interesting and insightful to watch. Also a great view on the George/chavin debate. People saying he died of a drug overdose are lying through their teeth.
Tre Thompson
Tre Thompson 3 日 前
Emiliano Pascucci
Emiliano Pascucci 3 日 前
I just bought the book online! I'm looking forward to read it!
Papas 3 日 前
Interesting argument but no need to blame racism for the drug problem. If you look at which ethnicity suffers more from the drug problem, it tells a different story. I think marijuana is getting legalise because it is not additive or cause overdose death.
Mitch 3 日 前
Don't do drugs, there is the risk trust me, this doctor is crazy 🤪🥴
Pull my Finger
Pull my Finger 3 日 前
I love ice cream
Joo ja Esko Malmstedt
Joo ja Esko Malmstedt 3 日 前
Wonder what all the people, who've had a drug addiction of any kind and got out of it, think of dr. Carl L. Hart's thoughts about releasing all kinds of drugs 😳🤔🙄 And why use that racism point of view? I really don't get it why it has anything to do with what race you may be? If Carl L. Hart isn't addicted to the drugs he uses why doesn't he just stop using them immediately just to spare the expenses, drugs aren't for free. A clear life's the best drug 👍💪🙂😂
M- Nice
M- Nice 3 日 前
Sad to hear about DMX in this report. Prayers.
M- Nice
M- Nice 3 日 前
People who do drugs are excellent at justifying their behavior. This Dr is doing just that. These drugs are just as dangerous as they tell us.
Valerie Chastain
Valerie Chastain 16 時間 前
Carl Hart is trying to help people from the harm that the way we treat these people now is causing. HE IS RIGHT!! He is highly educated and has real life experience, that is rare. What you think is of little interest compared to him.
M- Nice
M- Nice 3 日 前
@Michelle Scholz people can function great on herion as long as they have their dose. According to this doctor they are not addicted if they can go to work and function. Take away their herion and you will see just how addicted they are.
Michelle Scholz
Michelle Scholz 3 日 前
Look at the crackheads or methheads
Bill Huang
Bill Huang 3 日 前
this guy is trying to bleach the side effects of drugs , and you trying to promote it , drug abuse and medical treatment are two different things , wake up crazy leftists
J. Morrison
J. Morrison 2 日 前
If that’s your opinion why bother watching a video from a “crazy leftist” news source. Just to make antagonistic comments? Sorry dude, but that’s just sad.
mehrnoush m.nejad
mehrnoush m.nejad 3 日 前
Very informative 👌👌
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 3 日 前
Dr Hart is such a smart dude
Tyst Kanin
Tyst Kanin 3 日 前
So, he is saying that people who get addicted to drugs are not responsible, don't work, don't take care of their families...Sure, bc we are all lowlife's who value nothing in the world except the opportunity to get addicted to some form of escape. It's the drugs + the disease of addiction that cause otherwise responsible people to put drugs above things like responsibilities and family. People who get addicted are not inherently irresponsible or selfish...The drugs make them that way.
Sterling Simmons Arts
Sterling Simmons Arts 3 日 前
Banned because of racism, sure.... but also because of the fear the government instills into people, when people take LSD their minds wake up and they are able to think critically and question authority, they are afraid of that.
VulpesArgentum 3 日 前
.... i agree with what dr carl said... except for when he tied it with racism. Has the "they were gonna die anyways" defense ever work before?
SleepNo More
SleepNo More 3 日 前
This was fascinating to watch, even as someone against the guest's P.O.V. Talk to the children who grew up neglected or emotionally or physically abused by drug-using addicts. Or those who lost a parent as a child due to overdose. Those whose parents' predilections got them years behind bars, away from their families. Functioning addict or not, it can wreck havoc on the lives of your loved ones, not to mention cause long term neurological changes. And what privilege a highly educated, upper class male who is lucky to not be a dysfunctional addict has to be able to write a book & tell the world, HEY! IT'S OKAY TO DO DRUGS LIKE ME! *I'M not addicted. . . *I* can keep a job. . . Surely you can too!?
Karl Popper
Karl Popper 3 日 前
The most stupidest doctor l have ever seen.
Ivy Bee
Ivy Bee 3 日 前
I will definitely read his book.
Mighty MOSA
Mighty MOSA 3 日 前
Almost all Asian cultures are linked to Opioids and Marijuana use. It is now being heavily restricted in most of Asia due to influence from west. I agree that such substances must be kept away from kids, but this all out ban and criminalization is not the right thing to do.
Ivy Bee
Ivy Bee 3 日 前
I was born and raised in Brooklyn...... I've never wanted to move back until now 😏
Ivy Bee
Ivy Bee 3 日 前
We're all going to die eventually...... that doesn't mean that our lives should be ended early by cops who can't control themselves.
Ivy Bee
Ivy Bee 3 日 前
Even if George Floyd had drugs in his system I'm sure that Chauvins knee on his neck for that long is what caused his death.
Some nights I don’t know
Some nights I don’t know 3 日 前
I’m not sure. I’m positive that pos killed him.
Chip Shirley
Chip Shirley 3 日 前
By NOT legalizing Poppy, Coca and Marijuana we create a Tens of Billions of Dollars Illegal Industry which must Police Its Self. That means a whole bunch of Murders and Shootings. That's the only way drugs increase crime, because they are illegal.
Wraith Ghost
Wraith Ghost 3 日 前
Haven't lost my mind. Educated, take care of my kids and help in the neighborhood.
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