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10 日 前

Throwback to when David Blaine came to the show and threw in a little extra magic. #DailyShow #BetweenTheScenes #Throwback
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iPrometheusQ 3 時間 前
What if the digit would have contained a zero?
Aeronor2001 6 日 前
I hate to rely on "the other person was in on it" excuse for tricks, because that's such an easy out, but it does seem like it in this case. Blaine is only ever near two of the cards after they're chosen (if any sort of slight-of-hand is happening), and even though he does know the 4-digit number before Trevor flips the cards, I don't see any point at which he would have been able to manipulate the cards on the table. It's gotta be both people in on it.
Stair force one Big guy
Stair force one Big guy 6 日 前
Thats not all he blew that night
Travis Whitworth
Travis Whitworth 7 日 前
I mother swore this man worshipped the devil 🤣
Zoleka Lusiti
Zoleka Lusiti 8 日 前
Hahaha, bakfumene shame😂😂😂
Aser Mpoyi
Aser Mpoyi 8 日 前
Black people don't mess around with magic bro 😂
P C 8 日 前
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JLF 8 日 前
I like about 1:13 where Trevor says "Yeah..."
6lackhat 9 日 前
Nice ! cards may be Digitally remotely programable. when Trv reveals what he was thinking , remote party programs the cards. Nice trick thou ;-)
Carrot Chaser
Carrot Chaser 9 日 前
Its staged, you can see him feed Trevor the specific cards 0:25 and he changes the order of them. Almost all of his tricks involve the other person playing along like they don't know how its done. It does take some skill to quickly take out the marked cards. but that's about it.
Din Tas
Din Tas 9 日 前
David Blaine blows Trevor's...
Tiffany 9 日 前
HOW?? Just...How?? 🤯
Gypsy SnickerDoodle
Gypsy SnickerDoodle 9 日 前
doing the right thing
doing the right thing 9 日 前
Let's give more seats to Democracts to get the job done
ZhangtheGreat 9 日 前
Why didn't David Blaine stare awkwardly at the camera? Why didn't Trevor repeatedly and melodramatically ask "what the eff" and threaten to sue David Blaine? And most importantly, who actually understands what I'm referencing here? 😁
Erika Furutani
Erika Furutani 9 日 前
Well, if you ask most people to come up with a 4 diget number off the top of their head, they're probably going to say the year they were born...
Mike Oxen-Yarmouth
Mike Oxen-Yarmouth 9 日 前
Simple minded people are easy to impress.. 🙊🙈🙉🐵look at my Trevor Noah emojis.. who gave curious George his own show
Just Me
Just Me 9 日 前
Alright Trevor, you had your scare with Witchcraft. Now go put David out! 😅
Abdallah Ismail
Abdallah Ismail 9 日 前
One of best clips
Ruby Doobie
Ruby Doobie 9 日 前
So it's not just an African American thing?
i cant splel
i cant splel 9 日 前
if i was to think of a 4 digit number, my birth year would be one of the last things i would think of. right after 6969 and 8008.
ChibiHoshiDragon 6 日 前
I would not want to keep thinking about my age at all. Maybe that is a female thing? As a nerd, mine would be related to whatever show I had just watched. So right now: 3468 or maybe 3569
Delano The Beatnik
Delano The Beatnik 9 日 前
David Blaine genuinely sold his soul to the devil so he can shock us with his shenanigans! 😀
Michael Wachendorf
Michael Wachendorf 9 日 前
In all of my times watching that my friends was the first time you've heard Trevor swear. And you know he felt bad about it immediately because he said get out of here go away. He has to be the nicest person ever.
Laurie Herman
Laurie Herman 9 日 前
1984 is my birth year. 😂🤣💜💙💚
Scott's Critical Mass
Scott's Critical Mass 9 日 前
Fantastic! David Blaine's in the moment stage presence is 2nd to none. Magic...
Carina Neri
Carina Neri 9 日 前
Idk how but it’s amazing and I love it
arigatuxful 9 日 前
I like that this is not censored.
TigerWolf 9 日 前
Reflective table, people
J B 10 日 前
Blaine switched the 84, then fed him the 19 at 25 seconds
A P 10 日 前
How many indian bot farms does it take to support this channel????
Bridget O
Bridget O 10 日 前
David: don’t look at the card Trevor: 👀 k
Jor-Els Alexandria
Jor-Els Alexandria 10 日 前
Ugh, old footage.
Vijay Anand
Vijay Anand 10 日 前
Trevor has quite the African response to witchcraft
Wendy H
Wendy H 5 日 前
@Valerie Jackson was thinking that myself 😬
Valerie Jackson
Valerie Jackson 6 日 前
Not really funny
Kev In
Kev In 9 日 前
I think on purpose
Robot Munkee
Robot Munkee 10 日 前
"magicians" are so boring. What is this, a 6 year old's birthday?
Max Power
Max Power 10 日 前
Cameras aren't a magician's friend. 0:24 is a great example of feeding someone a card caught on camera
Carrot Chaser
Carrot Chaser 9 日 前
@AlJalandhari Its staged, you can see hi feed him the specific cards 0:25 and he changes the order of them. Almost all of his tricks involve the other person playing along like they don't know how its done. It does take some skill to quickly take out the marked cards. but that's about it.
Desmond Hawkins
Desmond Hawkins 9 日 前
Well spotted! And really, Trevor? picking your year of birth when asked for a 4-digit number? 🙄
ADWOA 9 日 前
@AlJalandhari February 1984...is literally Trevor Noah's bday.
AlJalandhari 9 日 前
But how did he know he was thinking of 1984?
ADWOA 10 日 前
Yaya Garcia
Yaya Garcia 10 日 前
David is the debo.
LoganRexus 10 日 前
What the F!?
Mayank Tomar
Mayank Tomar 10 日 前
version of sherlock holmex
Dan Hunter
Dan Hunter 10 日 前
That trick is so easy
When you guys get back to the studio, you got to have David Blaine again. This dude is incredible.
Herbert Urban
Herbert Urban 10 日 前
Agree. I find most magic hokey and corny, but Blaine is legit... Amazing...
J e n n i J o n a e S n i p e r
J e n n i J o n a e S n i p e r 10 日 前
Two of the world's best men, on the same stage. Love it. #1984
Ned Ludd
Ned Ludd 10 日 前
Those who like this should look up Ricky Jay.
AllLiVe Branch Channel
AllLiVe Branch Channel 10 日 前
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Pleyland 10 日 前
How does the trick start? they didn't show the beginning,
Toutai Palu
Toutai Palu 10 日 前
So imma need them pick four numbers asap! Yeah. ..... 🤨
Cecilia Rivera
Cecilia Rivera 10 日 前
Somebody Something
Somebody Something 10 日 前
David Blaine is fantastic!
Lillian Smith Whyte
Lillian Smith Whyte 10 日 前
👍🏾👍🏾🔥🔥😆😆😷😆👍🏾👍🏾🍵🍵❤thanks for sharing👍🏾😆😷BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER✌
The Nerd Upstairs
The Nerd Upstairs 10 日 前
To everyone trying to explain how he did it... just say "I dont know". So much easier.
AE 10 日 前
But people in the JPpost comments know everything. They told me so, just like Q told me he knows everything and it can't be a lie. /s
PoisonElves2k13 10 日 前
I can watch both these dudes all day
Хрупа Хрупов
Хрупа Хрупов 10 日 前
The secret is magnets.
Farashah SV
Farashah SV 10 日 前
20.2.1984 🥚🐣⭐️🌠
Susan Hughan
Susan Hughan 10 日 前
This reminds me of when David was at Harrison Ford’s house & performed a trick where he had him cut open an orange, that happened to be in a bowl with other fruits on his island in his kitchen, & Harrison said to David “Get outta my house” 😂😂😂
Derek Traywick
Derek Traywick 10 日 前
I'm gonna need some sauce for this meal, my friend.... ;)
Nancy Jenkins
Nancy Jenkins 10 日 前
That's not nice. He is a very nice person, and you're telling David Blaine to just 'go away'. Tsk, tsk. ; )
Tuti Fruti
Tuti Fruti 10 日 前
Admission❗ : I've gone back to this video several times in the past, just to get the kick out of hearing Trevor swearing. Priceless 😄😉😂
Tuti Fruti
Tuti Fruti 9 日 前
@Michael Wachendorf 😉 if he did feel bad about it, that's only because it was on camera. I don't think he would feel bad about it in real life as research says that intelligent people do swear a lot. Oddly enough, it's one of the signs of intelligence.
Michael Wachendorf
Michael Wachendorf 9 日 前
First time I've heard him swear. And he felt so bad about it lol.
NeedAChange C
NeedAChange C 9 日 前
i thought maybe it was giong to be a joke.. because of the reflection from the table?
Yoel Pachuco
Yoel Pachuco 10 日 前
David Blaine on this show = David Blaine is on a promo run = David Blaine will be at the Joe Rogan Podcast soon = 🔥
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 10 日 前
Robbie S
Robbie S 10 日 前
David Blaine The Greatest 🙏🙏
famous dancerpage
famous dancerpage 10 日 前
Magicians are just people who make a fool of others. Happy fools day
24james 10 日 前
That thumbnail is just not the same without that Natural buckwheat😢
Tuti Fruti
Tuti Fruti 7 日 前
You been to Kruger yet ❓
celeste 10 日 前
Wow, “buckwheat” to describe a black person’s natural hair is just so many levels of cringe and borderline racist, smdh... please do better
Keandra McNeil
Keandra McNeil 10 日 前
Right, I miss it
Amber Hagelstein
Amber Hagelstein 10 日 前
That was Amazing, WOW 👏
April jones
April jones 10 日 前
CZN Yeet
CZN Yeet 10 日 前
Heyyy! Happy April fools
Jasmine Goldberg
Jasmine Goldberg 10 日 前
You are the best of the best...the cream of the crop as they say somewhere!!
donal trekr
donal trekr 10 日 前
donal trekr
donal trekr 10 日 前
donal trekr
donal trekr 10 日 前
Lynn 10 日 前
Whoa, i'm early
donal trekr
donal trekr 10 日 前
Ashmit Kumar
Ashmit Kumar 10 日 前
Never gets old 😂😂
Andres Cabezas
Andres Cabezas 10 日 前
@donal trekr reported
Adish Nair
Adish Nair 10 日 前
I guess 20 February 1984 is Trevor's b'day
Adish Nair
Adish Nair 10 日 前
@donal trekr nice
donal trekr
donal trekr 10 日 前
MLG GAMER 10 日 前
Seeing this years later just amazes me! He should be featured on Penn and Teller
Eric Minch
Eric Minch 10 日 前
You did not notice when he reached over and said "You should keep these straight", and he "straightened them out", while his hand and the cards were off camera? Right?
Spencer 10 日 前
They aren't big fans of David Blaine. They call a lot of what he does "stunts" rather than "magic." Don't know if I agree, but it is what it is.
Cody Neiman
Cody Neiman 10 日 前
pretty sure they hate david blaine, he's not a great guy
Johnny 10 日 前
The Penn and Teller show is more for upcoming magicians and hobbyists.
Kurt D'Amour
Kurt D'Amour 10 日 前
@Krystof S. I stand corrected
Akshay Devadiga
Akshay Devadiga 10 日 前
I'm not kidding, My notification said, . . . . *"David Blaine Blows Trevor's...😐💨"*
donal trekr
donal trekr 10 日 前
Darshin Mevcha
Darshin Mevcha 10 日 前
Its just great to see two legends together
donal trekr
donal trekr 10 日 前
Regina Rodriguez
Regina Rodriguez 10 日 前
Lol he told David Blaine to go away while his cards were still on the table Trevor return David Blaine’s 1984 cards to him
SHEILA Meyers 10 日 前
David Blaine is truly amazing... can’t fathom how he does the magic!
Sharon Kaufmann
Sharon Kaufmann 10 日 前
@donal trekr STOP!
Abraham Isaac
Abraham Isaac 10 日 前
Where's Trevor?
Manny D.
Manny D. 10 日 前
@Lightning Farron I’ll do YOU one better, WHY is Trevor?
Lightning Farron
Lightning Farron 10 日 前
I'll do you one better, *WHO* is Trevor?
donal trekr
donal trekr 10 日 前
The Bast
The Bast 10 日 前
I sometimes struggle to understand how David does these things!
I guess, and it is a guesswork, that he will anyhow take the conversation to his year of birth ie 1984. If he would not fall in one trap he will make another then and there and another and so on until he makes it about his birth year.
S S 7 日 前
@Wingardium Leviosa I beg to differ. kids on the spectrum are very logical and rational. It’s neurotypicals that are irrational
Vucci 8 日 前
@K J check out Shin Lim. This dude has mastered the slight of hand. Probably practice every day for 10 years. Go check him out, He also won one of the seasons of America's got talent
I_Am_L 8 日 前
@Argh JayEm thx
Linda Ward
Linda Ward 9 日 前
Sometimes?!?! ALL of the time!
STGhost 10 日 前
donal trekr
donal trekr 10 日 前
Kid Buu
Kid Buu 10 日 前
Also Trevor make your vids available in England lad
Wingardium Leviosa
Wingardium Leviosa 10 日 前
Marwan Katana
Marwan Katana 10 日 前
Magnificent, I love it.
Uploading between the scenes after very long time
donal trekr
donal trekr 10 日 前
salman ahjum-mathee
salman ahjum-mathee 10 日 前
Last time I was this early Covid was not a thing
donal trekr
donal trekr 10 日 前
مجال حيوي Biosphere
مجال حيوي Biosphere 10 日 前
He will find bad jokes in your mind
Mr Nicktor!!55
Mr Nicktor!!55 10 日 前
i am ᖴIᖇՏT ꧁☂︎
Kid Buu
Kid Buu 10 日 前
donal trekr
donal trekr 10 日 前
Monky Dollqueen
Monky Dollqueen 10 日 前
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