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28 日 前

Russians can’t drink alcohol while taking the vaccine, the U.S. starts rolling out doses, and Tom Cruise is NOT playing around. Here are this week’s coronavirus updates. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #coronavirus
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viki valov
viki valov 8 日 前
Tom Crise Shoude Be Fire
viki valov
viki valov 8 日 前
good morrning vacsine is poison
viki valov
viki valov 8 日 前
you are a shp
viki valov
viki valov 8 日 前
the vacsine is def don't wear masks thay kill stop been ship
Hansford Owusu
Hansford Owusu 9 日 前
You do very good voice acting
TJ29 18 日 前
Thats why here in South Africa its jokes 😂
Micheal :THE EVIL HERO 18 日 前
If We had to do forced exercise for not wearing a mask here in the USA We won't be on the list for the highest obesity levels in the world 😅
combat medic
combat medic 18 日 前
They're using Bluetooth technology? Whats the range on Bluetooth 😆I'm pretty sure she meant GPS
chandani patil
chandani patil 19 日 前
I am proud of Indian Police!
All American Patriot
All American Patriot 19 日 前
My orange haired pet Fox Donald searching for evidence of election fraud:
EmperorEmerald 19 日 前
The political strategy is obvious and devious. The bigger the mess Trump leaves behind after his presidency, the more difficult the next presidency will be. Leaving behind pitfalls sets up your opponent for failure, which you can then point out those failures during the next election. This is a strategy that can readily backfire, for if your opponent succeeds and overcomes these pitfalls, they look like a superhero in the public eye.
Taliesin 20 日 前
And we (Europe) have the vaccine free from our governments.
Sheila Williams
Sheila Williams 20 日 前
Trump and his Russian friend not taking the shot, we should worry and find out what’s going on with theses shots!
Mike O'McIrishguy
Mike O'McIrishguy 20 日 前
One America News Network - NTD News - Breitbart - Sky News Australia - News Max - Project Veritas - The Gateway Pundit - The Liberty Daily!!!..
Nino Mangano
Nino Mangano 20 日 前
After this clip, I've no more doubts about the "ATTENTION ALL PASSENGERS!" bit from trevor's stand up
Gcina Mthembu
Gcina Mthembu 21 日 前
Why do you hate Trump with such a passion?
Jennifer Catherine G
Jennifer Catherine G 21 日 前
here in Italy the rules are way stronger than in the us and we are defenetly more civil about it.... yep americans good job
P Toom
P Toom 21 日 前
Wait isn't Tom Cruise a Scientologist? He doesn't believe in medicine or science or doctors, so if he gets C-19, isn't it God's will or some other mad man rant? Makes you go hummm🤔
Marglar 22 日 前
-80C Trevah
Jack Nack
Jack Nack 23 日 前
Tom Cruise totally wrong. 2 wrongs don't
Shaun david
Shaun david 23 日 前
I thought Tom Cruise cant catch anything or even die as hes at the top of the scientology bridge and is super human now??? :)
Rukiya Rukiya
Rukiya Rukiya 23 日 前 Daily current affairs
Prince Luke
Prince Luke 24 日 前
Is the vaccine ok was trump right??? Just playing DA
Lisa Milsom
Lisa Milsom 24 日 前
Pretty good generic English old lady impression!
yesu aragukunda
yesu aragukunda 24 日 前
Hector Chan
Hector Chan 24 日 前
@Trevor, in Panamá you will get a fine or jail time, people not wearing a mask does not understand the danger they are putting everyone around them, it has impressed me that any government has implemented stronger laws regarding this matter, it is basically a murder/manslaghter attempt against whoever is taking all the necessary precautions in order to preserve their lives.
Karina S
Karina S 24 日 前
Capricorn Reading For Any Zodiac Signs
Gentilly Girl
Gentilly Girl 24 日 前
That man just can't do ANYTHING right. Push and push to get them rush through a vaccine, and then opt out of getting enough for the entire country. What an ASSHOLE.
Olga Rhodes
Olga Rhodes 24 日 前
😷 👍 💉
Common sense is not common
Common sense is not common 25 日 前
Damn the last time I watched your vids were around February
Gerard Benoit
Gerard Benoit 25 日 前
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george foreman
george foreman 25 日 前
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Ezalela JENKAA
Ezalela JENKAA 25 日 前
Dear Trevor, I hope you will read that message. First of all, I would like to thank you for your brilliance. Your interventions on US politics made me laugh out loud so many times. But because you are intelligent with your heart and with your brain, you must know that Governments do not necessarily have in mind their citizen best interest. You know it well, because you was born in South Africa, and today you are living in USA. These counrties are the best example to sustain my claim. Because you have been raised by marvelous women, you also know Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the Apocalpyse. Because you are talented your show reach everyday thousands of people. Because you are a humble, you know that you can make errors. So consider that maybe you made an error regarding the Covid-19 plandemic and vaccine. Just consider it and consider the consequences of your words telling people they are stupid or complotist if they don't take that Covid-19 seriously. If you are right, then it's no big deal. But If you are wrong, consider the impact you'll have on so much lives. I just encourage you to click on the link below, it is the official website of US government. After that if you are still sure that Covid-19 is no PLANdemy, I don't know what to do to convince you that we are arrived in THOSE TIMES. If you need more information on the vaccine itself, I made a quick study that revealed it contains Hexane and Azane, Butane. I didn't translate it yet (I'm french). I love you with all my heart blessed man who made me laugh out loud! Be safe.
Ezalela JENKAA
Ezalela JENKAA 25 日 前
If you are still doubting that COVID-19 is a PLANdemy, please check the link below, it has the mark of the beast written all over it : This act has been made in order to Test, Reach, Contact Everyone and it is labelled TRACE act....which also means Mark Act, or Track act. Now stand firm on your position and refuse the mark of the beast. Yes, this is Those Times Please share with the maximum!!
Murphy harri
Murphy harri 25 日 前
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Marisa Ishmael
Marisa Ishmael 25 日 前
TIA Baby! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ... where is my mask I don't want to get screamed at.
Nuances !!!
Nuances !!! 25 日 前
Soooo on a side note what happened to Mexico paying for the wall %? 🤔
Cashandra Mara
Cashandra Mara 25 日 前
No Trevor. That cop scene wasn't in SA.
Vikramjit Singh Sahaye
Vikramjit Singh Sahaye 25 日 前
Haha. (Forced) Public exercise was a funny event that went viral in the early days of Covid in India. However, now (In New Delhi) they instantly penalize with a ticket (Fine) of Rs. 2000 (USD 30 approx) per instance. I'm poorer by that already :D
Jenny Sack
Jenny Sack 25 日 前
Anyone else waiting for Trevor to get a haircut? His hair reminds me of a Chia Pet. He looks so handsome with shorter hair and no facial hair.
Maureen Peng
Maureen Peng 24 日 前
He looks like my son after he moved out the house.....a hot mess lol, but I still love him
Lily 25 日 前
1:00 why do i hear 100 mil. but see 200 mil.?....
Joh M
Joh M 25 日 前
Dude is 5ft 6 being that 😠 is the same as a lion cub trying to roar.
MISA International
MISA International 25 日 前
Plot twist he goes with Moderna cause they charge less 😂
the vindictive
the vindictive 25 日 前
Think the administration is keeping open for the Moderna vaccine and also other manufacturers. Never knew I would ever support Trump, but this deal for 50mill, makes sense.
gtartufo 25 日 前
Trevor Noah is without doubt one of the internet’s Best presenter/Host/pundit/comedian/ talents there is.
NIYONZIMA Emmanuel 25 日 前
In Rwanda we have to wear mask every where to prevent COVID19 spreading. Thank you Trevor, I love you so much.
Xihungasi Nkwinika
Xihungasi Nkwinika 25 日 前
Hi Trevor. Love you loads..but lol when are you getting a haircut?
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 25 日 前
Personal hygiene items to the homeless
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 25 日 前
Providing total Intruder butter pecan to disenfranchise donate
Wolfsbane Slayer
Wolfsbane Slayer 25 日 前
Yall gone get rona from the reign deer
Ozzy Bejarano
Ozzy Bejarano 25 日 前
If I’m honest our Pandemic protocol is so laid back compared to other countries. It’s more of an annoyance than a complete potential public ruin or financial obligation for not meeting the Covid protocol. Like literally we as Americans take things to heart and are so entitled. It’s what happens when “Have it your way” worked an entitled mindset to millions here.
Sutana Tyree
Sutana Tyree 25 日 前
I think, after the frontline workers and elderly, the next in line should be the people who do not wear masks. I realize that it sounds unfair to those of us who are responsible, but I think it would be a good move in controlling the spread.
preciousbriify 25 日 前
Ryan Calogero
Ryan Calogero 25 日 前
PC master race.
Ryan March
Ryan March 25 日 前
OMG I just realised how bad 2020 has been. By tearing up over the W.H.O.s Santa press conference. Will someone pllleeeaaase never a fast forward button and get us through this cluster fuck of a year? Thanks!
M Martinez
M Martinez 26 日 前
That’s not how the vaccine works. You need both shots to be immune and that doesn’t stop you from being contagious to non-vaccinated people. So they still recommend social distancing and masks until you have both shots and have enough of the population are vaccinated.
Iiesha Williams
Iiesha Williams 26 日 前
Santa Claus with out a mask lol
jim catalfamo
jim catalfamo 26 日 前
Trevor WTF are you talking about. Biden has already taken the vaccine. If he is to be the leader of the country maybe he should have gave his vaccine to a 90-year-old American woman. Will bind has so many faults or stories he has forgotten the women and children first rule. Biden took his vaccine Trump didn't.
XX X 26 日 前
Anti-intelligence is the problem
Precious Lebotsa
Precious Lebotsa 26 日 前
Ohhh South Africa😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Abdi Einte
Abdi Einte 26 日 前
I wouldn't take this VACCINE due to i can't trust it.
Egalitarius 26 日 前
Glad Trump is no longer our President but that only means Biden has to not F up as badly as Trump which shouldn't be too hard
Raghu Vamshi
Raghu Vamshi 26 日 前
World : lockdown due to 2nd and 3rd waves, cases are increasing, death toll is raising. India: what?! Corona still exists?!
Nia Pgn
Nia Pgn 26 日 前
Yeah Trump is a failure of life at every tiren but Pfizer and all those other companies can go to hell for not distributing the vaccine unless they can bank off it
Vanessa Johnson
Vanessa Johnson 26 日 前
Vanessa Johnson
Vanessa Johnson 26 日 前
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 26 日 前
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How does Trevor manage to do different accents so well? Amazing!!!
Eric Huffman
Eric Huffman 26 日 前
Thank u Tom
Becki545 26 日 前
Haha! I love that the police rather than the store clerks are taking people on. Is that a Dutch influence?
4lliz in Wonderland
4lliz in Wonderland 26 日 前
J TheSlickGamer
J TheSlickGamer 26 日 前
Remember when he said when some scientist came out with an 86% effective vaccine he was like "Kill yourself, you 86% bastard." Not sure he would say that to Sinovac
Susan Holliday
Susan Holliday 26 日 前
B vp
Jason Hastings
Jason Hastings 26 日 前
Tom Cruise angry sounds like Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder lol
Aseged Woldeselassie
Aseged Woldeselassie 26 日 前
'Frozen wasteland!'...... so offensive, what's the difference between you saying frozen wasteland and Trump saying shitholes?
BlitzKrieg 26 日 前
Because he was literally talking about frozen wasteland. Do you not know geography?
Vince White
Vince White 26 日 前
Laura Martin
Laura Martin 26 日 前
Legal threat from Smartmatic prompts Fox News to refute its own claims of voter fraud shown on 12-18-20 -"Lou Dobbs Tonight"/ 12-19-20 "Justice with Judge Jeanine"/ and 12/20/20 "Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo". Of course, Fox shows taped interview with Eddie Perez (from the non-partisan Palo Alto-based Open Source Election Technology Institute) at the very end of "Justice with Judges Jeanine" and "Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo". Found video online of the segment on the "Justice..." Fox show but I could locate no video segments of "Morning Futures..." which show the full program--longest video I found cuts off at 37:00 and the Perez interview starts after that ( I WOULD LOVE TO SEE TREVOR NOAH PLAY ALL THREE CLIPS FROM THOSE 3 FOX PROGRAMS, IF YOU CAN LOCATE THEM. I'm sure Fox would prefer these segments remain very hard to find or buried.
Jose Valle
Jose Valle 26 日 前
Trevor is crazy funny!!!!
Black Butterfly
Black Butterfly 26 日 前
We Liberians call those squats that they’re punishing citizens of India for not wearing masks ( pump tire)...when your ma say pump know you not walking good the next day...I use to cry....cause I felt the soreness before the whole thing started....
Lyle Lydick
Lyle Lydick 26 日 前
Love it great show kept it up
Desmond Ofasi
Desmond Ofasi 26 日 前
1:39 caught me off guard 😂
David Hammons
David Hammons 26 日 前
I dispise Tom Cruise. I dispise anyone that think's yelling and screaming and treating people that way makes sense. The yelling suggests that he believes he intimidating people and then he adds in the part about how they'll be fired if they break the rule which is the only reason anyone should care. He makes the appearance they're all intimidated by him when the truth is they just don't want to lose their jobs. I bet all of them were like we should leave and then remembered they needed the job. Screw that guy, all he had to do was say it.
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 26 日 前
Simra Jamal
Simra Jamal 26 日 前
"COVID is real. The next president and VP are real." Just your daily dose of common sense by me. 👍🏼
tracy tee
tracy tee 26 日 前
Tom is panicking he might die. oh no, then how can he sae the world thru Scientology and original stunts? he is so essential. let him continue his gay rant.
tracy tee
tracy tee 26 日 前
Trevor, your Trump hatred is so gay :P you chocolate soy boy.
Aykin Cakaloz
Aykin Cakaloz 26 日 前
Old video. Please don't reupload stuff and call it "this week" or "news" IT IS MISLEADING
polemius01 26 日 前
It's always funny when Cruise tries to act hetero.
Dil Kumar
Dil Kumar 26 日 前
17th century- United kingdom 21st century- fucking kingdom
Dil Kumar
Dil Kumar 26 日 前
Studying online and giving #exams offline are like Playing PUBG! and getting a #ARMY JOB
Nathan Bramall
Nathan Bramall 26 日 前
I will never give you another family to destroy, so you can't harm my children.
Night Crawler Hikes
Night Crawler Hikes 26 日 前
Cops just beat a man to death at Stater bros for buying cookies without a mask on. American Cops are the worst creatures on Earth
Gaara of the FUNk!
Gaara of the FUNk! 26 日 前
Great... now kids will be trying to go into the malls to get their picture with Santa, since “he’s safe” 🤦🏻‍♀️’ I’m with Tom.
Tessy 26 日 前
This is the most Rwandan thing I’ve ever heard, so proud 😂
Pier Paolo Bonaguidi
Pier Paolo Bonaguidi 26 日 前
Is this the race of the future wanted by the Zionist elites?
shireen Ibdah
shireen Ibdah 26 日 前
Well set up as punishment is better than a fine of 100 dollars like here.
Tom Jr
Tom Jr 26 日 前
During the lockdown, the police used sticks to beat up people who did not wear a mask in India...
Ojos Media
Ojos Media 26 日 前
Trevor Noah likes to talk shit about people defending the right to own guns in America , but he never talks about how black people got to obtain equal rights in South Africa . It was not just Mandela asking for it. it was guns and explosives that pressure the government to end apartheid....the more I listen to him the more I understand he is a tool for propaganda that probably just read pre written jokes like a parrot .
Jared Z
Jared Z 26 日 前
Open small business quit being fearful of weak ass Covid virus
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