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20 日 前

Aside from the election, the protests, and coronavirus, what ELSE happened this year? Australian wildfires, Megxit, Weinstein convicted, Tiger King, California wildfires, John Lewis and RBG, just to name a few. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #2020
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Zion Johnson
Zion Johnson 5 時間 前
10:49 that’s Jay-Z
Ronnie Hicks
Ronnie Hicks 9 時間 前
See what this Authoritarian mindset has influenced? There are fire fighters putting their lives on the line and their Prime Minister hasn't paid them.
Michael keaton
Michael keaton 9 時間 前
If California need advice on landscaping policies, they can ask Rudy Guilliani after all he has a passif with landscaping company...
Michael keaton
Michael keaton 10 時間 前
6:26 damn I didn't the queen was still driving at her age!!
Michael keaton
Michael keaton 10 時間 前
Stop using your car to save the cut koala
김영준 20 時間 前
18:29 Its Uncle Trevor!!!
Christy Bates
Christy Bates 日 前
Good lord, those nunchuck skills killed me. As a grown woman, at work, I'm *almost* ashamed at how hard it made me laugh.
Diggory Pat
Diggory Pat 日 前
Rest in peace 🙏 Lewis
G6 Mogul * The People's Mogul *
G6 Mogul * The People's Mogul * 日 前
I love you Trevor but that jewelry is actually hard to revered and it shows the royalty that black people are because we as black people are considered Royal blood and the people who built up Europe and is royalty in addition to that Megan infused the royal family with Royal blood by marrying into them so they are welcome
Ceejay Mock
Ceejay Mock 日 前
"...solve the world's problems by harnessing the power of horniness..." Like the gun issue, in order to harness the power of something, you have to first respect that thing. Like guns, we fear the power of horniness and chase the highs that result from that fear - it is merely the drug with which we abuse ourselves. To harness the power of horniness would require facing that fear and mastering it. But we have deeper fears - fears about gender and abandonment - that prevent us from being so aware, I think. We should address those, first, in my opinion.
Bustermaniax 日 前
She won even when she lost? Well Trump said he won the election xD
Ben Thompson
Ben Thompson 日 前
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Da’Juan Jones
Da’Juan Jones 日 前
It’s sad about the wildfires :( but let’s be real, it’s low key cool to see the sky be orange
Wake Up
Wake Up 2 日 前
Are most people toxic and programed?
Angel Taniya
Angel Taniya 2 日 前
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T B 2 日 前
Trumpublicans, Joe Exotic. Trumpublicans... Joe Exotic. Checks out.
Morababy Mora
Morababy Mora 3 日 前
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Nanyu Busnis
Nanyu Busnis 3 日 前
As a leader, to go out on holiday while the country, or in this case, continent, is facing huge issues, should really be considered a resignation, because in doing so, they are literally giving up on their whole purpose, just have a holiday. 5:15 That's brilliant.. You'd have people who even sort the trash of other people for that. xD
Selbi Orayeva
Selbi Orayeva 3 日 前
The Australian wildfires reminded me of "halcyon times" when Covid and Elections weren't the only headlines
Chris 3 日 前
who came here coz a glitch sexy blonde girl ?
Andrea 3 日 前
If this past year has taught me anything, it's been to keep myself healthy, educated, and humble so that I can join the fight for the American people just like RBG did.
kenneth staley
kenneth staley 4 日 前
Ching Ring
Ching Ring 4 日 前
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Vanessa Bruce
Vanessa Bruce 4 日 前
I'm socially distancing from Michael Costa. Thank you though.
Sylvia Keenan
Sylvia Keenan 4 日 前
Missed your jokes and insight! 🥰
Anthony Carranza
Anthony Carranza 4 日 前
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Thyra Eriksen
Thyra Eriksen 4 日 前
i love how a lot of prisoners in prisons and jails etc, don't like sex offenders. like even "they" know.
Hunter Garvey
Hunter Garvey 4 日 前
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Sabrina Butler
Sabrina Butler 4 日 前
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Bipashna Pradhan
Bipashna Pradhan 4 日 前
This would be more fun to watch than any movie if it was just unreal. It's scary cause it's real. But I guess I'm good as I live in another country...says a person living in India. :|
Abboud Abudafair
Abboud Abudafair 5 日 前
Thanks.. I like the way you end very episode... Very convincing persuasive eloquently stated logic.
ie 5 日 前
The royal family is insane as a concept but let's be real. Megan hated the UK, the weather etc rather than the reason given, she moved back to the USA, that bastion of racial equality, to escape racism in the UK?
Bonnie John
Bonnie John 5 日 前
This is absolute truth and proof that the virus has gotten out of hand because of the trump's administration led by a moron
Lizzi Storm
Lizzi Storm 5 日 前
But can I adopt a koala and NAME it Hemsworth?
Jodin Lejeune
Jodin Lejeune 5 日 前
Traitor* Ha Ha but who knows what the word even means , so in your realm it doesn’t matter how it’s spelled , FACTS LOL
Pete Rivero
Pete Rivero 6 日 前
Simplyed but Australians are great. Hate there nightmare there are subject to. Love them . And yes f trump's belief of science and his puppy's he owns and neglecting our world. My heart and prayers are with them aussie. Lov
Skulli 6 日 前
She was also an antiblack racist.
Nilly K
Nilly K 6 日 前
Women had all those rights in other parts of the world before women in the U.S. did. 😮 what?
Abdul Rauf Oekas
Abdul Rauf Oekas 6 日 前
Josh 6 日 前
Damn I've should've sent some donos
jan coo
jan coo 6 日 前
Taking a moment to recognize how brilliant Trevor is at satire.
li_spiderguy 6 日 前
"woah I don't remember the australia fires" " Oh wait, nude philanthropist? I remember her!"
li_spiderguy 6 日 前
@maudy mthimkhulu I did not, but I was cheering her on from the sidelines 😂
maudy mthimkhulu
maudy mthimkhulu 6 日 前
Sooooo, you donated...??? .... NICE..!!
Galang Galang Buzair Ibrahim
Galang Galang Buzair Ibrahim 6 日 前
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Matthew Freda
Matthew Freda 6 日 前
37:19 WTF is going on with the bookshelf to Trevor's right (viewers left)? There's a ghost in your house Trevor!! Ghost of RBG?
Matthew Freda
Matthew Freda 6 日 前
@Defcamp & Melderon TV I know right!! That is crazy!!!!
Defcamp & Melderon TV
Defcamp & Melderon TV 6 日 前
Crazy how it happens as he is telling people not to give up hope!! Gotta be the ghost of RBG!
Max 0506
Max 0506 7 日 前
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Reels of Fortune Slots Play
Reels of Fortune Slots Play 7 日 前
Awesome Aussies!!!!
Samantha Marcus
Samantha Marcus 7 日 前
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Ash Far
Ash Far 7 日 前
MessengerOfTruth 7 日 前
1) Prophecy talks about an increase in temperature, to the point Revelation says 'man will curse God because of the heat' 2) Prophecy says that the Sun will turn to blood and the moon and stars not give its light. Clearly, those Scriptures are talking about a global war event, but even now you can see how SMOKE AND SMOG because of the fires and dust (of war), impact light from the Sun & moon. 3) Mass disappearance and destruction of wildlife? Hos 4v3 Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be *taken away.*
Saeromi Park
Saeromi Park 7 日 前
It’s all about me! 😆 very presidential! I laughed so hard.
Adrian Skotniczny
Adrian Skotniczny 7 日 前
j think all prisoners around the word should plant a tree like and send around #pissonerstree
Jane Calabro
Jane Calabro 7 日 前
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David Rivera
David Rivera 7 日 前
Wow, sounds the strategy of Trump
Random Avenue
Random Avenue 7 日 前
The sudden meeting made me think of Among Us.
Richards Family
Richards Family 7 日 前
Father Frank Pavone the National Director of Priests For Life began "Prayers of Reparation" today for the souls of the Democrat Party. There will be 9 days of prayer asking our Lord to repair the damage that the Democratic Party has done in America fighting President Trump & the good things he's done to improve America. jppost.info/project/zqWEiaWee6PIldE/bideo.html
John Rundell
John Rundell 7 日 前
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Eva Makarski
Eva Makarski 7 日 前
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Gina Porter
Gina Porter 7 日 前
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Till Nuoffer
Till Nuoffer 8 日 前
Shiiiiit you know things are going down when a prince starts hustling
Ms Sunsetthesunsetter I am the sunsetter 1
Ms Sunsetthesunsetter I am the sunsetter 1 8 日 前
So funny the Queen thing funny
Adrian Åslund
Adrian Åslund 8 日 前
I don't really like how they didn't seem to take that iranian assassination seriously. Its soo not ok that the united states support that sort of thing.
gilbert 8 日 前
Like 9/11, We should ANTISIPATE rather than REACT to a national emergency caused by Treason, Domestic Terrorist, and blood flowing through the Halls of our Democratic Republic to move the the conscious of our reckless credulous Republicans*(Oath of Office) to remove President Trump & Co-conspirators, by Trail & Imprisonment provided by our Constitution for the Security of our Nation. 300,000 deaths from Covid-19, (Genocide), Tens of Millions unemployed, Economic Recession, National Evictions of elderly and families with children, Millions ill & uninsured , Billionaires receive Billions in Trump Tax Credits, Covid-19 $$$$$ * , 16 U.S. Intelligence Agencies with a budget of $$$$1.25 TRILLION DOLLARS and yet our National Capitol Security is BREACHED * Federal Trump Loyalist, Racists; Purge all agencies NOW !!! ** IN GOD WE TRUST * E PLURIBUS UNUM * ONE NATION UNDER GOD God Bless our Military & God Bless America****BOYCOTT ALL CORPORATIONS THAT SUPPORT & DONATE TO THE HIPPROCRITES ,TRAITORS, GOP ( republicans) BOYCOTT***
Hilosa Erfam
Hilosa Erfam 8 日 前
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Glesyn M
Glesyn M 8 日 前
that a revenge if someone burned Quran, nature revenge angrily ,
the real Deadpool
the real Deadpool 8 日 前
Not gonna lie I thought Routh was black.
maomora peeps
maomora peeps 8 日 前
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Jacob Cassar
Jacob Cassar 8 日 前
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Alia Dias
Alia Dias 8 日 前
20:38 Tree-vor Noah... Hehe
Alke Alke
Alke Alke 8 日 前
Trevor Noah says we gotta do something about climate change while he makes fun of vegans for being vegans... hm...
Sideways N
Sideways N 8 日 前
I hate to say it, but the laugh tracks are in and as a result i'm out. Keep informing people though comedy, hope it changes one day or you have the old covid format back as a side thing or something
Captains vLogs
Captains vLogs 9 日 前
Number one cause of global warming is animal agriculture, keep eating animals you d*** ***** user gonna kill us all not to mention all the pandemics we get from eating animals. go vegan or just keep being a hypocrite
PureLight 9 日 前
The section that says go here for free episodes is not true. It is not free. You must have atv provider. Please don't mislead people. It's tiring following dead ends. Please just give all the details, then you won't waste anyone's time. With respect. Thank you.
Jude 9 日 前
I should be preparing for classes but I’m addicted to watching Trevor Noah
Ryan Uzumaki
Ryan Uzumaki 9 日 前
The motionless lion cranially kick because population family reduce on a hard-to-find anger. rude, lovely medicine
Kyle Pasqualetti
Kyle Pasqualetti 9 日 前
Climate change may be real but stop using it as the excuse for everything that happens. People are retarded. Using Australia as a way to move your agenda, absolute twats.
Bobby McNeill
Bobby McNeill 9 日 前
Hell fly me out there and I'll work my ass off until the fires are out
Arsya Utomo
Arsya Utomo 9 日 前
Live Stream
Live Stream 9 日 前
Someone else from East Africa heard Hakuna matata and felt represented in the Daily show¿ hit a like
John Nguyen
John Nguyen 9 日 前
The world gonna end! Mark my word.
Ker Loz
Ker Loz 10 日 前
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June Gonzalez
June Gonzalez 10 日 前
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Juan Morales Jiménez
Juan Morales Jiménez 10 日 前
Why don't you just install sprinklers indeed where did areas like they do in golf course install sprinklers all over the winter areas to keep everything nice and wet
D Samuels
D Samuels 10 日 前
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zabawear.bigcartel .com.
zabawear.bigcartel .com. 10 日 前
Megan's ignorant
kede32 10 日 前
I'm SO FUCKING ANGRY! How is that racist to have a brouche of a black person that looked like royalty? I don't know if she meant it like that but why do they jump to those kinds of conclusions all the time! I thought it was a beautiful brouche.
KillsForCookies Kleo
KillsForCookies Kleo 10 日 前
out here in the netherlands when due to corona they wer putting a brake on travel etc, the royal family decided to fly to another country you know a quick getaway.
tawake RAKARAWA 10 日 前
Hey Mr. Noah! You're my best show presenter! Let's just keep the swears down on a lower level, except when we are talking about Trump. My man!
Deborah Ferro
Deborah Ferro 10 日 前
Australia said hold my foster’s
carla escamilla
carla escamilla 10 日 前
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Elo Oji
Elo Oji 10 日 前
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BarryObaminable 10 日 前
maybe stop making it illegal to cut away at the stuff that acts as kindling. no shocker, after making it illegal.. we had 5 of the worst fires
Bertha Heard
Bertha Heard 10 日 前
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kay 10 日 前
The roomy farm sicily prick because oval undoubtedly strengthen alongside a irritating narcissus. wiggly, puffy swim
Michael n
Michael n 11 日 前
We all know what happened this year the Democrat with proof abducted the majority of Hispanic kids when they were putting cages by Joe Biden a few of them escaped in a Russian ship caught them on the ocean brought them over to Mexico and they told her story what's going on they're killing kids on an island use in a submarine are named many names are Who's involved in this that's why Trump's bringing them down and they don't want Trump involved in this life anymore because I know they will be brought down for the crime they committed and Hillary Clinton sold our war strategies to China gave our stimulus check from November 3rd for bribery for this election. So much more than happen this year
Sondre 11 日 前
Millenial vanilla news
Fatimah bts
Fatimah bts 11 日 前
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bnavveer 11 日 前
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c D
c D 11 日 前
You forgot... yur ratings went so far down you are now a fundraiser ... So you can stay on air,, not funny
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