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25 日 前

Here’s one hour of Jordan Klepper vs. Trump Supporters: The Complete Collection. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #DonaldTrump
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Hannes Rodriguez
Hannes Rodriguez 12 分 前
Bruh the guy who works for a debt relief company I'm so dead
Jordan Womack
Jordan Womack 14 分 前
He is roasting them and they can't see it . . . Kinda sad.
jay mack
jay mack 18 分 前
Jordan is great
Samuel Caster
Samuel Caster 58 分 前
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Trevor Gruen
Trevor Gruen 時間 前
34:51 Ohmahgod that man saw the future.
drino zhao
drino zhao 時間 前
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Piano Forte
Piano Forte 時間 前
they were carrying out a body at 14:29
Diallo Basiru
Diallo Basiru 時間 前
we gonna build the wall and make China pays for it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 yes or Mexico 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Diallo Basiru
Diallo Basiru 時間 前
I love this show 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Varell 時間 前
Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
Common Sense
Common Sense 時間 前
Delusional Bigots endorses bigotry
Reid fay
Reid fay 時間 前
The dude at 8:47 was at the anti-lockdown protest episode of All Gas No Brakes
Fabio Chiaramonte
Fabio Chiaramonte 時間 前
i hope biden invests into schools. education. the only way to get rid of those maniacs.
QuaranTeen *
QuaranTeen * 時間 前
hopefully he will! :)
cubensis87 2 時間 前
What a sobering moment. We are in a golden era of information and knowledge and the majority of people turn their backs on it. I truly don't understand. It's a destructive model. We're all stuck on this ball together.
Andrew Evans
Andrew Evans 2 時間 前
The guy he interviewed on the boat is so full of shit lmfao
Lindsay Johnston
Lindsay Johnston 2 時間 前
Kid wasn't old enough to know the 80s sucked
M I C H I E S T E V E Z 2 時間 前
Mike Tubaman
Mike Tubaman 2 時間 前
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Anna Watkins
Anna Watkins 2 時間 前
Jordan Klepper is a national treasure.
Marvin Mason
Marvin Mason 2 時間 前
Confederate flag with trump on it... 🤔 Buddy, you don't know how to pick a winner. You might as well put a Jets hat on... 😬😂😂😂
cade johnson
cade johnson 2 時間 前
Jordan Klepper needs another show.
alex ritenour
alex ritenour 2 時間 前
David Dolan
David Dolan 3 時間 前
Some of these have to be fake. No one can be this stupid.
Rodrigo Argueta
Rodrigo Argueta 3 時間 前
this is a smart reporter, he is laughing at them and just like any trumpist they are honored
iko 3 時間 前
I’m watching this the day before Biden’s inauguration losing my shit at how funny this is. Those people really are nuts.
Elizabeth Darsey
Elizabeth Darsey 3 時間 前
Dear God... it’s horrifying to know these people vote, but the true NIGHTMARE is these people breed!!
Zarrah Griffin
Zarrah Griffin 3 時間 前
"Obama wasn't at his office on 9/11, he is always going on vacations.". Sir, 9/11 took place in the year 2001, Obama wasn't in office because he wasn't president then, Geogre W. Bush was. Obama didn't serve his 2 terms until 2008, just knowing that I am a minor and this dude is an adult and hardly knows about 9/11 even thought he probably was alive when it happend. XD
Judita Tarasevičiūtė
Judita Tarasevičiūtė 3 時間 前
they're so stupid it hurts 😭
Marcel Sirer
Marcel Sirer 3 時間 前
47:15 Vultures also get very excited when a lion is making a massacre XD
Acyd 3 時間 前
I only met one person who shared the same mindset as these people, and it absolutely baffled me. I always just assumed they were just a massive troll.
Gerri M.
Gerri M. 4 時間 前
These people will never know that the biggest con man in the world, trump, conned them by feeding them lies, misinformation, and fake news because they are really dumb, they do not know what critical thinking is.
Lankius Pankius
Lankius Pankius 4 時間 前
“Brockubamuh had big part of nine eleven” - some fucking idiot I guess
Crisi Kabisch
Crisi Kabisch 4 時間 前
47:12 that guy cracked me up too!
JT Leland
JT Leland 4 時間 前
legal advice from a man in a giant foam maga hat
Dark 4 時間 前
What war has been started by a women? What about a English Spanish war started by Elizabeth the virgin queen. 😂😂
Avery John Jones
Avery John Jones 4 時間 前
“in hell” HAHAHA
intense sneezers
intense sneezers 4 時間 前
7:47 "hormornes"
Porcsha Smoody
Porcsha Smoody 4 時間 前
The imagination of these people is so child like in the sense they are told what to think by authorities, the very thing they are against! Hypocrisy is the little sibling of stupidity.
Gabe coyle
Gabe coyle 4 時間 前
Paying for the wall, China? 😵😵😵
Streety 4 時間 前
It was all funny until the 6th when the most violent assault on our Capital occurred in almost 200 years was perpetrated by the president himself and all of his personal domestic terrorists he’s been grooming for the last 4 years.
Heather Williams
Heather Williams 4 時間 前
These are great!
lLeRoy Turner
lLeRoy Turner 5 時間 前
hhhaahaahhhaahahaaahaaa,,, your show just proved everything I've been trying to say all along, in the most funny way imaginable.. both parties are behaving like little kids, that never read a history book, but somehow still got a diploma..
Jo Anne Buhler-Benware
Jo Anne Buhler-Benware 5 時間 前
I can only speak about grammar, 1-6, jr. high school 7-9, high school 10-12. 1959 -1971 in the Bronx, NY. PS 33, PS 46, PS 115 (Elizabeth Barrett Browning) and Walton High School. I think we had the best public schools in the nation. By third grade at PS 33 I was a ferocious reader. Bio’s, history, and fiction. My parents encouraged me to read and question what I read. My teachers encouraged us to always question anything we didn’t understand or why we were fore or against something. We had great teachers. My grammar teachers were the best. Jr. High we had very good teachers. By High School I had great English and history teachers, subjects I loved. Math was my down fall, algebra. But when I went to SUNY Albany I mastered it. It was fun. I understood. I am still a ferocious reader, my hero’s in school in the Bronx was Clara Barton, Queen Elizabeth the 1st, Florence Nightingale, strong women all who did what they had to do to make this world a better place. So many women in history that changed this world. So many men that changed the world. I’ve worked in business in Manhattan, traffic, consolidation and operations, an LPN in Albany, also a job coach and legal Advocate for victims of domestic violence. I have a BA in Psychology with minors in Criminology and Sociology. I received an injury while working as a visiting nurse and so had to retire from that calling. My learning never stopped. I still question what goes on in this world. If you refuse to continue to learn, you don’t read and your opinions are formed by what other people say and think then you might as well hang it up, become a hermit, because free thinking has passed you by and I for one feel sorry for you. You are never to old to learn new things, old things again, form new opinions, reform old opinions to better your life.
lLeRoy Turner
lLeRoy Turner 5 時間 前
I'm not the kind of person to get between a married couple,, but I hope she files for divorce here, before he takes her back home to the old new USSR.. she will never get away from him there...
Martika Orozco
Martika Orozco 5 時間 前
Is it me or why aren’t people wearing their mask?? 👀
Brooksie Green
Brooksie Green 5 時間 前
I never watch this stuff just happened upon this and I am amazed that people have no common sense. These people I hope can see themselves at a later point in time to see just how unbelievable these comments are and how ignorant they sound. They have a level of common sense only comparable to that of a dead roach. God Bless them I pray they someday can evaluate themselves and see how ridiculous they sound. People shouldn't be allowed to be this stupid and call themselves adults. 😭
Marquis M
Marquis M 5 時間 前
I usually laugh at these segments, but this was hard to watch. It's so depressing to see how easy these individuals are to succumb to manipulation. It's so depressing to know that this amount of stupid and ignorant people live in this country. And it's no surprise that almost all of these people have no form of higher education. It just shows how broken the American educational system is. I'm hoping for a brighter future from these next few years.
Tort 5 時間 前
5:50 Holy shit it's Texas Angry Video Game Nerd.
A common man
A common man 5 時間 前
I laugh alot 🤣😂😅
Brian Link
Brian Link 5 時間 前
27:34 Jordan is the one that got it wrong. The shirt shows Trump to win 2016 and in 2020 then Ivanka will win the 2024 race. and the 2028 race. That would be 8 years for each candidate if they would win there two terms. Still was funny though. Love your videos btw!!
LoveHighway 5 時間 前
If a wink wink nod nod individual comes over the tubes selling bullshit without asking for a dime, it’s a sign that said individual is being funded.
Brian Link
Brian Link 5 時間 前
13:16 Ok, these folks will tear them selfs apart before our democracy.
Mo7amedB 6 時間 前
They are honest about their beliefs.
Kevin Summers
Kevin Summers 6 時間 前
This is how using hate and division as a political strategy poisons humanity
Trump gave us emboldened conspicuous ignorance , Im wrong , proud of it and don't care.
Khalil Smith
Khalil Smith 6 時間 前
This is hilarious and embarrasing.
Nighty Stefan
Nighty Stefan 6 時間 前
As a non-US citizen, I watch this show for fun and to understand more about America, and I have a question, is this staged or real?
lili klein
lili klein 6 時間 前
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Tona Tinisha
Tona Tinisha 6 時間 前
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Limitless Jones
Limitless Jones 6 時間 前
Issa Cult
Dave Bro
Dave Bro 7 時間 前
Jordan Klepper is hilarious. It's sad to see so many mentally less fortunate people in the USA. It's disturbing.
Clare Wilson
Clare Wilson 7 時間 前
He sounds like MatPat lol
Clare Wilson
Clare Wilson 7 時間 前
I like how he doesn’t downright insult them, or attack them, but he makes it funny and he uses reason, if you can count their ideas as reason lol.
Joey L
Joey L 7 時間 前
Wow stupidity is scary
procs81 8 時間 前
This is more like a psycho thriller than pure interviews
Mohanad el nokali
Mohanad el nokali 8 時間 前
This is GOLD 🤣
Rl Edmonds
Rl Edmonds 8 時間 前
Emit Till didn’t not whistle at that white women she told a lie and years later she confirmed the lie and is living out her best white life
J S 8 時間 前
When they got the black guy😂😂 They're all like thank you brother!😂😂😂
Rl Edmonds
Rl Edmonds 8 時間 前
China is going to pay for the wall ....more education is needed ....Those people he interviewed they are so ignorant
Kaede B.
Kaede B. 8 時間 前
"I work for a debt relief company" *dies*
Jared House
Jared House 8 時間 前
"You really don't know how to pick a winner, Might as well put a Jets hat on" I died!!!!!
Rachel Elle
Rachel Elle 8 時間 前
I feel like, if JFK Jr. was still alive he wouldn’t be a Trump fan. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Just a hunch.
Molly From Michigan
Molly From Michigan 8 時間 前
It doesn't matter how many times I see this clip, the dude that says "One man's sexual assault, is another man's flirtation" skeezes me out so much. If all women want their pussies grabbed by Trump, why does he have to pay so much to have sex? And why be rapey with Epstein?
rant1200 8 時間 前
As America has evolved from an agrarian society to an industrial society to a high tech center of the world,these folks seem to be stuck in the 19th century as displayed by their responses.They sound like they are citizens of a totally arrested culture.I.E.,stuck in the mud.
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 9 時間 前
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geoff N
geoff N 9 時間 前
'No one got to the top without breaking a few pieces of China... that wasn't an insult by the way.' If he meant it as a joke he's a great comedian. :-)
The Troubled Atheist
The Troubled Atheist 9 時間 前
"can no-one in the maga world count"? Certainly not that last chick. Especially when it comes to grades and calories. Wholly crap.
Gee Smith
Gee Smith 9 時間 前
Jordan is amazing! These got me through the last 4 years 🤣🤣🤣
SuperDave Armbruster
SuperDave Armbruster 9 時間 前
heavyarms150 9 時間 前
I know it's a comedy show, but damn are these people dumb.
Phoebe Lana
Phoebe Lana 9 時間 前
Dude with the hat: "like they say, nobody made it to the top without breaking a few pieces of China." Reporter: Dude with the hat: "Thatwasntaninsult-"
Nekidia Jackson
Nekidia Jackson 9 時間 前
These ppl are so slow
BloodCreeper Gamer2
BloodCreeper Gamer2 9 時間 前
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Kenneth Pankey
Kenneth Pankey 10 時間 前
Yoongi Min
Yoongi Min 10 時間 前
I can't believe I just watched the whole thing lmaO
Sam Holland
Sam Holland 10 時間 前
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Tricon 10 時間 前
43:40 just makes me sad
A m Y
A m Y 10 時間 前
I could watch Klepper talk to these morons all day. Edit: Half way through watching and the humor is transforming into disgust.
Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan 11 時間 前
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King Idk
King Idk 11 時間 前
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Raven Villareal
Raven Villareal 11 時間 前
8:01 The only thing that would have made this better is if after she was done speaking he said he was gay, just to see her reaction.
Nester Arnone
Nester Arnone 11 時間 前
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mumihp 11 時間 前
This is why people have been laughing at America for the last 4 years
Slater K
Slater K 11 時間 前
Like Steve Schmidt said and many others He's The New Modern Day Hitler of are Lifetimes and we the American People are his unfortunate new American Genocide on his Herd Immunity Slaughtering Plan set up to slaughter Millions and now start a hate war with the 1st insurrection in Modern History ever and unfortunately we had to add to Mr Trumpademics body with this now when will it stop only when he's locked up for eternity and stripped of everything and no longer a threat to mankind and democracy
Sir Remy
Sir Remy 12 時間 前
What's your favorite bon jovi song? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Steezus Christ
Steezus Christ 12 時間 前
I swear the past few years have all felt like a big ass fever dream while on shrooms
valaquenta 12 時間 前
I should be laughing, but out of respect for all the Americans who are probably thinking something like "god I wish this guy and his supporters would stop making us look like idiots", I'll refrain from doing that.
DIONISIOjp 12 時間 前
AHAHAHAH 6:30 freaking hilarious
Jade 12 時間 前
wow this is just mind blowing and hilariously stupid!. I wonder if they ever question themselves for once, I doubt it though. I don't have IQ 200, but I can see lies when there's one. it just unbelievable!!
Sonnyboy Robinson 3rd
Sonnyboy Robinson 3rd 13 時間 前
The ignorance is incredible, mind blowing!
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