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9 日 前

What’s wrong with law enforcement in America? Why are so many people calling for police reform? Here are just a few of the many answers to those questions. #DailyShow #Police #Cops
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Christopher 9 時間 前
Philly cheese cake bomb bro..
Andy Green
Andy Green 15 時間 前
The People should just form their own Police branch & arrest the old racists.
Pradatta Nigamanshu
Pradatta Nigamanshu 日 前
If I ever get a chance to work abroad. USA is never on my list.
Space Cat's Adventure
Space Cat's Adventure 日 前
When I saw the police push the old man and watch him bleed out I lost the smallest hope for the police.
Ray Alvarez
Ray Alvarez 日 前
Puercos have full autonomy.
Johnny Jacobs
Johnny Jacobs 2 日 前
So this is where the subjective imbeciles gather crying about their feelings and emotions hypersensitive over words, creating an issue that doesn't exist. As an attorney (9 yrs now) it's pure comedy to observe all you snowflakes making bogus claims/allegations of systemic racism, but when it comes time to suffice the burden of proof in a court of law... * crickets * Haha Trevor Noah...not even a natural born American citizen, hilarious.
Bruce Turner
Bruce Turner 2 日 前
Electric Ducky
Electric Ducky 3 日 前
I didn't think a recap of last year's events could reignited my anger so quickly, but here we are 😡🤬
support_theory 3 日 前
This honestly should be used in court as evidence for why we need reform. Although it's very clear you've never watched House.
Duane Mercer
Duane Mercer 3 日 前
Where was the same police when January 6th happened. Where was the tear gas and rubber bullets then. Wasn't those terrorists that you supposed to be fighting against
Duane Mercer
Duane Mercer 3 日 前
Let see if citizens arrest works when is it a black Father and son arresting a white guy
Duane Mercer
Duane Mercer 3 日 前
To get respect you have to give respect. Just because you have a badge and a gun that don't mean you deserve respect.
Duane Mercer
Duane Mercer 3 日 前
This is america. I'm 48 it doesn't surprise me. My father had me watching eyes on the prize when I was a teenager. So this is what America has always been to me
virusgrav 3 日 前
The law enforcement here in America started out as a group created to hunt down runaway slaves. So what did we think was going to happen?
Taveuni Island
Taveuni Island 4 日 前
I miss your hair 😇
Fritz Haselnuss
Fritz Haselnuss 4 日 前
I guess I cannot really comprehend the difference in treatment being white myself but I m certainly getting angry at the blatant display of racism displayed
Fritz Haselnuss
Fritz Haselnuss 4 日 前
agree on the N word usage. When you have black friends who use it constantly with everybody you using it in the same context certainly cannot be seen as racist.
Fiona Mulder
Fiona Mulder 4 日 前
10:18, not b99, it tackels issues like racism (Sargent Terry), sexism (Sargent Amy) among others multiple times!!!!
Audrey Wellham
Audrey Wellham 4 日 前
Amen! Let’s get rid of these laws. We are always a visual (and Godly) representative of all our professions. 🙏🏻
Powerkin 4 日 前
Any Fellow norwegians? Såfall trykk på like
Aaflesje 4 日 前
And who's paying for all the lawsuits against the police... taxes probably?
Jessica Baygardian
Jessica Baygardian 4 日 前
In France, the police, firefighters, doctors and nurses are allowed to say they're on strike, they have the right to ask for better work conditions through their unions, etc... But they are not allowed to actually be on strike, they only say it but they have to go to work because otherwise it would be absolute chaos !! I can't even imagine what would happen if an entire police department was on strike, it would be "the Purge" !!
Ladell Allen
Ladell Allen 4 日 前
America is being judged because they thought that they would get away with what they have done and continue to do.
Mohit Sharma
Mohit Sharma 4 日 前
As a brown man who’s proud to be an American getting pulled over by police scares me whether this is the last time I breathe or not.
Paul Acevedo
Paul Acevedo 4 日 前
These cop shows seem to influence, in a positive way, only two types of people: racist white people and white people that have no clue.
t o
t o 5 日 前
Eugene had a statue of Ken kelsey reading to kids on a bench
t o
t o 5 日 前
The jails are segregated
t o
t o 5 日 前
The cop was about to try to help him for a second, but was pushed by the other cop... There's some bad apples and some worse apples
t o
t o 5 日 前
Cobb racist? Is that why they call it korn on the cobb even though it's regular corn? Read operation paperclip
t o
t o 5 日 前
They're building cobb houses
t o
t o 5 日 前
Now I'm afraid to drive to Cobblestone mountain and visit "whispering pines" without a crew
t o
t o 5 日 前
Imagine a show where the police had successfully stopped all crime. Boring!
Ivan Orozco
Ivan Orozco 5 日 前
those tail lights are real and i think theres a dude in chicago who does free installations
Zack Clark
Zack Clark 5 日 前
Unfortunately most police are bullies with PTSD. Not all but way too many.
Ailec Dreifuss
Ailec Dreifuss 5 日 前
I am amazed how many have forgotten this images!!
OMEGALUL Clap 5 日 前
“So police departments everywhere are realizing that they could have racist cops.” HAHAHAH the whole system is corrupt to the core
Jay Mphuthi
Jay Mphuthi 5 日 前
I do agree most police 👮‍♀️ show make everything perfect in police 👮‍♂️ system in America only few shows portrayed bad policing or racism in policing.
Jacob Israel
Jacob Israel 5 日 前
Hi I am a black man. I did one semester @ the non-accredited RACIST Massachusetts School of Law at Andover located in massachusett which is an in class room face to face school with your professors The school is racist & has a Ponzi scheme of admitting a large # of well educated Black & Hispanic College graduates so they can take their student loan money to keep the school afloat then in the 1st semester the school will fail an over whelming amount of the minority students By the end of the 1st semester I was the only minority student in my so called English class The professor did not know I was a English major and an English teacher & the English class was mainly there just to fail out the students because they didn't teach you how to legally write I couldn't understand what was going on until I went to an online Law School which finally made me realize how Mass School of Law at Andover in Massachusetts was legally racially failing well educated minority students with their Ponzi scheme just 2take their $ At the online law school I attended u have 2learn the legal writing technique so u can take your exam it doesn't matter how well you study and know the material if you do not write in the Legal format of writing then they can legally fail the ignorant students a fact the school is well aware of Do your own research & look up Charlotte School of Law in Charlotte North Carolina the school had to close down for similar reasons then you will understand what I am talking about. Because of my intuition & research I was able 2Understand & figure out their Ponzi scheme I will not recommend any minority students to go to that school even when they use TOKEN black men in their advertisements unless you are a house Niger and color don't matter to you then you will fit just perfectly well Lol. With my personal experience at the school and as a retired officer in the army and also a retired correction officer at the jail I can truly understand why the court system has over whelmingly placed a large amount of Black and Hispanic men in the criminal jail system. Please pass this info on. TY
The Hermetist
The Hermetist 5 日 前
I don’t believe they have a right to judge any person in that racial thing they call the court.
Kevin George
Kevin George 5 日 前
Police will always be currept unless they are punished equally as everyone else. Most people doesn't commit crimes because of this fear. But when you give that immunity to the cops, they gona misuse that power no matter what. No body cam is gona help there.
Kevin George
Kevin George 5 日 前
Your police is waaaay better compared to that we got in India 😂😂 Here they will beat you up if you demand even the basic of rights.
you know nothing
you know nothing 5 日 前
Maybe Trevor should tell his people not to commit so much crime and violence.
Olvustin 5 日 前
Rubber bullets, tear gass, protestors getting beaten down... Welcome to the club America.
pr cuchi
pr cuchi 5 日 前
What is a minority?
Robin Ludan
Robin Ludan 6 日 前
let us all drink bleach...
yea848572 6 日 前
Police is another form of slavery.
C/S Shadowlands1
C/S Shadowlands1 6 日 前
I really want The Daily Show to cover the School To Prison Pipeline (Zero Tolerance, In School Suspension walking through the halls like inmates are treated) The Publicly Traded Company that runs the private Prisons and immigration camps, the companies that are investors (you have to go through 3 investment firms to find 3 largest Banks, Viacom, Facebook, Pharmaceutical Companies, and half of America 401ks including law enforcement and teachers), and politicians are making laws to make $ off inmates and immigrants. Its a Big Business and could be compared to modern day Slavery Money and the media spins it so it seems ok to everyone. It is an international investment opportunity The Canadian police just cashed out up to 40 million dollars off prisoners in America. America never stopped slavery they just renamed it to prisons and rewrote laws to make a coordinated attack on minorities. The Trump Administration just granted this company the immigration camps contract. Watch in the next few years there will start being a bunch of immigration facilities everywhere. Biden created the private Prisons monster with his 1994 crime bill.
Uncle G
Uncle G 6 日 前
Stop hiring white men as police officers.
Veronika 6 日 前
Great compilation!
Vanessa H.
Vanessa H. 6 日 前
My daughter has her one n only, from pre-school. A fresh dressed handsome little boy she still loves.. She is 8 😁 and lives on the rez and hasn't liked anyone since. I was amused by the cuteness, still am. She didn't ever second guess when telling me thats still her boo 🤗 She is light as a native can get, Rosy cheeks. My baby dads cant stand that we all have preferenced black boys. Because we went to multicultural schools. They were segregated in native schools or white schools. They like, still hold it against me. So insecure the black man and women makes most races. They are always seen as a threat and "unworthy".. Smh. I wish i could tell them psychos off!
The Danish girl
The Danish girl 6 日 前
Noooooooo!!!! When I saw Hawaii five-0. 😩😩😩 But, now I see... 🤷‍♀️
Chubbub Dreamer
Chubbub Dreamer 6 日 前
I'm glad slowly people are understanding what Copaganda is.
Kevin Dietick
Kevin Dietick 6 日 前
we need to start firing back at the pigs
JC 6 日 前
How many ride alongs have you gone on Noah? You seem to know a lot of a topic that you’ve never experienced.
JC 6 日 前
@Angel I know that he is not nor has ever been a police officer. That’s enough.
Angel 6 日 前
You seem to know a lot about Trevor's life when you don't even know him. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Grizzle Bear Gruff
Grizzle Bear Gruff 6 日 前
The cops who walked over the elderly man, like most of the others in this video, were raised wrong & and their parents should be ashamed. Maybe it is because I was raised with more people over 65 than under 20, but the idea of pushing an old person who hadn't attacked anyone AND then letting him die or live, with no life-saving intervention?.... I'd never be able to be truly happy again... nor should any of them...
018 POD
018 POD 6 日 前
When your police don't serve the people but the power
SevenLegs 6 日 前
I think officers should undergo psychological exams and at least a year of training or more. Not six weeks and no mental exams.
Dave L
Dave L 6 日 前
Someone should make a new TV series "Bad Cops" Bad cops, bad cops, watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when they come for you...
Game Account
Game Account 6 日 前
Cops are out of control in America. They know they can do whatever they want and know they can get away with it.
El Bee
El Bee 6 日 前
Wow the one who wrote the homicide rate would drop if everyone was white has quite a rap sheet going back decades but still got taken back (Michael Vassallo is his full name)... Mr. Choke Hold/anti-Muslim trash heap's full name=Reuben Carver, and his councilman Sal DiCiccio had his own nasty scandals after claiming it's 'free speech.' Did they think they'd be safer using shorter names (Mike Joe Vass not Michael Vassalo and Ben, nor Reuben) or did they seriously have no awareness or concern over the ramifications/current atmosphere regarding racism?
Bridget Hudson
Bridget Hudson 7 日 前
We need a better way to determine whether a person is psychology prepared to be a police officer!
Zack DV
Zack DV 7 日 前
Serious question, does the US only hire bullies to work as policeman?
yancy Z.H
yancy Z.H 7 日 前
Flux Capacitor
Flux Capacitor 7 日 前
The police responded to police brutality protests with police brutality.
Paul Makinson
Paul Makinson 7 日 前
I have experienced policing in many countries. Those who treated me with most respect are the Swiss (the police, not customs, those ones took my car apart), in Argentina and Morocco, they were friendly enough probably because they wanted a bribe (if you drive, bring packs of cigarettes to give to police in Morocco, it might smooth the way), the French Gendarmerie were like soldiers, brisk, unsmiling, following protocol to the letter to the point of wearing white gloves and saluting before asking for documentation. The only two encounters I had with US police were aggressive and rude. One even had his hand on his weapon at all times as if I was a reincarnated Billy the Kid. There is definitely a problem with ego, fear and aggressiveness in US policing.
pipimp100 7 日 前
ALL police are bad!!! They are so bad that if my house got broken into, I'm not sure I would call them. They would show up and shoot me saying they thought I was the robber!!
kidkind 42
kidkind 42 7 日 前
Ill join the Union
Antony Tselios
Antony Tselios 7 日 前
Finally U.S police has reached the standards of Greek police. Greek police has been beating elderly people since 1982. U.S is catching up but still has way to go
Summer Dulce
Summer Dulce 7 日 前
The hair....tho.....?
jackal monkey
jackal monkey 7 日 前
Trevor noah lol is this guy an actual comedian?
Runix 7 日 前
12:16 Wait, they arrested him for panhandling? So according to the cops, they saw a man begging and found it fit to bodyslam him?
johnny dangerously
johnny dangerously 7 日 前
And what happened after they stormed the capital they all got to go home
S Ruzario
S Ruzario 7 日 前
Did he say, "How they can improved?"
Saron Mengistu
Saron Mengistu 7 日 前
Police don't protect Black people. They protect a law over Black people.
The Empress
The Empress 7 日 前
Policing worldwide is a joke
We Explore
We Explore 7 日 前
We been brain wash for years.
JustA Dad
JustA Dad 7 日 前
Under the Union Police segment, he didn't mean "touch" Trevor, he meant "beat down".
Mountain LWolf
Mountain LWolf 7 日 前
Next time we have a protest and we can expect police brutality, we can call the CIA and be like, "hey, these cops are going to beat us for being patriots". Seems the only way you can protest in peace is if you agree with the most violent cohort of people in the US. It's sad how the citizens arrest had been used for racism; However, in rural communities where the nearest police are 3 hours away, it's helpful to have it. So far we have not needed to use it, but we are a strong community. This is the best video discussing and presenting the issue of police brutality, thank you.
Priestess Auset Ra Amen
Priestess Auset Ra Amen 7 日 前
Trevor Black people are actually the majority on the planet, and in this country, y'all seriously need to stop with that minority nonsense, caucasians are the minority on this planet Facts.
300 subs without vids challenge
300 subs without vids challenge 7 日 前
Shirley Walker
Shirley Walker 7 日 前
I like Noah’s show
N Patrick
N Patrick 7 日 前
Barry Zuckercorn is really worked up around 24:56.
Stephanie Flynn
Stephanie Flynn 7 日 前
Gee... I wonder why no one trusts the police? I don't.
Dee Negron
Dee Negron 7 日 前
Cops just demonstrate that The System is very willing to commit human rights violations in order to punish protocol violations. Take away their qualified immunity. 95% will quit proving exactly what we've been accusing them of all along.
Tech Brain
Tech Brain 7 日 前
Ah wicked wango card The Qualified immunity.🤫
Karĕna Skye Myers-Larsen
Karĕna Skye Myers-Larsen 7 日 前
Best show yet pulling it all together. #DefundThePolice I had to bring it up on the PC to give it a ***THUMBS UP*** while watching it on Roku. Thank you for all you do, Trevor!
5.000.000 views 7 日 前
too much make up on these TV hosts its embarrassing
andromidius 7 日 前
You know what would sort cops out? Having their fingers chopped off if they are caught abusing their powers. If you don't like it, QUIT.
Bellatrix 8 日 前
Does Pat Lunch remind you of 'The Fonz' or 'Fonzie'?
Juan Torres
Juan Torres 8 日 前
Management by fear employed by Police Departments shall soon end with the internet, social media and cellular telephones & tablets. These devices & outlets provide photos and videos of abusive and unlawful conduct by the police. Objective evidence of their ignorant behavior for the Courts. Lawsuits shall impact police budgets.
Sir Jay TownBiz
Sir Jay TownBiz 8 日 前
😁 That Union Cop does look like Fonzi! I didnt even hear what he was saying. I was too busy thinking hear come the 👍🏾Aaaayyyy!
Felix 8 日 前
Just move away from the USA There are so many better countries to move to like every europian country for example
Aleigha Turner
Aleigha Turner 8 日 前
Our chief said he would run over protesters and shoot them 🤮😤😤
Faith Henderson
Faith Henderson 8 日 前
This country is highly diverse, Russia has a lot of land where racist could take their people and make a all white new country.
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist 8 日 前
"That's kidnappin', Ebony. That's kidnappin'." "I do promise people snacks if they get in the van." 🤔 Okay. I was about to defend what you were doing on the grounds that it didn't sound like the van was _going_ anywhere, but now it sounds a lot _more_ like kidnapping.
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist 8 日 前
"Citizen's arrest?" I mean isn't that supposed to refer to a legal mechanism that a _citizen_ uses to hold a _cop_ to account? Or maybe something a _bounty hunter_ uses to make an arrest of someone who actually has a _bounty_ issued for them? What kind of law-enforcement agency needs _48 hours_ to answer a call? I once heard about a law-enforcement agency that took _45 minutes_ and I thought that was _terrible._ _48 hours?_
L.A.E Diving Solutions
L.A.E Diving Solutions 8 日 前
True patriots over at Comedy Central! I never thought when it came down to the most divisive time in our lifetime that Comedy Central would be the most transparent role model for what other media outlets should strive for! Keep up the great work and investigating, this is shaping our future and is a great step in getting justice for all and ending false news and divisive media!!
trm4life 8 日 前
Cops need to patrol when the sun is out and pull over white people driving expensive cars when they run stop signs and red light because they think their money makes them too important.
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist 8 日 前
4:22 "How is using the n-word, as a white man, not racist?" Well, let's get technical, here. One _could_ use the n-word, as a white man, without being racist, if one were some kind of scholar and wanted to examine it in context. One could _also_ use the n-word, as a white man, without being racist, if it had been used by a black lyricist one was a fan of, and one was reciting some of that lyricist's _work._ This guy, though, doesn't exactly strike me as _either,_ so I'm at a bit of a loss with him. 🤷 I'm _also_ at a bit of a loss, though, about the term's enduring popularity. I mean what it means, traditionally, when someone white uses it is "black people who are to be hated." This is why _I_ make it a point not to use it. I make it a point not to bake emotion into my words, and people who do puzzle me. I mean we recognize time as a valuable commodity that exists in limited supply, so we try to manage it wisely. We recognize money as a valuable commodity that exists in finite supply, so we try to manage it wisely. We recognize space as a valuable commodity that exists in finite supply, so we try to manage it wisely. So too with water. So too with food. Why does it become different with emotion? Emotion, too, is a valuable commodity that exists in finite supply and you never know when you might need it, so manage it. Invest it wisely so you always have a little of it handy. Try to refrain from words with emotion baked into them because they squander your emotion.
Patrick Schaefer
Patrick Schaefer 8 日 前
I'm asking for responsibility...
hi2meb 8 日 前
I find it very interesting, when you infer that police, who deal with the criminal element of society daily, are for the most part racist. I wonder how they got that impression?
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist 8 日 前
1:28 😤 1:33 😤 You see? _This_ is the kind of thing that happens when you let law enforcement on social media.
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