If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Mental Health Stigma in the Black Community | The Daily Show

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12 日 前

Why does the Black community have limited access to mental health resources? And why isn’t therapy more like Black church? If you don’t know, now you know. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #MentalHealth
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MarieAnnMarie 9 時間 前
When did her get back to the show! I love the Daily Show at home lol. It’s weird to see him out of that corner. I took a class at church for my Anxiety. I need therapy as well though lol. I’ve heard them say “thats a white people thing” growing up too.
If it was the other way around it would be considered..... What?
Vorwaerts 242
Vorwaerts 242 2 日 前
The only proper and hillaryous ending for this vid was a slap in the face, this ending was half baked:)
Tanya Walters
Tanya Walters 2 日 前
I haven't been to a therapist but had a friend that went. She had a problem with finding a therapist that could really get her to understand how to change and what to change and see things differently. So even a good therapist for each different personality type can be hard to find.
The Healing Session
The Healing Session 2 日 前
Thanks for this Trevor....so many people believe they can only receive therapy from Psychologists. This is not true, there are many of us who are Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Licensed Professional Counselors..we are more that educated and dedicated to providing these services to Black individuals.
Alfred Thabiso
Alfred Thabiso 3 日 前
That Pastor/councilor looks like a Pimp
Billie Harland
Billie Harland 3 日 前
The lines "See a therapist? Why, are you crazy??" or "Therapy is for ____ (rich, crazy, lazy, white, weak) people" or "You don't need therapy, you need ____ (Jesus, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a job, to toughen up)" or "Don't trust therapists, they just want your money!" were classics for a lot of us whose reality was that the family couldn't have afforded it, even if they wanted to. I bet if you drew the common thread of all of us who share that experience... black, hispanic, asian, AmerInd, white... we'd see working class or poor backgrounds throughout. Institutional racism absolutely compounds the problem (and the class divide is sharper among historically suppressed minorities and immigrants) but it's generational poverty and the lack of access to healthcare that forms the foundation of our shared cultural and social rejection of mental health care. Hell... it's damn near an American tradition at this point. Should we be willing to engage with therapy for our betterment? Sure...but instead we make sense of why we 'don't need it' or why it's 'not for us' because money made/makes the decision for us. Yet another example of class struggle being inexorably tied to racism in America. We cannot fix one without fixing the other ✊🏿
Dee ndex
Dee ndex 3 日 前
haha Noah is so hilarious 😂💯🔥🔥🔥♥️
Phoenix Sun
Phoenix Sun 4 日 前
The “Capital Crisis” is being used exactly the same way as the 1933 Reichstag fire. The domestic terrorist bill is the modern equivalent of the Reichstag fire Decree. We are heading for a world wide holocaust. Most Americans don’t know their history so we are repeating it. They are trying to suppress me and stop me from exposing them. Please help spread the word!
Jessica 4 日 前
I love you even more for this
Kristian179 4 日 前
Umm this isn't just a black issue, it's a issue with everyone including minorities
its lemon
its lemon 4 日 前
All white kids watching this: use your privilege in a good way. If you become a doctor, lawyer, therapist, teacher etc. please try to work for your fellow black kids who cannot afford education, gets rejected in a job interview and cannot afford therapy. You have to keep in mind that you are living a good life because they were denied to a good life.
lets move to canada
matthew 2779
matthew 2779 4 日 前
Listen buddy when you live in a 27.5 million dollar mansion stop comparing yourself to regular African-Americans are other hardworking Americans who are good descent people. You are one of the elite. And you are someone who is highly overpaid who has built a career crying racism. And has used racial violence and racial tensions as a way to put dollars in your wallet
AixaMagr 4 日 前
You are correct. He is no black American. He is a foreign elite and very influential. He's not wrong pointing out American blacks could benefit from black therapists. Not every one, all the time, but sometimes. The same is true for men and male therapists. Most therapists in the US are female and white. Diversity of therapist backgrounds would be helpful since we live in a complicated multicultural country. That said this racially ignorant fool needs to spend some time at ballet shows so he can see white people can, in fact, dance. Show him some Gene Kelly and Fred Asaire films.
somebrowngirlonline 5 日 前
Jesus is cool and all, but my therapist actually participates when I ask for help... thank you, but also no thank you
Isaac Robinson
Isaac Robinson 5 日 前
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Rebecca 5 日 前
One thing I think black churches need are licensed therapists on staff. For instance, there are already Christian therapists. Imagine a black, Christian therapist in your church! I really think more of our people would feel confident to go, especially if the pastor(s) encourages it.
How would this guy know anything about the black community?. He's only black when it fits his punchline... He's only white when it fits his punchline.... Do you think this guy's entertaining I think he's one of the big race dividers of the world
Is there anything these days you fucking don't make a victim out of???? I'm just curious anything?
Hoichoi TV
Hoichoi TV 5 日 前
*So, You Are Basically Saying That USA Is A Third World Country*
R J 5 日 前
Wish you could do a segment on being mixed and not being able to fit in with either of your ethnicities
Marcy Moreno
Marcy Moreno 6 日 前
As a young Hispanic woman, I told my parents that I felt like I had depression.. my dad laughed and said “People with depression don’t know that they have it- and they’ll always deny it. You don’t have depression.”
AixaMagr 4 日 前
Something similar happened to me. I hope you got the treatment you need.
abd malik
abd malik 6 日 前
Trevor what happened to your hair. The afro was really hip.
Mercy J
Mercy J 6 日 前
Bruh, why Roywood Jr remind me of David Allen Grear when he did that preacher segment on Martin???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nicki Kehr
Nicki Kehr 6 日 前
Both my parents have been pastors. When i tell people that, they say to me "oh thats why you're messed up."
Siobhan P
Siobhan P 7 日 前
Zaid Roa
Zaid Roa 7 日 前
This wasn’t just a monologue it was a way to in a parody point out what it like on other race and culture it’s different every race it’s different but have learned that black don’t crack and that is a high bar to bare
Deborah Washington
Deborah Washington 7 日 前
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Jazzy Draws
Jazzy Draws 7 日 前
after yrs of waiting i got therapy. told my family and was harassed or shunned for spending my money to better help myself from the actions they caused onto me. stigma is still real and it’s annoyingly stupid 🥸
Justine Murray
Justine Murray 7 日 前
Trevor Nohah, you are doing Gods work! I just love you, man!
lifetime achievements
lifetime achievements 7 日 前
you shouldn't get a hair cut afro suits you
VanzyPub G?
VanzyPub G? 7 日 前
Dude what's taking so long for you to comment on the riot?
beatrix imelda
beatrix imelda 8 日 前
Wait.. Why he is in studio now?? Is it ok?
christie2me 8 日 前
So true, stigma for Black American. It's not ok to sweep it under the rug. Use both therapy & Jesus.
Daniel Greenberg
Daniel Greenberg 8 日 前
I don’t think epilepsy should be a punchline to a joke
IQzminus2 8 日 前
As a lgbtq person it’s not that I need to have a lgbtq therapist. When I just started looking into getting a therapist, looking for someone who was LGBTQ never crossed my mind, I just wanted a therapist. But it became a real problem. A lot of my sessions turned into mini 1 on 1 lectures where I had to explain basic words, concepts and struggles. Like the most basic easy stuff I never would have imagine I would need to sit there and use the little time I had with my therapist and explain. A lot of them have absolutely zero clue. And I can’t sit there and use up more then half the time giving them lgbtq 101. I need someone with at least basic knowledge, so I can just talk about my life and what I’m going through and be understood. Who they are don’t matter, but it’s if they are even slightly knowledgeable about my community and the struggles I face. Imagine going to therapy because you are in the middle of a ugly divorce and struggling. But you spend more then half the time explaining even what a marriage is. Your therapist has never heard of it before. That is more or less my experience. It’s like things so easy and basic I would never expect someone, especially a therapist to not have heard of it. But the difference is my community is outside the mainstream. People don’t have basic knowledge about it. A lot of people dont know what the letters of lgbtq stands for. Or what the everyday oppression I face looks like. Having more black therapist I totally understand the need of. And until more are in place, have the current therapist educate themselves about the struggles, culture and parts of black Americans lives that are not represented in mainstream media. Listen to community voices, and get enough basic knowledge to be able to give good care to their black patients.
AixaMagr 4 日 前
Good points. Best to you.
CubeOfCheese 8 日 前
Why are you back in the studio Trevor? Coronavirus is still getting worse?
Judy Buckner
Judy Buckner 8 日 前
So funny but so true 👍
Same with Asian
QN J 8 日 前
We are usually told to keep everything secret or bottled up inside. It is detrimental to the overall health our community.
richard Fernando
richard Fernando 8 日 前
That why people like kid cudi
So Mature
So Mature 8 日 前
2:49 I know he’s half joking here but this was my experience at the age of 19 while living in a 98% white neighborhood. To make matters worse he kept asking me about my thoughts about white people. He wanted to know if I was attracted to white men. If I felt jealous when I saw a black man with a white woman. _I couldn’t have cared less. My only concern was how I was going to get out of that little town._ He wanted to know the color of everyone in my dreams. He was a f-ing weirdo.
Suja Varghese
Suja Varghese 8 日 前
My mother : It's all because of that phone
Mia Cooks
Mia Cooks 8 日 前
OMG Trevor, my son was improperly diagnosed....it ruined his life! I pray to God he can get a sense of normalcy someday..... he was robbed from his whole personality...
Ki Love
Ki Love 8 日 前
I'm black and noticed this too. I was a very depressed child but my family had the idea that I was too young to know what depression was. I was diagnosed later with Depression/anxiety and PTSD. My therapist is Asian but she is very empathetic and understanding when I talk about the racism that I've faced and how it made my self-esteem very low to the point where I used to hate myself. She offered good advice at dealing with it and overcoming it because we cannot control the bias that people have against us. The only thing that we can do is be who we know we are and ignore how they think we are. I have also noticed that it is not just black/hispanics who face a mental health stigma. MANY other cultures do as well. In some countries, Mental health help is not even a thing and people have never heard of it so there is a lack of understanding and empathy for people who are going through mental health issues. In some cultures, you are basically just isolated or shunned if you have some sort of Mental health issue.
Hardcore 8 日 前
Bruh, the black choir was the cherry on top of this segment. 😂
Hardcore 8 日 前
I think it's easier to forget that the whole study of psychology and mental healthcare comes from Europeans in the first place. For people who come from other backgrounds and cultures, this idea of mental healthcare may not be fully normalized yet. We ABSOLUTELY need to normalize it because there are a lot of people needlessly suffering in minority communities......and yes, sometimes race does matter and it doesn't automatically have to do with something that is harmful.
dr k woods
dr k woods 8 日 前
We shouldn't laugh but it is funny.
The Time Is Near!!!
The Time Is Near!!! 8 日 前
That therapist needs a therapist two Only Jesus Christ is the CURE...
vegan hippie foodie
vegan hippie foodie 8 日 前
you are funny.. but it is sad that it's true
Mukta108 8 日 前
same as asian and even worse for inter-racial asian
AwesomeWilson online
AwesomeWilson online 8 日 前
The part to pay offering 🤣🤣🤣
TST 8 日 前
Abdisamad Aj
Abdisamad Aj 8 日 前
Interesting Trevor Noah didn’t make any program about what happens last three days?
Tesalonika Lay
Tesalonika Lay 8 日 前
The laugh when trevor said, "its called dancing" is truly hilarious!
Ted M
Ted M 8 日 前
Same with Asians. They don't think you need it. It's cultural
LAA Designs Productions
LAA Designs Productions 8 日 前
It's hard for us to get through the schools because the white instructors tell us we don't know what we are talking about. The white instructors think they know us better so we often are stopped from the beginning of our education endeavors in psychology.
Alice Munyua
Alice Munyua 8 日 前
That skit with the preacher, the kid and the choir is so funny hahahaha!
Wandile Dlamini
Wandile Dlamini 8 日 前
You know even Miss South Africa talked about this in her speech
Mark L
Mark L 8 日 前
Several of my black friends have told me that regular health care is hard enough to get, let alone mental health care for black people. Some of these black friends have gone through a lot of PTSD-level things, and suicidal thoughts tend to surface. My ex-military black friends are the only ones that seem to find good-enough health and mental care. It’s from the Veterans Affairs. Apparently therapists (especially ex-military one) for current and ex-military members tend to have a better perspective for their patients and tend to be more respected.
Phantomdaze 9 日 前
Bruh, who thinks church is cool?! 😂 Do people realise that the Bible condones slavery and tells how to do it. Irony is real. Clapping your hands together while praying is to show submission and to maje it easier to put on shackles. I mean you do you, but don't play ignorant when being a slave to an idea is one of tve most damning ones.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 9 日 前
Maybe Churches could get therapists.
LovingMe1st 8 日 前
I agree if they take your money they should be able to give you more than a can of beans.
HotChocolaka 9 日 前
I go to my psychiatrist proudly and I am a advocate for it! And on the plus side, she’s a black woman 💪🏾
Jey Jin
Jey Jin 9 日 前
I wanted to become a therapist, but I heard that it’s hard to find a job. I’m a nurse now.
Alexandria Wroblewski
Alexandria Wroblewski 9 日 前
Damn, this was so painfully true and still so hilarious. No lie though, I don't even go to church anymore I still probably would have gotten more out of this therapy session than other therapists I've tried.
JCmtw Biz
JCmtw Biz 9 日 前
The same thing about Black people relying on therapy being shameful is pretty much the same thing for Asian people I know this because I am the only Asian person in my family that is in therapy my family and my relatives so I know of have never relied on therapy.
Johan Jansson
Johan Jansson 9 日 前
At 4:38 - Hilarious!!! :D
Johnny Luevano
Johnny Luevano 9 日 前
Latinos have went through the same as blacks so why is it always the black community why not just the color community knowing that’s the truth while saying just in black community is why there is hate still people are still claiming racist when we’re all just human so why can’t we understand that it’s sad 🤭🤫🙄
Misty Bone
Misty Bone 9 日 前
Hey! He's back in a suit with a desk! How cool. I bet he missed the audience.
Rumple-chan 9 日 前
my problems in finding a therapist that can relate to me isn't based on my race, per se (i'm white, though i now despise the very race that i'm apart of that are filled with so much hatred for the "other"), but trying to find someone that is purely secular (non-religious), understands the ace and aro community, and sees the healing, as well as harmful, effects of playing video games. plus, i'm dead sure i have ADHD, but no one believes me. truth be told: there just aren't enough therapists for ALL walks of life. and the fact that even the black community is under-served as well for mental health brings the point home: healthcare reform NOW. M4A
Bats ArePeopleToo
Bats ArePeopleToo 9 日 前
An important theme for the 2020s. ❤️🙏 Be an advocate for THIS. Also don’t forget white and brown and other colors either. We all need therapy being humans on Earth as well as for being among other humans on Earth. 👍
Monsieur Dorgat
Monsieur Dorgat 9 日 前
I maintain I would buy every product and service rendered by Leo Deblin!
Iron Tribe Issues
Iron Tribe Issues 9 日 前
And as usual, they only look at black and latino, ignore natives and more.
Jude 6 日 前
Idk what to say, on one hand I think, “yeah, it sucks to have few numbers to advocate for your group”. On the other, I think “find ways to stand up for your own community, Black people are having their hands full being responsible for their own.” I’m Asian btw so it’s not like I can represent Black people or anything
Aftertale Fanatic
Aftertale Fanatic 8 日 前
They said minorities in general, right? As someone as a big advocate for mental health, that's kinda fucked up
My Brain
My Brain 9 日 前
Finding a therapist that clicks with you period is difficult. I've had one that just wanted to give me homework, another that blamed me for everything and one that just kept talking about a graph. The one I currently have was finally just like whats bugging you and lets try to figure out why and solve it.
James McGee
James McGee 9 日 前
Amen brother!
R L 9 日 前
I was blessed enough to attend a church that had a whole counseling department with properly trained counselors & therapists of different “races”. Now I have an awesome white therapist who has immersed herself into social justice studies & other cultures. She’s the best therapist I’ve ever had. My first counselor, as a teenager, was a a white Christian guy who didn’t understand anything about me. That was a horrible experience!
Où Sont Mes Lunettes?
Où Sont Mes Lunettes? 9 日 前
I'd love a church therapy tho 😂 such a good idea 😁
Vita in DC
Vita in DC 9 日 前
Aaron jazzy
Aaron jazzy 9 日 前
One of my favourite comedian period
shock 87
shock 87 9 日 前
Why should you care so much about skin for a therapist? Very racist, it should be irrelevant
Cashamiri 7 日 前
@shock 87 no one said white people can’t attend that black therapist.
shock 87
shock 87 7 日 前
@Cashamiri ok but that's literally segregation
Cashamiri 8 日 前
it’s often more comfortable to have a therapist of the same race and/or background because they often can relate more to your issues or thoughts
Jesus Ortiz
Jesus Ortiz 9 日 前
Yeah...I went to a white therapist for a while (I'm Latino). She was good at many aspects, but looking back, she held little to no empathy with my fear of police. My fear of police comes because ICE is always one call later. After ending my services with her (it didn't end well). I found out that she labeled my fear as me trying to justify criminal behavior.
Charles Ingleton
Charles Ingleton 9 日 前
Trevor is reaching legendary comedic and social status! This was highly informative yet highly entertaining at the same time!
I'm working in da gravel
I'm working in da gravel 9 日 前
Abash Ment
Abash Ment 9 日 前
OMG, the end was so funny! Thanks for that! Greetings from Jan. 7th, 2021!
xBLooDxEcLipsEx 9 日 前
Where’s the coverage over the capital hill I curious what he’d say about it.
Ann Ball
Ann Ball 8 日 前
I searched Trevor videos tonight looking for his take on the situation.
thatashleykid_ 9 日 前
Social Work is a lovely place to find therapist. Part of social work ethics is cultural competency. We need to encourage and support social work agency, professions, and education. Social work promotes sense of spirituality, community, and support at an individual level as well. The stigma is hard to overcome without constant education and groups to share experiences. Creating a culture of kindness and empathy. Which I know all of this is easier said than does and isn’t reflective of the reality of the situation. Just a dream of stopping stigma around mental health in all capacities. Struggles may be different however we are similar in feeling. I think we have a hard to putting ourselves in someone else’s shows.
Zakariya Mohamed
Zakariya Mohamed 9 日 前
😂😂😂😂😂this is so damn funny and authentic 💯😂
Bobbi Harding
Bobbi Harding 9 日 前
When my mom found out I was cutting myself to deal with my depression, she threatened to send me to a mental institution again if I didn't stop Also I found out early how to avoid going to therapy, when I did go I just told my therapist what they wanted to hear and the told my mom that I was perfectly fine and I didn't have to come back. It worked then...not so sure about now
caleb Lust
caleb Lust 9 日 前
My neighbors social worker just asked her, "Who Licks the Mask?" I wanted to enter this under Robert Lust account but the window says Caleb Lust
Robert Lust
Robert Lust 9 日 前
Thanks Me, I self Identify as an Organization and I figured if I had a Subscriber I would be able to find my JPpost Channel by searching my name. I like to figure out how the algorithms work. I have 12 subscribers today, One is me.
Babirye Mercy
Babirye Mercy 9 日 前
Kain DaBadguy
Kain DaBadguy 9 日 前
I know this was comedy, but anyone who claims to care about your connection to a higher power should also care about your mental health.
Jasper Senhaji
Jasper Senhaji 9 日 前
Same stuff in Europe,.. immigrants have no proper help
pathology pharmacology
pathology pharmacology 9 日 前
UGH although they brought light to it, it still made it condescending still. instead of it being personal private individual its open public and group, its has become gossip. i hate group think. i hate sharing, feels like communism. therapy shouldn't be community based, not what is mines is yours. my feelings are not yours and your business. nothing is getting done still. KABOKE made reference to his father, i need to actualize .
Helen Kahley
Helen Kahley 9 日 前
It is sad that there is racism in this country. Being Spanish was hard in school with so many prejudice kids I went to school with. Their parents were their influence. We all need to just love each other and respect each other
India Burke
India Burke 9 日 前
Futility of using Freud for helping anyone other than White Germanic Males...
Benjamin Nielsen
Benjamin Nielsen 9 日 前
Why is it important that the psychologist treating black people is black too ? I don’t get Americans...
Jakob Santos
Jakob Santos 10 日 前
Racism IS a metal disease
Jakob Santos
Jakob Santos 10 日 前
Jackson Pere
Jackson Pere 10 日 前
You're a traitor
Leena Kaushik
Leena Kaushik 10 日 前
I thought he is back in studio 🥺
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