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4 日 前

Filmmaker Garrett Bradley breaks down how she confronts the systemic problems with incarceration in America in her Oscar-nominated documentary, “Time.” #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #GarrettBradley
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Robert Matthews
Robert Matthews 2 時間 前
Yes. Intention guides Intuition.
Susan Flowers
Susan Flowers 日 前
It was a pleasure watching him take on a serious matter instead of making things a laughing matter. We have to many worries as it is
Nuwagaba Cosmas
Nuwagaba Cosmas 日 前
Thanks a lot talk Trevor u really kept that bell rung for black region. Keep it going to era of origin bwoy. 😉Ug
Tanya Walters
Tanya Walters 2 日 前
Prisoners are people. I think we need to stop and think as to why the person is in prison. A person that has gone on a killing spree is so different than a person that didn't pay his child support or wrote bad checks. Some are young get in with the wrong crowd and mess up. For whatever the reason, media or whatever we tend to lump them together and thats not what we should be doing.
Osman Rodriguez
Osman Rodriguez 2 日 前
trevor I think she is talking about imagery
A P 3 日 前
Trevor's boss Joe Biden wrote the 1994 crime bill 🤡🤡🤡
Miss Understood
Miss Understood 3 日 前
Such an important topic
drstevenrey 3 日 前
If all is based on money, why doesn't the criminal justice not just simply shoot the culprits in the backyard. Locking them up for 60 years will cost a fortune to the taxpayer. I don't approve of it, but it would be more logic.
ThePinkBinks 3 日 前
I appreciate Garrett and people like her. I was taught to fear and hate criminals but seeing the reality made me wake up. More so when I realised that the people who taught me have criminal kids who somehow never make it to prison.
Susan Flowers
Susan Flowers 日 前
Interesting comment
ThePinkBinks 3 日 前
White people use prisons as a bogeyman. They can't get their heads round that it's something you can't avoid even if you're a law abiding citizen in some areas. They don't just want people in prison, they want them to suffer and endure torture and slavery _as well._
Bernard Forand
Bernard Forand 3 日 前
USA's Incarceration is froth with a multitude of racial, gender, ethical, etc., infrastructure fundamentals. Prejudices of archaic sources, promoting false narratives to the evolution of humanity's evolution, to a progressive rational existence, rectifying false previous ambiguities infused to the hard-wiring for the populace's disciplinary benefits. One example, Germany does not punish those that escape from prison...!? How could a simple American comprehend that? Blinded by false gods of their systematic prejudices?
NormalOneVideos 3 日 前
i knew this interview would be interesting , when i saw the guest didnt have bookshelf behind her.
N Patrick
N Patrick 3 日 前
Is Trevor writing these questions?
Mike Kisonu
Mike Kisonu 3 日 前
About as black as MILK. 🙄
Karloss Coletti
Karloss Coletti 3 日 前
"Time" is the best film of the last year. Fiction or non-fiction. The Oscars are just too dumb to admit it.
Kamal Harris
Kamal Harris 3 日 前
Welcome to you Bradley. Debate you fantastic.
The Norm
The Norm 3 日 前
I admire her film that’s speak so loud for our generation should be these days. It’s not about politics, it’s all about humanity. We all should come together for better generation.
zirak93 - 2
zirak93 - 2 3 日 前
Tbh, Trevor would make a better interviewer than a comedian. It's only in the interviews and horrific events we see the real side of Trevor, where he asks very interesting questions.
SailorMoon 3 日 前
a lay it all out documentary to support the intention and purpose would be interesting to follow.
Tiff Hitz
Tiff Hitz 3 日 前
I have been wondering for years why this country lacks compassion, then I realized everything is based on money
Tejah 3 日 前
Sounds like an eye opener for the masses. I'll definitely check it out.
Iceborn 3 日 前
It is an honor to be able to listen to this conversation between two so highly intelligent and humble persons
jlindsa 3 日 前
Incarceration is a business in more ways than people realize. Put together a list of everyone in the chain who profits/benefits from the jail/prison system from the beat cop to the prison admins to the politicians. Rehabilitation is NOT the goal. One example, in some states, to avoid raising taxes to pay for schools, hospitals, etc., those that get arrested will receive a bill which they must pay back or be re-arrested.
Gaston Neal
Gaston Neal 3 日 前
Angela Davis was the first to explain to me the evil and wrongness of prison, and I know the politicians know this, it’s just part of the evil project that is USA.
Cheryl Ferry
Cheryl Ferry 3 日 前
We need to focus on crime prevention not prison reform. Victims suffer for life.
jlindsa 2 日 前
The two go hand in hand.
Jonelle Cusato
Jonelle Cusato 3 日 前
Teach your children their rights. Teach them about the judicial system. We need to teach each other our rights as well. The biggest part of why the judicial system is a success to control the people is because people do not know their rights. They bank on the people's ignorance of law and procedure. Start with interactions with police.
Aaron and Son Vlogs
Aaron and Son Vlogs 3 日 前
She is super cute
Desmond Hawkins
Desmond Hawkins 3 日 前
Garrett Hunt
Garrett Hunt 3 日 前
matenzo 3 日 前
60 years is so long, what kinda robbery results in that sort of sentence?
Island House
Island House 3 日 前
Finally... someone brings it up. What exactly does the Punishment do. And AFTER PRISON, most importantly ppl should be able to wipe their record clean after serving their time. With these things on your record permanently is a somewhat of life sentence. Give these ppl the freedom to assimilate into society and be able make optimal contributions with their abilities. When will serving your time be enough.
A P 3 日 前
Imagine pretending to care about prison reform and being a Joe Biden supporter at the same time???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
jlindsa 2 日 前
As opposed to supporting who, in a two party system...Trump?
Cool Breeze 2.0
Cool Breeze 2.0 3 日 前
Definitely a stain on Biden.
Ry gy
Ry gy 3 日 前
Trevor's secretly covers all the women topics cuz he can't get laid just kidding he probably gets a lot either way attack me comments
A P 3 日 前
Trump created the first step act and was leading the way on prison reform but Trevor called him a racist bc he's not a Democrat.
A P 3 日 前
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are famous for locking up black people for non violent crimes.
Miles Krieger
Miles Krieger 3 日 前
Can you please have Angela Davis on. PLEASEEEEEEE
That's a unique gift being able to humanize what society would deem as not human. Being incarcerated does indeed have many layers and I'm glad she's been exposing those layers
John Green
John Green 4 日 前
Great creativity isn’t done by committee
The Sh4dowgale - Calli's Apostle [1st of the 12]
The Sh4dowgale - Calli's Apostle [1st of the 12] 4 日 前
Maybe people should quit commiting crimes in the first place.
Joseph Gollaher
Joseph Gollaher 4 日 前
great questions, great answers, great interview. enjoyed this very much.
James Thomas
James Thomas 4 日 前
When Trev gives credit to his guests I always find him really warm and sincere and just genuine. He has studied and explored where his guests are coming from. I know his team are also responsible for helping him also, but, I feel there is a real connection happening within his interviews and he asks really difficult personal questions on occasion. Love you Trev keep that Afro and lot's o love to you been a lot of fun education through this f**king nightmare year.
WulfPack1 日 前
So true
Am I the only one or anybody else thinks she has an uncanny resemblance to Meghan Markle 🤔
Susan Flowers
Susan Flowers 日 前
Between Sarah Silverman and a Meagan Markle
2013lovemy 4 日 前
Ok, when is y’all’s first date??? 😆
Saint Sire
Saint Sire 4 日 前
We just need to revamp the entire system if possible
jlindsa 2 日 前
It's possible but the public isn't about that therefore politicians aren't either
Anto theja
Anto theja 4 日 前
Is Garrett a woman's name too?
TheDriedfrogpills 2 日 前
Fun fact, the name I go by irl is identical to a fairly famous singer in another country, who identifies as a gender opposite to my own identity. Maybe just disconnect a person's name from gender all together?
Jordan Summers
Jordan Summers 3 日 前
Maybe she identifies as a woman
Garrett B.
Garrett B. 4 日 前
Wow I’ve never heard of a woman named Garrett. Cool!
Desmond Hawkins
Desmond Hawkins 日 前
@Garret Hopwood You and Garrett B should hook up.
Garret Hopwood
Garret Hopwood 2 日 前
Same, news to me! Happy to share though!
Chinedu Opara
Chinedu Opara 2 日 前
@Desmond Hawkins Garrett Squared.
Desmond Hawkins
Desmond Hawkins 3 日 前
Imagine being a man named Garrett and falling in love with a woman named Garrett, that would be so weird. Although I'm sure there are many couples in this situation; Alex & Alex or Joe and Jo or Ashley & Ashley must all have happened. Garrett though…
Truth Seeks me
Truth Seeks me 4 日 前
Interesting.. The cops shoot us NO PROBLEM because we're black, but they play nice to people who are preying on children!? - between popsquad, cc unit, and others.. I notice most of the cops everywhere take the predator's side.. Meanwhile they shoot us.. Interesting..
VJ LaShomb
VJ LaShomb 4 日 前
Trevor, please talk about the anti-trans legislation passed in Arkansas!!! The trans community needs your help
Q B 4 日 前
If they black then what am I??? I mean they are beautiful but what's wrong with saying biracial?
jlindsa 2 日 前
America invented the one drop rule. The level of thinking your talking about is relatively new.
Sylvester Uchia
Sylvester Uchia 3 日 前
@Adish Nair Thank you.
Adish Nair
Adish Nair 4 日 前
Trevor falls in that 'biracial' category too. The thing is mixed (colored) people are also considered as black.
Kween Tiiyah Hollins
Kween Tiiyah Hollins 4 日 前
We need to normalize a person who has a non black parent as biracial, and not black. Its sad IF a black woman with black parents makes a documentary film that she won't be considered the first
laceylives 4 日 前
I’m a Black woman raising a biracial Black child and I’m raising her to identify as a Black woman (with a white parent). I think it’s fine to normalize identifying as biracial, but I also recognize the limitations of that aspiration when the system is not set up for American Blackness to be expansive in the same way American Whiteness has been. Whiteness has changed dramatically over the centuries to envelope different cultures and nationalities - Blackness has been MUCH more narrowly defined and I would be remiss as her mama if I, knowing this, raised her to think otherwise. That being said, I’m also raising her to understand that within the systems of racism, she will have certain skin tone privileges that I am not privy to as a Black woman with two Black parents (however, my mother and my daughter are the exact same skin tone with the exact same hair texture and my mom is fully Black, so basing “biracial” on appearance alone is nebulous AF). All this to say: I strongly believe my daughter’s experience walking through the white world will more closely mirror mine - and the white world is inherently more dangerous for and to her and I need her to understand that Blackness is an identity she may be assigned there, regardless of her father’s race. I think her experience within Black culture will, of course, be different than mine. She will be questioned and her “blackness” may not be enough for some folks. But I know my culture will ultimately be more welcoming and safer for her to navigate the nuances of being biracial than the alternative.
Truth Seeks me
Truth Seeks me 4 日 前
Relax fam, she's black to anyone who is "fully" Caucasian..
Rajveer Singh
Rajveer Singh 4 日 前
𝐂𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞 ➜ 》》 𝙊𝙣𝙡𝙮 𝘼𝙙𝙪𝙡𝙩 《《 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候%^%^ 1617810021
Brett Nichols
Brett Nichols 4 日 前
America's worst abuse of resources: we need all of us to be a whole society. Are we so weak, so small that we don't have a place for everyone in society?
Shadow Realm
Shadow Realm 4 日 前
Black? She could pass by puerto rican
Adish Nair
Adish Nair 4 日 前
This skin color is white in India.
Kween Tiiyah Hollins
Kween Tiiyah Hollins 4 日 前
@NYISHA NYISHA wrong, there are black Puerto Ricans, white, and mixed Puerto Ricans. Its like saying all Americans are white
Shadow Realm
Shadow Realm 4 日 前
@Kween Tiiyah Hollins cool beans stay save friend :)
Kween Tiiyah Hollins
Kween Tiiyah Hollins 4 日 前
She's biracial...getting tired of them being open to be called "black" ONLY when it benefits them! She was raised by a white mother, and Im assuming they never married (she doesn't have the fathers last name)
juli victoria
juli victoria 4 日 前
Incarceration is a business plain & simple. Sad & ridiculous. The public would be better served by building hospitals & schools instead of prisons with those public funds
Megan Lombardi
Megan Lombardi 4 日 前
And what do you suppose we do with all the murderers and rapists?
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 4 日 前
Khalyla Khun
Jasmine The Gray Knight
Jasmine The Gray Knight 4 日 前
I dont understand why incarceration is so demonized. We have all done something illegal in our lives so why are we so uncomfortable with people who have clearly done their time and faced consequence for mistakes? Even then, while someone is in prison that does not mean that their humanity should be stripped away from them. Like if you put a child in a time out, they’re still a child and you wouldn’t beat them half to death while they’re already being punished.
Anonymous Fan
Anonymous Fan 3 日 前
Sad thing not all criminals deserve forgiveness. Derek Chauvin for example
gzerox2 3 日 前
There are half a million Americans in jail who have been there since the start of the pandemic, and not had trial. People who are not guilty of a crime
ehalljay1 3 日 前
The act of being incarcerated is inhuman... sad that had to be said....
Jasmine The Gray Knight
Jasmine The Gray Knight 3 日 前
@Catalin Huzum Streza ALSO, just replace the torture analogy with something a little less bad. It was the first thing I could think of.
Catalin Huzum Streza
Catalin Huzum Streza 3 日 前
@Jasmine The Gray Knight As incredible as it might be to you, no, I did not steal anything, ever. Because my parents said don't ever take something that's not yours. No, I did not beat up other kids, even if I was among the tall ones. No, I did not "forget" to feed the meter or dodge a fare in public transport (I drive very rarely anyway). And even if I did it's hilarious to think such small issues can be compared with serious crimes - which are the only cases when people actually go to prison in modern times.
Dean Agee
Dean Agee 4 日 前
I think this may be 1 of more things to come that will introduce concepts that will move us from a prison system to an ankle bracelet system. You know...a new type of slavery.
Yvette Rani Rosser
Yvette Rani Rosser 2 日 前
@Dean Agee I no longer live in Texas, but I knew several people who transitioned from prison to ankle bracelets. One young man who had robbed someone was from a wealthy family that lived next door to my mother near Houston. His father and a high paid lawyer got his sentence reduced to being imprisoned in his father’s luxury home. His dad paid the $250 weekly charge. Another person was in Austin and was not from a wealthy family and the conditions of his parole included an ankle bracket which cost him $1000 per month, and that represented about half his income. Texas is notoriously unfair towards criminals and also towards those charged with a crime but not yet convicted. One huge issue that blows my mind is that in some states that have legalised marijuana, there are still people in jail for cannabis related charges!
Dean Agee
Dean Agee 2 日 前
@Yvette Rani Rosser I dont know where you live but no one has to pay to stay out of jail when they have a bracelet or on home arrest
Yvette Rani Rosser
Yvette Rani Rosser 2 日 前
The "Man" charges $250 per week for the poor ex-prisoners must pay to stay out of prison. Unaffordable, except by rich criminals.
Dean Agee
Dean Agee 3 日 前
@juli victoria No the prison lobby failed years ago. The ankle bracelet Lobby is now picking up. They are turning neighborhoods into prison sectors. There are many people walkin around with bracelets and on home arrest. There are gaurd towers on the busy street, and in the neighborhoods in front of peoples homes. The police pull everyone over for the slightest infraction. So the infrastructure is already here for it.
Karen Piotte
Karen Piotte 4 日 前
60 years for robbery? Sounds more like home invasion!
Sithorng Sithorng TV
Sithorng Sithorng TV 4 日 前
If people understood very well about the consequences of committing crime and still doing it, they deserve to be put behind the bar. People who are suffered from them demand justice.
Too Much Drama In The Milky Way Galaxy
Too Much Drama In The Milky Way Galaxy 4 日 前
You can have consequences to crimes and still have a system that has rehabilitation programs and job programs for those caught committing a crime. Over half the people locked up are non-violent criminals. As a society would you not rather have a system that turns criminals into productive members of society? Instead it’s nearly impossible for someone to find a job once they have an arrest record which is a form of punishment in itself, in turn those people are even more likely to result to crime to provide an income. We need jail for violent criminals but rehabilitation for non-violent criminals. Not to mention it’s fairly obvious justice can be based off wealth and skin pigmentation and is not equal.
Jasmine The Gray Knight
Jasmine The Gray Knight 4 日 前
That’s not the point she’s trying to make. There should be punishment to help people understand the consequences of their actions but I think the question she’s posing is, “ how will this punishment affect all parties involved? And is it possible for a different kind of punishment that would still bring justice and benefit all parties?”
Dona D
Dona D 4 日 前
I was so happy to listen to Morgan Freeman at 6 a.m. in France..this morning... How our family with 4 kids, used to gather around “the Tube" watch you 'Smooth Dance' across the screen on PBS's Electric Company! Dear Sir... How you are still well-loved & respected! Thank you for all your wonderful work! & for loving us 'right back' by delivering this unique & encouraging message about taking the virus seriously. Safe Big you & yours..with great appreciation.. Donna Delfino Dugay
Elmer Santos
Elmer Santos 4 日 前
First one here
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