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11 日 前

Well that was an interesting Women’s History Month #DailyShow #WomensHistoryMonth
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Liela Strong
Liela Strong 3 日 前
Being forced to wear heels at work counts as sexism right? I’ve become so desensitized, I don’t know what true equality is.
clemguitarechal 4 日 前
Hey guys ! Year 2021 here.. just wanted to drop by and say hi ! Also many thanks to Trevor Noah and the Daily's team to show up my work ; i truly hope you like this teaser of a trimester, and I can't wait to see your reaction for what to come next ! You want a little hint ? Oh come on you guys... Well ok ok, i'll give you one hint : [whispering] covid won't disappear ... Gotcha ! Ok guys, thanks again for the coverage of my work, and see you after summer ! (or not :P) ps : humor
Jessie Jordan
Jessie Jordan 4 日 前
Cherry Red
Cherry Red 5 日 前
Welcome to the 21st century 😔
Siena Theivagt
Siena Theivagt 5 日 前
For a lot of these, “women” are bring put in the subject of the sentence, not men
Katie Young
Katie Young 5 日 前
I'm so tired.
Triss Rudkovsk
Triss Rudkovsk 5 日 前
Brian Stanmore
Brian Stanmore 6 日 前
He takes his "dates" out to dinner...For a Happy Meal....
Earl Daniels
Earl Daniels 6 日 前
Yeah. Usually I can laugh at your "reveals" like this... This one makes me hang my head... Shame by association?
Dinesh N
Dinesh N 6 日 前
His name is scandals: mattgates
Patrick Barry
Patrick Barry 6 日 前
Too focused on the USA. Need more not USA examples.
Courtney Wooley
Courtney Wooley 6 日 前
Smh the crazy part is you could do this for a whole year
Brent goff
Brent goff 6 日 前
Women are not saints.
doing the right thing
doing the right thing 7 日 前
Let's give more seats to Democracts to get the job done
Becky Carter
Becky Carter 7 日 前
I swear this country is going backwards. This is exactly what the REPUBLIKKKON party wants. We need to rise up and fight it🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
Urban Dwellers
Urban Dwellers 7 日 前
Men in positions of power NEED TO GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER.
Mar - Chan
Mar - Chan 7 日 前
2020 was chaos. 2021 is a troll. I hope 2022 is the Advil medicine.
Howard Mulvihill
Howard Mulvihill 7 日 前
Unfortunately, he won't be convicted. Lindsey Graham have a valid ID
Jerry McGovern
Jerry McGovern 7 日 前
I've always said Matt gaetz looks like the bad guy frat boy from a coming-of-age movie. It turns out that was exactly what he was.
Dingo Bronco
Dingo Bronco 7 日 前
putting this comment on because i didnt like this number
Rain Zohav
Rain Zohav 7 日 前
This is so sad
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 7 日 前
sheets0fmetal 7 日 前
When he refused that bill against human trafficking....FL you know better...FFS!! Is anyone educated there???? and FCK NY/ CA/ TX/ AL/ and all the southern states too ....with all their BS...
Irgend Jemand
Irgend Jemand 7 日 前
Wow. After seeing this I feel like throwing up.
Are Hansen
Are Hansen 7 日 前
American needs to do something about its toxic macho culture
Paula Bird
Paula Bird 7 日 前
I'm not laughing
weirdologist 7 日 前
reminder that its not enough to just say "i support women" and be done with it. call out your colleagues, dont defend people in positions of power who perpetuate misogyny. actively challenge social norms that are sexist in nature. see women as people, not just sisters, wives, and mothers.
Moonflower Tarot
Moonflower Tarot 7 日 前
Eww gross. Jack Nicholson's creepy doppelganger... bye Felicia
Tony Armstrong
Tony Armstrong 8 日 前
Aye! Take Deshaun off. Houston just mad he’s done with those bums and they are trying to torch the man
richpontone1 8 日 前
The Repugs yelled about "Green eggs and ham" while Pizza Gaetz was doing "Young babes while on the Lam"
Donald Dwello
Donald Dwello 8 日 前
All these men are womanizers and tools
Edward B
Edward B 8 日 前
Gaetz's victims should come forward.
Gina Heller
Gina Heller 8 日 前
Frickin depressing
kreaturen 8 日 前
Showered with attention, truly... 🤦‍♂️😅😘
JB B 8 日 前
Sad state of affairs.
T.E. 8 日 前
All I can say is "Men" have issues.
Tamayo1980 8 日 前
Remember how many women still voted for tdump in 2021? Yeah, grabbem by the wu$$y.
Jimmy Carreon
Jimmy Carreon 8 日 前
Can we all just admit that this year might be as awful as last year, and that the 2020's might be as rough as the 1920's. I mean the start to this decade is kind of s***.
Patricia Barrera
Patricia Barrera 8 日 前
Yup, that's about right. Oppression, oppression, one step forward, then oppression, oppression...
Jacqui H.
Jacqui H. 8 日 前
This is awful.... also were there any women that achieved anything or were we all just victims
Ceares 8 日 前
I mean to be fair, that pretty much is the history of women.
Dave Don
Dave Don 8 日 前
The best solution is to put some of these “men” to face a female boxer in the ring. I bet they will learn to respect women fast. Tucker Carlson should be the first.😀😀😀😀😀
P Reese
P Reese 8 日 前
Due process dude, we live in a Democracy. Cuomo kisses he violently. Okay.
t8lucas 8 日 前
Cool 🎶 and nice effects
Heather Kimler
Heather Kimler 8 日 前
Supposed to hurt...does Wtaf Can we evolve already
Adrian R
Adrian R 8 日 前
I bet some of the deranged Aussie conservatives are in shambles over the rise of this unbelievable conspiracy against his divinity, the godman, Matt Gaetz.
Polly Tiks
Polly Tiks 8 日 前
Now, that’s progress! 🙀
Helenosa 8 日 前
This could easily have been twice as long, just saying...thanks for calling this out, not just now, but always.
Quayle Taran
Quayle Taran 8 日 前
Anybody remember that old hair-band song, "She's Only 17"? "...she'll show you love...LIKE! YOU'VE! NEVER! SEEN!..." The song had a pretty kickin' rhythm.
Jean Christopher
Jean Christopher 8 日 前
It's interesting how society has become. It is a joke within a joke, and we men are always to blame. Let's just opt out and be the best version of ourselves. Let women be accountable for their own actions, and see how a joke it has become. Only time will tell if they realize it, but it looks like they don't realize it yet. So you do you, women. You do you. #EmpoweringWomen #Feminism #MeTooMovement #FeminismIsCancer
G Forcke
G Forcke 8 日 前
WOW just WOW 😥
Mondo Shredder
Mondo Shredder 8 日 前
I suspect that for a lot of women, March, 2021 didn't seem a whole lot different than most other months they have experienced, lived through, or at least read about.
Peter Trnka
Peter Trnka 8 日 前
Funny but sad!
L G 8 日 前
Bravo! Happy Days Ladies. Just the beginning pervs.
AK USA 9 日 前
Hehe I saw that Alaska news lady.
Ben Bauer
Ben Bauer 9 日 前
I was like Not EVERY day. Right? Right...
StarCrysisOC 9 日 前
Hey, I want jobs to /allow/ you to wear an appropriate skirt, not force you.
Never2yield 9 日 前
Looks like Jimmy Neutron Gaetz may end losing or quitting his government job. And all the 17-year old women will simply sigh.
Tara Curry
Tara Curry 9 日 前
Well, last Women's History Month I went from being upset about no women winning any states in the primaries to moving back home for the pandemic. This year we have our first female vice president. We've made progress!
Connie Cibert
Connie Cibert 9 日 前
We've come a long way, baby???
Brayley Ludlow
Brayley Ludlow 9 日 前
What a one amazing way to get them all Trevor
craig cas
craig cas 9 日 前
Beavus, the Florida swampest creature.....buhbye. Buh bye
ronkirk50 9 日 前
There is NO place for this misogyny, harassment, and abuse of women in our society. Call out this kind of disgusting behavior where ever it is found and hold men responsible, especially men in leadership positions.
Duo Ying Xu
Duo Ying Xu 9 日 前
Well, Texas is currently considering a law to ban abortion in total. It has already passed the senate, so, yeah?
L D 9 日 前
We've come a long way? Take care!
Steven Rice
Steven Rice 9 日 前
Oh our paradoxical nation!
Jocelyn K
Jocelyn K 9 日 前
Is it me or do they also get worse as the month progresses??
murcielago Batman
murcielago Batman 9 日 前
Ahthe progress
Idris Newton
Idris Newton 9 日 前
WOW! just #facepalm
polemius01 9 日 前
The struggle continues.
Cee Koutsos nz
Cee Koutsos nz 9 日 前
So, it was a normal March.
Gustaf Zetterström
Gustaf Zetterström 9 日 前
Seems lile the US besides being rascist, elitist, hating poor people, hateing anything social; like libraries, social healthcare, social price control, etc. Also have a problem with misogyny, misandry and sexism.
Melinda Sweetman-Cochran
Melinda Sweetman-Cochran 9 日 前
Today my 11 1/2 yr old daughter is home due to a one day suspension...why? Because she sent a text message threatening to break the wrists of two boys who inappropriately touched her friend in school...twice...and bragged about it. One boy said and I quote, " He dared me to do it and you know I can't back down from a dare." . They're in 6th grade. Those boys are in school today. The girls are not. She's only suspended because she typed it out. Go figure.
Jennifer Montgomery
Jennifer Montgomery 9 日 前
Daily Show graphics team there's only 30 days in April, not 31.
akinpaws 8 日 前
This was March.
ExtremeFear 9 日 前
Women's month in America
Living My Life
Living My Life 9 日 前
*islam oppresses women* And we-
Din Tas
Din Tas 9 日 前
Regarding the crimes Republicans and the CIA commit it is more likely that the CIA poisoned Nawalny in order to frame Russia.
Orden Just
Orden Just 9 日 前
Gaetz got his law degree at William and Mary. Former chancellor Sanda Day O'Connor must be so proud!
Marc Haustein
Marc Haustein 9 日 前
Harvey weinstein charme rehab center... Im out
Gateaux Q
Gateaux Q 9 日 前
Well that really is women’s history now! I just keep thinking ‘one day they’ll wake up and decide to stop being gross.’ Its an absurd flight of fancy but it’s mine.
theFLCLguy 9 日 前
What's the one thing they all got in common that most men don't?, They are all rich. Rich = greed, greed = bad. Understand? So now can we please put a cap on wealth, disagreeing with me means you're greedy. I'm not saying a low limit, I'm talking about like $100 million limit.
Snowshowslow 9 日 前
Am I the only one who came here assuming we'd get to learn about some awesome women who have done impressive things? It's a bit of a let-down for it to be another reminder of the way our gender is victimised...
Terrence Walls
Terrence Walls 9 日 前
Just amazing!
PixieART 9 日 前
Wow that made me feel gross 😣🤬.
Vzla 2316
Vzla 2316 9 日 前
Should I laugh or cry?
susanne anique
susanne anique 9 日 前
7th March 😲
Creepy&Fun 9 日 前
Yea, sure make it a trend by all means.
Madeline Ocampo
Madeline Ocampo 9 日 前
I'm horrified, but not surprised. Diggin the music though!
WileyCoyote69 9 日 前
Ummm. Eeek?
Ironic Kid
Ironic Kid 9 日 前
Saying "17 year old woman" is like saying "30 year child". It doesn't change what age group they're actually in by adding child/woman/man next to it. A 17 year old is still a child no matter how you put it.
Jr_ Xtreme
Jr_ Xtreme 9 日 前
The music is the cherry on top of this whole mess
Shy Sweet
Shy Sweet 9 日 前
the beat slaps.
Sharon Kellner
Sharon Kellner 9 日 前
Gaetz has answered charges of impropriety before, including an accusation by a Florida legislator that he created a game in which young lawmakers scored points for sleeping with aides, interns, lobbyists and other legislators.
The Brittish Texan
The Brittish Texan 9 日 前
Great month indeed
Snuffy Smif
Snuffy Smif 9 日 前
Cant' wait till TDS does the amazing YEAR for women! The video should be about half an hour long.
Snuffy Smif
Snuffy Smif 9 日 前
Uh, oh... Misogyny is getting canceled... Male suicides (especially conservative ones) are about to skyrocket!!
Santino Vergara Castro
Santino Vergara Castro 9 日 前
The saddest and most disgusting AND most disturbing thing of it all is that there are women who find absolutely nothing wrong with these events !!!
Noe Diaz
Noe Diaz 9 日 前
You hiring a scante news correspondent. Mr. pase here , reporting live “ another scante warrior down” from macaurthur park/lake resort
Joseph Unson
Joseph Unson 9 日 前
If Gaetz could keep these coming every year for the next three years, the Republican party may end up endorsing him as the official GOP candidate for 2024.
Joseph Unson
Joseph Unson 9 日 前
While this may turn out politicaly ruinous for Governor Coumo, it is actually beneficial for Congressman Gaetz. Republicans seeking reelections need these kinds of scandals in their life. GOP voters consider these traits adorable.
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