Gay Men Still Face Hurdles Giving Blood | The Daily Show

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23 日 前

Did you know even in the time of corona, gay men can't give blood unless they've been abstinent for 3 months? And before the pandemic, 12 months? Jaboukie Young-White learns more about this policy's bogus beginnings, and why sexuality shouldn't stand in the way of helping save lives. #DailyShow #JaboukieYoungWhite #BloodDonor
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Sebastian Schumann
Sebastian Schumann 15 時間 前
Ivomactin. That works tremendously.
Ms. R
Ms. R 2 日 前
shadowofthecandle 3 日 前
Why are they just posting old clips???
Basundhara Paul
Basundhara Paul 6 日 前
The straights don't want the gay blood inside them... Even if they are dying.
Lynn Meiger
Lynn Meiger 6 日 前
The problem the blood banks have is AIDS, and that is a virus. So we asked our VIROLOGY-PROFESSOR if that rule made sense, and. she. said. NO. There is no medical reason for that. But yeah no the rule totally make sense...
Abra Cadabra
Abra Cadabra 6 日 前
Its not just gay men; it's any man who has sex with men and also the other folks who have sex with them. I'm bi and afab, but I've been unable to donate historically because I've had sex with bi men. Its really absurd, isn't it?
The Kyle Fyles
The Kyle Fyles 6 日 前
Last time I tried donating blood, they told me my next eligible donation date was, and I'm not making this up, February 22nd, 2117. A slap in the face on top of a slap in the face.
ཞıƈƙ ƈ-137
ཞıƈƙ ƈ-137 7 日 前
But, if we didn't have people dying for ridiculous reasons, we wouldn't be 'Merica.
dtroy Jones
dtroy Jones 8 日 前
Why? I don't get it straight people who are sick have the same symptoms as gay people right? What is this I don't get it gay people made up of the same amount of molecules as a straight person right?
dtroy Jones
dtroy Jones 6 日 前
@Sebastian nah call him it what it is bullshit period
Sebastian 6 日 前
the reason is blatant homophobia
intherapture 8 日 前
Our government would rather us die then live in equality. Truly sick 😒
Miseur Luci Fer Diablo
Miseur Luci Fer Diablo 9 日 前
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 🤜🏽🤛🏽
Rebeka Lánská
Rebeka Lánská 10 日 前
I always wonder about the testing. Like do they not test the blood before givin it to people?!?!
Grammar nazi
Grammar nazi 8 日 前
Sometimes a contagion may not show up on tests even months after an infection.
Adrian Åslund
Adrian Åslund 10 日 前
Finally some good work prospects for america's incels.
Iroxinping 10 日 前
She is a god and i love her....f me boo
Jessica Stern
Jessica Stern 11 日 前
Trump’s war on science is killing us all
NoEsUnYoutuber 11 日 前
This rule is nonsense based on a hysterical panic from the 80's. Remember what else was a panic in the 80's? Satan! If people aren't getting screened for Satanism in 2021, they shouldn't be getting screened for homosexuality.
Pelicangirl218 11 日 前
So I really apreciate the topic of this video. Drawing more attention to the FDAs regulations again mlm is important imo, but the humor in tjis segment just misses the mark here. Devoting a significant chunk of the segment to passing as straight reinforces sterotypes that gay men and straight men have to fit a certain experience. That an the commentary on the sexual intercouse restrictions, where are you going to find a man who hasnt had sex in 3 months (Im paraphrasing here), erases the experiences of asexual, and bi men. In my opinion, The Daily Show does good work by drawing attention to underreported aspects of the world and have demonstrated they are better than this segment shows.
Anjali Negi
Anjali Negi 12 日 前
that is the weirdest shit i have ever heard...hahahaa
Amit Ranjan
Amit Ranjan 11 日 前
Ha sch me kya bkwas h ye mne platelets donate kra pichle mhine or hospital walo ne kch bhi ni pcha. Sirf weight or platelets count checkup kra hmare yha hi thik h fir to
Riel O97
Riel O97 12 日 前
Nice twirl dude
Spriggan Inverno
Spriggan Inverno 12 日 前
I may be bisexual, and biracial but I’m O- if you don’t want my blood and there’s a shortage that’s on you!
Cataleya 13 日 前
YES, I LOVE it, "science NOT stigma"! *🎤drop
Jamie O'Donoghue
Jamie O'Donoghue 14 日 前
I live in Ireland now and because I was born and raised and lived my entire life in the U.S. prior to emigrating and I'm not allowed to donate. Also as someone who was a regular donor prior to moving, the questions and disqualification for donation don't just apply to homosexuals. They apply to anyone who is sexually active.
Roxan Michelle
Roxan Michelle 14 日 前
Trevor you are an African straight men. How can you support gay men? You should be the first one to be against them
srikanth kundeti
srikanth kundeti 15 日 前
“Where are you gonna find a man who hasn’t had in 3 months?” Me: Look no further!
Marina 15 日 前
Here in Germany it's the same, only that you have to stay abstinent for 1 year (!). I mean, seriously, what is this? Who made that up? It's ridiculous and humiliating.
Spicy Lychee
Spicy Lychee 15 日 前
Things need to be revised/updated, but minimum abstinence periods are necessary due to a combination of testing limitations, risk factors, etc... I wrote an entire blurb with links below if you want to take the time to Ctrl + F.
RealTalk 16 日 前
tbh. If you only go by looks, I would have never guessed that anyone of them 3 is gay.
Jay Moneyyy
Jay Moneyyy 16 日 前
I remember when I was 16 I was told I couldn't donate blood at the school blood drive because I was gay. I guess we haven't come very far haha.
CZpersi 16 日 前
Isn't all blood tested for HIV automatically? If yes, then what is the point of this?
Spicy Lychee
Spicy Lychee 15 日 前
@CZpersi Although there have been many advancements in science, testing itself is not infallible. Statistically, we will never have diagnostic tests and exams that have 100% specificity (correctly identifying individuals without a disease/condition) or 100% sensitivity (correctly identifying individuals with a disease/condition).
molly2 frodo2
molly2 frodo2 15 日 前
If you already considered high risk they are not going to take the chance. Being gay does not disqualify you, it is having gay sex that disqualifies you.
T747 17 日 前
It's the same here in Germany even though our secretary of health is gay and should know better...
literally a model
literally a model 17 日 前
The weirdest thing to me about this is they test the blood they test all the blood to make sure it doesn't have STIs or other s*** in there
BKCoRe32 18 日 前
James Soyer
James Soyer 18 日 前
This is crazy this is nothing to do with race or sex 100% science wake up!!!!
CZpersi 16 日 前
These regulations were often lobbied for by people, who believe that the world is flat and was created by a bearded grandpa about six thousand years ago.
Victoria Kochanek
Victoria Kochanek 18 日 前
Wow new term for a phobia: "Hemo-homophobic" the fear of the blood of people who identify as homosexual.
molly2 frodo2
molly2 frodo2 15 日 前
It is not identifying as gay that disqualifies you it is gay sex.
shut up
shut up 18 日 前
Ok so let me get this straight..people are dying and those who recovered want to donate blood but they can't because of their sexual orientation? Srsly?? PEOPLE ARE DYING AMERICA..
Spicy Lychee
Spicy Lychee 15 日 前
Things need to be revised/updated, but minimum abstinence periods are necessary due to a combination of testing limitations, risk factors, etc... I wrote an entire blurb with links below if you want to take the time to Ctrl + F.
CZpersi 16 日 前
Yup! It is like 9/11 hapenning every single day for half a year. Every. Single. Day.
raisa 18 日 前
I just love it that there's a gay doctor out there as i am a sapphic med student 😭💕
nyri0 19 日 前
I can see why these rules exist, and it's not homophobia. In France, the incidence of HIV has been estimated to be 200 times higher for men who have sex with men. And in France straight people also have a requirement of only one partner in the last 4 months. Now, if experts believe that these restrictions can be safely eased we should do it, but it's important to note that donating blood is not a right, it's a service, and the priority is the safety of the recipient. Btw, in Europe, you don't get paid for donating, and this is to ensure the accuracy of screenings.
Asylant 17 日 前
Logic doesnt work for the leftist Agenda drive idiots
duvine 19 日 前
Imagine tell str8 cis white males what to do with their bodies like a demand for blue balls & time wasted with no donation for those 3 months?.
Prince Herod
Prince Herod 19 日 前
Even if they do give blood, don't they check the blood to make sure? Or is that why they known not to get gay blood.
Spicy Lychee
Spicy Lychee 15 日 前
Things need to be revised/updated, but minimum abstinence periods are necessary due to a combination of testing limitations, risk factors, etc... I wrote an entire blurb with links if you want to take the time to Ctrl + F.
Horace Myrthit
Horace Myrthit 19 日 前
Sis, plaid is the gayest pattern!
RuDa The -G-
RuDa The -G- 19 日 前
Cracked my self 3:22😆
Sébastien PEPINSTER 19 日 前
Make it about "new partner", not about what kind of partner : in Belgium, you can't donate blood if you've had a new partner in the last four months, so no "if you've had sex with 100 women you can donate blood", like in the US. However, our system is still f'd up, since for gay men, we require 1 year abstinence. :(
kevin park
kevin park 20 日 前
Wow that’s disturbing that this is STILL going on :( my first blood drive in 1994 I was grilled about my sexuality, when I didn’t even know myself back then , I was 16 but I wanted to do what everyone else was doing “ the right thing “ and donate blood . Well that quickly changed after I wasn’t sure what to select on my paperwork . The nurse was intensely homophobic and she did the very same thing to all of my friends not just me . Years later I will NEVER GIVE BLOOD ! It’s unfortunate people in the medical community ( myself and my sister included ) most do not care or pass judgment on who someone is by who they choose to date or have intimate relations with . But unfortunately small minded immature ****heads are still in that same profession, so my LGBTQ* brothers and sisters- most will choose to not disclose there private information and I will never again my self .
CZpersi 16 日 前
I wonder, does the blood quality change after one’s coming out? I would love to know the answer from these doctors, who I am sure, are good Christians and never sinned. Right?
pathology pharmacology
pathology pharmacology 20 日 前
are they using that same technique of plasma donation only in USA? can they mimic that technique in other countries? do other countries have that ban too? i know places in indonesia we are banned from being gay and openly gay. if it works other countries should mimic that technique to save patients. they should also import those who survived to give their plasma and pay them premium too.
suvi-tuulia asplund
suvi-tuulia asplund 20 日 前
FDA what the F?
drgribb 20 日 前
It's a stupid rule, but all you have to do is lie about it, if one actually cares that much about donating blood. No one's going to arrest you because you "forgot" that you've slept with other gay men before, when you went to donate blood. Dignity and making a political statement vs saving lives.
Alex Kashitsky
Alex Kashitsky 20 日 前
you dont need blood from anybody. just buy a russian vaccine Sputnik V. we have it in every hospital already.
Markshi Beblue
Markshi Beblue 20 日 前
Gay men must live on a mountain by themselves..
Krinkle Shrinkle
Krinkle Shrinkle 20 日 前
I don’t want aids
Spicy Lychee
Spicy Lychee 20 日 前
*Apologies for the long post/replies below* From a healthcare professional and platelet donor POV… his clip is a little misleading as there is a reason for an abstinence period. ~14% of individuals (1 in 7) living with HIV are undiagnosed and in 2018, 69% of newly diagnosed cases were in the MSM population (1 - US HHS). Acute HIV infections can be misdiagnosed as individuals may exhibit non-specific flu-like symptoms (2 - CDC). Typically ~2 weeks after infection, HIV RNA and p24 antigens can be detected; however, it may take 3 to 6 months post-exposure to develop detectable antibodies (3). Yes, there are a variety tests available (4 - CDC)… even OTC ones such as the OraQuick In-Home (5 - package insert)… but for testing in blood donations there must be a balance of safety, efficacy, and cost to be considered in addition to the accurate identification of when the window period begins and ends. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Spicy Lychee
Spicy Lychee 15 日 前
@CZpersi Yes, you are correct in the statement that HIV does not care about who is gay and who is straight and I agree that sex with unknown partners will remain risky for all parties; however, there is data that identifies certain groups have higher risk and thus cannot treat all sexual activity as equal risk. Science is fluid - with new information, we come to new conclusions and adjust accordingly. We can review and update our policies, but this takes time and should not be rushed. From a public health perspective where rules affect tens of thousands, if not millions, you must consider the larger implications, especially as regulations take years of debate and conducting studies before change. As I mentioned before, health care is a delicate balance of safety, efficacy, and cost… and this also includes risk-benefit assessments. The CDC (1) reported that 37,968 new HIV cases in 2018 could be primarily attributed to 3 categories: 69% (aka 26,198) gay/bisexual/MSM + 24% (aka 9,112) heterosexual + 7% (2,658) IVDU (1 - US HHS). Unfortunately, this source [2 - Int’l Journal of STD & AIDS] is only a review article from 2015, but it reports that 45 days from time of infection (which in itself is difficult to properly identify), even the most advanced antibody tests have a 0.01 probability of reporting a false-negative (aka an individual actually having HIV has a negative test) . I was always terrible at stats, but I believe if you use the 0.01 probability with the aforementioned figures, 379 of the HIV positive cases would still have negative tests. 261 false-negatives would be attributed to gay/bi/MSM vs. 91 hetero. With the risk of these individuals having a much higher false-negative result, you must see why the regulations are very conservative. (Also please note that the probability of a false-negative can never reach 0.) On top of statistics, we must consider cost. Patients/recipients of blood had to pay on average $343 (plus or minus $135) per unit in 2011 (3)… this is equivalent to $396 in 2020 dollars (4). Adding more testing would incur more statistical error in addition to more cost and time… important factors when working in the health care setting. I understand why people are in an uproar in regards to what seems to be blatant discrimination, but there are numerous variables that providers and decision makers must consider to ensure safety to both the donor and recipient. From a health care professional's perspective, I am always juggling between the beneficial and adverse effects to treatment regimens based on facts and not bias... I want to believe that others in similar positions are attempting to do the same. (1) (2) - (3) - go to --> search the title "Costs to Hospitals of Acquiring and Processing Blood in the US: A Survey of Hospital-Based Blood Banks and Transfusion Services" --> click the [PDF] link to access the primary literature/research paper (4) -
CZpersi 16 日 前
Fair enough. But this does not explain the ban on gay blood donations. Any sex with unknown partner is risky. Heterosexual intercourse would have to be treated exactly the same way, because HIV does not care about who is gay and who is straight.
Eva Harvey
Eva Harvey 20 日 前
Good people say no to sex, gay or straight, it always always always always always ruins your life... 👵
2nevada2 20 日 前
The same in Hungary, Europe. :/
CampioneDi17 20 日 前
bruh, wdf is this homophobia? "If I get blood from a gay person, I will be converted to gay and I will have gayness in me." Bruh these comments lmaoooooo
Julius Bailey
Julius Bailey 20 日 前
Found ya !!!🤣🤣😂😂
uberfu 20 日 前
The dude in the blue shirt if he really wanted to push the issue could in fact contest NYs standing policy wehre they have not recognized the Fed policy since it is being used to overrule the Federal policy. He could also travel across State lines to do it and that would force it again into Federal jurisdiction.
Thomas McElroy
Thomas McElroy 20 日 前
my man just called out my comfy shoes
themadblonde 20 日 前
As this is being reposted, I will remind people: This is NOT JUST GAY MEN. It also applies to BI men and female partners of Bi men. #bi_erasure
Andrés Ruiz Garzon
Andrés Ruiz Garzon 21 日 前
Jordan Parks
Jordan Parks 21 日 前
Thank you for bringing attention to this! It's such BS. Sexual orientation definitely should not dictate who gets to do something as simple as donate blood. Science, not stigma!
iWorkout 21 日 前
To the 1% reading this, may God bless you and see you through whatever you are going through. I want to be a big youtuber one day Amen 🙏 🙏
Jason Rosa
Jason Rosa 21 日 前
IGNORANCE!!! so stupid
Future Commentary
Future Commentary 21 日 前
So there's actually a question on the donation form about sexual orientation? Lol. It's incredible.
Spicy Lychee
Spicy Lychee 15 日 前
@molly2 frodo2 Thank you... I may be overstepping, but I feel like you are a kindred spirit Ctrl+F this chap's/chapette's posts to dispel the false information.
molly2 frodo2
molly2 frodo2 15 日 前
No there is not. There is a question about gay sex which can disqualify you.
CZpersi 16 日 前
Yes. And you have to answer it honestly under the threat of prosecution.
Alan Harris
Alan Harris 21 日 前
Haven't had covid (that I know of, since testing for plebes is abysmally lacking), but my blood products used to be highly sought after because of one virus I'd never been exposed to, that let my platelets/plasma/whole blood be used for premature babies. Then the Mad Cow scare happened, Variant Crutchfeld-Jacobs disease. They added a question that did I live in the UK for more that 3 months in the 80's. Well, I was stationed there. Pretty sure all the chow hall beef came from Montana (that's what they told me at the time, but who knows). So even if they still can't detect whatever thing in the blood that can cause mis-folded proteins causing swiss-cheese brains, I can't donate. That gay thing is completely MORE bogus though.
Chris Robot
Chris Robot 21 日 前
This fucking country.... 😓
Nina Vukmanic
Nina Vukmanic 21 日 前
Hey, bigotry is priceless. For everything else, there's VISA
Ernesto Mathurin
Ernesto Mathurin 21 日 前
Even I,someone who disagrees with the LGBTQ community, thinks this rule is illogical
Somali Kanye
Somali Kanye 21 日 前
Terry Ann Gallagher
Terry Ann Gallagher 21 日 前
Some democracy we have. Works for white, male, straight Republicans.
Geoffroy Laville
Geoffroy Laville 21 日 前
Spare us stupid jokes next time. Keep it serious please.
E.A. Mason
E.A. Mason 21 日 前
Shoe 👞 joke: hysterical!😂
Ida Larsen
Ida Larsen 21 日 前
ANYONE, straight, bi, gay, trans, male, female can have HIV etc. Many say it's scientifically valid for these rules to be put in place because apparantly people that to anal are more likely to have these illnesses (I don't know if it's true or not so don't come after me if that's false, please). Several straight people do anal as well. If anything they could check for illnesses before collecting the plasma. It's not like only gay folks can have these illnesses. I also saw someone commenting that even if you have HIV or smthn it can be cleared out so the blood is clean. If that's true that's cool, but if anything, maybe there should be a routine check up (regarldess of sex, gender and sexuality) before giving plasma/blood, to eliminate that risk completely. Idk, just a thought. NOT AT ALL saying these regulations for gay men are valid or okay in any way, I hope you got my point here.
Spicy Lychee
Spicy Lychee 15 日 前
It may not be the answer you're looking for, but I wrote a brief and definitely not all-encompassing explanation with links to CDC, etc above if you have time.
Themachine 21 日 前
Leave it to the “Evangelicals” right wingers mother efforts to deny our liberties
I'm Weird
I'm Weird 14 日 前
@RealTalk evangelicals in America are verrry conservative
RealTalk 16 日 前
not sure about the american evangelicals but the evangelicals in europe are actually very progressive.
Mari Cruz
Mari Cruz 21 日 前
Holy Hell!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ learned something new, and it's a bunch of bullshit. Save a life or band gays from donating...? This should not be a problem!
@3:09..... that tickled me. 😂
NovaAva 21 日 前
Thanks for bringing attention to this. It's such an archaic and bigoted rule and it makes me furious that my country is still utilizing it.
Violette Yolande Weiss
Violette Yolande Weiss 21 日 前
Born in Continental Europe, immigrant to the US you are not allowed to donate blood either - they have outdated regulations
CZpersi 16 日 前
Www... what?
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist 21 日 前
Sure, 12 months is a ridiculous restriction, but _three_ months has the virtue of being a _little_ bit _less_ ridiculous. It _still_ makes _no_ god-damn _sense._ What the hell's the point in requiring someone to be _celibate_ for a certain period of time before you're going to accept their _blood?_
Spicy Lychee
Spicy Lychee 15 日 前
If you Ctrl+F... I go into statistics and balance of risk-benefits but it's kinda boring.
Spicy Lychee
Spicy Lychee 15 日 前
~14% of individuals (1 in 7) living with HIV are undiagnosed and in 2018, 69% of newly diagnosed cases were in the MSM population (1 - US HHS). Acute HIV infections can be misdiagnosed as individuals may exhibit non-specific flu-like symptoms (2 - CDC). Typically ~2 weeks after infection, HIV RNA and p24 antigens can be detected; however, it may take 3 to 6 months post-exposure to develop detectable antibodies (3). Yes, there are a variety tests available (4 - CDC)… even OTC ones such as the OraQuick In-Home (5 - package insert)… but for testing in blood donations there must be a balance of safety, efficacy, and cost to be considered in addition to the accurate identification of when the window period begins and ends. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
SJ _LunarArtist
SJ _LunarArtist 21 日 前
Can't donate blood then- welp
Natalie Sierra
Natalie Sierra 21 日 前
I remember my first high school blood drive back in 2010 and thinking I couldn't donate blood because I had sex with a male when I still identified as male. Being told gay men weren't allowed to donate blood was the first time I actually felt ashamed for who I was.
curedbyherbs 21 日 前
Wasn't Fauci the head of the AIDs commission of the FDA...wth?? Why always these double standards???
NerdGuru1986 21 日 前
People need to stop acting as if gay is modern.. It's been around since before Christianity came into existence
DOB Liming
DOB Liming 21 日 前
Man, why aren’t we letting them? Even from a homophobic standpoint, there’s no reason to not want to have blood. Imagine a doctor saying to you as your mom or dad or kid is dying and them saying “sorry, we don’t take blood from gay people so your (insert family member) is going to die. What the hell?
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises 21 日 前
In ameriKKKa, we keep finding ways to use racism and discriminatory practices to keep us heading backwards. 🙄😣
WRE 21 日 前
Just go straight... It’s a simple fix😊
brysen johnson
brysen johnson 21 日 前
Excuse me fellas... But how about you just say your straight... Stop making shit harder than what it has to be...
Angelika Skoroszyn
Angelika Skoroszyn 21 日 前
I think it shouldn't matter if you're het or gay. You have to have protected sex or sex with only one trusted partner
Chichi Kelly
Chichi Kelly 21 日 前
Science Science Science . "2021" ...!!!... Did I forget to mention SICENCE!!! ... 😎
Linda Ward
Linda Ward 21 日 前
I've seen Mr White here do a lot of different things on Trevor's show, I thot it was for a young person's perspective. However I've seen him weigh in on a lot of gay issues. Is he also a gay man? I ask only because it gives a more believable weight on a gay person's perspective rather than someone who is supportive of one. I know supportive people can understand but I like to hear from the source, also. It gives a weight this old school person simply believes in
Erica Gamet
Erica Gamet 10 日 前
Yes, he is.
bighaircrew 21 日 前
😳. WTF. I had no idea this was a thing!! Isn’t this unconstitutional?
Jennie Kreiner
Jennie Kreiner 21 日 前
No really give me that blood and threw the magic of,well I don't know just give me the blood and hope this 48 year old woman can learn how to match a damn outfit without calling her daughter.
Michael Mazur
Michael Mazur 22 日 前
WTF thats some third world country shit, what about lesbian women?
Braunstein Freres
Braunstein Freres 22 日 前
In Vedic (the root of Hinduism which I am) they say the yogis decisively proved that gay can a be a beautiful thing just like a flower or a sunset or anything else. This is huge in that culture because the fact whether something is good or bad is based off a deeper sense of beauty. I think the people who come up with these rules are either afraid of them selves or the bad bunch of perverts for which there are an equal amount in straight people if not more.
Rique 22 日 前
That last visual was awesome. 🤭
Laven Dula
Laven Dula 22 日 前
Omg america can we get more pathetic and backwards... maybe when 500k ppl r dead
Minerva Lynch
Minerva Lynch 22 日 前
Don’t worry you are not alone, I’m a straight white woman who can’t donate because I lived in Europe in the 1980’s. I was in the army stationed in Germany, the military bought meat from England, which at that time was going through the mad cow disease problem, so A LOT of service members have probably been exposed to the variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. The UK really screwed the pooch with the BSE situation and it’s overall effect won’t be known for generations.
Benedict Mannheim
Benedict Mannheim 21 日 前
What was your Job in the army
Gaurav p
Gaurav p 22 日 前
Basic parts of most all plants are roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds.
wizzzer1337 22 日 前
the real reason is because Gay Men have Jojo powers in their blood, so the government is afraid of too many people with stands.
Sugar Diabetes
Sugar Diabetes 22 日 前
Just don't give blood if you are gay.
Ross Lansberg
Ross Lansberg 22 日 前
Lol vaccine still a year away, well done Biden supporters.
kome360 22 日 前
People are dying, and there are still laws in place that prevent specific groups from safely contributing with a vital resource to protect others from this pandemic?
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