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19 日 前

Fair Fight founder Stacey Abrams discusses the racial inequities exposed by COVID-19, the fight against police brutality, and exploring voter suppression in "Our Time is Now." #DailyShow #StaceyAbrams #Georgia
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Liyma Sal
Liyma Sal 10 時間 前
Stacey Abrams 🌊🌊
bootsofescaping01 3 日 前
VP...oh hell no. Stacy for president 2024.
H A 3 日 前
Did trevor look mushy at the beginning????
turnne 4 日 前
I am consistently and continually impressed by this woman
Imjust Asinner
Imjust Asinner 8 日 前
I feel so sorry for my brothers and sisters, for you are in a system that is against you. You can vote everyday of the week. But the fact of the matter is, your vote does nothing, if you are not apart of electoral college.
Theodore Walsh
Theodore Walsh 8 日 前
I would like to thank Stacey Abrams for her hypocrisy concerning voter suppression then turn a blind eye to the disenfranchisement of votes like mine in Ohio.
UglyApprentice 11 日 前
She hard carried Georgia
Lone WolfGamingPlus
Lone WolfGamingPlus 12 日 前
She's a hero ! Hero !
Anna 12 日 前
thank black women :)
Byll Cyphyr
Byll Cyphyr 12 日 前
The woman who shifted the tides Applause
Keith Cindy Panama
Keith Cindy Panama 13 日 前
I’ve read that business owners are doing suicides are going up because of COVID-19. USA Truthful???? France released stories
Certain Person
Certain Person 13 日 前
Why didn't Biden pick Stacey?! Would've made much more sense.
Right Path
Right Path 13 日 前
To the 1% reading this, may God bless you and see you through whatever you are going through. I want to be a big youtuber one day Amen 🙏 💯
coolasice54321 13 日 前
dimplezncurlz21 13 日 前
Stacey Abrams, you're amazing and such a role model to so many young women of all races. Thank you for all you do!
TheRbruin10 14 日 前
Stacey, I don't know whether to smile at you or kick a field goal
Kurt Guntheroth
Kurt Guntheroth 14 日 前
More attempts at comedy from Abrams and one of her phony enablers with just more of the Soros generated Propaganda and rubbish from two of his more simple minded ignorant shills !
God BLESS STACEY!!!❤💙 Calling BELIEVERS in Christ Jesus, Please join in agreement and prayer for the turnover of these seats in the senate. This country needs to repent, unite, and heal from the madness subjected upon America by the current administration. We need a united Congress for this to happen. Also pray Psalm 91 over the New incoming Biden Administration and America as we enter into January 2021. Please pray for salvation and wisdom for those who don't know Jesus Christ. God bless you and God bless America. 💞✝
Susan Liu
Susan Liu 14 日 前
🎅 🔯 🍎 🔮 🐲
Michael Colburn
Michael Colburn 14 日 前
Queen of Voter fraud and half of the Blister sisters-Ton Run Tina -The other sister is Bulgin Betty
Steven Maloof
Steven Maloof 14 日 前
Voter suppression or voter legitimacy? How is requiring identification voter suppression? It always about race. Just damn.
Theodore Walsh
Theodore Walsh 8 日 前
She disenfranchised my vote. To add insult to injury, this was my first presidential vote since I'm 19.
choi wan, johnny chong
choi wan, johnny chong 15 日 前
你們美國人,是現代民主、平等、自由的典範,為什麼會搞成這樣子呢…? 我極相信,這次總統選舉,是有人在操控中 … …。 羞恥 羞恥 羞恥 …。 美國精神和美國價值,是可以全部丟進垃圾桶嗎 …? I am 62 years old. You Americans are models of modern democracy, equality, and freedom. Why did it happen like this...? I strongly believe that this presidential election is controlled by someone... Shame shame shame... Can the American spirit and American values ​​be thrown into the trash can...? I am 62 years old.
Jedi Knight
Jedi Knight 15 日 前
Have u heard, liar conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is instigating, promoting, a protest gathering, leading up to 6th January 2021, at Washington I believe. They are destroying America's democracy by wanting to pressure congress to block Biden / flip for trump, and even calling trump for martial law, a dictatorship move. Pray for Biden and for wellbeing of democracy in America.
gyozakeynesian 15 日 前
It's not just Alex Jones. It's President Donald Trump.
Billkwando 15 日 前
Is this an old video? They're talking about November like Biden hasn't already won.
Sanika More
Sanika More 15 日 前
the whole reason McConnell can block $2,000 checks to begin w/ is bc he’s Senate Majority leader.He’ll block clean $2k relief as long as GOP run the Senate. GEORGIA can change that!If GA votes Warnock/Ossoff on 1/5, the doors open up for COVID relief.Georgia we need you to show up and #VoteEarlyGA in the senate runoff. You are the future, please reach out to all of your friends & family to go vote.Request an #AbsenteeBallot
Doug Johnson
Doug Johnson 15 日 前
FAIR ELECTIONS ARE IMPORTANT ... Even if the press does not care. He won Georgia by more than 50,000 votes. Do not obtain audio. Check the ballots!
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 15 日 前
Blah blah blah
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 15 日 前
She is lies grease and gravy
paige Mathews
paige Mathews 15 日 前
I can't believe how everything is so censored. I leave comments and they are taken down because I don't cheer on the idiot beijing biden and his tramp vp .
Jona Hex
Jona Hex 16 日 前
Fighting voter suppression, means just bring in another 2-300k ballots after hrs right? What a disgusting pie faced animal.
USARMYvietnamVET1969 16 日 前
Just a bunch of NEW YORK leftwing Democrats telling the folks of Georgia how to vote.. once you let them in your State of Georgia will be corrupted for all time...
Lelah Ferguson
Lelah Ferguson 16 日 前
wondeful woman and politician Stacey Abrams .. terrific that Noah has her speak here!!"
Denise Sifuentes
Denise Sifuentes 16 日 前
Black lives matter just not to black ppl
Denise Sifuentes
Denise Sifuentes 16 日 前
Don't vote for someone for skin color or gender or feelings. Vote for their policies and freedoms.
Kay2Jay 16 日 前
Stacey Abrams got Georgia to flip blue for Biden, now to the people of Georgia I ask you please vote blue for the Senate. The past four years republicans have shown that they are only in it for themselves, mcconnell does not deserve to be the majority leader anymore. Please don't make Abrams' work go to waste, make some real change happen.
1agentflick 16 日 前
Lock her up for the MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD that has been committed under her watch.
Dale Walker
Dale Walker 16 日 前
Rocker Ted Dear Vice President Biden, Although I refused to listen to it, I understand that during your presidential acceptance speech, you were calling for the unity of Trump supporters. I remember four years ago my President Trump also called for unity. I remember how Congressional members of your Democratic Party responded by boycotting his inauguration. I remember how you and your Democratic party cheated and used the greatest law enforcement institution of this country to spy on my President Trumps campaign. I remember how you and your Democratic Party created a fake Russian dossier to try and impeach my President Trump. I remember how your speaker of the house ripped up my President Trumps beautiful State of the Union speech on National TV. I remember how you and your Democratic Party tried to impeach my President Trump over a Ukraine phone call. You accused my President Trump of pay to play. Come to find out Joe, it was really you and your son Hunter. I remember how you and your Democratic Party blamed my President Trump over a pandemic that he had nothing to do with. I remember how you and your Democratic Party encouraged rioting and looting of my great United States of America. I remember how you and your Democratic Party used the media to spread lie after lie about my President Trump. I remember how you and your Democratic Party stole the election from my President Trump. This Trump supporter remembers all that Joe and will NOT be unifying with your Democratic Party. This Trump supporter will be giving you the same respect you gave my President Trump. Shove it !
Glamour Zeta
Glamour Zeta 16 日 前
why did you shave off the afro, I kinder liked it
Mike Grassmyer
Mike Grassmyer 16 日 前
They should tell us when videos like these are recorded. Sounds like they were talking earlier in the year before November. Probably early on because they talk about Stacey being a potential Vice President.
Walter Relief
Walter Relief 16 日 前
She’s an obese fat woman who cannot control her gluttony and has a sister in the same situation. These two need to go into treatment facility to gain control of their own gluttony. One of the deadly sins! Why are you celebrating fat people as if they are glorious. They are unhealthy and a deplorable example of self control. Get control of your own body and mind and then maybe you can tell others how you want them to live.
Ronnie Wyatt
Ronnie Wyatt 16 日 前
Wow. Georgia plz vote!! 🤮
bluz company
bluz company 16 日 前
The only way Republicans can win a vote is to rig it, that's why they scream the loudest, there rigging efforts failed , Bidden got 5 million more votes than Trump and Hillary got 3 million more votes than Trump, so who's rigging what here.
Requiem Solace
Requiem Solace 16 日 前
I like Kamala, but I love Stacy. I wish she was the VP
K 16 日 前
GEORGIA VOTE Rev Raphael Warnock SENATE & Jon Ossoff SENATE Daniel Blackman for 4th District Public Service Commission please don't undo what you successfully did in 2020 Vote like your lives depend on it because our collective future is in your hands -- they must think $ 600 is a lot of money... let's look at how much mitch earns $193,400 per year. "a 100 percent deduction for rich people to go out and have three-martini lunches." HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021! may all things move in a positive direction . Stay Safe thank you everyone who selflessly works in whatever capacity to care for all of us
Theodore Walsh
Theodore Walsh 8 日 前
Ah yes, Warnock the domestic abuser.
TraskTalker 16 日 前
Stacey Abrams was no doubt an all star defensive tackle for the Giants but he has no business being in politics now. The guy should just do commercials or something.
Scott Webb
Scott Webb 16 日 前
When a Republican loses its voter fraud, and when a Democrat loses its voter suppression. If you Americans don’t trust your own system anymore, then why bother with the whole voting process?
Distance Peace
Distance Peace 15 日 前
But voter suppression is an actual problem though it’s not some kind of Democrat thing. I mean Russia in 2016 had mass disinformation campaigns about the election targeted at minorities to suppress there vote. Certain voting laws make it harder for certain people to vote and many Black and Brown communities have resource disparities compared to white and more affluent neighborhoods where people from these better off communities get to vote much more easily as supposed to those in the minority communities who have to wait hours to vote. There’s many ways votes are suppressed in the U.S.
Linnoff 16 日 前
When did this interview happen, May? Very obviously pre November
Bo De
Bo De 16 日 前
What an incredible woman, a force of nature, intelligent and goodhearted. She's one important factor in Biden's win.
R. V.
R. V. 14 日 前
Stacy rocks!
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine 16 日 前
Stacy Abrams was the single most important person in this election. I just can’t thank her enough
gyozakeynesian 8 日 前
@Theodore Walsh Said with zero evidence.
Theodore Walsh
Theodore Walsh 8 日 前
Yes, she helped to make it so that illegal ballots were counted.
gyozakeynesian 15 日 前
Biden would have won without Georgia. But you are right - she and Georgia are incredibly important.
Richard Partin
Richard Partin 16 日 前
Stacey was my VP pick when I was polled. I was saddened that she wasn't chosen. Much love Stacey!
Matthew 16 日 前
Bruh Rayshard Brooks literally pointed a taser at a cop. Wtf did you expect to happen. I swear there’s no self accountability with you people anymore (by you people I mean democrats)
Batgirl P
Batgirl P 16 日 前
She would have been a great VP
Mitchell Pritsker
Mitchell Pritsker 16 日 前
What about talking to American political analyst Amy Walter of The Cook Political Report?
gyozakeynesian 15 日 前
That's a great idea too. Or really anyone from Cook.
Anne Austin
Anne Austin 16 日 前
Cheating Democrats! Stacy Abrams fights to not purge voter rolls as her judge sister, so they can Cheat in elections!! Stacy Abrams & sister, judge, are CHEATERS!!!!
K 16 日 前
Tuesday January 5 2021 GEORGIA VOTE Rev Raphael Warnock SENATE & Jon Ossoff SENATE Daniel Blackman for 4th District Public Service Commission please don't undo what you successfully did in 2020 Vote like your lives depend on it because our collective future is in your hands Remember loeffler and *perdue ( *skipped debate) decided to make money off the pandemic rather than warn all of us. vote your self interest 🔵 WARNOCK & OSSOFF 🔵 -- the republican controlled senate must think $ 600 is a lot of money... let's look at how much mitch earns $193,400 per year. "a 100 percent deduction for rich people to go out and have three-martini lunches." the democrat controlled congress want more money and accepted trumps demand for $ 2000 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021! may all things move in a positive direction . Stay Safe thank you everyone who selflessly works in whatever capacity to care for all of us
L Hall
L Hall 16 日 前
It's going to take leaders like this running this nation to redeem America's global reputation and nothing less.
Mark Samuelsen
Mark Samuelsen 16 日 前
I’m a 69 yo white disabled veteran and retired pilot. I grew up in NYC my father was part of the Greatest Generation and I’m a BabyBoomer. Growing up I realized my Uncles were bigots but I remember my Dad never joined in with the BS negative terms for blacks or Hispanics. I always wanted to ask him why he was different than my Uncle Buzz, Uncle Patch and Uncle Jerry. He died before I had that opportunity... one of my greatest regrets. I agree with almost all that you expound on concerning the inequalities that non-whites experience in this country. I truly do. I firmly believe that Black Lives Matter. When I saw the video of a white cop shoot a black man in the back as he ran away I started to shake from anger. Thank God that people are out there in droves videoing the police. My hopes are that the tyrant police will eventually be rooted out and REFORM NOW can occur and these egofuckingmaniac police are gone forever. If not the American people will revolt because they will not tolerate this much longer. I’ve watched how you have jumped on this bandwagon and profess you disgust and animosity towards the police or any group that may be well deserved of those feelings which I also agree to. Are you true to this cause or are you a comedian from England becoming more well known? Please advise and keep up the great work. Mark S
B B 17 日 前
You are just crime do you show your face!!!
mariel morales
mariel morales 17 日 前
Trevor did you get a haircut 🧐
Derry Taylor
Derry Taylor 17 日 前
Just drive your Lamborghini, Noah. You are not only a Disgrace to the Black Community , but you are a total embarrassment to those of us who stand for Social Justice Reforms. Vroom Vroom, You should be ashamed of yourself
Viki Perry
Viki Perry 17 日 前
HAPPY 🆕🤸 🎈 🎉YEAR G🍑RGIANS❗🗣 IF OF🎉COLOR EQUALITY MATTERS TO YOU Here's FUN💃🕺DanceSong so U & yers can warmup& V🔵🗳: ALL US🇺🇸🙏THANKS🛐YOU 4 V🔵ting Yer OSSOFF😅 OR 4 WARNOCK👏👋BONUS!🎶"G🍑rgia On My Mind" by Las Cafeteras (outdoors) ↪U'll L💖VE it↩ & GIANT S😃ILE thru WHOLE Song❗ PE✌CE 2 YOU& YOURS
Thad Szymanski
Thad Szymanski 17 日 前
Primarily Black People?! Forget about the current continued genocide of the U.S. government with Native American aboriginal peoples.
Marjilena Sandish
Marjilena Sandish 17 日 前
This is the first interview of Stacey where I realized she is solid presidential material, on the level with Kamala, maybe even more so. If she could get elected as a senator in Georgia, she will have proven herself as a leader for all people in a complicated mess with history and human greed.
Harmetheis 17 日 前
She's going to jail
DJS Squibbs
DJS Squibbs 17 日 前
Trevor (I'd call You Trev if I could. This interview is great, you NEVER seem so amaze me. And Stacey was a great pick for an interview. your both awesome. #Trevor #StacyAbrams
Ronie Veqer
Ronie Veqer 17 日 前
"Voter suppression" is the Fake Left veil for millions purged from voting rolls, of whom most are white - due to population numbers. Dumb Right and Fake Left serve a sinister purpose.
Chad Justice
Chad Justice 17 日 前
Claims voter suppression without actually evidence of but I guess the left doesn't need evidence.
Ronie Veqer
Ronie Veqer 17 日 前
The purpose of Trump, Fake Left and Dumb right. To exonerate all the crimes of W, Rice, Chaney and Wolfowitz. When addressing millennials and immigrant minds, there is no knowledge of 2003 and media rhetoric sets the blankness in stone.
Anders 17 日 前
What are they talking about ? Harris is already the VP.
Anders 16 日 前
@Chad Justice If you want to be technical she is the VP "elect", for less than 3 weeks more, then she IS the VP. That putz pence has never been any thing but a tRUMP puppet.
Chad Justice
Chad Justice 17 日 前
No she is not
Mary Beth Smith
Mary Beth Smith 17 日 前
I want her to be my leader.
Natasha Johnson
Natasha Johnson 17 日 前
She's with the deep state too... smh, who knew... so obviously there is no such thing as systemic racism. The love of money knows no color.
Wismato 17 日 前
Why are there that many re-uploads? Don't get it wrong. It's definetely worth... but..
Connie Jabonauski
Connie Jabonauski 17 日 前
Love this. Two people who always make you smarter everytime they SPEAK.
barry janis
barry janis 17 日 前
This site is is impossible to register a down vote, just try, you can't .
barry janis
barry janis 17 日 前
This site is is impossible to register a down vote, just try, you can't .
barry janis
barry janis 17 日 前
This site is is impossible to register a down vote, just try, you can't .
barry janis
barry janis 17 日 前
This site is is impossible to register a down vote, just try, you can't .
gyozakeynesian 15 日 前
Yet somehow it's possible for you to comment four times with the exact same text.
Lady 2021
Lady 2021 17 日 前
Treason =..........penalty
França 17 日 前
Abrams strong.
ZJ BLACK 17 日 前
Hot bed ????? These mfkrs sleeping with everyone so much the BED never gets cold. So t that right big pharma ? Aint it ?
Kenneth Robinson
Kenneth Robinson 17 日 前
Ms Stacey Abrams for President it's been long enough we as the say have moved beyond the past negativity to a time where color an gender are of no matter only the ability to execute the office of leadership so once again let's show these narrow minded greedy racist that there kind will not be allowed to again place not just people of color but even those who share these fool's same views it's important to have quality fair minded individuals in these positions so that the law's of the land are equally enforced across all boundaries color race sex equal not this unbalanced bulshit that has been thrown in the faces of hard working people throughout the centuries let us steal back what has been stolen from us we the people the free people of the 🌎 ✌ and blessings H.I.M
Ann sans E
Ann sans E 17 日 前
Stacey Abrams is a hero of our age. She is the change we have all been waiting for. "You don't lament them, you work on them." Thank you so much for having her on your show.
Helma 17 日 前
You both are corrupt. That’s why you will go to jail.
Christy Sweet
Christy Sweet 17 日 前
This is from months ago
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 17 日 前
Stacey Abrams is SUCH a Hero!! I love her so much and everything shes doing for America
ArpMan 17 日 前
Trevor Noah gives Joe Biden a pass on his belief in racist stereotypes. The reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf. Poor kids are just as bright as white kids.
xauier88 17 日 前
Stacey Abrams = election fraud
Sophie Robinson
Sophie Robinson 17 日 前
I made a donation to Fair Fight and received a thank you card with Stacey's smiling face on the front. I have it where I can see it while working, it cheers me up.
Christopher Fiore
Christopher Fiore 17 日 前
Yes. America is the biggest issue that America is experiencing right now.
Janie K Carney
Janie K Carney 17 日 前
She is so smart. I’m grateful for her hard work.
natbfunky 17 日 前
Come On Georgia Ur Votin' 4ME2: Original Song by Patti Austin - (Let's fry The Snake )
Lysana McMillan
Lysana McMillan 17 日 前
Ms. Abrams needs to quit playing Oppression Olympics and stop talking like Black people took it worse than anyone else. There is no "worst." It also insults our First Nations peoples to claim anyone had it worst or even first. Slaves came over on the Mayflower. The Wampanoag started to suffer for the Pilgrims' presence within a couple of months of their landing. Jamestown had African chattel slaves and screwed over the Natives down there. Extending the colonization process to Canada, there were Europeans jerking the Natives around in modern-day Quebec and the Maritime Provinces for over a century before the English made their more southern forays. And then there's what Columbus and the conquistadores got up to. He messed up the Taino before he helped expand the African kidnapping trade. And in modern times, do not get me started about income discrepancies, educational opportunities, media representation, missing and murdered women, and the per capita rate of murder by cop and imprisonment in comparison. Just. Don't. We cannot have proper unity of purpose and change if we keep playing groups against each other like this. Ms. Abrams just slapped so many people in the face right there. She needs to get right with her information so she doesn't do this again.
Randy Wilson
Randy Wilson 17 日 前
Pence, Mc connell and Roberts being arrested next week... abrahms and her sister are on the list...
Shawna Marae
Shawna Marae 17 日 前
Hehehe my head hit the pillow and I just had this warm fuzzy feeling about my slow mo scene of the Divergent being like WAIT dont inject them! Noooooo
Shawna Marae
Shawna Marae 17 日 前
Yawn* tear I concede. And I apologize. 2020 is a wrap. Im done with the 2020 Societal Reset Synods. I apologize for the snaffoo with Mars tone wildfires. Um I so care about humanity but Earth will always come before that. Which means Im taking a little break but coming back to it soon after oldest president biden passes away this year.
Anastasius102 17 日 前
I voted Democrat, and I dont have regrets in terms that I think Trump needed to go and living in Georgia I voted in the runoff for Ossoff and Warnock. However I didn't so much vote for them as I did against Trump and The GOP. We have got to quit letting the Democrats slide just because Republicans are openly worse. The Democrats certainly have their hands dirty also, and this whole "lesser of two evils" isn't really seeming to fix anything.
R YF 17 日 前
I live this woman, she is so Strong and articulate. 💕💕💕. Thank you Trevor for inviting her.
Shawna Marae
Shawna Marae 17 日 前
Yes. I said it, your all "damaged" dna ehem so heres the line ive drawn with my stick in the sand. Heres me, shinny crystal diamond dna and heres you all gettinh injected with the vaccine and plunging further into the depths of human mind control programming and eventually fire fire boom boom kkk your all dead.
Shawna Marae
Shawna Marae 17 日 前
Im sorry, I dont know what that was. A cross between a tantrum and celebration. Im tired. And obviously I have nothing valuable to say in this comment. I could but who would listen anyway. I could say a lot of things that would mean nothing to you. Bc your not me. I will always be the Divergent and you will always be ......... damaged.
Bentleygirl7 17 日 前
❤Her! Donating to #FAIRFIGHT🍊🌊🗽🇺🇸
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