How the Pandemic Drives More Women to Leave the Workforce | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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5 日 前

Desi Lydic investigates how the COVID-19 pandemic is disproportionately affecting working women. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DesiLydic
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Axel Daxel
Axel Daxel 時間 前
The problem with Republican attitudes is they think there's no historical precedent for childcare and women working. They think it's some kind of modern thing, but they don't look further back than Victorian times or they only look at white history. But people taking care of each other's kids and women having occupations is a very old practice.
Ssg8 時間 前
I just love everything that Desi does.... brilliant!
Captain Vimes
Captain Vimes 2 時間 前
Yep those blonde cis women with tv shows, they're really suffering. Especially when they're yelling at cashiers and baristas at 7am during a pandemic in public and nobody cares because they're women.
Blue Car
Blue Car 7 時間 前
If there is a gender pay gap, it makes sense that in a heterosexual couple, the wife would leave work rather than the husband. This video is more about how badly prepared the government was and how needed financial support for childcare is, rather than a argument that women are forced back home
BLR 13 時間 前
Oh man, I'm laughing and I'm crying ... as a working-from-home mom myself, this is all too relatable.
Rita Figueiredo
Rita Figueiredo 22 時間 前
I see this and just wanna cry. I feel every bit of exasperation at every kid interruption myself. This is the reason for the mass burnout mothers everywhere in the world.
suraj 2020
suraj 2020 22 時間 前
Why aren't you talking about stay at home dads? Shouldn't minorities be more focused upon?
sweety obhi
sweety obhi 23 時間 前
Wish our firms watch this video too!
Nandan Paralikar
Nandan Paralikar 日 前
Why don't the fathers step up?
bogdan78pop 日 前
2008 Great Recession........DATA.....!!! " Men lost far more jobs than women did, in the Great Recession-over 6.0 million jobs, or 8.5 percent of their total December 2007 employment, compared to women who lost 2.7 million jobs, or 3.5 percent "......nobody cried at that time ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now they do..!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olivia Lam
Olivia Lam 日 前
The spiderman costume thing literally happened to me few weeks ago on zoom, except I had 2 boys in full Spiderman and Miles Morales costumes "shooting webs" at me. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Desiree Espinosa
Desiree Espinosa 日 前
Thank you for speaking out on behalf of yourself and all of us
Erica DuBose
Erica DuBose 日 前
This hit me so hard I almost cried.
Rose Smith
Rose Smith 日 前
Well sadly we just can't leave them home with the guys all day.
G 日 前
I was sad that I am infertile and couldn’t have kids but now I am relived as I couldn’t have been this amazing and brave like moms who are sacrificing so much for their kids
Swift Swan
Swift Swan 日 前
Great segment!!
Beth Goodwin
Beth Goodwin 日 前
zizinnnn 日 前
ok but Desi's skin is 10/10. how does she do it ALL?
Heraclio Bernal
Heraclio Bernal 日 前
Blah blah blah, lazy bums
Heraclio Bernal
Heraclio Bernal 日 前
Why you crying?
Brian E
Brian E 2 日 前
Awesome 😁
SuperFlamethrower 2 日 前
I thought they added in background noise from kids but no, later you see the actual kid in the vid.
JC Benson
JC Benson 2 日 前
She is hilarious. She should have her own show.
g g
g g 2 日 前
I love my mom ❤️
memyselfandi3240 2 日 前
Newer stay at home dad here... 1st CRAZY respect to all the moms who have always done this!! 2nd: I JUST ASKED MY 4 y/o if he was hungry all the time CUZ HE KEEPS ASKING FOR SNACKS!!!!! 😂
Teresa Thayn
Teresa Thayn 2 日 前
This would be fixed if the men had to live this way! America is broken.
Jerrica Benton
Jerrica Benton 2 日 前
Let's be realistic: until the roles are reversed and men have to start staying home with the kids while the women are working, nothing will change. Most of the lawmakers and CEOs are men with stay-at-home wives taking care of everything, so it doesn't affect them at all. They don't know what it's like to need two incomes just to make ends meet and ensure your children have everything they need.
Humera 2 日 前
Why is childcare always associated with women where are the fathers
Xeik 2 日 前
I know this is meant to be funny and I started off laughing but this made me cry too. Really hit home!!
Sara Zenha
Sara Zenha 2 日 前
Desi is the best!
Melaneykk 2 日 前
This one made me understand that in crazy times crazy is ok. We don't criticize our meeting mates unless they expose themselves or do something I can not imagine.
Polymorphic Doombooger
Polymorphic Doombooger 2 日 前
Mother's are proof that magic exists- what they do is literally not possible, and yet they get it done. A moral and decent society would be elevating mothers and all women, not neglecting and penalizing them.
KB 2 日 前
Women are leaving jobs because they can. There is a man that will take care of her. It doesn't work the other way round.
Aiyana's Rainbow Bridge
Aiyana's Rainbow Bridge 2 日 前
😭😭😭 ninjagos
Tina Evans
Tina Evans 2 日 前
All day; everyday!!!
Astral Flux
Astral Flux 2 日 前
Whoa me and her have the same triangle 3 dot tattoo
Charles M
Charles M 2 日 前
Moms, we would not be here without them😊😉
TylerTron21 2 日 前
Interesting, I'm unemployed, three of my neighbors are unemployed, four of my wife's coworkers husband's are unemployed and incase the last one didn't make sense... They are all men. I actually do not know a woman who is unemployed in my small group of maybe 50 people.
Meriadec d'ar Faouet
Meriadec d'ar Faouet 2 日 前
Really funny and, I believe, effective way to talk about a real, serious problem. You're all quite brilliant at the Daily SD Show, but still I wasn't expecting this level of infotainment. Kudos!
Quinn Francis-Cummins
Quinn Francis-Cummins 3 日 前
The pandemic has reaffirmed my desire to remain child-free. Before the pandemic I was 50/50 on adopting a kid in the future, now there’s almost no way I’ll consider it. No thank you
Angel Troy
Angel Troy 3 日 前
The chief crush predominantly fasten because era additonally tour excluding a various design. lowly, colossal brother-in-law
LeoniejtePietje 3 日 前
"Yeah... art is important."
Max Power
Max Power 3 日 前
"...there were Ninjagos in there." Man, I love Desi
mikochild2 3 日 前
My department has made everything flexible for everyone. We have to attend meetings, but we can divide up our day however we choose as long as we get our work completed on time. I stop working during my daughter's classes, and I can take a moment to give her mommy time without being frustrated by "interruptions". I can also do a lot of my work after she is in bed. Because I can be available to her for much of the day, she isn't upset (most of the time) when I have moments when I can't give her attention. I know many jobs just die to the nature of the job can't accommodate that setup. As a single mother with a special needs child, I truly recognized how lucky I am in this situation.
Deborah Bethel
Deborah Bethel 3 日 前
The system is systematically killing the dreams of those at the helm of our fabric of our existence. Women/Procreation. Payment of child care services has been through the roof without regulation. Even child care centers are closed , parents still have to pay. Ridiculous stealing tactics. As mothers we know that child care is childcare. They make childcare into some magical world where you bring children. There are many retired people/ women who are very capable of giving childcare in the safest way, for a cheaper pay. They just want to help, but the system has stifled every which way and how they can do it.
Noonya Kaleka
Noonya Kaleka 3 日 前
We need to stop with this "they are losing their skills"...You don't lose your skills by taking a break, even for a year. Maybe you're not up-to-date on certain changes - but the "skills" have not been lost...
Fire Queen
Fire Queen 3 日 前
The ratio of females that lose their jobs first, or have to quit their jobs first, due to 'economic of social' changes has historically been something that needs to change in society at large! Access to childcare is important. As a single working mother in the usa, I couldn't have done without it. The system is systemically broken, and at a huge disadvantage towards females. Both in salary and promotion opportunities, as well as the people having to quit their jobs, or getting fired, due to economic or social changes, are usually disproportionately female.
Nefilum 3 日 前
That's just having one kid.
southern4comfort4real 3 日 前
That is problematic/embarrassing by suggesting that child care is women's burden alone. Fathers can/do/should help for #$!%& sake.
5%LowBattery 3 日 前
...a lot of companies don’t want to cut parents any further slack. And I think a lot of women are going to be reevaluating whether they’d be better off maybe taking a period out of the labor force. We’re going to see what happens as women choose to take time out, as they scale back their hours, as they get sidelined in their jobs. All of those things will mean they’re in a worse position in four and five years’ time than they would have been without the pandemic. We have an opportunity to avoid some of that damage. How do we do that? One, *we need men to step up and do more work at home.* If the amount of work has gotten bigger now that the kids are home, we need to balance the shares more. That way, employers will recognize that they have to cut parents slack if it’s not just the female parents, but all parents who need a bit more slack. And the other thing is public policy: I think we’re going to *need a set of tax incentives and other policies that encourage employers to hire back women who took time out of the labor force to deal with schools being closed.* We can shout 'the schools need to open' as much as we want. They’re not all going to open. So given that, what else do we do? I think we need to be providing emergency child care grants to make sure there’s child care in every community for workers who have to do in-person jobs. For lower-earning households, we could expand Head Start in a socially distanced way: If the high schools are closed, turn them all into Head Start rooms, and let’s provide care for smaller children. Let’s make sure that lower-income households have the care that they need, that people who must do in-person work have the care that they need, and then let’s do what we can to help reroute people back into the labor force as we get past this. We will get past this pandemic. But the work of recovering from it will not end just because we have a vaccine.
Swayslay 20
Swayslay 20 3 日 前
Ugh the kids 😓
Mr. X Flo
Mr. X Flo 3 日 前
What happened to Desi's face ? was this shot after a treatment of some sort ? eyebrows definitely different (not better) :| is everything all right?
minmin ngji
minmin ngji 3 日 前
But you choose to have kids knowing all this.
Lu Zeng
Lu Zeng 2 日 前
The choice was made pre pandemic for most of us.
Roya Ebrahim
Roya Ebrahim 3 日 前
Can anyone "really" answer why have children ? Really why
Tina B
Tina B 3 日 前
Tell your sons now to stop interrupting women when they're working. They will be better men later.
Mohd Ruzaini
Mohd Ruzaini 3 日 前
Majorly Cunningham
Majorly Cunningham 3 日 前
The assumption here is that women are being equated to mothers... while women CAN be mothers, increasingly women are either choosing not to have kids or postponing motherhood so this doesn’t apply to all women. I’ve been to Finland though and I do think the US would benefit from a generous childcare policy. It’s hard to say if that would move the needle back to average childbearing age to 28 years old. I really don’t know. Scandinavian countries have generous social programs but the women still choose to have 1 maybe 2 kids on average.
Alex Kaltenbach
Alex Kaltenbach 3 日 前
I feel so sorry for someone with a PhD having to deal with such terrible jokes. Yall writers need to watch more chappelle.
Alex Kaltenbach
Alex Kaltenbach 3 日 前
Also the unemployment rate is higher for males right now... This isn't a gendered issue why are you making it a gendered issue.
Geoff Trigger
Geoff Trigger 3 日 前
Highly paid Karen complaining! Ha! The next door babe gonna eat your lunch. I need institutional support, too! I'm crazy about you!
nina schust
nina schust 3 日 前
I really love this. I can relate.
Sing Song Sign
Sing Song Sign 3 日 前
Oh I looooooved this! So bang on in every way!
Settings Showroom
Settings Showroom 3 日 前
Exactly right.
lopaka holmberg
lopaka holmberg 3 日 前
Desi lydic has become one of my favorite segment talents of all time. Creativity while being stuck in a bubble is hard
Eko Jar
Eko Jar 3 日 前
How come Food and water isn't a Right?
Random Kindness
Random Kindness 3 日 前
she is just a treasure to put something like this together, in that scene where her assistant is trying to find the paper in her child is screaming... wasn't expecting that... made me laugh out loud
L. Real
L. Real 3 日 前
This country is soooooo far behind in everything! It's more like a third world country when it comes to taking care of its people, particularly women and people of color. Stop telling kids that America is the greatest country on earth. That is a lie. It is only great for the rich and the corporations (who pay no tax).
Sreenivas br
Sreenivas br 3 日 前
Nice one. However, you completely murdered the name of Darushana Muthulingam 😂 , Muthulingam, not Mathalingam.
Moe Reese
Moe Reese 3 日 前
White women in the US have been faithful oppressors of people of color- yet they want "equal" rights. If anyone deserves oppression, it is someone who brutally oppresses others while living with the pain of being oppressed- people like white women in America. They just didn't like their cut. #karmaisundefeated
A. D.
A. D. 3 日 前
The women like the ones in this video can simply live off their high-earning husband's salaries indefinitely. The rest of us have to go to work like everyone else - pandemic or not.
Noon Slayer2000
Noon Slayer2000 3 日 前
Man this b**** thought she was hilarious
ken ellis
ken ellis 3 日 前
Art is important 😂🤣😂
Shibin George
Shibin George 3 日 前
This video is quite deep! Also, 'Homilton'!
Lynn 3 日 前
A single mom who had to leave a career I worked very hard for. But I choose to put my child and her health first
Danny bhoy
Danny bhoy 3 日 前
She'll be forever thankful
S. M. Odion-Smith
S. M. Odion-Smith 3 日 前
Society wants us to have babies and then doesn't want to support those babies growth and development or our mental, emotional and financial health as mothers. Make it make sense!
Rwanda forever!
Rwanda forever! 3 日 前
What I do not understand: Where are the fathers and husbands? Why are the women affected more than men? Do the mothers chose to stay home while the father is working? The only real reason for that would be: If one parent has to stay home, it should be the one earning less...which ATM is the mother most of the time. If this is the reason, why not say so? The whole clip I was waiting for why the mothers stay home and not the fathers and how to fix that....but it never came. If an essential scientist has to stay home and leave work on COVID...what is the father working on that is more important? This clip seems to say: You are female, you have to stay home with your kid. It fails to show why...
Lu Zeng
Lu Zeng 2 日 前
@5%LowBattery well said👏👏👏
5%LowBattery 3 日 前
We still haven’t fully balanced child care and adult care responsibilities among men and women. If you’re working from home, as kids see both parents trying to work, do they go to mommy or daddy first? You know, if the kids are biased and run to mom more, that’s going to have a bigger impact on her career. Why would the kids be biased? Well, the kids are biased because of patterns of behavior in the household that mean even when spouses try to share responsibilities, inequality means that mom’s picking up more than her share. Women, for a very long time, have been doing more than their share of caregiving. And now, during the pandemic, the amount of caregiving has just gone up enormously. If you look at how caregiving responsibilities erode a woman’s career, it takes a long time. It’s about not accepting the job that’s going to push you further in your career, because it’s going to conflict with your family. It’s about taking part-time work so that you get more time at home. It’s about choosing the job that has the most flexibility. It’s about choosing the job with the shortest commute. Those are the trade-offs. And those trade-offs end up giving them less opportunity, fewer opportunities for promotions or raises. That’s why you see much bigger gender gaps for women by age 50 than you saw at age 30. These things just happen slowly over time. Even though the pandemic has come as a big crisis and we saw the labor market crater, I think the impact of the child care crisis on women’s outcomes is going to be felt over the next decade.
Shalome Sine
Shalome Sine 3 日 前
Desi just knocks it out of the park every time :) I've loved every one of her segments I've seen
Ernesto Marcos
Ernesto Marcos 3 日 前
Which Pokémon did she have to google?!
Robin Miller
Robin Miller 3 日 前
The struggle has always been real for women! Most employers do not recognize these issues.
Rule Bravo
Rule Bravo 3 日 前
Investing in crypto is a more lucrative way of making money
Kimberly McLane
Kimberly McLane 3 日 前
before the pandemic people in my family always questioned my decision to not have kids. They don't ask anymore.
Lost Soul
Lost Soul 3 日 前
This is the best condoms commerical I've seen in years.
Sony Limbu
Sony Limbu 5 時間 前
Oh Gosh. But yeah. I'm even more convinced now. Not like I was going to change it.
Jake 17 時間 前
Rosa de Plata
Rosa de Plata 2 日 前
This is the best comment I have seen in years!
Mark Hanna
Mark Hanna 3 日 前
The inconclusive prison predominantly greet because refund perplexingly produce modulo a apathetic seal. auspicious, fast coffee
suraj venkat
suraj venkat 3 日 前
This is an amazing segment, the side of the pandemic story not spoken about. I hope Desi Lydic gets her own show, she is hilarious.
Steven Rice
Steven Rice 3 日 前
" is important" 😂🤣😂🤣
James Egan
James Egan 3 日 前
Did Don Jr. really shoot a cow? I had no idea cows were hunted? I'm really confused.
zebrasrawrtoo 3 日 前
welp this settled it. def not having kids.
A K 3 日 前
A salute to all the women out there. Let's do it, corporate America, do the right thing. Systemic change is needed.
Grace Mclean
Grace Mclean 3 日 前
Very well edited, truly appreciate and understand this post👏👏👏👏
Megan Fisette
Megan Fisette 3 日 前
That is infuriating that the pandemic has negative consequences for moms/working moms. I already knew it was negatively impacting us women in careers/lives. I don't have any kids so I can only imagine. But that is terrible.
Paris LeShea
Paris LeShea 3 日 前
What's even sadder is that childcare workers have some of the lowest wages in education.
Kris Carr
Kris Carr 3 日 前
I also have PhD level knowledge of Pokemon
jet black
jet black 3 日 前
Let me get this right. More women left the workforce because they find it hard to work remotely in fear of COVID-19. While the men are out there keeping the civilization humming and running in face of COVID-19. Did you hear men complaining?
Mark B. Howard
Mark B. Howard 3 日 前
There was a time when the Daily Show was informative and Funny. Today it's barely either...
Pamela Kiewitt Fuentes
Pamela Kiewitt Fuentes 3 日 前
Pure reality!!!! Gold!
T Ando
T Ando 3 日 前
Desi really needs to look at why women have fled from computer science over the last 50 years. From near parity in the 70's to the lows we are at today.
devon divine
devon divine 3 日 前
Nobody said bein a single mom was gonna be easy🤷🏿‍♂️
Henri SB
Henri SB 3 日 前
I had my kids in the early 2000, it would have been unimaginable to have kids sounds in the backgroung of a call or conference. Whilst the Home Office might have caused difficulties in many aspects, it also has made it acceptable, that people are not only workers but also parents, i.e. humans with a live. That‘s is one thing which is great about the whole Corona situation,..
Journey 3 日 前
My children are grown with children of their own. I sympathize with parents, teachers and kids. Funny but not funny; kids 2and under never experienced life any other way. Mainly the great outdoors, without masks. They're doing just fine while the rest of us are just barely coping.
mark bushnell
mark bushnell 3 日 前
"Have a snack. Have ALL the snacks." Desi, will you be my mom?
Indigo Wolf
Indigo Wolf 4 日 前
Just goes to show you how strong women can be.
Matt Couzens
Matt Couzens 4 日 前
Didn't the Melanie Griffith movie "Working Girl" come out in 1988......? 😬
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