Ijeoma Oluo - The Pyramid Scheme Of White Supremacy | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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ヶ月 前

Author Ijeoma Oluo discusses why talking about race makes people uncomfortable, how white men play into the pyramid scheme of white supremacy and how she stood up to being targeted for her work. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #IjeomaOluo
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Beth Bowles
Beth Bowles 5 日 前
Meritus Actio
Meritus Actio 6 日 前
I love this woman. Thank you for what you do.
Zina Rhone
Zina Rhone 7 日 前
i love Ijeoma, I read her book and gained a greater understanding of many of the experiences from my own past.
John Hamilton
John Hamilton 10 日 前
John Hamilton I saw her on Amanpour & Co last night. Delightful person, great vibe, articulate and courageous. I, male, veteran, former football player, building tradesperson (plumber, electrician), am not threatened by strong and intelligent women. I have a slightly different take on race - that, as geneticists recognize, there is no such thing as race. There are no consistent characteristics that constitute a race. Historically there wasn't a concept of race, but it emerged in the era of colonialism and African slavery. It is a natural human tendency to be tribal and to look for differences to define other people as meaningfully different. Bob Dylan wrote a song many years ago about this - Only a Pawn in Their Game - and performed it at the March on Washington in 1963. It is available on JPpost.
H S 11 日 前
Ms Oluo, you are a gift to America. Thank you for your work and determination!
Jus Humans
Jus Humans 14 日 前
White privilege makes no sense. Every situation needs to be looked at individually not because a black person is denied certain privilege doesn't mean its because of race. Black people have the privilege just like everyone to succeed. 1 fact, how did a black president got elected, when majority of the country is white? You guys need to stop pulling this race card. Why don't you talk about the blacks that die everday it far out weighs the amount of police killings & majority of the times they are criminals but the news won't focus on that or even say it was justified.. they just want to talk about white police kill black man, isn't weird black police killing white don't make it big, I'm sure videos out there but don't we hear about those? All this what they are saying in the video might sound good but it all comes down to facts & common sense, evidence etc. Do we know the names of most of the blacks that are killed not by the police? We should start with us black people, what's causing us to die by our fellow blacks in such high numbers ?we must can be held accountable just like we want to hold others accountable, I think that's fair. Jamaica 92% black and crime is really bad there, I'm sure it's not white supremacy...one common thing Jamaicans & black Americans have in common is, missing fathers 🤔 just to give one example.
Tony O'shea
Tony O'shea 14 日 前
I almost mistook her for Nia Jax.
Totti Baby
Totti Baby 15 日 前
She is absolutely beautiful. Her eyes are amazing!
Lisa Hill
Lisa Hill 18 日 前
Thank you for your bravery, dignity and love of self.
wali baraka
wali baraka 20 日 前
Santeria comes from African Yoruba religion, it's not Voodoo
Elizabeth King
Elizabeth King 21 日 前
Covid19/Corona Virus is not a disease of nature it is a cyber (celestial) virus sent thru data. The 5G and 6G technology it is an Data driven Ether based cyber (celestial)Entity that is using our body as a host. It is a wake up call for us to know the truth about: 1) planetary colonization, 2) racisim our white or "pink" brothers planned to transform us into "Ailens" and 3) slavery or kill us thru anatomical manipulation of our lungs and air passages for breathing(Covi19/Corona Virus) but, "pink" fucked up like the African's and enslaved his "pink" brother (Bitcoin) which has broken the ban of slavery on all blacks a code introduced by Napoleon Bonaparte. Man has mastered energy, chemicals, and algorithims. Some doctor and scientists have agreed on a code of conduct that requires people to behave in a certain way (face masks, social distancing, and a pland - demic . This behavior and the closing of stores and the antisocial behavior causes Disease in the body and death (psych, social, emotional trauma); altering the norms in society: Is in essence scientist have called on an evil spirit and they have created a place for it in society. Our bodies were seasoned and conditioned in advance via the technology we have been using over time for (Covid19 Entity attachment & to turn human beings into multi-planetary beings). Elon Musk of South Africa has a company called SpaceX and they have been colonizing Mars and the Moon (see the Wall Street Journal). Elon Musk also has a company named Neurolink - they link brains together as a data base like we link computers together to manipulate data. We become the data (AI) being manipulated. Bitcoin the new Crypto currency is actually people being controlled by the bit of their teeth. Wear a bandanna -The mandatory mask's people are wearing now is to train the ear lobe DNA -the ears allow for remote control of the feet where you are going and access to the spine (nervous system). A bit is a horses teeth. Ether (Entity) Crypt (death) They have turned / are turning human beings into multi - planetary beings in order for them to survive in space. Something happened and people are starving on the planets and man on Earth has decided to enslave us via technology. Trying to use technology to turn us into remote controlled people. Man on the planets figured out a way to tell us what is happening to them and the scientist are calling it: Covid19. Some men on Earth are walking around outside their bodies as Entities and they enter other bodies on Earth at will. Some men from the planets are walking the Earth as Entities, and Entities (esp. known to Asians) are walking the Earth as themselves Entities. All three forms of Entities have feelings, emotions, and desires and the vaccine will harm any form of Entity. The dairy or vitamin D3 if you are lactose intolerant is to sustain your body thru the process people wiill go thru physically in Jesus name to look back the way God created us. Man has decided that their is no God or Jesus and he will do as he please's - God gave Jesus the last word. My name is Elizabeth and I am an unknown Oracle. The tech industry introduced a (Sexual Entity) into society and they call it Cybersex a "new" way to have sex - mentally - no one is there (physically touching you) but the woman or man knows (can feel) the Entity in the room touching and feeling you. They have introduced this same technology Entity to Doctors as the "virtual doctor" that allows doctors to work on you while he is in New York and you are in Nigeria. This is the same technology used for AI (Automated Intelligence) and Automated Cars. Ether + Electricity + Industrial and house hold chemicals = An Alien Thru our computers and cell phones an algorithim is sent out (signal) to our bodies, creating nodules that alter the DNA - the nodules tell the altered DNA (fluid flowing in a redirected path) to reshape the mind and body. They planed to make us look like creatures (human genomes, mutants). People like Elon Musk have even been celebrating ritualisticaly "the burning of man" I guess they wanted to get rid of the image of man as we know ourselves but they didn't get permission from God. We are at the time in the bible were Jesus steps in and turns us into HIS creation "new" creatures in Christ. I hope this explains it all but if you have any more questions I am here to help.
Deborah Livingston
Deborah Livingston 21 日 前
Ojeoma is an amazing woman!
Deborah Livingston
Deborah Livingston 21 日 前
Another resource to stimulate these essential discussions: ENOUGHsaytheirnames.com
bradford 22 日 前
Oprah has more privilege than most millionaires. Let's also talk about the pyrimid scheme - a system that expiloits working people for the benefit of the millionaire class. The new "antiracism",mired in identity politics, has been weaponised to undermine a class consciousness. As Adolph Reed Jr., The eminent Scholar and Black activist, states, this "new antiracism" is playing the role that racism once played- to divide workers along racial lines. The author appears sincere, but seems to espouses CRT. A traditional workers solidarity antiracism champions a multiracial movement to challenges the oligarchy
Joey Williams
Joey Williams 23 日 前
until blk pool their money fund all of their freedom nothing will change 400 yrs an its now on blk people yall the rich will never give up thier wealth to blk people it aint going to happen are will it come at the ballot box they bought an paid for that
Joey Williams
Joey Williams 23 日 前
blk were relagated to be on the bottom from slavery into jim crow into the present day today look around the world are the globe it has last because of this system yall we are being played as sucker an made as fools
Joey Williams
Joey Williams 23 日 前
white guilt an fear an hate an b l m poster in their windows letting blk know we are here
Apologist Ronnie
Apologist Ronnie 24 日 前
The biggest mistake those who talk about race make is when they keep referring to Brown, red, pink, blur skinned people white. White colour denotes; pure, innocent, smart, superior, neutral etc and I have not come across any human who is white in completion; I have seen dark, chocolate, pale, blurr but not yet met a black person yet....
Patrick Thompson
Patrick Thompson 24 日 前
I'm always fascinated by how Trevor Noah knows how to ask real good questions of his guests. I think that he's one of the best interviewers in the world.
Sunnydaze 24 日 前
The women participate in it too.
mathman43 24 日 前
"As black people, when do we have to compete?" - Shelby Steele This woman has it completely backward. When people see a black person on a college campus, they assume that person is there through affirmative action. Liberalism did that to black people.
Bronte Roberts
Bronte Roberts 21 時間 前
Your racism assumes a black person is only there because of affirmative action. Affirmative action has nothing to do with how you perceive black people on a campus.
Girl M.D.
Girl M.D. 24 日 前
"Ije-oma"...beautiful journey...safe travels
YouTube Moderator
YouTube Moderator 24 日 前
Noah is white so he should know.
Maryvone Fayolle
Maryvone Fayolle 25 日 前
Hey Trevor you should understand after all you come from South Africa
Safir Orion
Safir Orion 25 日 前
Only white people.. and talking and half measures time is come to an end.
Lady lionesses
Lady lionesses 25 日 前
Seattle in the house.Yes Yes Yes, i went to her book reading. She is bold and unapologetic and dare i say scary
Dee Rich
Dee Rich 25 日 前
Love her! YES!!!!! COME ON SOMEBODY!
Darle Balfoort
Darle Balfoort 25 日 前
she is brilliant.
Tunde Dada
Tunde Dada 25 日 前
You nailed it IJ.
Brian Hartline
Brian Hartline 25 日 前
Why and how is it a white pyramid scheme. I am at the bottom, jay z is at the top
DimLight Zone
DimLight Zone 26 日 前
The example about privilege is a little off, she should have said, A white man making about 40,000 a year and Oprah standing together, she would at most part have more privilege . BUT that SAME MAN and Oprah standing together and no one know it's Oprah, that man has more privilege!! because to white people especially racist, we all may not look alike, but we all are the SAME!!!!!
t_ n_rasberry
t_ n_rasberry 26 日 前
I didn't know about her until this video but will definitely go buy her books after seeing what a smart mind she has. I'm sure there will be lots of things I can learn from reading those books she mentioned.
t_ n_rasberry
t_ n_rasberry 26 日 前
Basically she is saying a bad apple as as the head of anything leading us is a bad idea because it teaches the rest to do bad things. Just don't buy into someone else's promise of power especially when they have a history of not sharing things and just using people to get something turned in their favor, to fight their fight for them with a false promises given. She said everything I've been telling my friends and family lol... Good to know she shared those thoughts on a large scale. I see the determination in her and hope the best for her.
bolajiutube 26 日 前
Ijeoma dearest, the answer to Trevor's question from 5:40 is connected to your Igbo extraction. May your ancestors strengthen you against and protect you from all challenges. Igbo kwenu!
La Faces
La Faces 27 日 前
Gillian Espinoza
Gillian Espinoza 27 日 前
This was fantastic. Thank you Ijeoma and Trevor. I'm sorry you were harrassed and that you lost your home. I hope you and your son and family are doing okay.
Tom Poster
Tom Poster 27 日 前
What my eyes have seen. As a boy I see: JFK. As a boy I see: MLK Young American White Child. 1950s
mela999c 27 日 前
We have to educate our neighbors so please keep writing. We believe in you!
mela999c 27 日 前
Right now we Adazio Realty Associates are working diligently to do everything in our power to get this small business through this pandemic. Www.melacook.com #AllSupportOnDeck
videxvid 27 日 前
Today’s Republican Party has made white men think that they have privilege all while fleecing them and giving them nothing more than poverty.
Barbara G
Barbara G 27 日 前
I call to you and to yours the blessings and protection from the unseen realm. May you never be alone.
Lindiwe Hlatshwayo
Lindiwe Hlatshwayo 28 日 前
I did not understand the Oprah analogy, but from all that's happened I believe the USA can no longer continue to call itself the "Land of the Free", unless that statement is of course a sarcastic 1.
Lindiwe Hlatshwayo
Lindiwe Hlatshwayo 28 日 前
I mean what is it that the majority fear so much about the minority?
Holly Helmstetter
Holly Helmstetter 28 日 前
White men are angry because they are terrified of having to meet non-white men on an even playing field.
Elizabeth King
Elizabeth King 28 日 前
Dear Trevor please tell your personal private friends & family that vitamin D3 and dairy products cause the Covid19 test to come back negative. Dairy products like milk, cheese, and *yogurt are suggested. When eating yogurt swish some between your teeth and gums and cell phones should be used only when needed until our bodies adjust to the new frequencies. We are becoming new creatures in Jesus Christ's name because the tech company's made a deal with entities to turn us (man) into creatures (human genomes and multi-planetary beings) - changing God's creation into creatures - because of this abomination against God and because some men think they are God we have to go thru a mental and physical change in Jesus name. This change in Jesus name will bring society back to normal again - The intake of Dairy products or Vitamin D3 are important to focus on right now because that will help to usher in the old normal.............
Magnetdrip.com 28 日 前
Great woman!
Projectheureka 28 日 前
LOL This is so utter predictable amusing how the US GOP's BIG Tech FASCIST CRONYISM's tries to avoid the People from knowing THESE interconnected crimes: ‘We want them infected’: Trump appointee demanded ‘herd immunity’ strategy, emails reveal Then-HHS science adviser Paul Alexander called for millions of Americans to be infected as means of fighting Covid-19. www.politico.com/news/2020/12/16/trump-appointee-demanded-herd-immunity-strategy-446408 jppost.info/project/pXODpMtvhYHRZZo/bideo.html Donald Trump & Bob Woodward Covid Conversation Transcript: Trump 'Playing it down' - Rev www.rev.com/blog/transcripts/donald-trump-bob-woodward-conversation-transcript-trump-playing-down-coronavirus What YOU need to know about the NSA and BIG Tech: www.propublica.org/article/nsa-data-collection-faq www.cbsnews.com/news/twitter-bans-steve-bannon-account-fauci-wray-beheaded/ www.buzzfeednews.com/article/lesterfeder/this-is-how-steve-bannon-sees-the-entire-world www.cbsnews.com/news/steve-bannon-trisulti-italy-benjamin-harnwell-school-bolster-europe-right-wing/ www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/new-evidence-emerges-of-steve-bannon-and-cambridge-analyticas-role-in-brexit American-Taleban-Islamic states--Vatican-pedo-Nazi-terrorists =' Steve Bannon and the entire pro-life-lies-running Trump Nazi Gang! 😄😷🤗😘😍 Giuliani’s Consulting Firm Helped Halt Purdue Opioid Investigation In Florida - Kaiser Health News khn.org/news/rudy-giulianis-consulting-firm-had-hand-in-halting-florida-ags-opioid-investigation/ Johnson & Johnson companies used a super poppy to make narcotics for popular opioid pills - Washington Post www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/business/opioid-crisis-johnson-and-johnson-tasmania-poppy/ A threat to democracy’: William Barr’s speech on religious freedom alarms liberal Catholics Attorney general’s recent address at Notre Dame is a ‘dog whistle’ to conservatives who have aligned themselves with Trump www.buzzfeednews.com/article/lesterfeder/this-is-how-steve-bannon-sees-the-entire-world www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/oct/19/william-barr-attorney-general-catholic-conservative-speech jppost.info/project/uHtxh8CPh2Wbir8/bideo.html So. Who wants THAT genocidal sociopath pedophile p####y-grabbing Republican Nazi leader Trump as a neighbor hmm? Not even US prison inmates want that fudging NAZI as their newest cell neighbor. They might just stuff his fat ass full of .. SOAP! Trump is a registered sex offender FYI! Who possibly will only get his pedo ass SHOT by an angry white Republican neighbor whose underage daughter v-j-j that sick old mushroom dickhead grabs alike he grabs onto Lady Liberty's "magical" underpants called the WHITIES House. 😁😷🤗😘😍 I recommend Legal EXECUTION chambers for the whole Trump gang! Among because YOUR white supremacist American Death Penalty laws never was.meant to exclude your very own richest American religious extreme NAZISM leaders, you ever arrogant US dim wits without any wit! 😊😷🤗😘😍 P.S. ( Ha! Welcome to the world of fraudulent religious frenetic US Tech corporations-super-duping-billionaires censorships of important PUBLIC Informations. Screen recording of THIS comment aline easily proves these idiotic Google's pro Trump- loonies as criminal CENSORS! 😂😄 Apropos: Dumb-Trump, with nothing to loose, is selling out ALL of the USA secrets, you dull minded religious pills heads! Godless Best, A.E Projectheureka LLC
Delenda Est
Delenda Est 28 日 前
C'mon, let's get real. White people are not afraid to have real talk about race. But White people understand that if we say what we really think, we're liable to get called racist and fired from our job!
James Campbell
James Campbell 28 日 前
White men have only recently become aware of their white privilege, or at least been made to confront it. The rise of the cult of tRump has certainly brought racism to the forefront. Hopefully it leads to systematic change.
Liz Elder
Liz Elder 28 日 前
I've dated men from all over the world and they all abide by the golden rule of survival "if Mama's not happy nobody's happy". I'm disappoint that the only population in the world, lwm, did not get the lesson but still believe they are superior.
beautifulcrazy 28 日 前
a pyramid scheme. i often thought of this as the answer to the system of colonialism and white supremacy all over the world. Good job!
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 28 日 前
The majority of so-called Anti maskers are white, because they realize they have the privilege not to wear masks if they don't want to. They have the privilege to get sick and die
Lester Walker
Lester Walker 29 日 前
So America talks about race what is it going to be like when the racist Cheeto is gone? Gone but he will not really go away. See my video I give you the link jppost.info/project/kplqmMajl3q8aLc/bideo.html jppost.info/project/qZVwl9J7g3_Sidk/bideo.html
sofikoz06 29 日 前
I love the hair.
Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 29 日 前
How is it I had never heard of this articulate, intelligent, beautiful lady, Ijeoma Oluo? Everything she says is true. I must read her books.
Mon Monty
Mon Monty 29 日 前
The biggest part of the situation at hand is the need for action...period.
J. W. Lovelace
J. W. Lovelace 29 日 前
I'm definitely about to buy both books! Thanks for having her on the show. 🖤
adaeze Okafor
adaeze Okafor 29 日 前
Ijeoma, Igbo past, now and future. Igbo forever. Igbo bu Eze
Venus Taitt
Venus Taitt 29 日 前
Nah we keep trying the same thing, we cannot reform the devil, we cannot it is time to do for self and kind
Laura Jarrell
Laura Jarrell 29 日 前
I've always felt honesty and humor stood me in good stead. This conversation is good! It can be scary to talk about sensitive things with people different from you. 👍💞✌😷🎃
lrhobdy 29 日 前
Praying for you and your family Ijeoma🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
justgettingtothetruth 29 日 前
justgettingtothetruth 29 日 前
Ruby Freeman and other Poll Workers are arressted for Blatant Voter Fraud! That with massive damning testimony by eye witnesses under oath shows overwhelming evidence President Trump has wo , as we ALL KNEW WAS EVIDENT! THANK YOU JESUS!!! WE LOVE YOU! THANKS FOR SAVING US! 90,000,000 PLUS TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE BELEIVERS IN YOU! THANK YOU!
Moses illoegbunem
Moses illoegbunem 29 日 前
Where did she get this her name from? I have tried to figure out if she's related to Nigeria but she's American but answering igbo name.
David William
David William 13 日 前
Her Father is Nigerian, Samuel Oluo. Her mother is white American.
adaeze Okafor
adaeze Okafor 29 日 前
She has an Igbo first and last name. Maybe she is igbo and most likely she is Igbo because of her name
J&TB Transport
J&TB Transport 29 日 前
Wow this lady has a beautiful aura! Just so bright and beautiful!
Audrey Walker
Audrey Walker 29 日 前
Perfectly said! Pyramid Scheme. This is one concept that was new to me after migrating to the US and wondered if anyone could actually buy in. I meet people who do so everyday!😞🙄
Sara Israel
Sara Israel 29 日 前
She said tha there is a rise in the hate ummmmm this goes back to Genises in the bible If you read the bible you will see why white people hate us and the hate is not gonna go away because we talk about it. It is everlasting
Jerome Jacobs
Jerome Jacobs ヶ月 前
They look like they could be brother and sister
I still believe it is not about race as behind that discussion is the collective trauma of Africans being kidnapped for slavery. It is the notion of colonialism, exploiting other human beings and treating them as objects. And it lives on until today. The US need more historical series and movies which treat the stories from a human perspective, like The movie Color Purple or the series Finding your Roots.
#Veritas #Told
#Veritas #Told ヶ月 前
The plantation model pits the overseers' sons against hardworking descendants of slaves and immigrants.
willie lewis
willie lewis ヶ月 前
I love her writing
Irisheddy ヶ月 前
On FB I've posted pictures and articles about racial discrimination and the "Friends" who respond most defensively are white males.
Goodness Okoro
Goodness Okoro ヶ月 前
Arise Nigerian star...Go Girl!
DanQuest. TM
DanQuest. TM ヶ月 前
Please buy the book and remember to buy one for someone you care about.
shoeshinequeen ヶ月 前
REMEMBER, wherever there are threats/fights/murders/violence/animosity/OPPRESSION/etc, the initiators/instigators/perpetuators ARE USUALLY FEARFUL AND INSECURE-A GENERATIONAL CURSE; THESE PEOPLE ONLY THRIVE IN A GROUP, NOT AS AN INDIVIDUAL.
shoeshinequeen ヶ月 前
WOWWWWWWWW! METICULOUS AND METHODICAL! Ms. Olou needs to quest appear on syndicated/national platforms; AS WELL AS, BECOME AN ADVISER TO BIDEN-HARRIS. I am enlighten, and now can empathize and diagnose the behavior. IT IS SIMPLY A PIPE DREAM/‘PYRAMID’ ANALOGY TO “ FORTY ACRES AND A MULE” (for Blacks). SIDEBAR: I perceived Trevor as corny comedically, however this Pandemic and Politics seem to have allowed him to ignite his intellectual perspective, regarding serious issues. Thank you, we need more.
mannaija1 ヶ月 前
What a beauty.
David Lungu
David Lungu ヶ月 前
Oh my God shes so pretty
Olivia Francois
Olivia Francois ヶ月 前
Living in a racist world, it is always mind blowing other people talked about their experience with racism!
thedownstreamvegan ヶ月 前
Well, this lady certainly never misses a meal. While she cashes in on "white privilege," just imagine the poor white family of four who could subsist on her backfat alone through weeks of harsh Appalachian winter.
mathman43 ヶ月 前
I've done two ironman triathlons and nineteen half-ironman triathlons. In a state that is less than 50% white, these extremely grueling and mentally and physically demanding events are 90% white and overwhelmingly male. I thought we were "mediocre."
Your Creepy Uncle
Your Creepy Uncle ヶ月 前
The killings of George Floyed and Breonna Taylor were not demonstrably race-related. Breonna in particular, died because her boyfriend was a useless cokehead who forced the cops into a blind gunfight, resulting in her tragic death. This woman seems very quick to ignore the culpability of non-whites in these scenarios. Everyone has a lot to learn, not just whites.
Lloyd Morris
Lloyd Morris ヶ月 前
I MUST read her books! I MUST write my book(s)! What an accurate way of analyzing the system of so called "White Supremacy"! I am sorry to hear about her house burning down and her son getting infected by COVID-19! What a WOMAN!
Andrea Hylen
Andrea Hylen ヶ月 前
Thank you for having Ijeoma Oluo on your show again. So You Want to Talk About Race is in my top 5 books I read this year. Her message is honest and direct and opened new awareness. with examples that open conversations. After listening to this show, I just ordered Mediocre. Thanks again!
StoneThug Music
StoneThug Music ヶ月 前
*Always Funny Always Great Reporting Video Shared. **StoneThug.com*
french ヶ月 前
Brave woman.
Fortners Garden
Fortners Garden ヶ月 前
interesting concept on the pyramid scheme of white males ...
Sherry Carter
Sherry Carter ヶ月 前
The people that are attacking this young lady , they are all bullies .To pick on a woman . bully bully bully bully bully . Go find yourselves .
Blessed-Osbert Inyang
Blessed-Osbert Inyang ヶ月 前
As far as everybody runs to America and don't stay back in their country, the white man would remain angry. Why wouldn't he, if South Africa could set Nigerians in South Africa ablaze on the premise of Nigerians taking over their jobs, why wouldn't white Americans feel threatened for people of colour who are taking the white man's space?
Abby Sotomi
Abby Sotomi ヶ月 前
Read her book, eye-opening to how privilege works in 🇺🇸. Sorry about your 🏡 burning down.
Madeline Hutton
Madeline Hutton ヶ月 前
I think an interview with Cokeman Hughes would be a nice balance ~ a lot of folks believe that MLK's non-racism is actually better than reverse bigotry like demonizing white men with no nuanced analysis & one-way empathy. ~*
Andie Hernández
Andie Hernández ヶ月 前
She should not only lecture but also teach at universities, instead of these white old conservative men.
Nicole Brown
Nicole Brown ヶ月 前
She is so wise and she's really pretty☺
Joanna Shelton
Joanna Shelton ヶ月 前
she’s a gem...
Dichtsau ヶ月 前
the u.s.&a. are always talking about George Floyd, but NEVER about Cedric Chauviet who died EXACTLY the same way in france altho he was white. WHY IS THAT SO?
Vien Ogola
Vien Ogola ヶ月 前
Are u daft
JoeWolsing ヶ月 前
Watching the problem of white supremacy on a global scale helps a lot to understand it's nature. First of all, white people are used to the fact, that their skin color is never an issue. This is the major privilege (normalis boring's comment hints to this). It doesn't mean you cannot have existential problems as a white person but the problem of being discriminated just by the color of your skin will never come on top of it. This still counts even in many African countries which shows the persistence of white supremacy around the globe. Whiteness is never spoken about and white people don't recognize this - because it's never spoken about. That's why the resistence is so strong. It's about the loss of privileges those inheriting them only realize them, when they feel that they are about to loose them. There is not much room for the understanding, that it is - like Trevor Noah correctly said - not about you loosing and me winning but about all of us winning by improving the overall situation.
PD M ヶ月 前
I will have to come back and actually listen to her wisdom. For now, I am just distracted by how pretty she is, the fact that she kept her gap tooth which in the Nigerian culture is one of the features that represent beauty but in the Western culture it is not hence people use braces to close the gap! Ride on my Igbo ( Nigerian tribe) sis!!!
Johannes Venter
Johannes Venter ヶ月 前
What Noah does not understand is not that Whites are uncomfortable about race but the ideological framework it comes in. White male supremacy is an abstraction - it is the ideological way in which Nazi-Marxists - a template in which they present it. It is no different from theb Hitlerite attacks on Jews. It is also true that it is exactly the rich Blacks 0 like Trevor Noah - who became stinking rich in America on the basis of "White" capital. There are enough American Blacks who see right through this ideological attacks.
Neomale ヶ月 前
We're not ready to talk about it in 2020 because we were a little bit preoccupied with something called covid. Just saying
Munir Mukri
Munir Mukri ヶ月 前
word up spike lee All lives matter even nutty dreadss life
Turtleproof ヶ月 前
"The Pyramid Scheme Of ..." Oh, this again. Thanks for letting us know there are only TWO RACES, Trevor! A+
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