2020 In Review: The Year In Protests | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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22 日 前

The year in protest: from Black Lives Matter protesters fighting for the right to live, to lockdown protesters fighting for the right to die. Dulcé Sloan breaks it down. #DailyShow #DulceSloan #2020
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Robert Spencer
Robert Spencer 8 日 前
Rioting not protesting get it correct
lyndsay 12 日 前
i LOVE this girl omg😭😭
692 Saniya Aggarwal
692 Saniya Aggarwal 14 日 前
I love her hahaha!!!
Andi Leigh
Andi Leigh 16 日 前
Masks make me sweat, so trying to wear make up is pointless. Does great covering up the double chin, though 😂
Ann S.
Ann S. 16 日 前
You do have a beautiful face!
Дилян Росенов
Дилян Росенов 17 日 前
the guy who want freedom for the world need to chill the fuck up we dont get jail time over a crack pipe mate perhaps u need freedom
Einstein 18 日 前
The male karens, who i like to call kevins, disliked the video
TS 3223
TS 3223 18 日 前
She had a nice body though I didn't need to see your face 👏🏾🙏🏽😎🦸🏾‍♀️🤯
thesun collective147
thesun collective147 18 日 前
The BBQ guy wants freedom for the world..OMG is he a Hero or what..........? what an arse
Gerardo Flores
Gerardo Flores 18 日 前
Fatty ... Gross
الكحلي محمدي
الكحلي محمدي 18 日 前
France is the most racist it gets look up French Sudan and Hatti and African moors
nobody nobox
nobody nobox 19 日 前
A very different 2020 review. What the Government and Media didn't tell you this year. jppost.info/project/qoOcdqucmJrcqa8/bideo.html Need to have seen parts 1, 2 and 3 to fully understand and comprehend this video.
InfoJunkie 19 日 前
I freakin love Dulce! More of her please in 2021
Wendy Muller
Wendy Muller 19 日 前
More Dulcé in 2021!
Kashimana 19 日 前
Dulce so funny!
JVS 19 日 前
When will Dulce get her own show? And she should collaborate with Amber Ruffin on something!
Stay Blessed
Stay Blessed 19 日 前
"Ya know- it really depended on who ya asked" 💀😂
Josh Fernandez
Josh Fernandez 19 日 前
Da aumledu flamorge guy finished me 😂😂😂
Josh Fernandez
Josh Fernandez 19 日 前
Why are they publishing same videos they did a month ago?
23ahndra 19 日 前
Dulce is a GD GIFT!!! 😩🤣🤣👏🏾👏🏾
Abraham Tadesse
Abraham Tadesse 19 日 前
“Freedom Seymour Hoffman”
ike eki
ike eki 19 日 前
it is amazing what the 2 biggest protest movements in the USA were: "Police should stop killing us" and "I do not want to wear a mask in this store"
Abbi J
Abbi J 19 日 前
This is perfection.
theorgelmeister aka the soap man
theorgelmeister aka the soap man 19 日 前
Quit bitchin about 2020 its all good
Viki Perry
Viki Perry 20 日 前
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john dyer
john dyer 20 日 前
If you hit a man with a nightstick full force and he doesn't flinch you become his bottom bitch.
Sanika More
Sanika More 20 日 前
the whole reason McConnell can block $2,000 checks to begin w/ is bc he’s Senate Majority leader.He’ll block clean $2k relief as long as GOP run the Senate. GEORGIA can change that!If GA votes Warnock/Ossoff on 1/5, the doors open up for COVID relief.Georgia youth we need you to show up and #VoteEarlyGA in the senate runoff. You are the future, please reach out to all of your friends & family to go vote.Request an #AbsenteeBallot ballotrequest.sos.ga.gov
Howard McTroy
Howard McTroy 20 日 前
They’re called “riots” not “protests.”
MOMO 20 日 前
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist 20 日 前
4:09 You know it's a good protest when _Elmo's_ participating.
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist 20 日 前
3:29 BBQ, beer and freedom. Yeah, man. Murica!
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist 20 日 前
That is so embarrassing, having to carry your _father_ out of a store because he's throwing a tantrum.
lyndsay 12 日 前
i cant even imagine omg
Lizzie Crowe
Lizzie Crowe 15 日 前
Looked like this want the kid's first rodeo. He knew how to effectively lift and haul. I'm thinking daddy dearest has a tantrum in the regular, and sonny boy often has to drag his sorry ass out of places.
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist 20 日 前
Well, I mean, you can wear a mask _this_ month or you can wear a respirator _next_ month.
MrsMCedar 20 日 前
Dulce! Her comedy is so good, she can just roll from one joke to the next. She rolled off out of here in that chair. LOL
Mecke Duli
Mecke Duli 20 日 前
You nailed it! Or him, I don't know.
Jon M
Jon M 20 日 前
Well done! Someday I hope we can meet and share a baguette with that damn Terminator! He didn't seem half bad, for a Terminator.
Bret French
Bret French 20 日 前
Good to know its ok to be mildly racist if you are hot..... and not white.....
NOTES-RIF 20 日 前
Biden did not win yet
pug master the supreme
pug master the supreme 20 日 前
Did the angry dad farthest before being carried away? 2:11
Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris 20 日 前
Other Christians are fighting for their right to die 😭😭😭 I’m 😵😵😵
Tamara Smith
Tamara Smith 20 日 前
She just cracks me up to the end!🤣
L.A.S Lucky
L.A.S Lucky 20 日 前
Bruh remember at the end of 2019 where there were like "The last ten years in review" videos? Feels like in 2020 happened enough to fill ten more years. XD
Sylvester Uchia
Sylvester Uchia 20 日 前
Legit his son carrying his dad out the door come on stop embarrassing your son mahn😂😂.
blahness2009 20 日 前
"I mean, Look👏at👏your👏girl." Haha she is so great.
Anoetic OddZero
Anoetic OddZero 20 日 前
Thanks for this. I think some of it will continue 2021
Michael Mazur
Michael Mazur 20 日 前
Yes madame you're beautiful A brick in one hand and a molotov cocktail on the other 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 made my day 🔖
Wabi Sabi
Wabi Sabi 20 日 前
Cyn Doll
Cyn Doll 20 日 前
I love her!!😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ana OS
Ana OS 20 日 前
I mean, the French reporter at the end was just losing it 😂 I would too!
umibooozu 20 日 前
This american guy is a star now in Paris. You can keep sending tourist like him, they make Paris so less boring
Roshan Speaks
Roshan Speaks 20 日 前
Cops broke the man's hand, he's definitely "unarmed"
Jxhn Blazed
Jxhn Blazed 20 日 前
She’s just so bad:/
Jared Z
Jared Z 20 日 前
Year of protests and riots destroying and burning city’s
My Life
My Life 20 日 前
So because the last dude was black you didn't feel the need to go in with full jokes, but naked Athena who was helping with the protest in her own way, you did. Hmmm.. agenda? I will like to say yes.
Nina Pilcik
Nina Pilcik 20 日 前
I wonder what happened to the people that feels they shouldn't wear mask...
Tsip Narly
Tsip Narly 20 日 前
In 2020 Republicans and their voters completely revealed their fascist scumcharacters.
roxarecool 19 日 前
In what way?
Ria Whetstone
Ria Whetstone 20 日 前
Alotta gems from her 🤣😂🤣
ehab hassan
ehab hassan 20 日 前
Her voice is very annoying
athenia h
athenia h 20 日 前
crazy crazy crazy.. thank you Dulce, now go get the man. He did look really good
Jessica Rosenblood
Jessica Rosenblood 20 日 前
0:48 what is this guys name?
Legomaster5264 19 日 前
And one Dexters lab reference
36 okriginal
36 okriginal 20 日 前
jppost.info/project/ypito8iOfIaddZ4/bideo.html .
Basti Pear
Basti Pear 20 日 前
Damn, she is hilarious. When she slowly slid out the picture... Pure comedy gold
Xph Aku
Xph Aku 20 日 前
If not wearing a mask only killed the loser not wearing a mask, their protest would be fine and I'd agree they could die like retards. However, since you wear masks to protect others and not yourself, the fact their protests are selfish and stupid. If 70% of people wore their fucking masks 10,000 or fewer people would have died, the lock downs would have been a week and our economy would have still crashed under Trump's leadership.
NASAA 20 日 前
"Stop killing us...except for Deshaun....He ain't shit anyway!"🤣🤣🤣 This woman is talented.
blindsightedkill 20 日 前
The protests should not stop. Especialy since Trump is pardoning war criminals, allies, and trying to sell pardons. No one should ignore that
Shawn Lucas
Shawn Lucas 20 日 前
Always good stuff. Thanks.
Vinny Sudheer Mako
Vinny Sudheer Mako 20 日 前
Go VEGAN 🌱 Sulae Makla. . . . .
emson topno
emson topno 20 日 前
U only covered the American protests.....what about the whole world?😅😅...what about India, Hong Kong,Lebanon, and etc??......(indian here by the way)
Bruh cuz it’s their own country. Also they already cover some of that in other ep
Olwen Puralena
Olwen Puralena 20 日 前
I'm fairly positive that dude only knows omlette du fromage because of Dexter's Lab 😂🤔
Barbara Joseph-Adam
Barbara Joseph-Adam 20 日 前
There’s no possible way to question this logic.
Carla Jenkins
Carla Jenkins 20 日 前
Was she the lady that played the police dispatcher who finds out there's a Brother who is a 6'2" hunk being held for questioning. She asks, "Is he wearin' a ring?" "No." She whips off her head set, saying, "I'll be right there, myself!"
Carrie Ullrich
Carrie Ullrich 20 日 前
Yes. 😂😂😂😂😂
not a bootlicker
not a bootlicker 20 日 前
Du frommage hunh hun hunh lololol
Tom Doody
Tom Doody 20 日 前
Siphiwe Mtirara
Siphiwe Mtirara 20 日 前
Dulce's fine self is the only reason I liked this video. 😍❤
Kallen868 20 日 前
"Stop killin' us! Except for Deshawn...he ain't shit anyway....." Lmao!😜
Lanky Tor Brown Almighty
Lanky Tor Brown Almighty 20 日 前
Escargot and croissants 🤣🤣🤣🤣
The random vlogger
The random vlogger 20 日 前
What do I want?Killers to be my loves When do I want it?NOW!
Lanky Tor Brown Almighty
Lanky Tor Brown Almighty 20 日 前
Trevor Noah! Thank you for bringing some humor to this S#%t show in America! We love you!!!💙💙💙🤣🤣
Ashley Z S
Ashley Z S 20 日 前
Look at your girl... #SymmetricalFace
Devon Kremer
Devon Kremer 20 日 前
For the love of God could we get like one video of just trevor for 30 minutes that isn't old or isn't a compilation? There has to be somebody with me on this. Dolce voice annoys the hell out of me and everyone else just isn't funny. It doesn't even make sense to have other people on the channel except for the interviews. All the videos with dolce and others do and average of maybe 75-100k views but all of trevors videos do 250k to 1M+ Edit: Jordan kleppers videos are hilarious but everything else is pretty lame
shireen Ibdah
shireen Ibdah 20 日 前
What an embarrassment your son drag you out from the grocery store ...couldn't you just wear a mask and don't embarrass yourself and your son.
velissa boom
velissa boom 20 日 前
Sad fact; Cops aren't obligated to protect you [SOURCE] Mises Institute 12/28/2020
she is pretty, with the jokes.
Ez101 R
Ez101 R 20 日 前
2020 was year of sad news
Sérgio Severo
Sérgio Severo 20 日 前
Lovely scenario, better than Trevors.... But don’t tell the boy. Jesus, that first guy was ready to not fight! Thanks for your team, you make our lives shine!
Angie Winkfield
Angie Winkfield 20 日 前
That dude does have a nice torso!!😍
Erica Gisele Hardt
Erica Gisele Hardt 20 日 前
Love You 😆
crystal harris
crystal harris 20 日 前
R3MN3NT 20 日 前
"from Black Lives Matter protesters fighting for the right to live" I wasn't aware locally owned black businesses were killing people
cshopper 20 日 前
Please do a review of the NFAC (Not F..king Around Coalition) the largest Black militia in US led by John Fitzgerald Johnson aka Grand Master Jay who was arrested on bogus charges on Dec 4 by Louisville,KY for shining a flashlight attached to a gun someone following them via rooftop. No one was shot or injured. jppost.info/project/yqqrobedmozcmp4/bideo.html jppost.info/project/pHSzk7mjmLDZdKs/bideo.html jppost.info/project/rWaIZrqfeKvZpck/bideo.html
Kay2Jay 20 日 前
Probably the most insane part of 2020, during a pandemic the police brutally just kept getting worse and worse that people went outside to mass protest against the violence and racism... during a pandemic. Unity right there.
You Muted me
You Muted me 20 日 前
Not trying to start any fights, but the left can’t say that the right doesn’t care about corona when the left has “mass protetest”
Diego Baraona
Diego Baraona 20 日 前
Your interview with Obama was horrible. I expected you to challenge Obama with some difficult question! in regard to his administration.
Carla Jenkins
Carla Jenkins 20 日 前
Why? He ain't President no more.
Josefin Johansson
Josefin Johansson 20 日 前
This has been the craziest year ever, I hope everybody’s okay ❤️
Iron Tribe Issues
Iron Tribe Issues 20 日 前
That is an Asian woman you are slamming, lady. Watch yourself. (Regarding Naked Athena) . The rest was good, but getting a little too casual around color humor is a thing.
Legomaster5264 19 日 前
(1:15) The moment when “Don’t lose you’re way” starts playing
Alyssa Neilson
Alyssa Neilson 20 日 前
As an Asian American I’m wondering what your point is. She didn’t say anything bad about Naked Athena. All she said that if the woman was black, she’d have been arrested, I’m assuming for indecent exposure. Which isn’t in accurate. She never implied that she wasn’t arrested for being Asian. I’d also argue that the cops thought she was white, since they were at a distance and a naked body is pretty distracting. But that’s still a non-point, because she never commented on what the woman’s ethnicity is, only that her skin color wasn’t the one that’s overtly vilified by police. If you want to be upset on behalf of Asians in America, get mad about the right calling it the China virus. I know I’m pissed my Korean grandmother who survived the Korean War, cannot go fishing in her small town in Colorado anymore because all the racist shits who want to blame HER for the virus. No joke, she was on a sand bank, minding her own business, when a truck full of maga chuds came over and started screaming all sorts of racist things at her. They threw a fucking brick and then ran away when my aunt, an Air Force medic, and her husband, an active duty fire fighter, yelled that she was calling the cops AND he had a gun on them. That, to me, sounds like a much bigger problem than Dolce pointing out that a black woman would have been arrested for indecent exposure had she protested naked.
CatGor Fox
CatGor Fox 20 日 前
Mukuro Ikusaba, the 16th Student, lying hidden somewhere in this school… the one they call the Ultimate Despair, Watch out for her
Badr A
Badr A 20 日 前
I love the clips but i hate dulce. They should just air the clips and she should narrate without being on camera
Will Hughes
Will Hughes 20 日 前
3:09 sounds kinda like womens marches if you ask me
Will Hughes
Will Hughes 20 日 前
@EaastonCams they can't decide if they want equal rights which they have, equal pay which they have, or just want to follow the masses which they do anyway it's all the same everytime
EaastonCams 20 日 前
Little less broad on womens marches?
Mr. Rene Moreno
Mr. Rene Moreno 20 日 前
Cool to see now! This is so true now! Keep up the good work now! It is so sad to see now! Be well now!
WLM Asians are covid 19
WLM Asians are covid 19 20 日 前
mE AnD tHE rubublickkks wIll mAkE trump win...
Sathya Narayanan
Sathya Narayanan 20 日 前
If she was black we would call her "arrested". Lol 🤣
Knowledge Seeker 78
Knowledge Seeker 78 20 日 前
She would also been beat
Vincent Fez
Vincent Fez 20 日 前
Ironically this is true
Michael Mazur
Michael Mazur 20 日 前
realy sad but definitely true af
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