Jordan Klepper Debunks The “Good Guy with a Gun” Argument | The Daily Show

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6 日 前

Can a “good guy with a gun” really stop a mass shooting? Jordan Klepper finds out. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #Guns
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Real 30 秒 前
Jornan Klepper?
Daniel Sander
Daniel Sander 時間 前
I think being skinny and lightweight would leave me more vulnerable
maapi 時間 前
This was funny, but doesn't really prove much lol I'm not surprised that he got owned by "bad guys" after not taking anything seriously.
Lulu06 YT
Lulu06 YT 時間 前
American "comedians" are so cringe.....
sebasgeon666 時間 前
Me: lives in TX, proceeds to look up Florida CCW permit instead of doing it here
Marc010 2 時間 前
I am amazed how people agree to an interview with a guy from Comedy Central.
Roya 2 時間 前
Are you an US citizen? BANG
rocketshipToTheArtic 2 時間 前
This is a re-upload? Why isn't it labeled as such?
Liz C
Liz C 3 時間 前
let's start talking about the well trained militia in that 2nd amendment!
fred stone
fred stone 3 時間 前
Every day mass shootings???
TinyTorah 4 時間 前
Sad how relevant this video still is and still will be probably 10-20 years from now. 😕
A 6 時間 前
As a European, this is just mind boggling...
Seiko 7 時間 前
That USP is sweet love the slide release
SizzFractor 11 時間 前
this guy isnt funny at all
Brett M
Brett M 12 時間 前
imagine thinking you can "debunk" such a complex issue with just one video. Truly the height of journalism.
DamageInq 13 時間 前
"I'm not sure that's how math works" This is Pete's nice way of saying: I'm sure that's not how math works.
Keith Totzke
Keith Totzke 13 時間 前
Jordan Klepper. My man.
rob griffin jr.
rob griffin jr. 13 時間 前
C-lo impersonator was a trip
Seth Watters
Seth Watters 13 時間 前
I love how he just made fun of a black guy
Chris O
Chris O 14 時間 前
See, even guys in the biz of stopping these shootings can't say there should be heavy gun control. Job security I guess. Kinda pathetic
luc07ry 14 時間 前
It is not that easy to get a concealed carry permit in many states.
Keren Isslaub
Keren Isslaub 15 時間 前
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Jedii Kniight
Jedii Kniight 16 時間 前
Is that a laugh track?
Jedii Kniight
Jedii Kniight 16 時間 前
Or a pre-covid episode?
freefly0714 16 時間 前
Getting a permit doesn't mean you're qualified. Of course you need to continually train with your firearm. At least he was utilizing a hand gun to make it accurate. The left loves to pretend that AR15s in gun safes load themselves, aim themselves, and pull their own triggers.
Totally A Jake Pauler
Totally A Jake Pauler 16 時間 前
Funny, but the dude has definitely shot a gun before. Buy a gun for protection, and they will sell you a shotgun. Pistols are not easy to shot, and for him to have hit every shot says something.
조수형 16 時間 前
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geekdiggy 17 時間 前
jordan, please stay away from guns forever and ever. america needs you because there are still trump tards in this country. if you get popped, who tf is going to ridicule them with yoda-like mastery!
TrueHelpTV 17 時間 前
Stalker 17 時間 前
I want to know where all the gun advocates are on what Klepper just exposed. ?! Gun advocate, "shhhhh....!" I own a gun and believe in owning a gun, but Klepper just shined some light on thr responsibility of gun sales and background checks.
Eric Price
Eric Price 17 時間 前
The only thing that can stop a toddler with a gun...
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy 18 時間 前
1) You don’t need a permit in many states 2) Some people carry knowing they might not survive nor save everyone but are willing to lay their life down to engage a criminal 3) Daily show is still hilarious
Nagnooni 18 時間 前
Michael Hill
Michael Hill 18 時間 前
3:32 Sure...You definitely don't own one already while shilling for the anti-gun lobby. That would be hypocritical.
Vegan Fitness Goddess TV
Vegan Fitness Goddess TV 18 時間 前
Lol...he was NOT having ANY gun jokes!
GreenBandon 18 時間 前
People should be free. Freedom is more important than life... or was the civil war fought in vain?
James Scott
James Scott 19 時間 前
Alright then ! Great sensible video ! Let's just go and take every law abiding citizens guns from them and f[]ck the constitution.
kbernacchi 20 時間 前
This was awesome! My goodness to see so much reason and logic in 10+ minutes
Jeff L
Jeff L 20 時間 前
It's not so much the guns... but the bullets. Secure the bullets and all things that can make them.
Brumdog65 21 時間 前
Hopeless at this point. Keep shootings!
Jade bylund
Jade bylund 21 時間 前
Pretty funny. Completely flawed, if you've taken a concealed carry class you'd know this. But still pretty funny
Kai223noa 21 時間 前
We got robbed and when we called 911, she asked us if we were armed, I wasn't. She says when the police arrive make sure you are not holding any weapons or they may shoot you.
George Gaskin
George Gaskin 21 時間 前
The bad guy with a gun didn't come to your house last night because he thought you might have a gun and know how to use it!!!! If there weren't guns in homes he could come in and stay a week!!! What could happen in that week????
VvSlaveofMetalvV 22 時間 前
I think the funniest part of this whole video is that the only thing 2A Cultists will take away from it is the idea that the video is only shouting "BAN ALL GUNS" at full volume. This is how they define the intent of any statement which isn't "NO GUN REGULATIONS." Wait, that isn't funny, it's just extremely sad and scary. The thing I took away from this video is that the people who are actual professionals who teach gun safety and proper handling and currently regulate gun ownership are all extremely well informed and reasonable...It's the militia-wannabe ammosexuals who only listen to far-right media who are unwilling to understand the nuances of gun regulation. They 'know' that there are only two possible options: Ban all guns, or have no regulations of any kind. I really feel sorry for the people who can't see shades of grey in areas like this. Almost without fail someone who thinks only in clear black or white terms will apply the same biased thinking to everything in their lives. It doesn't only happen to conservatives, but the interesting thing is that you never see confirmed liberals with biases that lean toward fascism, racism, and Christian Nationalism, but instead favor radical elements of socialism, communism, or anarchy that don't really work well in our current society. tldr; I think we all need to take a chill pill and stop trying to cut every single issue into a perfect dichotomy that defines everyone as either one thing or another and herds people into camps that don't always suit them. This kind of 'otherization' always leads to cult-like behavior regardless of your political or religious beliefs.
Rock Hash
Rock Hash 22 時間 前
8000 cops in Texas while half are part of white supremacist cults.
Elizabeth Harttley
Elizabeth Harttley 22 時間 前
Florida- what he said is true, for 75 bucks you get your carry license AND they'll help you pass that written test. You can buy a gun at a yard sale too. What I've heard from folks, no one can come to my house and yell at me now, don't pull your weapon unless you're going to use it. My favorite is those ppl better not come near me anymore. And my grandson stole my pistol but I'm not reporting him. Yup i feel so safe down here (sarcasm)
Rock Hash
Rock Hash 22 時間 前
I mean would you really want to engage a guy with an AK or AR with your little 9mm pistol especially if he's far away?
Commie Cat
Commie Cat 22 時間 前
Seems about as easy as getting a car, which is arguably more dangerous
M. Ebisu
M. Ebisu 23 時間 前
I don't get the Cee Lo Green Impersonator Joke.
Robert Conville Jr
Robert Conville Jr 23 時間 前
If you are going to carry a firearm, you need to take it seriously, obvious you do not! Buttercup! Semper Fi!
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis 23 時間 前
americas the worst!
Lynda Koers
Lynda Koers 23 時間 前
I think I'll believe the guys from Alert and NOT Wayne LaPierre.
maverick 44
maverick 44 23 時間 前
😂😂😂 juat look at how well gun ban in Australia worked. Safest home invaders in the world😂😂😂
Soordhin 23 時間 前
As a sports shooter in germany it is amazing to see how easy it is to legally carry a concealed fiream in public spaces in the USA. And without any training. To be able to own a gun i had to be a member of a shooting club for 12 months, do at least 12 training sessions (usually target shooting at minimum distance of 25m) plus a two day theoretical and practical training session with the gun association including a practical and theoretical test in all things gun related, but with a large focus on legislation around firearm usage. With that i could apply for my gun owners card, which involved a background check with all intelligence agencies, police and court records, which in itself took 3 weeks, the whole card thing is handled by the police in my area. To be able to buy a gun that is not enough though. I have to apply for that at the police again, they put a stamp in my gun owners card detailing exactly what kind of gun in which maximum caliber i can buy. With that i go to my gunshop, order the gun i want. Once i have that, the gunshop has to enter the firearm registraction code into the card, i have to go back to the police who has to confirm that and put the guns information in the national firearms register under my name. Oh, and if i want to buy the fitting ammunition, i have to get an approval for that as well. Yup, i jumped through all the hoops and have now two handguns, which i am not allowed to carry in public. Only on a gun range, and unloaded in my own home. I can transport it of course, but it has to be unloaded and secured against theft and immediate use. Oh, and due to the pandemic i still have the roughly 8k rounds of ammunition i bought last march and couldn't use as all gun ranges are closed. And that brings new problems, as i have to train at least once a month (and document that) to be allowed to keep my guns. Do we have gun crime in Germany? Yes, we do. Both from illegal firearms and legal ones, although the latter is actually quite rare.
TechnoToast 日 前
Maybe we need no one with a gun, yk except cops.
thepantscommandme 時間 前
@TechnoToast So what makes the cops life more important than mine, it's not like someone wouldn't attack me or my friends or family with a knife.
TechnoToast 時間 前
@thepantscommandme so that someone with a knife could be stopped without the need for melee combat.
thepantscommandme 9 時間 前
If no one had a gun then why would a cop need one?
Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson 日 前
Brilliant. Should be mandated for all seeking to buy.
Wrecksoul 日 前
Is this a repeat? I feel like cc aired this segment before.
gus ramos
gus ramos 日 前
🤣🤣i can't be the only one that cracked up when the unarmed teen asked jordan why he shot him
Dream of freedom
Dream of freedom 日 前
I just don't understand the logic behind people wanting to have guns? Is it nice to be able to intimidate others and yourself with guns and then cry about innocent people being shot every day? I mean when are those people gona learn that guns don't give you ANYTHING at all. You just end up becoming part of the problem. I mean even policemen and soldiers in the army have to go through a very tough and serious series of tests before they can even hold weapons and here they give it to you after a short questionnaire?!? Seriously?!? (but that is just my opinion)
Nardo Vogt
Nardo Vogt 日 前
"I am a co-author of the report." *ouch*
Judith BG
Judith BG 日 前
Thanks JK!
Bear Gillium
Bear Gillium 日 前
Isn't this clip from five years ago?
Dounin 日 前
Based on recent events, they're reuploading this because of that, it's relevant.
Jovial Testimonial
Jovial Testimonial 日 前
Outstanding production in revealing the TRUTH!
Michael Hill
Michael Hill 日 前
Hey guys. If you don't want your neighbors to be able to legally own guns there are plenty of places you can go where they aren't easy to get legally. Places like LA, New York, and Chicago. Places run by Democrats, where legal firearms purchase is difficult, cost of living is reasonable, and where crime rates are low...wait...
Jeffrey Sullivan
Jeffrey Sullivan 日 前
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Attila Veres
Attila Veres 日 前
This is going to be a video I will post under every shooting report I see on any social media. Thank you! #guncontrol #nogunsforcivilians
That Guy Rich
That Guy Rich 日 前
I'll never understand people's fascination with gun violence. Why does the object matter? America doesn't have a gun violence problem, we have a violence problem.
Tyler Worrell
Tyler Worrell 日 前
This was excellent thank you!
Michael Hill
Michael Hill 日 前
Ummm...I didn't see this guy debunk anything. He just acted like a complete @sshole to people who were trying to help teach him something. That's about it.
Mike K
Mike K 日 前
Trevor Trying to start a civil war he couldnt when. He could always fly back to the crime free paradise of South Africa.
Mike K
Mike K 23 時間 前
@cameron burke American gun owners ill not hand over their weapons' without a fight. Trevor is pushing helping push the concept.....and no I dont even own a gun.
Dounin 日 前
Oh, the classic argument of: "we're just perfect, so, nobody should say anything nor change anything here and they should leave this place, unless, it's me and I'm complaining about something, which is kind of ironic, but, still". Like cameron burke, I also like to know, how is he trying to do that? Just because they gave valid points against something you fully agree?
cameron burke
cameron burke 日 前
How is Trevor trying to start a civil war?
Martin Macias
Martin Macias 日 前
Please government make us defenseless! I don't want to have freedom! Reeeeeeeee!
Dustin Rodriguez
Dustin Rodriguez 日 前
They have actually studied the ludicrous-sounding notion that if everyone had guns, there would be no crime. It actually turned up a lot of fascinating findings. Looking globally at gun ownership and violent crime rates, they found something which seems surprising at first but really should be - guns have nothing to do with violent crime. Meaning that if you take a very peaceful society, and give every single person in it a gun, those people are not going to suddenly become violent. And, likewise, if you take an extremely violent society, and take away ALL their guns, the people are not going to become peaceful. They will simply displace their violence to other mechanisms. Bombs seem popular where guns are scarce. So once they found that mere presence of guns wasn't a factor that correlated, neither positively (causing more violence) or negatively (preventing violence), they were still interested in what made the difference between peaceful and violent societies. They examined a couple thousand different factors, but only found one that had a strong correlation. Income inequality. Where the gap between rich and poor is large, regardless of absolutely any other factor whatsoever, violence is high, and the larger the gap, the more violent it becomes. Where the gap is small, regardless of absolutely any other factor whatsoever, violence is low. There are no exceptions. Not in modern times, not in history, not in any culture, not anywhere on planet Earth. That's not an easy problem to solve, though, so people like to imagine that they can somehow just make it impossible for people with murderous intent from killing people... despite the fact a car can mow down 20 or 30 people at a clip faster than a gun.
2tone 2tone
2tone 2tone 日 前
The moment someone says stricter gun laws, all these idiots on the right start yelling they want to take our guns away!!
2tone 2tone
2tone 2tone 4 時間 前
@thepantscommandme biden signed a gun reform bill..not a weapon confiscation act...thats what I was talking about
thepantscommandme 9 時間 前
Because politicians have literally said they will take them away.
Other Account
Other Account 日 前
Ok so more guns means less gun violence. That's the stupidest thing ive heard
jp91484 日 前
How very depressing it is to read all these comments from Americans who all they want to do is hand their entire life over to the government. Wake up people
HipRockInc 日 前
What part of “under no pretext” don’t you understand? Take away the state’s monopoly on force, and then maybe I’ll give up what little means I have.
Banned Mann
Banned Mann 日 前
Now they want us to trust law enforcement? While we defund em? You tried.
tito jenkins
tito jenkins 日 前
So you’re promoting the idea that unarmed people should try to stop an active shooter?
tito jenkins
tito jenkins 日 前
Wrong, Florida ccp reciprocate in PA and VA
dave etcetera
dave etcetera 日 前
This is a very old re-run, which means Jordan had a license to carry when he covered the 2021 Capitol riot...imagine the chaos if he had a gun with him.
Shay Del Re
Shay Del Re 日 前
I liked the dude til he said he didn't like Cher.
Eric the Red
Eric the Red 日 前
I liked when John Oliver argued gun control and got the guy to inadvertantly change to his opinion.
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde 日 前
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Tzu 日 前
Had you posted this with an alternate and sarcastic title you'd bring in more views, in particular from those that need to watch it.
Krystal Myth
Krystal Myth 日 前
Uhm, mandatory two years military service is done in many democratic countries to great effect and would count toward the kind of progam you are looking for.
Michael Fangre
Michael Fangre 日 前
that's just him with a pistol, imagine making higher caliber weapons readily available to people with less training than that :/
Isaiah Kennedy
Isaiah Kennedy 日 前
Not really debunked but sure
Angel Troy
Angel Troy 日 前
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Pasi Lehto
Pasi Lehto 日 前
i miss Jon Stewart and while the program was still fun, Stephen Colbert was also fun. Today, the program is something completely different than fun
Tiger474 日 前
Love me some Jornan Klepper
TheGamingPanda 日 前
He didnt debunk anything
MaskedMarvyl 日 前
The weasel Wayne LaPierre who embezzled millions from the NRA needs to go to prison for much more than theft; he needs to be put in prison for life for costing innocent children their lives with his threatening of lawmakers who dare to even think about passing sensible gun control laws like banning assault rifles.
Ken Albertsen
Ken Albertsen 日 前
With few exceptions, humans are too immature and too quick to anger to have guns. Maybe in 400 years, we will have matured as a species. There are hundreds of thousands of true stories of US gun owners who are grossly irresponsible with guns.
randall Jake
randall Jake 日 前
Gee wonder why no school shootings in ISRAEL!!!
J Richardson
J Richardson 日 前
there is no difference between this video and all that passes for accurate news everyday. assessment of this Work of Fiction. aka a Comedy Skit. Blair = Egomaniac Public Employee with a badge. believes his choice of employment gives him expertise and ability far superior to all others. not even close to accurate. his demeanor show he believes too little in others and too much in self. Klepper =NoBrain comedian. accurately believes most people that follow him, will not bother to check his assertions. here is just a small dose of... Reality = Every Sworn Officer that wrote an incident report with a weapon in it . = coauthor of the FBI report. Reality = No one, Not the average armed bystander, Not those Trained officers, Not even the idiot that started the incident in the first place, are Ready for a Gun Fight. Question as to main point . 3 percent. did Blair read the FBI report.? the top four most common ways a Mass shooting ends. the shooter ends himself. another person with a gun ends them. be it a bystander or a Public Employee with a Badge. the shooter runs out of ammo. the shooter hits the intended target then stops. sad that this is a subject of comedy.
Harry Peterson
Harry Peterson 日 前
I understand that people are afraid of others with guns and want more regulations.... The reality is that there are close to 400,000,000 guns in circulation in the US, and criminals aren't going to get rid of their guns. Anyone willing to relinquish their guns are not the type to ever hurt a person with one. Wouldn't that make a gun buyback pointless?
Rhombus Labs
Rhombus Labs 日 前
You know what's better than a gun for home defense (besides a house alarm)? A dog. Dogs wake up at the slightest sound or movement and bark at everything they don't know. Here's added bonuses: your child can't accidentally shoot themselves or you with a dog, you're not likely to commit suicide using your dog... also fluffy cuddles and puppy kisses. Dogs not guns.
David Calamari
David Calamari 日 前
This is brilliant
Timothy Collins
Timothy Collins 日 前
"I won't break any of these rules" as he points the fake gun toward the instructor 😂
Naomi Bee
Naomi Bee 日 前
So, in other words, people who get murdered by a cop may have medical conditions before and when they are murdered- okayyy that’s not news soo what? Aren’t we ALL supposed to know that we are ALL humans with medical conditions? I would think that makes Chauvin even MORE accountable for his negligent actions and lack of humanity. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Dhruv Patki
Dhruv Patki 日 前
Anyone else notice the typo in the thumbnail? @Trevor Noah
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