Florida’s Toxic Pond, New Corporate Taxes & Yahoo Answers’s Demise |The Daily Social Distancing Show

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4 日 前

A toxic wastewater pond surrounded by radioactive material is about to collapse in Florida, President Biden’s Treasury Secretary wants a global corporate tax rate, and Yahoo Answers shuts down after 16 years. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Florida
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Exile Burns
Exile Burns 18 時間 前
Florida water at it again
mc st
mc st 18 時間 前
How do you even make the walls radioactive?!
Sibyl B
Sibyl B 19 時間 前
Thankfully, when the Volcanic Mountain on Cabo Verde slides into the ocean, Florida will be swallowed by the 100 Meter Wall Of Water five hours later.
Hamry Asad
Hamry Asad 21 時間 前
Why do I have to hear about this just when it’s about to shutdown
Daniel Hanga
Daniel Hanga 22 時間 前
I’m bummed about Yahoo answers, tons of homework help
John Matacola
John Matacola 22 時間 前
gee, another toxic waste pond...who owns this one? the epa? Like in Durango co.? containment wall was accidentally ruptured (The EPA's wall around owner's pond, not the owner's) while trying to build higher due to catastrophic flooding & all blamed epa, or taxpayers...not the llc owners. they were allowed to bail
Dale 22 時間 前
Wow...reason 694 why florida sux cockenbalz.
Lorna Nunez
Lorna Nunez 日 前
Grandma's never wrong. I'll take old ladies any time , over a old man.
NiNi J
NiNi J 日 前
Like who relied on Yahoo answers for the truth? I accidentally happened on that site a time or 2, but it was so full of lies that I knew never to go there in purpose...
YouTube Moderator
YouTube Moderator 日 前
Won't gender choice and erasing borders fix this?
Carson Sauers
Carson Sauers 日 前
Thank you for reporting on my home's nature threatened. We have manatee.
Yutaka Go
Yutaka Go 日 前
The Global corporate tax is not a practical idea. Even country like India have same tax rate as USA, corporations will still prefer to pay tax at India because the India currency is lower value than US$. I used to post answer at Yahoo Answer for people asking "How to remove malware in their PC ?"
Don Robertson
Don Robertson 日 前
If corporations were taxed properly we could all be wearing new nikes, even our bums
Victoria Coderre
Victoria Coderre 日 前
Humans are the problem and we don't even care that we are a problem destroying the world as all the animals die around us and all the plants overheat and die and wither away just keep smiling
Solus Lux Anima
Solus Lux Anima 日 前
"Do you think humans will ever be able to walk on the sun?" Probably. Just wait until it's winter when it's cold enough to do it.
nephone 日 前
The taxes thing sounds great. I will never understand why these companies avoid taxes at all cost. They CAN afford it. What difference does it make to them to pay at least something?
boss 日 前
Why wouldn't these companies pay taxes? Whose idea was that! Government be looking like they don't know what they're doing
Sara Danhoff
Sara Danhoff 日 前
Economic violence justifies physical self defense. Nobody's woke till the nightmare ends.
melorg o'molox
melorg o'molox 日 前
hating on floridians is classism imo- hating the politicans that pocket profit and starve poor people- thats the real florida man. uncanny trump is lurching down there also im from west palm beach and would like to say that not everyone from florida is an imbecile! its a culturally diverse place in the south
Joshua Rosen
Joshua Rosen 日 前
Wasn’t the yahoo founder a immgrant so why would allow hate towards your self it’s suicidal
Chelle3918 日 前
TMNT -- Turtle power 🐢
Julia Ward
Julia Ward 日 前
With everything we dumped in the ocean, by “accident” or to make it “go away”, it’s incredible we’re not extinct already for poisoning everything around us🙄
James 日 前
So Cuomo guess we forgot that he killed almost 2000 people by locking the elderly in there nursing homes🤔🤔 so not the puppet has filled by another one lol
James 日 前
Come on trevor get a new writer
garry weinberg
garry weinberg 日 前
Toxic waste is in White House.
garry weinberg
garry weinberg 日 前
Think positive, a hurricane hasn’t hit at the same time.
Ingrid Grattidge
Ingrid Grattidge 日 前
Years ago the toxic water went into the river. Now it’s the bay. ENOUGH!!!!
HeyokeXD *
HeyokeXD * 日 前
Random Yahoo Answers question.... How do you remove oily face? The face serves many necessary functions and you should not try to remove it no matter how oily it is.
Mike Le
Mike Le 日 前
the simpsons
daanish dan
daanish dan 日 前
They are working with G 20 countries - that doesn't include Cayman islands and Ireland. Ergo the plan is as dead as Florida
TJ Michael
TJ Michael 2 日 前
The duck did I drink yesterday. How am I still drun
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan 2 日 前
The eager trade physically please because plane seasonally lock including a relieved industry. jittery, possible wool
Filip Portman
Filip Portman 2 日 前
Yeah a free market Capitalist profit over everything RepubliKKKan state I'm not surprised.
John Music
John Music 2 日 前
Florida a preview of America with DouchSantis as president
Chris Eo
Chris Eo 2 日 前
The seashell is a funny one. Shell companies anyone?
HenryManson 2 日 前
oooh noo yahoo answers will die on my birthday 🤭
Twilight Gardens presentations
Twilight Gardens presentations 2 日 前
Global minimum tax? National minimum wage? Functional maximum wage?
Rama Murthi
Rama Murthi 2 日 前
Just make sure that mare el lagoe gets the bulk of the waste
Susan Nial
Susan Nial 2 日 前
No corporation that pays no taxes should receive any federal contracts, benefits, direct or indirect subsidies . It’s time. I sick of carrying corporations!
R H 2 日 前
i see what ya did with the 'shell corporations' thing lol
Mark O'Helm
Mark O'Helm 2 日 前
Question for Yahoo answers: Why are you shutting down on Star Wars day?
missykaiyay 2 日 前
Florida already is a toxic waste of mutant people
J L 2 日 前
And yet another reason to NOT live in Florida...
Professional Foamsmith
Professional Foamsmith 2 日 前
Anybody else think of The Simpsons?
Julia Set
Julia Set 2 日 前
People can already walk on the Sun. You just have to do it at night, Duh.
Tanya Wade
Tanya Wade 2 日 前
WHY are they pumping waste water into water that’s (or was) uncontaminated?! WTH?! They are ridiculously EVIL! Worse than any movie villain ever🤦🏽‍♀️.
Shawna Marie
Shawna Marie 2 日 前
R. Minnis
R. Minnis 2 日 前
Noah= pure leftist brainwash material
Careless Dreamer
Careless Dreamer 2 日 前
so corporations having been paying taxes, and florida is being florida. gotta wonder what these people in power do with all that money. like, sure, they can buy fancy cars, and go on vacations, and live in expensive houses, but what do they actually get out of it? do they even have beliefs? do they care about their souls at all? i know they don't care about the souls of others, clearly.
beate zackey
beate zackey 2 日 前
what a disaster
Rachel Hollar
Rachel Hollar 2 日 前
And I will now refer to my state as "everything that didn't make it in a hot dog." #ItsAlwaysFlorida 😆😆😆
PointingOutObvious 2 日 前
Desantis: We need to take measures to stop the toxic waste pond from spilling into the environment. (Then proceeds to pump 10 millions gallons of toxic waste per day from the pond into the environment)
averagejoe455 2 日 前
Wait, what is My Brother, My Brother, and Me going to do with no Yahoo Answers???
37Dionysos 2 日 前
"We hate the government! End Fed regulation!" (Enter major toxic flood.) Help, help! Where's the government when you need it?"
dajamm yabbay
dajamm yabbay 2 日 前
Biden: let's build a wall around Florida, and Florida gonna pay for it
riqa systems
riqa systems 2 日 前
R. Joy Helvie
R. Joy Helvie 2 日 前
RIP "how is prangent formed"
L. Graves
L. Graves 2 日 前
🤣 Trevor you know you want to live here!
Mae Gary
Mae Gary 2 日 前
It's only going to work if they close the loopholes in the Tax law's that make it possible for them to avoid paying taxes in the first place.
Gábor Králik
Gábor Králik 2 日 前
The constitution of the United Corporations of America starts with 'We the corporations'.
cannibalbananas 2 日 前
Yahoo Answers is now Quora - same function
Kweli Walker
Kweli Walker 2 日 前
Toxic Wastewater Reservoir Collapse? Is that considered ... mmm ... infrastructure? Hmmmm?
Toxic pond? Or your toxic propaganda?
Petitio Principii
Petitio Principii 2 日 前
Google reader was THE internet.
Tana Darko
Tana Darko 2 日 前
I love this show SO MUCH in the social distance format I might be a little bit sad when it goes back to normal...
Isabel Castillo
Isabel Castillo 2 日 前
The Simpsons movie much😅😲
Stefon 2 日 前
Cayman hear! 🙋🏽‍♂️
The Frugal Videogamer
The Frugal Videogamer 2 日 前
You missed the single most famous Yahoo! Answers question - "How is babby formed? How girl get pragnent?"
hydrolife tech
hydrolife tech 2 日 前
Quora smothered Yahoo Answers
R Hos
R Hos 2 日 前
Wait. Florida has it all in water already, and didn't just make a giant death pool? I mean, it'd be expensive, but it'd be less dangerous than radioactive alligators.
Denny Bailey
Denny Bailey 2 日 前
Florida calling for governor desantis to resign
Denny Bailey
Denny Bailey 2 日 前
Governor desantis cover up of toxic water.
Naima Jamal
Naima Jamal 3 日 前
No Yahoo Answers? What is Griffin gonna do now?
ronkirk50 3 日 前
As if there haven't been enough toxic algae blooms yet, wait till they see the results of dumping millions of gallons of toxic, eutrophying, radioactive waste water into the bay. The GQP has gutted the Superfund Law so now corporations can again pollute, declare bankruptcy, and leave taxpayers to clean up their toxic mess. That is exactly what happened with these toxic waste ponds.
lily boone
lily boone 3 日 前
So gross 🤢
Steve Soo
Steve Soo 3 日 前
1:19 Reboots are all the rage these days.
Robert Platt
Robert Platt 3 日 前
Phosphate rock is used for fertilizer, so if you want super-cheap food, this stuff happens. Of course, a ton of the fertilizer is wasted in runoff and is causing algal blooms in the Gulf of Mexico so bonus!
Mr Kassis
Mr Kassis 3 日 前
Matt Gaetz already has the same shape head as a super mutant from fallout.
Marcea Susanna Becerras
Marcea Susanna Becerras 3 日 前
Because it's Flor I "duh"
Peggy Asprey
Peggy Asprey 3 日 前
Floridians have the worst carbon footprints. Thanks is especially ironic because they are on the frontline for hurricane and sea-level rise.
Findyification 3 日 前
ehm.... great choice from america 😂 just dump it
David s.
David s. 3 日 前
They always talk about the damage to the enviroment as if radioactive material only killed animals or as if contaminated water on the ocean was somehow not going to affect fisheries or beaches.
MrHan 3 日 前
Florida Alligators + Radioactive Water = Godzilla. Just sayin...
coolboykev1 3 日 前
They just understood that there should be a global corporate tax law?
Callsign Starbuck Viper Dragon
Callsign Starbuck Viper Dragon 3 日 前
How is babby formed? How girl get pragnent?
Max Rona
Max Rona 3 日 前
Praying for MBMBAM in this difficult time
Jillian Martin
Jillian Martin 3 日 前
dont worry yahoo, we have reddit.
DeAnn S
DeAnn S 3 日 前
Retired Hogwarts Professor! You are so funny. Loved it.
Pedro Pinheiro Augusto
Pedro Pinheiro Augusto 3 日 前
Minimum tax rate: best tax idea ever.
Alison Watkins
Alison Watkins 3 日 前
When the water, plants and animals are all toxic, humans can not eat money.
B Dobroth
B Dobroth 3 日 前
Wow! Unionizing the Global Tax Rate?? So Robin Hood-esque. Better stop this now, how will we live without corruption?
Mariam R.
Mariam R. 3 日 前
Zombie apocalypse is next, 🤦🏻‍♀️
TheCurlsCrazy 3 日 前
why are here not more comments about the global tax? that is a really big deal!
Advasity33 3 日 前
5:28 who knew you would be able to make me spit coffee over my laptop
Baron Warborn
Baron Warborn 3 日 前
But when can we walk on the sun!!??!!!
StarTrekReference 3 日 前
But without Yahoo answers where will I go to find out how babby is formed or how girl get pregnant?
Sumaiya Binte Emaz
Sumaiya Binte Emaz 3 日 前
Now you guys would face what 3rd world countries face on a daily basis, that should put things into perspective.
Anthony Pompliano
Anthony Pompliano 3 日 前
Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.
Jayden Tim
Jayden Tim 3 日 前
Trading crypto now will be very wise but trading without a professional is not advisable
Johanna Grunewald
Johanna Grunewald 3 日 前
Thanks for his contact info I'll get to him right away
Katja Braun
Katja Braun 3 日 前
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Katja Braun
Katja Braun 3 日 前
@Plubio Sisneros Arévalo Here is WhatsApp contact 👇
Plubio Sisneros Arévalo
Plubio Sisneros Arévalo 3 日 前
@Katja Braun ‌how do I contact Michael Lewiston
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore 3 日 前
Floridaman will get powers
Jessica Anderson
Jessica Anderson 3 日 前
state so toxic its overflowing
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