How to Talk to Racist Family Members During The Holidays | The Daily Show

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27 日 前

Need help talking to your racist family members this Christmas? Desi Lydic gets some tips from expert Dr. David Campt. #DailyShow #DesiLydic #Throwback
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Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas 時間 前
I yelled "Scrap! Throw a punch!" when they started arguing
Amutalingam Barkeylow
Amutalingam Barkeylow 時間 前
The last will be one autocracy freedom as long no killing for the sake of differences ... leads by all eyes looking one another (to make sure all be ok not quarrel like small kids asking for breastfeeding) and refer if case no settle/lead by the most top leader as an example.
Melanie Williams
Melanie Williams 2 時間 前
as an official Black person lol
D Shep
D Shep 4 時間 前
I like that 🤣🤣😎😎
Refined Queen
Refined Queen 5 時間 前
Internet Safety
Internet Safety 7 時間 前
is that the home alone house i swear around like 3:20
Samyukta Saklani
Samyukta Saklani 8 時間 前
That girl in the black is so cute
Dominique McQueen
Dominique McQueen 8 時間 前
I wonder how he would measure his outrage for Kap against that (in any) of the terrorists that stormed the Capitol
Amber Pants
Amber Pants 9 時間 前
Wow just like my house
Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan 12 時間 前
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m3gakurv4 18 時間 前
Anybody knows where to get that lit black santa sweater?
anthony Phung
anthony Phung 19 時間 前
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Linny Crocus
Linny Crocus 19 時間 前
"I may be white on the outside but on the inside-" "No, no no no" Lmao
lockgam 21 時間 前
wish i knew how much of that was real if any.
STYLES2482 23 時間 前
Meiyo Hirata
Meiyo Hirata 23 時間 前
She's so cringe... ruining the show
Amy Russon
Amy Russon 日 前
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Gracetessa Benefield
Gracetessa Benefield 日 前
Why are people who give a shit about skin so stupid?.. Like seriously? Why do they care so much about something totally pointless. I mean skin really? you'r education system must have sucked that bad that you had to go inventing problems about skin colours to learn about. 😂😂
Jarrell Williams
Jarrell Williams 日 前
Desi Lydic is adorable. This was a good social experiment.
orlanino 日 前
I want that sweater!!!
F Scott
F Scott 日 前
She's Adorable ....and Spot-On.
Tuomas94 日 前
Only white countries have racist majority hating-shows like this going on 24/7.That is because only white countries have globalists Who own all the media and use it to destroy majority.
Ethan Farris
Ethan Farris 日 前
I have been a man my whole life... Ive never been "scared" of social injustice for being a man. Only rapist say that
alexander mcqueen
alexander mcqueen 日 前
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Emma Vrijburg
Emma Vrijburg 2 日 前
"Jesus was white" Im sorry, its too late for this woman maybe theres hope for the children💀💀💀💀
Nydia Pardinas
Nydia Pardinas 2 日 前
Racists are not welcomed inbreeding is toxic and breeds freaks in great frquency, genepool diversity is desireable.
Meg Escobar
Meg Escobar 2 日 前
The look on her face at the very end!! 🤣🤣
Mellow 2 日 前
This is sort of dumb. I wanted to hear what that guy had to say and this woman is making stupid jokes that aren't even funny. Try again, Daily Show.
nahin miah
nahin miah 2 日 前
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Tube Fun
Tube Fun 2 日 前
The real reason why Trump voters voted for Donald Trump isn't because of economic anxiety, it's because they love his racism! If only there were a vaccine for racism, because talking about it isn't enough!
Susu 2 日 前
Wasn't jesus an aramaean?
6100GG 2 日 前
In the classroom, I was waiting for them to scream, SHUT UP. ROF. 2021....We know kneeling to a flag never put someone in the hospital.
Bring Me The Chemical Sirens
Bring Me The Chemical Sirens 2 日 前
The embarrassed comic molecularly comb because shock cytomorphologically bolt after a dependent female. safe, madly tsunami
Mariah C. Crawley
Mariah C. Crawley 2 日 前
Evan Gunthner
Evan Gunthner 2 日 前
This is..... mindlessly stupid.
Jay 2 日 前
“He’s dead now?” “Yes.” “That’s good.” SCREAMINGGGG 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂
donny russell
donny russell 3 日 前
No such thing as a middle east! That's a geographical political term made up by the British! If so where is the middle north , the middle south and the middle west? There are no geographical terms like that! Israel is north east Africa! And Jesus was from the tribe of Judah his nationality was Hebrew Israelite! And in the book of Daniel and in the book of revelation Jesus is described as having hair like wool and skin like burned brass! The word burned is past -tense! If you burned ANYTHING what color is it? BLACK! FYI the anicent hebrews of the Bible are also DARK skin! ....go read
Alberto Jimenez
Alberto Jimenez 3 日 前
His face at the end lmao
kurt widmer
kurt widmer 3 日 前
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A J 3 日 前
Scrolled down to comments, but couldn't find it. So, um, where are their masks?
duckiedx 3 日 前
Crocs with socks 🤣😂🤣😂
Matamba 3 日 前
This videos made me compare racism amongst White folks with exorcism.
No1 Is Above God
No1 Is Above God 3 日 前
She said "thats good his grandfather is not around"
IK Light
IK Light 3 日 前
So racism in the coloured community doesn't exist? I a system function is being diagnosed and fixed I think it's important to treat the problem across the board. Why split it into racism by race? the segregation will not solve the problem only increase divisiveness, open minded and mixed demographic dialog on the issue can lead to better communication and understanding across social lines.
Omgitsjoetime T
Omgitsjoetime T 3 日 前
Trevor is time that you went back to Africa...
Das gehört M.I.R.
Das gehört M.I.R. 3 日 前
Does this exist for homophobic relatives?
Galeng Ness
Galeng Ness 3 日 前
The family would be fun to watch disagreeing on a TV show 😁. They should have a reality TV show.
ricardo corminal
ricardo corminal 3 日 前
Racist normally live in a bubble world. They're usually not exposed to other culture other than theirs.. Most of them haven't even travelled to the next town or state or country.. Their life experiences is also shallow. Its a pity really, the world has so much to offer.. People, culture, food atc etc.. Racist should be handled carefully as often they're violent mindless ignorant fools and stupid.. Can you really argue with stupid.. Some racist blames everyone else except themselves.. And the funniest of all is the conspiracy nut jobs who will believe in anything and everything without evidence..
Tarreemha Caruso
Tarreemha Caruso 3 日 前
ROTFLLL. Wonder how Grandpa likes Kap NOW 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Take_it_ EEZZ
Take_it_ EEZZ 4 日 前
It’s crazy how black ppl lives in everyone’s head rent free 😅
m n
m n 4 日 前
What a ugly start... I actually have been in a family dinner with racists people (some members of my girlfriend family). Sure they said stupid things on the subject, but as much as it is normal to try to calm them down on the issue, rejecting your family is stupid... as for the racist granpa, yeah, not cool, but saying "good thing he is dead" is disgusting... Fighting hate with hate huh?
Shia Tapia
Shia Tapia 4 日 前
This girl is crazy!! 😭😭😭😭
Anna Kwon
Anna Kwon 4 日 前
"So what are some things that white people tend to do wrong.." "Oh!" "Sure--" "Crocs with socks." *pause* "Crocs with socks are, in fact, bad..." *ded*
Jason Beary
Jason Beary 4 日 前
Making white urban liberals feel better about themselves. "I'm good. I took a class!"
Photo Hope
Photo Hope 4 日 前
🤣 Please vist my family
Freddy Lugo
Freddy Lugo 4 日 前
kinda cringe
Ratweechsausi Stanglwirt
Ratweechsausi Stanglwirt 4 日 前
Desi Lydic is a very funny comedyenne 😃
Samantha Sexton
Samantha Sexton 4 日 前
This guy reminds me of Chidi lol "What does that even mean?"
David Evans
David Evans 日 前
Stan the good place!!
Dave Torres
Dave Torres 4 日 前
You humiliated Granpapa , did you see his humilated face .
Miss Edits
Miss Edits 4 日 前
I once asked my family to refrain from using the n word cause it makes me feel uncomfortable. I did it in a mature manner and was insulted by everyone. Like damn your entire identity really relies on being racists, huh Kyle?
KJ from OC Podcast
KJ from OC Podcast 4 日 前
How come we don't know her name?
SeasideDetective2 4 日 前
If the grandfather had truly been racist, wouldn't he have cheered AGAINST them?
Lucas EASTMAN 3 日 前
The point is that the n word is not an appropriate word for referring to African Americans.
rippletea 4 日 前
3:50 that grandma ain’t wrong, but that doesn’t mean he was white.
Kyle Roy
Kyle Roy 4 日 前
the girls not that funny tho
Vorshack 4 日 前
Well this was a bit cringe.
zBijs 5 日 前
was this filmed ,like in another planet , or century , where there is no covid ?
Oliver Farfan
Oliver Farfan 5 日 前
Lauren "Maga cop killer" Boabert was sent to the capital to inform the location of N. Pelosi.
Omar Quintanilla
Omar Quintanilla 5 日 前
This was tooo funny!!!
JTheTeach 5 日 前
Dr. Campt must be taking years off his life with this job.
Deen 5 日 前
the grandpas face when desi said he was did all 4 steps at once
Bruno Garutti
Bruno Garutti 5 日 前
4:49 Me every time I need to socialize.
Christopher Dickerson
Christopher Dickerson 5 日 前
This is very interesting. How diverse families are in America. No wonder why this is where we at smh... And the wo.en asking the questions needs help because i don't find her jokes and acting funny at all🙇
djpome932 5 日 前
She is hilarious. Her, Jon, Roy and the black chick are hilarious.
Luis Santos
Luis Santos 5 日 前
You can tell this video is old because no-one's wearing masks.
Chandler Strang
Chandler Strang 5 日 前
Ah shit, I’m wearing crocs with socks right now but I promise I’m not racist it’s just my around the house shoes.
Nola Rolla
Nola Rolla 5 日 前
That was Rude for her to say good when the guy said his Grandfather died. Racist or not that's just wrong to say.
The Other Side
The Other Side 5 日 前
*You can't argue with everyone. Some will reject all logic and evidence and stick with their illogical beliefs.*
stop the crazyness
stop the crazyness 6 日 前
sorry people but honestly that was just stupid and just not funny at all... daily show could have kept that one ..since john left the show it has not been funny
Shawn Cudjoe
Shawn Cudjoe 6 日 前
This was a " what the fuck!" moment.
White people deserve a break
David Miller
David Miller 6 日 前
I 86d my MAGA family, simple and effective
Adriana ospina
Adriana ospina 6 日 前
White people wisperer?lol
Tia Clarke
Tia Clarke 6 日 前
Best vid ever! 😂
cthomasv AZ
cthomasv AZ 6 日 前
I was waiting for a little girl to come out and play "Hello" by Adele.
Candace Delgado
Candace Delgado 6 日 前
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Peninah Koigi
Peninah Koigi 6 日 前
Deron Daniels
Deron Daniels 6 日 前
Racist ppl are the pettiest ppl
Peter Carri
Peter Carri 6 日 前
😄 😄 that was great!
Reggae Marley
Reggae Marley 6 日 前
"As an official black person." LMFAO
Raymond Silva
Raymond Silva 6 日 前
Racist people: I hate when black people peacefully protest by kneeling. Also racist people: I hate when black people peacefully protest in the streets demanding justice
Gina Porter
Gina Porter 7 日 前
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The child With no Life
The child With no Life 7 日 前
I kinda love how people only think cis straight white people vote for trump.
Hope AnnoysMe
Hope AnnoysMe 7 日 前
This is so refreshing
Palesa 7 日 前
"As an official black person" 😂😂
rcpmac 7 日 前
I don’t talk to them
Joan Wood
Joan Wood 8 日 前
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I maybe white on the outside but the inside.....No No No No No
Ashley Taylor
Ashley Taylor 8 日 前
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Hunter Fielder
Hunter Fielder 8 日 前
This is hilarious
Willie Holmes
Willie Holmes 8 日 前
“The White People Whisperer”!=😂😂😂😂
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