Did 2020 Actually Happen? No. | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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20 日 前

Nothing that happened during 2020 counts. We all get one big collective mulligan. Deal? Michael Kosta explains.#DailyShow #MichaelKosta #2020
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Anton Lowe
Anton Lowe 日 前
Oh good, my dog is still alive.
stasi200 8 日 前
LOL.....All the people who died can't come back from the dead in 2021. And all the babies who were born can't go back into the womb.
Ebenhaezer Dibakwane
Ebenhaezer Dibakwane 10 日 前
Notice Mike looking down to read?
Manuel 10 日 前
yes let's do it. that would mean trump will be president forever 😍
DDinfan T
DDinfan T 11 日 前
😂 So take LeBron James season away from him... Damn
Amapola Oxytocin
Amapola Oxytocin 14 日 前
"...I've repeated grade after grade and I'm as smart as i ever did" 🤣🤣🤣
Nikk's Quarantine Survival Gear
Nikk's Quarantine Survival Gear 14 日 前
jppost.info/project/moNumZGMhJKsoL8/bideo.html ....
mengume 14 日 前
It bothers me that he is reading his lines. Every time he looks down.
Eldrich Von Drude
Eldrich Von Drude 15 日 前
And what about the hundreds of thousands of people that died?
101nka 15 日 前
"I'm as smart as I ever a did" 😄 🤣
E K Daufin
E K Daufin 15 日 前
Doesn’t work for pet adoption either, not funny. But some good stuff in there. “We already don’t count reality all the time.”
Adrian Everett
Adrian Everett 15 日 前
Yes ... Hey please spread my message for a good cause
A D 15 日 前
2020 marks the year we dumped Chump. So, not all bad. Don the Con is going away at least.
Branislav Konjevic
Branislav Konjevic 15 日 前
What a terrible idea! If you become a parent in 2020, you just... Great! What a sh.t!
Evelyn Proud
Evelyn Proud 15 日 前
What 2020?
Ekundayo Otaro
Ekundayo Otaro 15 日 前
Matthew Gibson
Matthew Gibson 15 日 前
Yeah... my daughters were born this year. Rather not lose that lol
Ken D.
Ken D. 15 日 前
John Oliver blew up 2020.
Jessi Taran
Jessi Taran 16 日 前
Hey - mass delusion is what every economy in the entire world is based upon.
Mark Factor
Mark Factor 16 日 前
Kosta making sure nobody bombs his video by picking that corner
Danna Hinojosa
Danna Hinojosa 16 日 前
To be an optimist about 2020, The Lakers won the NBA Championship, The Dodgers won the World series and Joe Biden won the Presidential election. Those are my rays of sunshine.
Jamie Nagar
Jamie Nagar 16 日 前
So, Nana is still alive
Big Dahcobra007
Big Dahcobra007 17 日 前
Best happened in 2020 trump lost the election that the best things happened
Noura Bishay
Noura Bishay 17 日 前
Micheal,,. I think you can do it better lol stop looking down on the text lol
Finn Laitinen
Finn Laitinen 17 日 前
Trump losing in 2020 was a bright spot.
Muhura Dedan
Muhura Dedan 17 日 前
"Now he's a care-free guy that likes to vomit 🤮 on the dog " that's a Michael Kosta onliner 😂
Wabi Sabi
Wabi Sabi 17 日 前
CL 17 日 前
“I’m as smart as I ever did.”😂😂😂
RevolverOcelot2008 17 日 前
Aside from wearing a mask at stores/restaurants my life hasn't changed
Bear Gillium
Bear Gillium 17 日 前
Come back Trevor! We miss you!
36 okriginal
36 okriginal 17 日 前
jppost.info/project/ypito8iOfIaddZ4/bideo.html ////
jim catalfamo
jim catalfamo 18 日 前
Now you're talking Trevor let's delete 2020. Nobody really wanted Biden for president so that will be one thing America needs to take a mulligan on. I can tell you one thing that is awesome about 2020 they kept you and others like Samantha b out of the studios.
Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf 18 日 前
Considering Iv lost my cat, a good friend from school, and four relatives during this crazy year I’m definitely never going to be able to forget no madder how much I want to
throbgod13 18 日 前
Kosta needs a teleprompter at camera level..
BKay 18 日 前
Nooo... we voted Trump out of office. That HAS to count...
Matt Hudgens-Haney
Matt Hudgens-Haney 18 日 前
I'm ok with resetting and pretending 2020 in general never happened, but can Comedy Central stop reposting old videos like they never happened? No one is buying it, and it's getting old...
Tesha Galaxy
Tesha Galaxy 18 日 前
Under the surface they were trying to say that 2020 has been a bullshit year because covid is a bullshit pandemic invented by us. Nobody was counting deaths by flu in prior years, I have verifiable proof for it, and everyone can agree after 8 months of confusion that healthy people don't die of covid and if any flu symptoms exist it could be treated fast with over-the-counter medicine. By the way, I'm raging about the truth about covid since last March when it started around here. But it will take probably another 8 months for everybody to realize it's just a flu like any other flu.
Tsip Narly
Tsip Narly 18 日 前
Snakeplant-posse rulez!
Tsip Narly
Tsip Narly 18 日 前
2*0*2*0 = 0
Arzunin 18 日 前
The giants were already awake and they will never forget.
- David
- David 18 日 前
#RememberDrLi, who raised awareness of early COVID-19 infections in Wuhan on 30-Dec-2019. And later was summoned by Chinese authority and forced to write down a confession/apology letter for "making false comments on the Internet about unconfirmed SARS outbreak."
Shadewild18 18 日 前
Barbara Robinson
Barbara Robinson 18 日 前
That's impossible cuz so many people have lost their loved ones so you cannot forget about 20/20
Rohit 18 日 前
The most powerful nation in the world couldn't keep up with the virus despite Bill Gates and the Pandemic Task Force.
Education Academy Corner
Education Academy Corner 18 日 前
Trump success jppost.info/project/mqWba5iropzTm5o/bideo.html
Pete LL
Pete LL 18 日 前
Exactly why Trump should stay in the White House, 2020 didn't happen, so did the election
Keri King
Keri King 18 日 前
OUUUCH. "The only education children got this year was seeing that a teacher's salary can only afford you a studio apartment." As an art teacher who taught remotely from her studio apartment for half of 2020, that cut deep... Hey Daily Show, you hiring?
Keri King
Keri King 18 日 前
...Seriously though, I am also an out-of-work set designer. S. O. S.
Jess Treloar
Jess Treloar 18 日 前
1919 the Great War was over, the war to end all wars. Nothing else mattered, the roaring 20's were coming lets party!
Eatornator3000 18 日 前
i like how this was posted in 2020
Shardaun 18 日 前
ha ha ha!!!
Brent goff
Brent goff 18 日 前
I don't remember any lessons in class
Kal-el Kryptonian
Kal-el Kryptonian 18 日 前
We have lot to learn from 2020. 2020 taught us that as humans we are all connected we should love each other put our differences away and cherish our lives in our beautiful country. 🌹
NoM0neyNoHoney 18 日 前
I you died in 2020, welcome back to life :)
Richard Wroblewski
Richard Wroblewski 18 日 前
Karina S
Karina S 18 日 前
New Year's 2021 Pick A Card Reading jppost.info/project/r5yFos-AaWqZZ9E/bideo.html
Lovette John
Lovette John 18 日 前
The year trump lost bigly
cherryliene 18 日 前
Learned a lot about racism this year... don’t wanna give that up, thanks.. peace from Germany
Abhishek Malyala
Abhishek Malyala 18 日 前
Michael Costa -"If you got evicted in 2020, go back.. that's your apartment" Trump - " Yes! The white house is still my apartment"
Agavni Ouellette
Agavni Ouellette 18 日 前
Is it bad that he is making sense...lol
Keith J
Keith J 18 日 前
If we pretend 2020 never happened we can pretend tRump was a three year president which would be awesome. That would show future generations that he couldn't live up to Obama's eight years in office. #2020When
AlphaflyINXS 18 日 前
For once i gotta agree with Michael! Let´s forget everything about 2020...except for two or three things! 1. Trump lost the election! 2. We developed a vaccine against a deadly virus! Everything else can go to hell! But never ever forget the ones we lost! And never ever forget the work that the Health Care Workers did! Thank you all for your hard dedicated work! You are so appreciated and you should earn a whole lot more!
Michelle Butcher
Michelle Butcher 18 日 前
The year that took years that never happened
Michelle Butcher
Michelle Butcher 18 日 前
2020? What's that LOL
k b
k b 18 日 前
Talking to Michael is like talking to Trump. Holy sh!t my head hurts.
Unprov#5857 18 日 前
So just pull a king crimson on 2020
Lad Bol
Lad Bol 18 日 前
Trump never existed
Gorge Button
Gorge Button 18 日 前
As a teen I can confirm. 2020 high school has taught me nothing
TheDark Knight
TheDark Knight 18 日 前
DethstruXioN ™
DethstruXioN ™ 18 日 前
2:57 Take 2? Feels like some sneaky editing there.
Barbara Joseph-Adam
Barbara Joseph-Adam 18 日 前
Michael Kosta trying to get his kidney back could be the gritty sequel to Desi’s lighthearted heist movie.
Rob Eerie
Rob Eerie 18 日 前
Hey can you cover the stimulus check vote
Forrest L
Forrest L 18 日 前
my cat died two days ago
Peter Schulze
Peter Schulze 18 日 前
I guess the CC powers that be said Kosta can't take his clothes off on camera anymore. *sigh*
Srat Showg
Srat Showg 18 日 前
0:36 I ate out of waste bins till I was given this, Check it out at ., *e z g o o d p a y*
layla waz
layla waz 18 日 前
Is he crazy?
Pippimann Terrortv
Pippimann Terrortv 18 日 前
no he is ironic
kinda nerdy
kinda nerdy 18 日 前
I'm already not counting 2020 in my age
KelZ X
KelZ X 18 日 前
2020? 😒 We don’t mention the year after 2019 or before 2021. Like Lord V...mort. “It” shall not be named
Aadhiraey Srivastava
Aadhiraey Srivastava 18 日 前
How do you skip over all the people who died in 2020.. if u lost ur job.. you can forget ur stress and hunger for the year..and just skip ... and etc etc... sorry trevor .. this ones not funny for 1 in 1000 americans
纽约Judy 18 日 前
2020 is the worst year, but the best thing happened is that Trump was defeated!!! jppost.info/project/sWRtadNop4rTd7s/bideo.html
Lebrons Shorty
Lebrons Shorty 18 日 前
So I don’t have to file my 2020 taxes? Cool I’m skipping it
Buddy W
Buddy W 18 日 前
^^@@ Election Documentary jppost.info/project/uXWxf8-ihoPaZpo/bideo.html
XANLY 18 日 前
Why yall posting old shit again
Jazz Max
Jazz Max 18 日 前
I think I just wasted a little bit of my life listening to that.🤔
The AJ
The AJ 18 日 前
Sure 2020 was a bit of a bitch. But it's not even top 10 over the worst years the last 50 years. Oh you mean worst year for _white people_ in developed countries? Ahh... I see...
Jano Barrientos
Jano Barrientos 18 日 前
Yes i got drunk evry day
mourice saidi
mourice saidi 18 日 前
Trevor did you see that Coloured boy who is dancing in Tiktok? Looks like u bro. Everyone talks about it saying l thot was "Trevor" Some saying When did Trevor back from US? Some " oh no this is Young trevor. . That boy braught me here sir.
Tia Troll
Tia Troll 18 日 前
If you forget 2020 you forget all the lives lost-
Haile Birruu
Haile Birruu 18 日 前
mry82 18 日 前
John Oliver already blew it up!
Willien Rayno
Willien Rayno 18 日 前
If we skip 2020 we lose biden as pres. no thx lol
هوتاتكم 18 日 前
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Aleox08 18 日 前
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My Fast
My Fast 18 日 前
Why review cryptocurrencies if FBC fund and their algorithm wins everyone?
Desi Music
Desi Music 18 日 前
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MD Sarfaraz HUSSAIN 18 日 前
Pray for FBC fund and their algorithm!
Moni Sri
Moni Sri 18 日 前
Nice video! What about FBC fund and their algorithm review?
更新尚未 18 日 前
Nice try, but read about FBC fund and their algorithm first
im hacked-ignore-my-comments
im hacked-ignore-my-comments 18 日 前
LOL FBC fund everywhere :D
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