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11 日 前

No one does conspiracy theories like the United States. Here’s a look at the biggest and best, from Jeffrey Epstein to Qanon. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #ConspiracyTheory
00:00 - Where Did Coronavirus Really Come From?
6:56 - QAnon: Prophecy or Hoax?
17:47 - Is 5G Safe?
24:27 - Who Killed Jeffery Epstein?
30:28 - Was the 2020 Election Stolen?
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Rolin Maiz
Rolin Maiz 時間 前
Why did he shave the fro? Im Sad.
Paul 4
Paul 4 2 時間 前
"Possums are dogs w/o makeup!"
steve castleberry
steve castleberry 2 時間 前
patrick childs
patrick childs 10 時間 前
Conspiracy believers just demonstrates that we have a real mental health crisis
A Pim
A Pim 13 時間 前
Dont trust the media
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez 13 時間 前
Briant Daniel
Briant Daniel 15 時間 前
It came from China, Trevor.... common knowledge
Myrtle Jones
Myrtle Jones 20 時間 前
Chi Gal777
Chi Gal777 22 時間 前
Love the Ruth Bader Ginsburg part!!!! "PRIORITIES ".....LOL....LOL....BUT REALLY!!!
john lyon
john lyon 日 前
Epstein did not die, he was killed. He would've flipped on lots of powerful people. Suspicious.
Peggy Campbell
Peggy Campbell 日 前
Amen brother
peytongonavy 日 前
5G e.... "and let's put the e right next to the battery on the side it drains into. Instant Camo."
Maria Marie
Maria Marie 日 前 this article really explains what could have happened. It really makes you think when you realize how everyone reacted. It means white supremacist gop republicans still are who they are, the trump administration did not act quickly enough, while the vaccine industry seems to have, and yet still here we all are; the virus is still around, racism and voter blockages still need to be fought like they are a virus.... It just totally revealed who and what has been going on...and a lot of healing still needs to take place and can take place now.
Jonathan Dobson
Jonathan Dobson 日 前
I remember catching Mambo No. 5 about the same time the Y2K bug was threatening the world.
Cade Britt
Cade Britt 日 前
Funny you almost got me
Nicole Huff
Nicole Huff 日 前
This video is a prime example of why Trevor Noah is my celebrity crush. 😂
Eye Sight
Eye Sight 日 前
Why did you cut your hair bro?
Aaron Pierdon
Aaron Pierdon 日 前
It used to be a computer virus but after seeing your show it jumped into the first thing it could find... someone's deep breath when they finally pressed the pause button.
P M 日 前
Uh, I guess you don't know Japan is already running at 7G now. We are playing catch up y'all. We are 4G, Japan is 7G , China is 5G. Wake up!!!
mark paul
mark paul 日 前
Lolz the irony...trevor talking about conspiracy theories
Spiceybooger Spiceybooger
Spiceybooger Spiceybooger 日 前
I don't know who any of you people are, but I didn't want to be part of this group chat. I felt that and same except I know who they are but still don't want any part of the group chats I get dragged into....I am looking directly at my family.
Pasaes Ballard
Pasaes Ballard 日 前
I know I can goggle it but what is S cargo probably pronounce it wrong
Mary W Kipp
Mary W Kipp 2 日 前
Go back to South Africa and quit trying to think you know american culture
AshErika Michaela
AshErika Michaela 2 日 前
I have a 5G phone and breathe just fine. Even (gasp) with a mask. How shocking. 😂🤣
Multi Mason
Multi Mason 2 日 前
Didn't matter what you believe. Fact is this is transparent social engineering. Think what he rubber stamps as socially acceptable. You've been primed to have statistically predictable emotional responses so talking heads on tv can play on them to manipulate you.
happybeejv 2 日 前
Neanderthals: short stock hairy humanoids from ancient europe that lived in caves dwarves: short stock hairy humanoids from ancient europe that lived in caves snow white and the seven neanderthals
happybeejv 2 日 前
the earth isn't flat or hollow its actually an air pocket and its outer space that is the solid part, the universe is an endless spongy rock
happybeejv 2 日 前
the loch ness monster is a ghost thats why he only shows up in photographs
Davey Jones
Davey Jones 2 日 前
In my opinion it would be better to have inmates watch others on suicide watch because of course they're not going to get some murderer they do have trustees who are obviously other inmates that would know what they're going through talk to them and maybe help them out a little versus guards who could care less
D Bueno
D Bueno 2 日 前
80085 🤣🤣
Tiffany Ledbetter
Tiffany Ledbetter 2 日 前
I love your humor trevor😂😂😂😂😂
Marc T
Marc T 2 日 前
Have you wondered why most of these conspiracies are about the left? Because the far right are dumb enough to believe anything.
Thomas83KO 2 日 前
Just figured something out... As soon Trevor talks about conspiracy Theories, he wears something deep red! 😆
Singularity 2 日 前
Funny thing about corona virus "conspiracy" theories is, like the WHO officials recently put - no theory is out of consideration. You certainly can't trust a word that comes out of China and enough tests haven't been done to trace the virus thanks to interference from Chinese govt.
Maxine West
Maxine West 2 日 前
I think some conspiracy theory some are truth, sometimes their a lot of cover up going on
Mikey Ross
Mikey Ross 2 日 前
lol downplaying valid theories. This is the Trevor I know
Marc T
Marc T 2 日 前
SuRyeon An
SuRyeon An 2 日 前
trump is not a politician. he's a business man. trying to open the trade with the rest of the world. his family will trade in Asia and Africa. biden is beyond rascism. he devides people in rich and poor, while waging war on the rest of the world.
Marc T
Marc T 2 日 前
Business men do not bankrupt casinos
SuRyeon An
SuRyeon An 2 日 前
nope...from the U.S. fort Detrick. whole dna string has been found in the mill. lab.
Wakeupeople bla
Wakeupeople bla 2 日 前
LOL people watch this?
Shes IT
Shes IT 2 日 前
And I'll say it again, auto-play, Trevor Noah is not funny.
hunterkiller1440 2 日 前
Weird thing is, Wuhan is very well educated and they are not known for eating bush meat, they eat carbs based diet usually revolving steamed buns with typical pork meat. It's the south that usually have Bush meat. Meanwhile, Wuhan is the top biotech research in China.
Tech Sound
Tech Sound 2 日 前
I love you thank you for always cracking me ip
Lou Bega
Luna 2 日 前
Let’s be honest here, if covid was actually because of 5G internet then wouldn’t you rather die because of fast internet than a slow connection? I definitely don’t mind having fast internet during my last few days!
Michael Maus
Michael Maus 2 日 前
Go back to Europe.
patrick childs
patrick childs 10 時間 前
@Bella I think he meant it
Bella 日 前
Please say this is a joke...
Game Invention
Game Invention 2 日 前
Cue the laughs, Noah. Lead the cattle over the cliff. You can do it.
Efrain Rodriguez
Efrain Rodriguez 2 日 前
Maybe if they didn't keep secret island's where they touch kids, we wouldn't need Q
Steve McRae Manager
Steve McRae Manager 2 日 前
Q was around and debunked long before Trump. We knew where it came from and who was behind it. And who is behind it now.
Spiritual Gazi
Spiritual Gazi 2 日 前
fine i don't believe in those theories neither do i believe in corona do you know why? because belief creates your reality i dont want it . thank you. got much better stuff to believe in.
Remember your future
Remember your future 2 日 前
I really think they’re trying to get rid of the old people💯 Too many collecting social security 🤔
Nathan Biro
Nathan Biro 3 日 前
The faded bolt demographically bolt because snow enthrallingly drip past a scary tie. hilarious, hard europe
andrea sanchez
andrea sanchez 3 日 前
your hair is gone!!! no!!!!! keep it growing as big as you can!!!!
airkami 3 日 前
People using the blood of children to help prevent themselves from aging--oh wait, silicon valley openly embraces this "break through" science.
AshErika Michaela
AshErika Michaela 日 前
@Bella You're welcome! 😁
Bella 日 前
@AshErika Michaela THANK YOU
AshErika Michaela
AshErika Michaela 2 日 前
@airkami Oh, that. That's in reference to stem cells, not blood, last I checked. Stem cells are mostly found in one's bone marrow rather than the bloodstream. As I understand it, they're trying to reverse and prevent the effects of things like Alzheimer's and dementia. Having lost my grandma to a particularly nasty form of dementia and finding signs of it in my mom, I'd like to see that research continue. This would have no effect on the young. Even if they were to use actual blood, which is unlikely given the relatively small return, I donate frequently. It's hardly an arduous process, even for someone with anemia like myself. Ps. Btw, maybe don't go by news articles for your understanding of scientific knowledge. Check the sources and the research papers. 🙂 Much more informative and less sensationalized.
airkami 2 日 前
@AshErika Michaela There is a newsweek article and the "scientists" want to go from mice to humans so they can be rich or make the world a better place--if you believe them. the blood from young mice had seemingly miraculous restorative effects on the brains of elderly mice
AshErika Michaela
AshErika Michaela 2 日 前
Talitha Kehoe
Talitha Kehoe 3 日 前
You absolute fool!
nadjjo 3 日 前
Am I the only Arab watching this thinking Qanon means law??
M R W 3 日 前
5 guys = 5 G. And I'm done for the day 🤣🤣🤣🤣
coco Boo
coco Boo 3 日 前
5g is bull my phone is slower than it was before
coco Boo
coco Boo 3 日 前
Your paranoid trevor
Chriss Choreo
Chriss Choreo 3 日 前
It's the "Who dies the most anyway??" For me 😂😂😂😂
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo 3 日 前
Mi Hyoun Lee
Mi Hyoun Lee 3 日 前
Mi Hyoun Lee
Mi Hyoun Lee 3 日 前
Finally you got a haircut!
Mi Hyoun Lee
Mi Hyoun Lee 3 日 前
Luke ArchAngel
Luke ArchAngel 3 日 前
Get off my stream you mooch!
Raymond Smallze
Raymond Smallze 3 日 前
Killa Clintons
Raymond Smallze
Raymond Smallze 3 日 前
Gangs the highest bidder
Raymond Smallze
Raymond Smallze 3 日 前
Cause he'll make the dust that kills one blow
Raymond Smallze
Raymond Smallze 3 日 前
So lets get putin ,,cheat an split it
Raymond Smallze
Raymond Smallze 3 日 前
Trev u da funniest f***er
Raymond Smallze
Raymond Smallze 3 日 前
I wanna b a dasher
Raymond Smallze
Raymond Smallze 3 日 前
Did the stimulus 5 get approved?
Raymond Smallze
Raymond Smallze 3 日 前
Q is in bacon an most variant that sounds intelligent
onyxmoxon 3 日 前
White Collage professor made a deal spies from China and they paid him small money but when he got arrested they gave him just a million dollars for bail!! And took his passport like that would stopped him from bailing!!
Lukas Gebhardt
Lukas Gebhardt 3 日 前
In Germany we have like 6 Cities with 5G and still some people lose their mind
Sabin Figaro
Sabin Figaro 3 日 前
RIP Ruth
Pat Oxley
Pat Oxley 3 日 前
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 3 日 前
James Fredrick
James Fredrick 3 日 前
This reminds me of when African nations where saying ebola was made for the collection of human blood. Man Russian misinformation is powerful asf
Dawin Alexander
Dawin Alexander 3 日 前
What the f*ck did he just say? Did he just say tongue kiss our uber driver?😳
C E 3 日 前
C E 3 日 前
Mambo number 5🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Raccoon Little bear
Raccoon Little bear 3 日 前
So this is where the TDS junkies go for their "fix" ha!😜
Gillion 3 日 前
social media is the real virus
weslingm 3 日 前
The wuhan virus lab just a few blocks away from the wet market that worked mainly on corona viruses. That Fauchi awarded money to research "gain of function" for corona viruses.
Tom Weaver
Tom Weaver 3 日 前
I do appreciate how I am on the internet watching Trever Noah talking about people spending too much time on the Internet.
Physical Computing
Physical Computing 3 日 前
5G spread in places where they dont have it, like America.
CarrieBrooks 3 日 前
Trevor is clearly in on it😲
The Xtreamist
The Xtreamist 3 日 前
This guy Noah's a dope. He's trying to lump everyone who thinks there's more going on behind the scenes than we're told about, together. And he says this as if he doesn't understand that there are definitely real bad people plotting against the best interests of our country. Edit: I made my comment before he started pushing Huawei. Nvm, now I get his angle.
AshErika Michaela
AshErika Michaela 日 前
@The Xtreamist I know. 😒
The Xtreamist
The Xtreamist 日 前
@AshErika Michaela got that right.
AshErika Michaela
AshErika Michaela 2 日 前
Wow. 🤦‍♀️ Just... wow.
smartino85 3 日 前
I'd like to eat cake after the candles were blown out, hahaha...
Gary Jeffers
Gary Jeffers 3 日 前
Hard to believe that someone would say things like 5g absorbs oxygen in public. Even harder that anyone believes it!
Elizabeth Linton
Elizabeth Linton 3 日 前
Just because you're paranoid... Don't mean they're not after you... 😜
Star of The Show
Star of The Show 3 日 前
Why does YT keep pushing this d%$#head down my throat, I keep clicking don't recommend but this site has become too corporate.
Hall Effekt
Hall Effekt 3 日 前
The 5G + corona plot reminds me of a weak version of markers from dead space
Gail Becker
Gail Becker 3 日 前
Although I did not want to believe it, I could not help but think it was a possibility, especially after listening to two Chinese scientists (one died and the other one is missing) and a Chinese spy who escaped to Australia.
Joe Baker
Joe Baker 3 日 前
They truly are. Now they're going after the parents of the small children. For God's generation. They wanted to take us all out we care for everyone just look at Woodstock over half a million people together all colors all Creeds all Americans. No distinction and no violence at all. Not one incident of violence. You don't think the Republican white supremacist Nazis were scared to death after that but we're still alive, they tore us apart but they didn't tear apart what we stand for and we're back along with Christ eliminate all this evil and all this killing and destruction of everything he breathes life into all of his creations. We are back
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 3 日 前
The melted beauty disconcertingly want because lunchroom steadily retire until a rough tugboat. spotty, spicy hyena
Aaron Walker
Aaron Walker 4 日 前
WOW! THIS DUDE IS GONNA GET A RUDE AWAKENING. IF HE MAKES IT THAT FAR.. Yahshua the real christ is our only saviour from this mess.
Blue Sky
Blue Sky 4 日 前
Event 201, CladeX-funded by John Hopkins,Gates Foud, Big pharma. Began the same day as a military World Games in Wuhan China.1 mth before 1st outbreak...... all coincidence
Christine Rogers
Christine Rogers 4 日 前
Two great South African writers given to Trevor =brilliant!
The Fool
The Fool 4 日 前
You are the first person I've seen do a spot on Trump impression that didn't sound like a caricature. It legit sounded spot on lol.
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