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14 日 前

Dulcé Sloan investigates a Wisconsin-based company that installed microchips in its employees’ hands and weighs the effects of the technology. #DailyShow #DulceSloan #Throwback
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Bruno Oliveira
Bruno Oliveira 時間 前
it started
Fields and Trees
Fields and Trees 9 時間 前
It is innovative. It is a cool tech. Its just not what we need. I'd do a yubi key, but I wouldn't do a tracking chip. Another problem is that this chip doesn't 'Know' who its implanted in, which means if somebody else takes it they can use my identity. That makes it a security problem.
Dylan Posthuma
Dylan Posthuma 10 時間 前
The amount of fear people have about this is hilarious to me.
Rebaone Lakwa
Rebaone Lakwa 23 時間 前
This reminds me of Snowpiercer 🤔
Sarah L
Sarah L 日 前
I’m hardly afraid of technology or a conspiracy theorist. But sorry, it’s a hard pass for me!
albert mooney
albert mooney 日 前
i dont want a piece of technology tracking my every move! now wheres my iphone?
Krizia Almonte
Krizia Almonte 日 前
Yeah, why make sure that our environment has clean air and water, that our foods are actually healthy for us. Let's get a chip so big pharma can keep up dosing people with drugs for a profit, on diseases that could be easily eradicated with a lifestyle change.
Tammie Broggins
Tammie Broggins 日 前
No no no the bible talks about this
Yang Ong
Yang Ong 日 前
No I dont like people tracking whether I am slacking or working. It takes out the fun of slacking at work.
Stuart Milne
Stuart Milne 日 前
We need laws to protect us from being forced to get an implant by the state an employer or any entity. This is like giving a foreign nation the ability to monitor your life 24 x 7 !We don’t need another pandemic of electronic bug injections & infections.
Blythe Saunders
Blythe Saunders 日 前
Uh no thanks
Danl Hendle
Danl Hendle 日 前
Facebook is worse by far. At least this thing can be physically removed without killing the host
Miseur Luc Ifer Diablo
Miseur Luc Ifer Diablo 日 前
dulcé never fails!!! 🤜🤛
salaita k
salaita k 日 前
I told yall its the chip not the covid shot !!!!!
Mena Bailey
Mena Bailey 日 前
Love her!
Arjun Mustaine
Arjun Mustaine 2 日 前
First funny video seen on this channel.
pikachulovable 2 日 前
I’m sorry but no! I am not interested in this. It’ll just be a way to abuse employees.
The Solar Wolf
The Solar Wolf 2 日 前
Ah humanity’s never ending ethical and philosophical battles over the use of their own technological progress. One as old as the days when human being discovered to control fire.
uwish7 2 日 前
All the way fuk dat
Spiral Feather
Spiral Feather 2 日 前
This is so dumb. "You're never gonna forget your hand" You know what else I'm never gonna forget? My phone! "What if you're passed out and you can't push a button." Then wear a fitbit, genius! And when you want to upgrade your tech you don't have to have something surgically removed.
Invicta Veritas
Invicta Veritas 2 日 前
I love her big... ...blue eyes. I swear, that was what I was thinking of. 🤞
Raine Phillips
Raine Phillips 2 日 前
Mariah C. Crawley
Mariah C. Crawley 2 日 前
Mariah C. Crawley
Mariah C. Crawley 2 日 前
Triggering Technology They Gonna Make Old School Christians Bugggggg THE FK OUTTTTTT!
desert fox outdoor
desert fox outdoor 2 日 前
I'm playing both sides so that I always come out on top.
3089280288 2 日 前
White mans heaven
Greg Davenport
Greg Davenport 2 日 前
The bigger issue that isn't being discussed is that let's say you get out of line or are falsely accused of a crime, they can simply turn off your chip preventing access to things like your car or your money. I would never ever do that.
Michael. 2 日 前
..🎵 On the Gooo-oood Chip🎵 Lolly🎵 Pop🎵
Christy Perez
Christy Perez 3 日 前
yonnie2436 3 日 前
Revelation... The last days.
Felrin Kirla
Felrin Kirla 3 日 前
Microchips in Sweden is different than microchips in the U.S.
Justin Leahy
Justin Leahy 3 日 前
I would never accept a chip put in my body.
Reece Town XD
Reece Town XD 3 日 前
🤣🤣😂😂 Dolce too funny '
Chass 3 日 前
This is not funny! This is real!!! Revelations 13: 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
collarmole 3 日 前
No good point was made.
collarmole 3 日 前
0:50 looks like Weissman
Y. Li Chairo
Y. Li Chairo 3 日 前
Dave Ramsey: cash is king. _____: implanted chips are dumb ( and neferious). Just say No !
Pedro Arjona
Pedro Arjona 3 日 前
In México some people, that are at great risk of kidnapping because of their jobs, for example members of the anti mob police (SIEDO) have microchips for tracking, usually in an undisclosed part of the body.
l2etranger 3 日 前
What happens if one’s hobby is boxing? Will upgrades create various casts such as how tribes are identified, or livestock to their owners with scars on their skins?
Rachel Jones
Rachel Jones 3 日 前
This is literally what the book if revelations talks about. Like.. literally. All of these prophetic books got something right. 😂😂😂. Its the mark of the beast yall. The beast being consumerism and capitalism 🤑
Crispin Rocha
Crispin Rocha 3 日 前
When do they cross the line? And how would you know.
Crispin Rocha
Crispin Rocha 2 日 前
@Bentley_Brant rhetorical
Bentley_Brant 3 日 前
we've already crossed it. It doesn't matter if youre appalled by it, theyre joking about it to make it emotionally easier for you in the future.
diego torres
diego torres 3 日 前
C'mon people don't exagerate, it's not a big deal...
Noire Naturel
Noire Naturel 3 日 前
Wolf 3 日 前
I'll rather wear a ring criminals will cut off your hand
Aziza Hamura
Aziza Hamura 3 日 前
Revelation 13:17
Chris 3 日 前
Chip -> digital slavery of human kind in the name of modern life; Volunteer employee implant chip? -> if u don't want it, we have to let you go policy, sssttt dont tell anyone...or else!!.
Crazy_Jackal521 3 日 前
wokovereasy 4 日 前
So dumb! They could have just added an app on the phone for gods sake. So I could chop your hand off and rob your home?
James Eisner
James Eisner 4 日 前
I’m not a bible thumper but... has anyone read Revelations? 😆
halasalready 4 日 前
James Ngo
James Ngo 4 日 前
Dude had more in his snack account than I had in my bank account.
Lesa724 4 日 前
The Apple watch detects a senior falling.... and it calls the person's emergency contacts... no chip needed.
Estrogen Fury
Estrogen Fury 4 日 前
Only chip going in me is one reccomended by a doctor. This is just weird.
Roxra 4 日 前
Shes so adorable lmao
bluz company
bluz company 4 日 前
Stupid is ,is stupid does, if your going to be dumb you better tough ...
James Postle
James Postle 4 日 前
Yeah that's gonna be a no from me pal
Nisa R
Nisa R 4 日 前
Hahaha 🤣
Nananana 4 日 前
Jaron Lindow
Jaron Lindow 4 日 前
I'm all excited to get the Mark of the Beast so I can ditch my wallet, but that needle was HUGE!
Daniel Miranda
Daniel Miranda 4 日 前
They should put that shit inside of the criminals just to track them
W W 4 日 前
No frigging way! Never! She is so funny!
Creodin 4 日 前
Man, I love her. America currently a dumpster fire? Dulce has you, baby.
CzStitch 5 日 前
Fuck no.
Neghie Thervil
Neghie Thervil 5 日 前
Dulcé is everything.
Yodii Mavala
Yodii Mavala 5 日 前
Manvi Singh
Manvi Singh 5 日 前
Uhm am I watching black mirror 😃
K 5 日 前
She’s so cute 🥰
Deonka Mathis
Deonka Mathis 5 日 前
Or I can insert ur card, turn ur car key or press the button. I don’t want anyone to know where I am at all times. I get the benefits but I also get where this can go wrong or be misused. Unnecessary
kids inthehall
kids inthehall 5 日 前
Technology? Capitalism comprised of the powerful corporate and bank cartels that control our authoritarian government is the threat, everything else is a distraction for division from our true value and power.
deon smith
deon smith 5 日 前
Brainless sheep who have no idea of prophesy and just fall in line for every evil plan on the planet...
Roxane Nieves
Roxane Nieves 5 日 前
Finally we're talking about this more! This is another reason why I don't want to bring any more children into this world.
Gloria Kiss
Gloria Kiss 5 日 前
It won't happen here...🖕🏼🖕🏽
esmeraldaswings 5 日 前
Kinda sad that current news is taking over and this video got buried.
Frumpysnorfls 5 日 前
ive said this for the past 8 years I will never implant a chip no matter what
MirrorCoolTech & Gaming
MirrorCoolTech & Gaming 5 日 前
Maria Grimes
Maria Grimes 5 日 前
Mark of the beast
Shelby Rose
Shelby Rose 5 日 前
There are obviously some serious concerns about data privacy that you can have with these chips. However they are not nearly technologically advanced enough to cause harm to the user. The worst that can happen is that your data is stolen which can be done with all other technology we use today. The only real difference is the obvious ability for people to physically separate themselves from the other items they use to store data. The ability to not separate yourself from it is a valid concern. Though tbh I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve separated myself from my phone lol
Earl Mcqueen
Earl Mcqueen 5 日 前
If they ok this Imagine what they will do next
Earl Mcqueen
Earl Mcqueen 5 日 前
It’s the mark of the beast
juicy mae
juicy mae 5 日 前
2:13 'that's a life alert 📢 Patrick... we already did this' I laughed too hard at that
West Dakota
West Dakota 5 日 前
I wonder if a symptom of getting a microchip is thinking microchips are cool
West Dakota
West Dakota 5 日 前
These comments are 50% people worried about living in a future dystopia and 50% people who think we already live in one so there's nothing to worry about
gmanon 5 日 前
Eventually if not yet. The technology is there though. You can be tracked whenever you go. This is perfect surveillance. And the worse you could be controlled and even blame for things you haven't done as if you did from someone with access to the main system. In few words, you become fully hackable.
Shelby Rose
Shelby Rose 5 日 前
These chips aren’t gps capable. Basically they’re like ID badges that you scan to get access to different rooms in a company. When purchasing items I imaging they scanned the chip and the cost of that item went to a bill the employees pay at the end of the month. I don’t think there is credit card info stored onto them. Those chips wouldn’t be able to do anything outside of that building
Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens 5 日 前
Stealing other people's chips is scary.
C Jones
C Jones 5 日 前
Hell. No.
brand-an 5 日 前
This video is unprofessional and bias, easy cuestions are made to the CEO to show off. This is dangerous and the biggest issue of our times, Facial recognition and this chips should be banned!
Terry Tomaszewski
Terry Tomaszewski 5 日 前
Microchip ping people?!! WTF?!! That could be used for all sorts of terrible things. How is this not a bad idea?!!
Drea Dreamz
Drea Dreamz 5 日 前
“Issa life alert Patrick!” 😂😂😂
Amilio 5 日 前
Love me some chips
Colleen Rose
Colleen Rose 5 日 前
🤣🤣 omg she is so funny
Electrex 5 日 前
Go ahead and get your guinea pig vaccines people
Citizenofdaworld 5 日 前
Couldn't solve concer, AIDS, Flu. They failed miserable to cure but 8 months later they have a vaccine for coronavirus. Wisdom that has no sense in it is their slogan.
Shelby Rose
Shelby Rose 5 日 前
HPV can lead to cancer which is why I included it.
Shelby Rose
Shelby Rose 5 日 前
Vaccines aren’t cures. There are already vaccines for HIV, Flu, HPV, etc
Robin Mercier
Robin Mercier 5 日 前
This is a commercial
Robin Mercier
Robin Mercier 5 日 前
This seems like a commercial
Citizenofdaworld 5 日 前
Denail at it best. Can't solve hunger problem, but can waste trillions on Mars and arms. They rather see the world crushed than to solve it. The so called Scientists
Muka Konkola
Muka Konkola 5 日 前
I’d rather use a glove
M 1
M 1 5 日 前
I had to go back and look at the 1st to items. Beach towel Meow
james journeyman
james journeyman 5 日 前
We are becoming the borg.
Lily Flower
Lily Flower 5 日 前
soo different
soo different 5 日 前
Lol yes all objects
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