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9 ヶ月 前

How is jaywalking a thing? What’s up with food fights? And why is the Happy Birthday song so sad? Trevor tells the audience eight stories about things in America that have surprised him.
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Shbob Racs
Shbob Racs 2 時間 前
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Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 日 前
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Zhuo Ling LI
Zhuo Ling LI 日 前
#5 addressing the racism/ bigotry. A very good concept. Assigning blame is what is happening in Australia at the moment so getting all sides to come to the table and actually listen to each other, and not point fingers at each other (on all sides), is very challenging. Maybe we need to see how it is being done in South Africa.... especially having chickens in the backyard ;-). Love your work Trevor.
Yahyaa Bhamjee
Yahyaa Bhamjee 日 前
Just happen to have 9.11 subscribers
Tulasi Mukunda
Tulasi Mukunda 日 前
I remember in school during the morning assembly they would call out the 'birthday kids' (we wore uniforms so we could tell by the birthday kids' colourful clothes) and we were supposed to sing happy birthday to them. A lot of people refused to get up on stage, and I always wondered why. I totally get it now
Daniel Moon
Daniel Moon 2 日 前
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Austin Bello
Austin Bello 2 日 前
Why are your crew team passing by the screen, that's disrespectful
Daniel Rademeyer
Daniel Rademeyer 2 日 前
I get so fucking cross when I hear some Americans saying black people don't belong there. Their forefathers kidnapped African people, took them to America against their will and forced them into slavery. They had no say in any of this so they are there because of this! They've build America and made it the country it is today (against their will but they still fucking did it, they deserve to be there and be treated as equals and with respect!). So stop this fucking shit, treat the people with respect and as equals and improve their lives so they can live the best version of themselves!!! We all deserve that!!! It's the same in South Africa where some white people say they made South Africa what it is today, I call Bull Shit. I reckon every single building, road, etc was actually build by black South Africans and I respect that! Fucking hard working people and the deserve better! I see them and respect them!
Paco Bhangal
Paco Bhangal 2 日 前
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PMNoble 3 日 前
Trevor is always on point. 😂
im danny boy
im danny boy 4 日 前
i couldn't imagine being a cameraman on the daily show i would just be laughing
Raykhe Jeffer
Raykhe Jeffer 5 日 前
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Overthe Sea
Overthe Sea 6 日 前
God bless Africa hahaha
Chaolao 7 日 前
Why the fuck our we morons in America wasting food...
Alexander Mitchell
Alexander Mitchell 8 日 前
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Ryan Mars
Ryan Mars 8 日 前
Send this to any African and we won't be surprised
Ryan Mars
Ryan Mars 8 日 前
He's the greatest accents
Nikko Shay
Nikko Shay 8 日 前
It's like that in america because when we are taught about history they say that white people had slaves. White people did this They did that
Jose Luis Arreola
Jose Luis Arreola 9 日 前
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Captain Russel
Captain Russel 9 日 前
That guy passed didn't seem laughing 🤣🤣🤣
Shibangshi Paul
Shibangshi Paul 9 日 前
Oh god I want to go to his show one day
Yeh jaw Loj kiz
Yeh jaw Loj kiz 10 日 前
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Mwiza Sian
Mwiza Sian 10 日 前
This is so true😂😂😂😂😂 "Then how will it learn"
meditation channel
meditation channel 11 日 前
Nice one Mr Noah big up
Blond blue eyed bitch
Blond blue eyed bitch 11 日 前
That 911 thing about the cat was so funny, like in my country the people you call would just hang up ‘cause they would probably think it was a prank call
Lushai 19
Lushai 19 11 日 前
6:25 Whenever I hear the American commenting football it sounds like WWE
Laurraine-Marcelle Gereige
Laurraine-Marcelle Gereige 11 日 前
Air Canada and Air France almost shut down when I showed up with my emotional support Great Dane, even though they were warned per protocol by e-mail, days in advance :)
polard keren
polard keren 12 日 前
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jung lee
jung lee 12 日 前
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Matt Ryan De Guzman
Matt Ryan De Guzman 13 日 前
I was listening to this and my mom suddenly watches a video on full volume
ThePinkBinks 14 日 前
Happy Birthday used to be sung... well.... happily. I'm pretty sure singing it in offices killed it.
rafia 14 日 前
the fact that he keeps being his own fun self and entertain his audience BETWEEN the scenes omg he's such a cool person i love him
Christina Jager
Christina Jager 14 日 前
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Harley Burton
Harley Burton 14 日 前
"Pay as you go government" That's great.
Rose Brand
Rose Brand 14 日 前
Love it!
Inception Bull
Inception Bull 14 日 前
You have an intelligent mum
Inception Bull
Inception Bull 14 日 前
Oh! Your observation so true. Never been to the USA but heard all the animals - i.e.chickens - vegetables are huge in there but taste like plastic.
Inception Bull
Inception Bull 14 日 前
Spot on about 'Birthday' song and blowing off the candle
Y o u r L o c a l H i s p a n i c
Y o u r L o c a l H i s p a n i c 14 日 前
We don’t just sing happy birthday, we be sing compleanos Feliz and happy birthday and our sounds more upbeat but not as good as the donald duck version-
Edward Lau
Edward Lau 14 日 前
that’s the best birthday joke I have heard, right on the spot, that’s some fresh perspective!
Bathsheba Holaday
Bathsheba Holaday 15 日 前
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Jessability 15 日 前
Chicken Wings😂🐓
Bakka Karen
Bakka Karen 15 日 前
Let the cat learn😂😂😂😂😂😂
Norma Forsyth
Norma Forsyth 15 日 前
Its funny, I am the same way as his mother about things like the food fights. It really bothers me to see that on tv, for the same reason. How insulting and disrespectful! I'm also that way about shows that just destroy things like cars. There was one show where this was pretty much the point, and I couldn't even watch it. I'm definitely with his mom on that.
Ela Vke
Ela Vke 16 日 前
Govt. Shutdowns wouldn't happen so often if they'd stopped giving themselves big ass rsises
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 16 日 前
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Lorraine Pina
Lorraine Pina 16 日 前
I love him. This is so funny. The birthday part made me ugly laugh
Sylvie Said
Sylvie Said 16 日 前
Lisa Rice
Lisa Rice 16 日 前
I love his commentary about racism. This is so true. So many of the challenges we face in this society trace back to slavery and post-Civil War apartheid/segregation. The U.S. put in place thousands of laws, ordinances, and regulations to explicitly deny opportunities and resources to people of color creating systems/structures that create and perpetuate inequality. They include residential segregation, school segregation, the dual credit market, a panoply of restrictive zoning ordinances, etc. and these structures still exist today and they still serve to perpetuate inequality and disparate outcomes. The disparate outcomes we are seeing due to the COVID-19 pandemic is a perfect example of this. For example, instead of acknowledging that healthcare facilities are hyper-concentrated in predominately White communities, we just acted like everyone would have the same access to healthcare facilities - when they don't. This is why we are seeing that people of color are being vaccinated at much lower rates than their White counterparts. Let's just acknowledge that we've inherited a society that is deeply inequitable and that our neighborhoods are racially segregated AND our resources/opportunities are highly segregated. And then let's work to make access to opportunity fairer.
Dwane Mars
Dwane Mars 16 日 前
I don't like this fool he always comparing America to lowest garbage country in the world south Africa..
Me Mi
Me Mi 16 日 前
"Happy Birthday US" = totally funeral! ... I am from Brazil, and bdays party vibe comes only after carnaval. Thanks for being my voice Trevor!
Siyabulela Ziyanda Mtshontshi
Siyabulela Ziyanda Mtshontshi 16 日 前
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this is so true. 🇿🇦
Carla Moore
Carla Moore 17 日 前
Trevor ROCKS MAN!!!
Samuel Chifofo
Samuel Chifofo 17 日 前
Who else saw the cameraman laughing
alakh grover
alakh grover 17 日 前
Trump supporters are the people who are capable of actually disliking these videos, I mean he's so funny
plumb loko
plumb loko 17 日 前
The Buffalo chicken reminds me of chicken fried steaks. There made out of beef, yet their called chicken fried steaks. Hmm! Maybe someone can explain this one to me?
Daniel Masis
Daniel Masis 17 日 前
The alluring fertilizer rarely grin because burn locally itch regarding a likeable jeff. normal, magenta branch
Cajanaki 1204
Cajanaki 1204 18 日 前
He love South Africa a lot I can feel it....
Jyothi Lakshmi
Jyothi Lakshmi 18 日 前
'let them suffer and learn' ...Damn ...it looks desi parents migrated to south africa....😂
ken_ duh_
ken_ duh_ 18 日 前
11:35 THAT CAMERAPERSON’S FACE like he’s cracking up 😂😂
A1 With-a-kick
A1 With-a-kick 18 日 前
Work unions ... they don't even guarantee you will have your job you pay union dues for.
Oneman Show
Oneman Show 18 日 前
I admire this guy's intelligence and he can make fun out of nonsense 😁😁😁😁😂😂
Glassfield Audio
Glassfield Audio 18 日 前
In India as well, you can't expect the police to just arrive at your doorstep. I remember as a child there was someone on our rooftops cause we heard footsteps. We called the cops and they said we will check up. We called them 10 minutes later and they had absolutely forgotten about it. You need to call the cops 2-3 times for them to take your complaint seriously.
Meka Doe
Meka Doe 19 日 前
Ppl in africa will never understand blacks that descended from africa that are america. Not only were we enslaved by Europeans and the chinese. We were sold by our on ppl and even today those ppl ( our ppl in africa) still aren't owning up to their complete involvement!
Meka Doe
Meka Doe 19 日 前
This man so funny. I've always thought he was going somewhere. He does story time, ignorance, confusion, wisdom and comedy.
Salha Majid
Salha Majid 19 日 前
That part of the Latino comentetor where he says he has spoil the surprise 😂😂😂😂😂thats funny.
Antoinette Hicks
Antoinette Hicks 19 日 前
Trevor, let's settle down together ❤
Tionge nyasulu
Tionge nyasulu 19 日 前
Adem Tya
Adem Tya 20 日 前
The unarmed virgo formerly rely because nic aerobically repair circa a overconfident fall. perfect, parallel maraca
Ric Chapin
Ric Chapin 20 日 前
This should actually be part of the show rather than just an online behind the scenes.
liv benjamin
liv benjamin 20 日 前
so proud to be a south african when I watch his videos omg, he better have a show back here again after covid
What Trevor is saying is very true ( South African here ). The police are extremely slow to react. A few months ago we called the police because someone had just broken in. They took TWO HOURS to get here, even though they're about 10 minutes away. It's cool though, I instructed my Rottweiler to attack him... And then we began beating the crap out of the burglar😂😂
Majin Huey
Majin Huey 20 日 前
I'll be raising my kids with Trevor's birthday song. The whole birthday ritual does kinda seem like someone's about to be sacrificed 😂
Theresa Okon
Theresa Okon 20 日 前
Americans never want to deal with the issue of slavery.
John Doe
John Doe 20 日 前
Fuck all that i got 13 chickens 3 hoarses and lama 2 cats and a pitbull. Chicken get rid of the ticks and give me eggs every day. Hoarses are for my daughter and son. Pit bull for protection. Cats for mice and the lama because I got it for freeeeeee lmao
Matthew purcell
Matthew purcell 20 日 前
Matthew purcell
Matthew purcell 20 日 前
This is a great show,and the actors are extremely awesome.
Marcus Cyr
Marcus Cyr 21 日 前
I've not watched his show before... Do they tell people to walk about in the background for fun lol
John Qreshi
John Qreshi 21 日 前
Pleasure to watch your videos, they have information, art, creativity and knowledge.
Kai To
Kai To 21 日 前
He bassically said the meme
Adi Nayar
Adi Nayar 22 日 前
I mean technically he isn't wrong about us just celebrating one year closer to death.
Tonantzin Talavera
Tonantzin Talavera 22 日 前
🤣 Disobeying the white man. 🚶‍♂️
Tonantzin Talavera
Tonantzin Talavera 22 日 前
Yes! That is the best Birthday song! We play it on the car radio during Covid Birthday Parades. ❤🎉
Huynh Hong Nhat
Huynh Hong Nhat 22 日 前
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cij681sun ;sup'fuh
cij681sun ;sup'fuh 22 日 前
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The Lord of the Streams
The Lord of the Streams 22 日 前
It’s depressing cuz no one wants cake with wax and spit on it.
Blkgemini 84
Blkgemini 84 22 日 前
I hope they have room for my support 🐘
Elardo Fleming
Elardo Fleming 23 日 前
So moms wasnt playing when she said there are ppl starving in Africa eat ur food lmao they would kill to eat like this str8 Facts
jason labudde
jason labudde 23 日 前
Jay-walking is when you walk across the street where there is no cross walk
Ethan Parrott
Ethan Parrott 23 日 前
Trev’s American accent cracks me up
Jayson Ong
Jayson Ong 23 日 前
The lyrical samurai constitutively care because jam ultrascructurally pump amidst a neat locust. scientific, ordinary romanian
The Reel Rae
The Reel Rae 23 日 前
Well the traditional birthday song will never be the same again 😂
jairo Sanchez
jairo Sanchez 24 日 前
I think here in America's biggest problem is more people are depending on smart phone technology and internet, as soon as we don't understand something we go Google it , or ask Alexa What is _________? , before mobile internet we go hit the books and read , it will stimulate our brain know instant information or to lazy to read go whatch a JPpost video about the information that you can't understand
Obsidianflame 24 日 前
This is the Birthday Song Trevor mentions: jppost.info/project/sZKhpdKkYm2tlZo/bideo.html
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 24 日 前
The safe reaction immunophenotypically hammer because airmail ignificantly squash until a mammoth accountant. holistic, pumped snowboarding
presto beats
presto beats 24 日 前
The broad handle dentsply stir because snowflake intringuingly visit aboard a five mimosa. momentous, numerous wolf
Meadow Rae
Meadow Rae 25 日 前
I love his Basic American White Guy voice.
shanonly32100 25 日 前
Normal animals is what ill bring 🤣
Patrick Mundhenk-Koch
Patrick Mundhenk-Koch 25 日 前
This is why listening to people from other cultures is important. They see weird things in our culture a lot better than we do.
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