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16 日 前

Ever wonder about the financial cost of police brutality? How about climate change? Don’t worry, Dulcé Sloan's running the numbers. #DailyShow #DulceSloan #CountOnIt
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NativesofUtopia 18 時間 前
Stacy Abrams won the Dems Georgia by doing just that. Fighting voter and census suppression. Damn, if that went countrywide, oooh, it will be legendary
David BM
David BM 22 時間 前
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Tienne 日 前
this is the not believing in "invisible" things problem
Joshua Lawson
Joshua Lawson 日 前
I don’t hear these “fiscal conservatives” complaining about this.
Vanessa Bruce
Vanessa Bruce 日 前
Fact. Do the census.
Richard C
Richard C 3 日 前
This is awesome. Dulce` gets the answers. Trevor tells the jokes. Kosta and the dorky guy go out in the field and prove that idiots exist. I love the Daily Show. Trevor has made it the best ever!
Ami Bowman
Ami Bowman 3 日 前
CONFUSE the census for another way people might be harmed by govt????? CONFUSE?? HA!!! FU pig!
Tom Crowell
Tom Crowell 3 日 前
Natalie Hope
Natalie Hope 4 日 前
Dulce could have her own show! She is hilarious and I always know a video is gonna be extra funny if she is in it 🥰
Markus McGee
Markus McGee 4 日 前
that's my city...Chitown...smh
Tana Darko
Tana Darko 4 日 前
Dulce is SO wonderful - just the perfect mix of kicking ass and sweet as fuck.
Stevenpa887 5 日 前
So its ok to destroy buildings, burn down churches and police stations, and looting, and you have the nerve to talk shit about what happened at the capitol. Hypocrites
aseem gupta
aseem gupta 6 日 前
4:42 BGDPPR market index 🤯 5:07 Wow you people really love your money 🤣
Klister Klister
Klister Klister 6 日 前
rhetorical question: is the us ok?
Lin Ming
Lin Ming 6 日 前
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Michael Blamphi
Michael Blamphi 6 日 前
More Dulce
Shay Boogie
Shay Boogie 6 日 前
Ten Jeff Bezoses is the unit of measurement I use for how much I love Dulce Sloan ❤️❤️❤️😂
Helenosa 7 日 前
At 4:49 I'm taking a break: I get were she's coming from. But how fucked up is it that Black people feel the need to get White people to listen and be compassionate about this blatant injustice by highlighting the costs for them???
Katana Queenn
Katana Queenn 8 日 前
I love her
Jude 8 日 前
Great vid!
Jude 8 日 前
The communities that need to see this aren’t :’)
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith 9 日 前
it should be illegal to have race be a sorting option when it comes to political or money... only medical research
gen manion
gen manion 9 日 前
that's so discusting that you have to talk about money instead of humanity
AfroDance Rhythm
AfroDance Rhythm 9 日 前
The Djentleman
The Djentleman 9 日 前
america is a joke at best
Alison P
Alison P 9 日 前
“I’m then paying to get my ass whooped by the cops!” This woman is gold. ❤️
Tinocos 9 日 前
Look I love everything you do. But let's be honest y'all killed out eloteros and that never made it into the news.... Y'all's lives are not the only ones under attack
the chocolate bunny
the chocolate bunny 10 日 前
I know u fucking see know dats right...
Israel Irizarry
Israel Irizarry 10 日 前
Please Dulce! If I ever laugh again like I just did you just may kill me of a heart stack. I gotta pace myself
DSDtape 10 日 前
This lady pretty cool :)
M a r i a A n g e l o v a
M a r i a A n g e l o v a 10 日 前
So important!!! I hope everyone completed the 2020 census!!! Everyone counts!
Stacey McDaniel
Stacey McDaniel 10 日 前
My first time being count by the Census was 2020 and im in my thirties
JD Gaff
JD Gaff 10 日 前
There has never been a more unflattering angle than watching this woman’s chins bounce in anger.
Ashutosh Mourya
Ashutosh Mourya 11 日 前
why don't make a central body to oversee these census proceedings and management
modernmarvel 12 日 前
"I've been paying to get my a@# wooped by the cops..." has influenced me to skip the comments section.
Mark Verschell
Mark Verschell 12 日 前
Dulce, I LOVE you! You are so funny and beautiful. Edit: beyond simple morality (what, blacks are people?) the underlying economic foundation of discriminatory policies is hugely flawed. Many of us white (mostly male) people think of the economy as a pie, if I give Dulce a bigger slice, then there is less for me. This is wrong AND selfish. Instead, if I insist that Dulce be allowed equal ability, opportunity, and protection to bake her own pies (and stop the police from harassing, arresting, and shooting her), then there are more pies for everyone (including me). But damn, now I am hungry! Dulce, what kind of pie you making, and can I have some?
Judy Ovans
Judy Ovans 12 日 前
Where’s Trevor these are the times we need to hear him after yesterday’s capital hill disgrace?
Fertile Dirt
Fertile Dirt 12 日 前
Should've listened back in 1974. Proves this government has been the problem. Especially the orange turd.
Leucienfireweaver 12 日 前
I hate that we live in a world where it's 'Black' 'White', or other racial term, people. We're all people. All (In this country) American. I hope that I can live to see a world where this racial divide is no longer the case. Love thy neighbor, regardless of who they are, and what their skin color is.
impermissa 12 日 前
I think it's great how more and more black people are starting to get jobs.
N Cocch
N Cocch 12 日 前
Police brutally left unchecked will taire the country apart for proof just look at Rome more pificly the Roman Empire they were weekend my slave revolts and then distroied by their enemy's
CorpusCallosum 13 日 前
Dulce is simply the best, better than ALL the rest.
Oso 13 日 前
Except calories
Yank Espinal
Yank Espinal 13 日 前
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Sandra Anderson
Sandra Anderson 13 日 前
Love you Dulce Sloan!!
Anthony Gutierrez
Anthony Gutierrez 13 日 前
America will simply not help you if no one is making money off of you.
Ojay Ojay
Ojay Ojay 13 日 前
Lmfao!!! Love the whole video!! Dulce!!!
purplefireweed 13 日 前
"On the one hand, if Florida's extinct..."
NotMe, 13 日 前
So stupid...
Luthien S
Luthien S 13 日 前
I could see Dulce up at the podium with MLK calling out to the crowd for racial equality. We're still getting out of the infant phase of equalizing men and women. So sad it takes this long for us to just accept that we're all humans and we should be working together to find other planets to colonize vs. quarreling for pitiful short-lived property.
Kipp Carter
Kipp Carter 13 日 前
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gyozakeynesian 13 日 前
"Defunding the police" is the dumbest idea since Democrats calling themselves socialists. It will cost money to reform the police, so it's a stupid idea for anyone who cares about reducing police killings. It turns people off, so it's a political burden on the Democratic party. This isn't rocket science.
Steven Windward
Steven Windward 14 日 前
The MSM made sure ignorant people were fed a whole bunch of crap. Yes Trump talks "unpresidential" that is true. I don't care what he says I care what he does. Lower taxes Trade agreements Bring troops home Making other countries pay for defense Stock market all time highs Enforcing laws like immigration Deal with North Korea First President on North Korea soil Not bombing Iran after they blew up drone. Lowest unemployment for all races Actions speak louder than words! Democrats should really listen to that statement.
R Quincy
R Quincy 14 日 前
I'm so disappointed. I was expecting Cramer-style shouting about the police budgets (deficits). 😞
Sasha Orb
Sasha Orb 14 日 前
Love this. Well done.
ManyDogLady 14 日 前
Lady Celery
Lady Celery 14 日 前
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Lady Celery
Lady Celery 14 日 前
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Queenie Rieske
Queenie Rieske 14 日 前
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Trader Williams
Trader Williams 14 日 前
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Beverly Shelton
Beverly Shelton 14 日 前
I just fucking love this woman. Keep it up girlfriend tell it like it is!!!
Eleanor Barsic
Eleanor Barsic 14 日 前
Thank YOU for doing this piece!!
molly cruz
molly cruz 14 日 前
The World is not "worth saving". Life is worth saving, though. Life needs protection from large chunks of a mindless Universe that have our name on them. And if that wasn't bad enough, our Sun, the nearest star, has a sell -by date and will burn us all up if we don't leave. So Nature came up with us, homo sapiens; not to master swimming; Dolphins have that one covered, or flying as well as swallows, or running like a cheetah. but to master the Universe, to play marbles with asteroids, and to hunt up another planet for the Big Move. We may not be in control of this plan, but we are in charge. We weren't made for Earth life, we came here to leave. Like David, we'll find the right spot on the Giant and throw what power we can muster at it, and like Noah we'll pack up the beasts, or the "words" for living forms to travel, and like Jonah we'll get in something sleek and shiny and take off in a hostile environment. I'm not making this up. I just think these fables need more respect than they have gotten. We are all the "chosen people". And in His Father's House are Many Mansions. Lots of other solar systems. And we've been elected to find one. See?
Gabo0n VIP3R
Gabo0n VIP3R 14 日 前
Could we see more ads? I f****ing SAW that one.
Priya T
Priya T 14 日 前
Oh Chicago! How can I save my city 😫
BadlndsBob 14 日 前
This vid was great. I hope it reaches and impacts a lot of people.
Gina Martinez
Gina Martinez 14 日 前
“We need to think of the the earth as a grandfather we like” that analogy won’t work. The people you are trying to reason with are the people who are willing to let lots of grandpas die during COVID, just to keep the economic machine running. Reframe.. climate change will put islands you love under water, then you won’t have a destination for your mega yacht.
tucker zenski
tucker zenski 14 日 前
A good way to eliminate police brutality is to bore the hell out of them. We need to engage with each other to eliminate any calls of any kind to them. Perhaps if we created a circuit of specific connections for specific circumstances, we won't ever have to call 911. We also have to talk our brothers and sisters down from brutality that allows cops to be aggressive. I don't know. I wish I did.
Eli Dadia
Eli Dadia 14 日 前
damn straight nobodey sez it better then trevor
Lightning Thunder
Lightning Thunder 14 日 前
As a white person, the Census makes me wanna report that I and my family are all African-American in this HOA, since they don't wanna count people and REPRESENT them!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬 Why is our Government so hateful towards the people who fund it all and keep it running?! Who pay THEIR wages and healthcare!!
Joyce Hand
Joyce Hand 14 日 前
Most people of color whose ancestors were in the Slave trade are multiracial. How is the Census counting us? Using the government's name African American? Not true. Are they really looking for the truth? I think not.
Joyce Hand
Joyce Hand 14 日 前
Police need to get rid of the Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, White Nationalists, KKK, Proud Boys, and other hate group members that are on the force and wear the uniform in all Law Enforcements. It is more than the police force. Drive-by shootings are not all black on black crimes or white on white or any other groups. We, my sisters and brothers, are in a War with these hate groups. They don't want more of us and less of them. How many are working in hospitals? How many are ambulance drivers? What about your minister? Yep! leading you to Hell. Are they following the teachings of Jesus? If not, leave. Run to a Church that is following Christ.
harikesh ram
harikesh ram 14 日 前
Money commonly known as pawer.
Valerie Curtis
Valerie Curtis 14 日 前
Instead of watching NCIS, Blue Bloods, etc., maybe people ought to read up on Police Brutality. Entertaining and life drama at the same time!
Susanne 14 日 前
Census workers take an oath that we cannot discuss any information relating to the census from the time we take the oath until our death.
aLexen1983 14 日 前
I remember this one time Dulcé made me laugh with that 911 sketch. That was a long time ago.
1sttobylopez 14 日 前
WTF this is what you want to defund people, a banking system set aside specifically for assault
horse mango phillips III
horse mango phillips III 14 日 前
Christ you guys country is broken to hell
Susan Liu
Susan Liu 14 日 前
🎅 🔯 🍎 🔮 🐲
ソウエイ 14 日 前
This is Lizzo role playing as Dulcé. 😂
Duke T.
Duke T. 14 日 前
Mmmkay.... the Police Brutality Bonds story.... EMMY!! That joint was Funny. Wahhn't NO lies. Economically sound. Emmy Award.
Sarah S
Sarah S 14 日 前
Spot on, eye opener! I do see the common thread here, Education is key, knowledge is power. Numbers are certainly a great way to expose the corruption, but I think instead of defunding the police, they should just opt for spending the budget on proper education, training, and hiring better candidates, changing the narrative to: “educate the police” or while we’re at it, do a better job educate everyone, seems that could solve a lot of the current problems the country faces...
mickiemouseHM 14 日 前
File a lawsuit to convict the govt? The govt will put YOU in jain. Period.
online name
online name 14 日 前
everytime she says "white" pple, replace it with "black" or "asian" or "hispanic" then you'll realize how RACIST this is
Carolina Lockard
Carolina Lockard 14 日 前
How is that relevant?
Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or 14 日 前
PART A: \\\\ OPEN LETTER to the 638 LAWMAKERS of the New Congress //// Beyond the runaway horizon of DOMESTIC UNITY, that,collectively, all wish to heal, an unwritten duty-destiny rises: -- to preserve our WESTERN CIVILIZATION under the United States Proven Cultural Leadership. Last challenged by a growing new reset at WW-I end, is perhaps best described by NYT #1 BESTSELLER "EINSTEIN'' by Walter Isaacson. At least a decade before Hitler, post his worldwide acclaimed confirmation of his Gravity Physics, [General Relativity], he left it all to alert the world about the danger of rapidly deteriorating Western Civilization in Germany. None took him seriously, at that time. Avoid politics, stay with your science, his supporters scorned him, one quoting PROVERBS 9:8 "Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee; rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee Perhaps a somewhat similar SERIOUS ISSUE IS AT THE DOOR, to be presented before you on Jan 6, entrusted in your voting hands by the great wisdom of the UNITED STATES UNIFYING CONSTITUTION. ***** PART B: \\\\ RETURNING TO 1,OOO YRS RETARDED CIVILIZATION SINCE HYPATIA? //// Nobel Prize was awarded to discoverers, in 1998, that EINSTEIN-HUBBLE PROOF of expansion of the universe, is NOT SLOWING DOWN BY GRAVITATION, AS ASSUMED BEFORE, BUT IS ACCELERATING. [Dozen free, books, YOU-tube, ''Cosmology, Physics and Philosophy," Amazon, 'in' and at least 10M citations by Google, "Astro-Termo 'BEGINNING' PROVES PRE-GENESIS CREATOR"]. Armies of theoretical physics have since claimed that NEWTON-EINSTEIN-SCIENCE-CULTURE IS WRONG AND IS REPLACED BY THEIR MYSTERIOUS, NO-SHOW, DARK ENERGY AND DARK MATTER. ENDORSED by many, the new science requires NO NEED FOR VERIFIED SCIENTIFIC FACTS. Protests by conservative scientists are conspiring theories. Political ramifications followed and the rest is known../
Chosen Royalty
Chosen Royalty 14 日 前
Funniest line " I am paying to get my ass whoop by the cops". 😆 🤣
Shawn Lucas
Shawn Lucas 14 日 前
Thank you for bringing the numbers!
Speedy J Mantshiyane
Speedy J Mantshiyane 14 日 前
Interesting. Wonder if its the same dynamics in South Africa.
Ivan Dejour
Ivan Dejour 14 日 前
Really enjoyed this
Angelica 14 日 前
Love watching Dulce's reactions. It's like holding your nose to swallow nasty medicine to heal.
Vinny Rex
Vinny Rex 14 日 前
Dulce is an all timer
Pontiac Firebird U9
Pontiac Firebird U9 14 日 前
America u are fd up glad I don’t live there
Peter didn't pick a pepper. But 2.
Peter didn't pick a pepper. But 2. 14 日 前
Dougie Houser! ok after scrolling all 402 comments i cant believe no one mentioned Dougie Houser. how can you do my boi like that. man i wanted to be like him, wet dream ofboys and girls and moms a like. Neil Patric Harris ftw
lili4990 14 日 前
God i love her
KJ Martin
KJ Martin 15 日 前
THIS! been saying for years that this is how you attack police brutality! I understand the emotionality of police brutality because of the human toll but historically its de money, that cause America to change. We need to increase the cost of police killing and brutalizing people & publicizing said costs if you want change. This requires a series of organizations to attack the issue in exactly the same manner black people dealt with civil rights-through organizing lawyers and lawsuits and journalists.
Hekat Sees
Hekat Sees 15 日 前
Oh please, the earth will be fine until the next extinction event, and even then the earth will still survive. Of course, humans may be gone a whole hell of a lot sooner than we’d like, but earth will be fine... So no worries, bye-bye humans, but the earth will be OK; eventually... Lol...
D.J. 15 日 前
There is no census in my country. It’s a way to get to oppress your vote. The way they count people here? Everyone is registered under their social security number. Everyone has one.
Peter didn't pick a pepper. But 2.
Peter didn't pick a pepper. But 2. 14 日 前
yeah same here too. greets to the neighbours in .nl. i like and appreciate your channel description. coz reasons :-) peace out
D.J. 15 日 前
The environment is not grandpa. It’s your unborn baby.
Chafouin Catnip
Chafouin Catnip 15 日 前
Dulcé is public service information, made interesting !
InfoJunkie 15 日 前
LOVE Dulce!
Barbara Ludden
Barbara Ludden 15 日 前
Right now the police in my area police are refusing to do there job's. The local police can't be bothered to stop theft, or even get up off there asses to get the paper work to trepass a tweeker who was smashed stuff inside the store. I for one believe they are doing or rather not doing this to punish the public for even daring to criticize let alone threatening to defund them. They are becoming the new gang's.
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