Vaccine Passports: What Are They, And Why Does Fox News Hate Them? |The Daily Social Distancing Show

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5 日 前

Take a look into the world of vaccine passports: what they are, why Republicans and Fox News are having a meltdown about them, and the potential equity problems associated with them. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus
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bsrcat1 分 前
Same people who want a separate voter id will want to fight against a vaccine passport.
blazescorch2 12 分 前
Step 1: Find the equalizer on your video editing software. Step 2: Raise the volume over the 20% mark. Step 3: ??? (which actually means: we can hear you)
Vegas Rebel
Vegas Rebel 24 分 前
Proof your not Jewish.
Brandy G
Brandy G 時間 前
Well Trevor, why don't you listen to Russell Brand instead of being delusional. He sums it up.
Alka Arora
Alka Arora 時間 前
Super disappointed (but not that surprised) in Trevor's take on this. Vaccine passports are absolutely an infringement on our civil liberties. And I say this as a leftist and feminist, not a right-winger.
Conversations With Me
Conversations With Me 時間 前
Has anyone found out what's really in the vaccines? Maybe you should.
First of all! those other vaccine 💉 weren’t created in less than a year! like the coronavirus vaccine was 👀 be careful! Do your research !🧐
Teela Skye
Teela Skye 2 時間 前
You can be anywhere on the political spectrum to have distrust in our government overlords overreaching their power; to distrust what a handful of scientists and health professionals are saying out of tens of thousands that see it differently; and it’s just like you to attack Fox News when people of every background, politics, gender, age etc who believe this will set up a two tier class system and further segregate. This administration is not doing anything to unify, but to further divide. If you know anything about world history, you would know what vaccine passports are opening up doors to.
Ingrid C
Ingrid C 2 時間 前
Talk show hosts like you that are fueling the propaganda machine is a terrifying thing to witness. How ridiculous to actually compare yellow fever to Covid. Certain African countries require a yellow fever documentation to enter because it has a 20 to 50% mortality rate. COVID-19 has 1-3%. This is such a joke and ridiculous justification. I went all through Asia completely unvaccinated even through they “recommend” getting certain ones. I was fine. It’s another way for big pharma to make money. Those guidelines are in place so we don’t bring diseases out of those countries. To have a badge of some thing in your daily life to show that you can enter a restaurant or a music venue is completely unconstitutional and totalitarian. I’m scared for all the people in this comment section that cannot see that. A very sad truth of where our country is headed, you all allow the media and government to mind control you and not look at the bigger picture or agenda as to why they are pushing a non FDA approved vaccine that is still on trial until 2023. Your one off yellow fever for your privileged African volunteer trip is incomparable to deciding whether Americans can go somewhere based on a vaccine. Also Texas is completely open and maskless with numbers declining. There are people who don’t consent to getting a vaccine that don’t make it political. Trevor Noah is adding to the divide. He should know better coming from a country with apartheid.
Steelhead Space Cadet
Steelhead Space Cadet 2 時間 前
Vaccine passports are just the patriot act evolving. Government and Corporate control of the population. Don’t be a bunch of boot lickers
Lu Wan Hong
Lu Wan Hong 2 時間 前
"China brought this pandemic to the rest of the world"? excuse me? I feel so offensive by what she said, no one wanted it to happen, neither do I as a Chinese.
Ninetta Flores
Ninetta Flores 2 時間 前
Hmmmm mark of the beast
Werder Bremen
Werder Bremen 3 時間 前
Go back to South Africa
Romel Madray
Romel Madray 4 時間 前
Trevor Noah- COMPLETE SELLOUT. Vaccine Passports really?
Gary Nelson
Gary Nelson 4 時間 前
Fox news to go live in china and realize that there's a big difference between their lifestyle and ours. When thess idiots start a civil war the first place I'm going is Fox News
Anand Rao
Anand Rao 6 時間 前
I am in India and let me tell the whole world - Mass vaccinations are going on here even when hundreds are dying or getting paralyzed within days of vaccination. The media is not covering any of it! We are hearing about real cases through family and friends across the country.
Sandshark 2
Sandshark 2 6 時間 前
When you’re vaccinated you’re already given a slip for your next vaccine. You already have a vaccine passport. No money, no restrictions, no harm. Just provide a special passport for those medically unable to get a passport by their doctors, and suddenly it’s a non-issue
Mark Anthony Tavaries
Mark Anthony Tavaries 7 時間 前
From daywalker to this, wow we have lost you brother Noah we literally lost you
Antonio G
Antonio G 7 時間 前
This reminds me of the movie Demolition Man. All of us who won't take their Vaccine and submit to their ideology will be forced to live underground at some point.
Caro Onuki
Caro Onuki 10 時間 前
Trevor noah, sell-out and puppet of the status quo. I'm truly shocked. Never expected 💔
H S 11 時間 前
Oh my... The Americans Here in Malaysia, we have a single app for screening ourselves prior to entering a building. It also updates us of daily Covid-19 cases in the country with the breakdown for cases in every state. And you know what, we have the "VP" too embedded in it. I have received both my Pfizer vaccine shots and I am certified as a receiver of the 2 doses. As the pandemic progresses, I just shake my head looking at the Americans and their leaders, esp. the ousted one - Trump.
luz martinez
luz martinez 11 時間 前
3:40 I thought she was talking about racism.
brandon word
brandon word 12 時間 前
They could use the data to track social migration from childhood vaccination to covid like were are they now 😉but really whats the piont of the new system why not just add it to the list of vaccines already required just saying
Patrick Ryan
Patrick Ryan 12 時間 前
Yay! Forced vaccinations for everyone!!!
DRL Dexter
DRL Dexter 13 時間 前
Is it just me or the audio in the last videos from this channel is pretty low?
Zoe Veto
Zoe Veto 13 時間 前
I don’t think vaccines are bad what I don’t like is how quickly this came out .. it seems to soon for it to be safe
somethingsomething thingy
somethingsomething thingy 8 時間 前
That's because the vaccines weren't new, they are edited versions of older Sars vaccines
Nkululeko Mthethwa
Nkululeko Mthethwa 13 時間 前
Question 🙋🏿‍♂️ if someone is not vaccinated then that person will be sick. If you are vaccinated you wont get sick. Why are people being deprived their rights to get sick? Lets take the vaccines and go back to normal. Whoever doesn’t take it they will get sick it shouldn’t be non of our business.
Biden Blows
Biden Blows 14 時間 前
Just wear a star on your clothes. Worked for Nazis should work for you.
berlygirl123 15 時間 前
What if you want to drive from state to state? How about the people coming into this country illegally? How does this work?
Melody 15 時間 前
I don’t even understand how these people can be reporters. They don’t even know how to use the proper terms🙄.
Jeff Houghtaling
Jeff Houghtaling 15 時間 前
Let's try and keep track of people that shouldn't be in our country before we try and track, control behaviors, limit, discriminate, and criminalize Americans for trying to fo to the grocery store
brutalx xghost
brutalx xghost 16 時間 前
Bill gates not a doctor!
Debra Kocis
Debra Kocis 17 時間 前
You're NOT immune. Fauci said that himself! They don't know if the 'vaccine' prevents transmission!
m 17 時間 前
You have to be fully vaccinated to immigrate to the US. Anyone propose we change that?
TheShawn Palmer
TheShawn Palmer 17 時間 前
But u can have the vaccine and still give/get covid even with the vaccine 😐
Daniel Prusak
Daniel Prusak 17 時間 前
Vaccine passport to enter the store=good thing. Mandatory ID to vote= racist.
Slippy Slip
Slippy Slip 18 時間 前
Passport Something trevor knows about, But having an id to vote, is racist. Trevor is a racist shill. Notice, he doesn't live in a "black" area. The only word he doesn't want to hear when it relates to a black, is "neighbor "
lawren mckenna
lawren mckenna 19 時間 前
The passports violate freedom of movement and also health privacy laws. Not to mention the millions of people who have shunned smartphones....(I write this on a computer...)
Rena Fagel
Rena Fagel 19 時間 前
This is going to be a thing. Because I'm telling you, I will feel comfortable going into a restaurant or a theater or a bar or nightclub or any place where you linger indoors only if the business demands its patrons show verified proof of vaccination. I'm not alone in this, and if you agree you should declare this on social media as well. Businesses are private entities. You're constitutional rights really don't apply. They can decide what's best for their bottom line and their business. And many are going to decide that people with money are avoiding going into their establishments until and unless they tighten up and require verified proof of vaccination. Capitalism, right? It's so funny to watch these supposedly pro-business people twist themselves into knots over Delta and Coca-Cola and the MLB and others in Georgia withdraw their support for Georgia's ridiculously prohibitive voting legislation, and now suddenly they want to tell businesses that they can't demand vaccine passports? The whole world is f****** upside down.
Abram Carroll
Abram Carroll 19 時間 前
When it was announced that 70% of the people dying were black, republicans joined forces with Corona virus. They don't want masks or vaccines, because they want it to spread.
MrBonniesdaddy 20 時間 前
I'm all pro legislation that keeps us safe from covid19. But what if someone is naturally immune to covid19 and is afraid of all these life threatening side effects and simply don't want to get the vaccine in thier bodies?
MrBonniesdaddy 18 時間 前
@Tia Marie side effects could lead to more serious conditions and it has. More data is needed for the vaccines, that's all I'm saying.
Tia Marie
Tia Marie 19 時間 前
@MrBonniesdaddy also check your research again, I could only find 5 deaths, 3 wrongfully linked to vaccine, 1 was a straight up lie, 1 did die (x-ray technician)
Tia Marie
Tia Marie 19 時間 前
@MrBonniesdaddy so how many people have DIED from the disease vs. people that have died from the vaccine?
MrBonniesdaddy 19 時間 前
@Tia Marie in California alone, there have been around 10 deaths and hundreds of serious side effects from the vaccine in two weeks. I think there should be more data on the folks experience serious life threatening side effects. 35 million folks here, there must be a high number of unreported cases of side effects.
Tia Marie
Tia Marie 19 時間 前
A) how would you know if you were naturally immune? Catching it & surviving it is not "natural immunity." B) please take a list of actual (experienced, recorded, & people died from them) side effects & long lasting effects of getting covid-19, and put it next to the list of POSSIBLE side effects from the vaccine. Then make a decision. I can personally tell you all I got was a headache and I have anaphylaxis.
Philly Tobes
Philly Tobes 20 時間 前
Vaccine passports are an infringement on the liberty of the American citizen
Daniel Rocha
Daniel Rocha 20 時間 前
vaccination will protect you, but how long? what about those that have perfect immune system and beat coronavirus.
John M
John M 20 時間 前
With all due respect im a democrat i voted for biden but im not doing this whole Vaccine passport im not in favor for it if you have vaccine why should you be worried about someone whos not you protected feels really unamerican not free will
Noel hrr
Noel hrr 18 時間 前
Careful now they don't want you thinking for yourself..
Krystal Paddock
Krystal Paddock 21 時間 前
you are downplaying this
Emiko Loveluck
Emiko Loveluck 21 時間 前
I like the bracelet idea. Maybe we could actually do that hand microchip thing they are all worried about. I heard Europe is doing it
Noel hrr
Noel hrr 4 時間 前
@Emiko Loveluck I hope u know I was being sarcastic. The whole time... now i dont know if u
Emiko Loveluck
Emiko Loveluck 11 時間 前
@Noel hrr I'm not spreading anything. These discussions are taking place everywhere. I'm just talkin about it in a new light. Minus all the fear and rebellion. It makes a lot of sense why they want to do that there is a positive way to look at everything
Noel hrr
Noel hrr 11 時間 前
@Emiko Loveluck stop spreading conspiracy as it seems that they just keep becoming real..🤫
Emiko Loveluck
Emiko Loveluck 12 時間 前
@Noel hrr we don't want these people armed if they are going to refuse. We need a gun grab we need martial law security and we need some legislative changes to identify these Patriots as domestic toerreists. There is no waiting. We are working around d the clock you just don't know the plan
Noel hrr
Noel hrr 13 時間 前
@Emiko Loveluck I really don't know what they are waiting for.. They just need to announce it. Pretty sure everyone would love the idea just as everyone loves these vaccine passports. 😅
Quinton nunya
Quinton nunya 21 時間 前
Wait the vaccine gives immunity to covid 19 now?
Quinton nunya
Quinton nunya 4 時間 前
@Tia Marie so why did they just say that?
Noel hrr
Noel hrr 18 時間 前
@Tia Marie sound like the propaganda they sell you everyday.. Sheeep alert.
Tia Marie
Tia Marie 19 時間 前
No that's not how vaccines work. They prevent you from DYING from the virus. And if you do get it, your immune system will attack it faster, thus helping prevent further mutations.
Jordan Butt
Jordan Butt 22 時間 前
So the same people who say a business can’t be forced to serve homosexuals are now saying that a business can be forced to serve the unvaccinated...
David Traub
David Traub 22 時間 前
And there's still no such thing as an assault rifle Trevor dear. Anti gun nitwits as usual with their bilge.
j p
j p 22 時間 前
Since when do businesses care if their customers are vaccinated or not?
Jerry Morath
Jerry Morath 22 時間 前
Hello thur.
Dimi Domo
Dimi Domo 日 前
The Right wing treats vaccine passports like the Star of David arm bands during the 1930-40's and its wrong, but you can't deny that vaccinations are looked down upon by minorities in the US which they have every right to be skeptical due to historic events that happened to them due to authorities pushing their agenda on them, this vaccination passport may create a new type of arpatheid, where instead of necessities, discrete expenses may be limited to those without one. Now that would be unconstitutional. But so was slavery and no one lifted a finger against it for 300 years.
Γιωργος Μιμικος
Γιωργος Μιμικος 日 前
It is not just USA. In Europe, a percentage also oppose these passports because they do not want to get the vaccine or because they think they are being stigmatized and monitored. There will always be people all over the world who think that the world revolves around them and they will always find irrational reasons to oppose an idea they can not process even if the idea comes from experts (doctors etc.) We just have to find out to live with these people among us. Think, that if they did not exist, there would be no one to show us that there is an absurd and opposite side of people and events. It would be boring and monotonous :p
Young Suit
Young Suit 日 前
I can't wait for these fox news people to show up at a protest for having identifying characteristics with their drivers license that says if they have eye deficiencies.
Tom San
Tom San 日 前
Keep up the Kabuki theatre.No $15 hr ,300 less on unemployment,no health care on a crisis, no student debt forgiveness, the dems voted against them self on a must pass bill, keep thinking there's a difference between both parties.3rd party please.
meme 日 前
*You need a covid passport to travel* Republicans: REEEEEEEEEEEEE AUTHORITARIANISM! *You need a covid passport to vote in neighborhoods with high number of minorities* Republicans: NOW we are talking 👈🤠👈
Jonathon Blackburn
Jonathon Blackburn 日 前
. If L
Elijah Merritt
Elijah Merritt 日 前
But can we stop prosecuting non violent "crime", and hold law and "justice" officials accountable for morality? Can the government be transparent and honest?.. no? then ft system
Victor Carlisle
Victor Carlisle 日 前
Idiocy at its best
RMPsumma 日 前
We already have CDC cards showing vaccinations. This is unnecessary at best. New axiom: If Dems want something, look out!
Noor A.A
Noor A.A 日 前
In saudi arabia it's great We have a government app with all our information and it has the health status on it + vaccine passport It also shows if someone has covid or have been in contact with a positive case, and they will not be allowed inside stores to prevent the spread
Chemist 日 前
In saudi arabia it's great? lol ok, oil money is nice yeah
christon clarke
christon clarke 日 前
I can’t fly home to see my family ! Sounds like I’m being forced when you take away perks I use to have.
Old man from OC
Old man from OC 日 前
Fox done flipped their cookies! What a sad joke they are!
Griffin Muiznieks
Griffin Muiznieks 日 前
Just wait until they find out about real passports
Aminath Effi
Aminath Effi 日 前
Why are they "Fox news" still saying China brought the disease to this world. There is no evidence that the disease actually came from China.
Chemist 日 前
There is evidence, but you'd have to look for it. The CCP would never allow it to be official or investigate it properly in the first place.
Mark Trued
Mark Trued 日 前
To some its a passport verifying vaccination. To others it's proof that they didn't participate in stopping a pandemic.
ericmeyer303 日 前
If the vaccine works, why do we need proof we have been vaccinated?
RDB Audio
RDB Audio 日 前
Fox News is a televised comment section.
Plo8monster 日 前
Pretty easy to see how people will be asking to be chipped for security and convenience. What could possibly go wrong? As long as it is profitable, it will happen. Resistance is futile! Here is my point. The founding fathers said we would eventually surrender our rights in the guise of security. (and that we would deserve neither) And it never happened. We were too smart and too disciplined to ever allow it. But add-in convenience as a factor and it changes everything. When I was a child necessity was the mother of invention. But in the 70's it changed and fast. Convenience became the new mother of invention. Change accelerated and here we are. COVID accelerated change that was already gaining speed. This whole decade has been one 30 second sound bite away from dystopia Can we innovate faster than we can devastate and decimate? Probably not, especially if it requires a consensus. We have been divided and we have met the enemy. It is us. I have seen the cold shoulder of inhumanity and sometimes it was mine.
communism is garbage
communism is garbage 日 前
New rule if your for vaccination passports then you can't be against voter id 🤷‍♀️
Loretta Fuentes
Loretta Fuentes 日 前
I got mine 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️
Loretta Fuentes
Loretta Fuentes 7 時間 前
@Mark Meadows Get your vaccine and shush.
Mark Meadows
Mark Meadows 9 時間 前
Stop virtue signalling.
J S 日 前
Will the vaccine passport also affect insurance or hospital treatment especially if the unvaccinated get COVID? Also why is this video marked as a fundraiser?
SepDawg 日 前
"Shows us ur papers"
Yi An Ko
Yi An Ko 日 前
I am just gonna answer the question before I watch the video: because Fox News hate everything that makes sense.
JJVater 日 前
Definitely shouldn’t have to do this, never had to do it for anything else
Dannie Sweeper
Dannie Sweeper 日 前
The news is crazy....... I’d rather watch you Noah....... I have sympathy for all sides but the vaccine passport is totally normal and understandable.
sparklejuice 日 前
Fox news is a great channel to teach synonyms to a middle school English class. The hyperbole, similes, metaphor... it's a veritable goldmine of superlatives.
Royal Victoria
Royal Victoria 日 前
in austria we literally have a vaccine-pass where you can log all of your vaccines!! it's actually really useful bc u know when you got which vaccine and when you have to refresh them xD the US is something else
Kri 日 前
Nice video but the audio is terrible
Ewura Akua
Ewura Akua 日 前
Fox News the place of opposites
HStalhane 日 前
The only problem I see is that it seems unfair that I have to pay to give away information to a company that then sells it for profit. But that's capitalism, those with enough money to set up an infrastructure will get richer while those with worse finances get poorer. The american way.
ju551e 日 前
ok here's something no one commenting has thought about "we don’t even know if vaccine passports would help to solve our biggest problem: stopping the spread of the virus. We don’t know how long immunity lasts. We don’t know to what extent vaccines reduce transmission, or by how much, or whether this varies depending on which vaccine we’ve had."
Sean Dees
Sean Dees 日 前
The CDC has had a vaccine passport forever. I have one tucked into my passport. It is bright yellow and has a record of all my vaccinations, where and when they were administered, etc.
Minat Yayah
Minat Yayah 日 前
Fox News and KKK = PURE AMERICAN BIGOTRY . Plus BOTH equally causes serious HARM and Damage .
Z H M 日 前
Using covid19 to destroy the world economy is disgusting and this vaccine saga is tiresome & exhausting too many mixed messages.
Lorna Nunez
Lorna Nunez 日 前
Yes! welcome to the world of been chip, and the only ppl that are going to ask for proof, is NOT white people.
Yo La
Yo La 日 前
As a german I feel offended. They should open a history book once in a while. Especially because we won't all be vaccinated in the near future
Joseph Bridges
Joseph Bridges 日 前
I'm scetchy about the vaccine passport. That's starting to go to far
Simon Says
Simon Says 日 前
Trevor is beyond useless and harmful. I also love that Jon Stewart was so moved by 9/11 as to fight for years to guarantee payments to families who lost loved ones and who suffered immense medical bills following the attack, but here Trevor sits proudly displaying a book by Ta-Nehisi Coates, a man who called 9/11 victims and first-responders non-human because “something, something, white supremacy.” Way to be the biggest tool in the toolbox, dude!
Bright Sanctuary
Bright Sanctuary 日 前
So a biusnesses can refuse lgbt but cant refuse an anti-vaxxer Just saying wonder who's really doing more harm for the people around them
Nels 日 前
For equity consideration: Just print a QR code and make it laminated like an ID. Then the QR code opens up the full digital passport.
michael michael
michael michael 日 前
Dom-pass all over again
Mark Scott
Mark Scott 日 前
Isn't ham made from Hamsters?
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 日 前
It should alarm you that we are headed toward a society where you will need to offer up unlimited access to your veins in exchange for permission to live a normal life.
nrok113 日 前
Obviously, we should just put rfid microchips into people to prove they got the vaccine. I'm sure everybody will be fine with that
Windona 日 前
"discriminating people based on biological characteristics" so you're pro trans rights right? And I used to think most anti-vaxxers were granola alt-medicine type
Jesse Sutton
Jesse Sutton 日 前
Dear Trevor, you are a smart man. Can you PLEASE tell me why you think you are IMMUNE to covid because you have had the vaccine? Who said this? It’s definitely not on the cdc website. The vaccine was rolled out in order to help minimize people’s symptomatic response to the SARS COV 2 virus. Therefore, potentially reducing hospitalization. Reducing the spread has not been proven as of yet. We have yet to see if that is the case. The vaccine is a personal choice, and it seems more like a popular rumor that is going around that we know it will prevent the spread or make you immune Immune response is very individual and where is the test that shows proof of actual immunity? Having a passport saying I’ve been vaccinated does not prove that immunity has been achieved, nor how long that potential immunity would last. Look on the CDC website please, I have not found this promise anywhere besides “we don’t know yet”
Trainwhrek 日 前
Oh trevor you shill
Julia Ward
Julia Ward 日 前
Considering how much 🇺🇸 loves bringing up nazis 🤔 i feel like some people should definitely read up on what they actually did 🤨😜
Disciple Of Hassle
Disciple Of Hassle 日 前
I would not pull out of you.
Rose Smith
Rose Smith 日 前
Voila! It can pass for a voters ID too! One problem ✅
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