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22 日 前

How have NFL players and the league stepped up to fight for racial justice? Anquan Boldin, Matt Ryan, and Malcolm Jenkins weigh in. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #NFL
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Josh Fernandez
Josh Fernandez 15 日 前
True Enough is Enough and if they do not listen best believe they will see people getting armed and mounting assaults to retaliate. Civil Justice
Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey 16 日 前
I applaud the NFL for getting involved with racal injustice, and I hope that they do a lot of good , and I believe they can, it’s just so absurd that it’s even an issue!! People must get along with owneonother in this Country or we are domed
Caz Katt
Caz Katt 19 日 前
People of a conservative mindset are old fashioned and out of date with reality 🤨.... this has been a long time coming, people from all walks of life are mobilising even more now and getting noticed, think about how it’s meant to change not when
The Beach
The Beach 19 日 前
Um his cousin Corey was shot by a brown skin officer name Nouman Raja after a roadside scuffle.
Edward Ludlum
Edward Ludlum 19 日 前
October Noah comments on this when I'm preparing breakfast for two people I need to hear this kind of stuff
Housing Campaign
Housing Campaign 19 日 前 mind relaxing
Renee Brutvan
Renee Brutvan 19 日 前
2016!! He's 4 years out of shape! Wouldn't it be justice if Colin K. sued Trump for disrupting his career through harassment and libel?
Brett Zekowski
Brett Zekowski 19 日 前
No mention of Justin Jackson and #forcethevote ?
Elaine LUTHER 19 日 前
I am so sorry for the loss of your cousin. How unfair that calling roadside assistance could be construed by a crazy cop as justification to shoot. I'm so sad and tired of hearing terrible stories like this.
Daniel Calderon
Daniel Calderon 20 日 前
That's my classmate Pahokee High '99!!
Viki Perry
Viki Perry 20 日 前
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stanley pierce
stanley pierce 20 日 前
Why is this so hard to fix? HOW CAN YOU SEND THE KLAN COPS TO JAIL WHEN YOU THE JUST-US SYSTEM ARE NO BETTER?? WOULD YOU SEND YOUR BROTHER IN CRIME TO JAIL KNOWING YOUR’RE JUST AS GUILTY??? HERE IS THE FIX; 1. Anyone, in the Justice system who’s record show bias against black people should be jailed 2. Every KLAN cop must have 2 working body-cam on at all times on the job, and alarms putting the cop out of service the second the camera stops working. All videos back-up on the cloud. 3. All KLAN cops prosecuted to the full extent of the law. THIS IS ALL IT TAKES TO STOP THE INJUSTICES, BUT WHEN THE GOVERNMENT (FROM THE LOCAL TO THE WHITE HOUSE) IS BEHIND THE KLAN AND RAN BY THE KLAN, WE GET THE “IN ANOTHER 100 YEARS VERSION???”
Mark Hunter
Mark Hunter 20 日 前
There needs to be a FAR better screening process, in terms of the selection with who gets a badge. This is the only way things will EVER change. Until the cops that commit these atrocities are held directly accountable with their pensions; this will not change. Bottom line... #putyourkneesontheirchecks
Howard McTroy
Howard McTroy 20 日 前
Shut up and play. I’m not buying what you’re slinging.
Nomen Nescio
Nomen Nescio 20 日 前
how is this a real story? why is this accepted? this should not be acceptable even in fiction. i'm from the balkan, from serbia, i have the right to hate USA, only thing i feel towards US is condolence... i'm not black but i still feel safer here
MOMO 20 日 前
brad bradford
brad bradford 20 日 前
come on Georgia do the right thing. Its all up to guys. Lets fix this country.
SL 500!
SL 500! 20 日 前
love it ! too many distractions
stephen spiby
stephen spiby 20 日 前
Trevor fights against racists because he moved from South Africa(segregation) to the USA. He must be nuts.
christina martina
christina martina 20 日 前
Trevor bless you for being you. Your way of giving us the necessary information. Stay safe and live long for your important work and for your life. You’re an asset by your way of speaking, listening, thinking.
Fabio Soltero
Fabio Soltero 20 日 前
Racist has to stop being Latina has been difficult too. Some people need to think before ugly words come out their mouths. Love your show!
Johnathan Kemp
Johnathan Kemp 20 日 前
We need to delete the religious mythological dvisionary tactics to which we place upon ourselves and our shelves :)
David Roberts
David Roberts 20 日 前
Ea my o iiis I o uouoo
Kostas 20 日 前
you want justice . black athletes stay at home for 2 weeks dont show up for matches... if you want justice mess with there pockets or else you will never make any difference!!!! same goes for all black athletes ! or else just shut up and keep making moneys for your white supermacist owners!!!
mel dum
mel dum 20 日 前
Hello Trevor, I was wondering if you had done a video on Trump's Stephanie Mohr pardon.
Cerone 747
Cerone 747 20 日 前
The problem is with these grand juries are most of the time they are white grand juries and they will not punish the police in fact they will let them off. It happens over and over again.
iRide A Hawk250
iRide A Hawk250 20 日 前
Yo Trevor, yu should get your hair taper your next haircut🤷🏽‍♂️🤙🏽
Nina Pilcik
Nina Pilcik 20 日 前
People need to stop being hateful and think they're more superior than others and see people as people or we'll never find peace ✌️🕊️
36 okriginal
36 okriginal 20 日 前
Kevin H
Kevin H 20 日 前
A good example when sport can't ignore politics is during wars , or terror attacks was there not even things with the olympic games , because we are sports and if we get effected enough than we can ' t sport together
Justin Eagle
Justin Eagle 20 日 前
Faisal Rrahmani
Faisal Rrahmani 20 日 前
Bro ur black right go get a gun lisence and put ur self out there if u fall victim just record and self defence.
Saadaari Gracious
Saadaari Gracious 20 日 前
Vinny Sudheer Mako
Vinny Sudheer Mako 20 日 前
Go VEGAN 🌱 Sulae Makla. . . . .
Larry2timez Larry2timez
Larry2timez Larry2timez 20 日 前
No laws have to be changed no crazy movements just one time lock one of these dirty pigs up just one time
Kevin Arzola
Kevin Arzola 20 日 前
Why don’t people that disagree or don’t want this in the NFL or their sport just ignore it?
michaels phillip
michaels phillip 20 日 前
i think this inauguration every country should donate a baby hot air dump balloon, with their national flag and let it out into the sky, WHO, UN, G20, national geographic , Amazon, tim apple can be included..its a fitting way
- David
- David 20 日 前
#RememberDrLi, who raised awareness of early COVID-19 infections in Wuhan on 30-Dec-2019. And later was summoned by Chinese authority and forced to write down a confession/apology letter for "making false comments on the Internet about unconfirmed SARS outbreak."
Minx Cards
Minx Cards 20 日 前
Bee about it
Leone Milan
Leone Milan 20 日 前
Trevor got a hair cut
Minx Cards
Minx Cards 20 日 前
MLB will stand with y’all as well. UNITED
Donna Mcnab
Donna Mcnab 20 日 前
All black Nfl players should have their own black couches these whites cannot live without you
CISCO KID 21 日 前
Look what happened to Kap!! Where's the justice in that!! And Jay Z doesn't care about black people all he cares about the money 💰
Terry Wheelock
Terry Wheelock 21 日 前
The ONLY way to address the RACIAL INJUSTICE is to VOTE OUT ALL Republicans AND Democrats and VOTE IN INDEPENDENTS who CAN and WILL actually address the ISSUES!
Terry Wheelock
Terry Wheelock 21 日 前
"Football" players are just ENTERTAINERS for our enjoyment! If it was real "competition" then give them pointy sticks and the last one alive wins the game!
Ian Mercaldi
Ian Mercaldi 21 日 前
16:45 was powerful. Amazing video Trevor. Stay safe and healthy.
Terry Wheelock
Terry Wheelock 21 日 前
The NFL could not care less about racial justice! They ONLY care about BUTTS in the seats and advertisement DOLLARS!
Terry Wheelock
Terry Wheelock 21 日 前
When they stop playin BALL, time to change the channel!
Terry Wheelock
Terry Wheelock 19 日 前
@Rick Evans "wrestling and boxing" are just another form of sports. They are only good for teaching physical education. I preferred the fiscal sports of makin money! Then you get all the chearleaders you want and own the "athletes"!
Rick Evans
Rick Evans 20 日 前
@Terry Wheelock we natives like to wrestle and box.. In certain parts of Oklahoma. If u wanted to date the cheerleader. U had to join the wrestling, or boxing squads.
Terry Wheelock
Terry Wheelock 20 日 前
@Rick Evans "playing games" are good to teach physical fitness but other than that they serve no purpose! At best they are just entertainment! I blame alot on sports especially "baseball", bad behavior starts with the "trash talk" (chatter) in trying to distract the other player, that is unsportslike conduct! 🤣
Rick Evans
Rick Evans 20 日 前
Never sat through a football game at all. Not even a Super Bowl, World Series or NBA finals. My dad is Pawnee. A lot of Native Americans. Do not care about football, baseball, or basketball. Etc.
Heathen That Heretic
Heathen That Heretic 21 日 前
I'm still Wondering what happen to the Reparations that all the Presidential candidates were talking about once upon a time? I mean, have we forgotten about that or have we just move on as usual!
Heathen That Heretic
Heathen That Heretic 20 日 前
@Bessie King yeah, we're pretty much swept under the rug again
Bessie King
Bessie King 20 日 前
I know what you mean Lawyers got our information and nothing happens, they thought President Obama could help,but nothing materialized
Matthew Park
Matthew Park 21 日 前
The right gets upset when we protest, complaining it isn't peaceful. Then when we do find ways to peacefully stand up for social justice, the right disregards it saying they are privledged, wealthy and famous. No matter how we do it, the right is going to find ways to discredit us. That's how you know they are racist.
MLG GAMER 21 日 前
"It's bigger than black and white, there's a problem with the way of life. It can't change overnight might as well start somewhere" Lil Baby, The Bigger Picture
space trend Inc taking your breath away
space trend Inc taking your breath away 21 日 前
You can tell you are from South Africa Trevor !"the NFL is limited to what they can do! 5:35" when in fact the NFL ownership could actually end all this if they wanted to hope you still don't believe that the police Protective Service citizens no they work for the elite like the NFL not the players they're just outside field you know what
Angela Marsh
Angela Marsh 21 日 前
Who cares what color owners and coaches are players make a hell of a lot of money . If I was making the money they make id do my job
space trend Inc taking your breath away
space trend Inc taking your breath away 21 日 前
There is no way you could convince a devil to be an angel you're wasting your breath if you believe the same white folk like those that's clapping and cheering black people when they run up and down the field aren't racist you are crazy same way they used to make slaves Fight each other The Saga continue
abdenbi CHIKOUN
abdenbi CHIKOUN 21 日 前
Abu al-Baqa ar-Rundi From "An Elegy to al-Andalus" Poem (1267) Everything declines after reaching perfection, therefore let no man be beguiled by the sweetness of a pleasant life. As you have observed, these are the decrees that are inconstant: he whom a single moment has made happy, has been harmed by many other moments.
Str8Thug GayPig
Str8Thug GayPig 21 日 前
systematic racism in the united states is a MYTH
Kllrbeas 21 日 前
Have not watched an NFL game since they got rid of Kapernick
Schineyder Holanda
Schineyder Holanda 21 日 前
Hi Trevor. I would love to see you interviewing Justin Williams founder of L39ION of Los Angeles. Greetings from Ireland. His Instagram and a video about him
Sheri Patterson
Sheri Patterson 21 日 前
Plain and simple law enforcement needs 2 be held accountable for what they do!!!!
Sheri Patterson
Sheri Patterson 21 日 前
Great interview Trevor..thx❤
Danni 21 日 前
I remember that tragic situation with his cousin, it was all over the news. I'm a white woman, and I'm scared of the police...from all of the tragic videos I've seen. I'd hope everyone would take a knee during the National Anthem. It has NOTHING to do with disrespecting the flag, or our military (trump has disrespected our military more than anyone...and now he has refused to give the military their spending funds) The kneeling, is the result of most of our nation, ignoring the true MEANING of our flag, and our National Anthem for EVERY American. Write the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem on paper, then read every single word. It does NOT stand for ALL, as it was written to do so. Certainly not for African Americans. You'd think members of the military and the police, or anyone that loves those two things, would be the FIRST ones to stand up for people being treated, and seen, as 'less than'. So, I guess those people saying they love the flag and America, are the ones that disrespect them the most... Because they can't understand what those two things truly mean.
Stefan Void
Stefan Void 21 日 前
i just don't believe he got shoot talking on tired of this blm shit....
Jacob Jerrall
Jacob Jerrall 21 日 前
We are tired of being tired it is pretty damn simple
Marco 21 日 前
"Standing Up For Racial Justice In The NFL": Yeah! Not enough asians on the field!
DJ Pomare
DJ Pomare 21 日 前
Radical as being killed for being BLACK WITH A CELL PHONE or SUBWAY SANDWICH. The World should hold the US accountable for American human rights abuses at home and abroad.
SHEILA Meyers 21 日 前
Right... someone has to be held accountable... I’m so sick of this mess, change needs to happen now! We’ve become complacent (due to COVID) but there’s always tomorrow!
Love McNill
Love McNill 21 日 前
Ryan 21 日 前
Trevor your looking mad tired.
Krazy Karen tv
Krazy Karen tv 21 日 前
Yeah that's an old episode 1 Corona just hit I guess he was exhausted
Cynthia from Texas
Cynthia from Texas 21 日 前
These men are Americans (with all the rights that should come with that) first, NFL players second. I hate it that people say "Shut up and play" to them. Same goes with Hollywood. Just bc someone is rich and famous doesn't mean they do not have the same rights and duties to speak up against the failings and short comings of our country. It's their country too.
Leon van der Waal
Leon van der Waal 14 日 前
Its hard to argue that cardi b has more political expertise than us
KhánhVân Trần
KhánhVân Trần 19 日 前
@Howard McTroy Yes, you should do just that
Howard McTroy
Howard McTroy 20 日 前
Shut up and play.
KhánhVân Trần
KhánhVân Trần 21 日 前
Common sense are lost in these days and age.
KhánhVân Trần
KhánhVân Trần 21 日 前
Edaug-Ethanb YT
Edaug-Ethanb YT 21 日 前
Bravo to them all bravo you’re doing the right thing
Judy Kinsman
Judy Kinsman 21 日 前
I grew up in Jim Crow south. So little has changed. In some ways it’s worse. Just because of the years that have past with no growth in our humanity.
Leon van der Waal
Leon van der Waal 14 日 前
Haha that was the democrats
EaastonCams 20 日 前
Just because it’s so hard for only one of those parents to break the cycle of teaching racism and hatred. Can only hope it all changes one day.
Shawna Marae
Shawna Marae 21 日 前
Interesting. The same people in the front row sporting events are the same people who dont want to give up or share the power to reform this mess. We are dealing with a group of corrupt industries that work in tantum. Like the corrupt food industries and the disease management "health care" industry. The mentally unwell national education design. This about reforming redesigning so we can maximize potentional and innocent people dont die! We are on track for a global extinxtion. I just wanna put that out here.
Tony C
Tony C 21 日 前
mtrigueros 21 日 前
First slaughter the native then slavery then the 13th amendment and now that we stand up against racism we get called a political problem. It's so sad that we separate ourselves by the color of our skin and not what we can do positively for each other.
Trina Murray
Trina Murray 21 日 前
I dont like football but why dont you come together and start your own football league. What will they do then huh. ❤
Babetravelling 21 日 前
What we need to do as a country - perfect statement
brook Parsons
brook Parsons 21 日 前
Love ❣️ you All Very Mucho 🙏😍
Ann Benson
Ann Benson 21 日 前
How can we help
Krazy Karen tv
Krazy Karen tv 21 日 前
Very nice of you to ask
Elaine Berg
Elaine Berg 21 日 前
Every time that racial justice is brought up, nothing seems to happen. We seem to only sweep unjust deaths by law enforcement under the carpet. Most of these deaths are blatant over use of force. It is time that our law enforcement is placed under notice that a death caused by over use of force is not tolerated. Clean up your act law enforcement. The minute a death happens by over use of power, the persons involved with the action should immediately be placed under arrest. And what about the mandatory body cams? They turn them off to perpetuate a crime?
Mary Bianca
Mary Bianca 21 日 前
The pandemic we as Americans are going through gives all Americans a sense of inequality! We feel and hurt and people have lost their life’s because of it! Perhaps when one says, they don’t get it, they can remember this horrific time we face. Maybe all those things that have been misrepresented about people of color by those in control, now, all of America and beyond can see the propaganda! God bless everyone! God bless and keep America together as a people. 🌹❤️🙏
Bent Rothenberg
Bent Rothenberg 21 日 前
in France a soccer game stopped by the players when a official called upon a player with the N word
Frances Henly
Frances Henly 16 日 前
Deborah Frederick
Deborah Frederick 18 日 前
Pepe Excellent question, not sure of the answer.
Millie Cunningham
Millie Cunningham 21 日 前
Thank you .Take the official out of the game and fire him .
Pepe 21 日 前
Europe has some of the worst, egregious, overt racism out there. I don't know what's worse honestly: 1. The overt racism of Europeans 2. The covert racist microaggressions of Americans
Jasmine The Gray Knight
Jasmine The Gray Knight 21 日 前
money doesnt stop bullets from being shot in your gut and bleeding out.
Antoine Simpson
Antoine Simpson 21 日 前
The NFL won't do a damn thing and the Black players know it! I stop watching most sports because the owners are racist!!
Sir Kay
Sir Kay 21 日 前
Trevor is funny af. Yes!, I came to self-promote, and so what? I mean where else would I do that? where I'm not subscribed to? I dare you say I don't have content to back the whole channel promotion up though. Check it out and thank me later.
Nicola Ablett
Nicola Ablett 21 日 前
THE OWNWES NEEDT O STAND UP All people are valuab;e and listening is vital
KhánhVân Trần
KhánhVân Trần 21 日 前
Nicola Ablett Your expectations of faith/hope in business owners are naive. They are in for the money and that’s it. They do not care for the players within their team, hence the trading. What makes you think they give a cent about equality?
digitalbookworm5678 21 日 前
More of the will now. Mean tweets from the orange guy don't hold as much weight as they used to. 😀
Michel Dees
Michel Dees 21 日 前
I respect him for starting this organization. Enough hasn't been done. We have a long way to go to reach that point of justice.
Osmosis Jones
Osmosis Jones 21 日 前
If Crowder is one plays edited video .how he only who played the full George Floyd video. While everyone else was only showing the last 30seconds of the 7minute video. Turns the video was edited to make it look like police brutality and racial profiling. Full video shows he was tw🤢🤢king and other people in the neighborhood called the police on him. And he was saying he gonna die before getting on the ground and the police were calming. And autopsy shows no evidence of crushed wind pipe but over dose of PCP . And if he couldn't breathe because of a blocked window pipe he wouldn't be able to say I can't Breathe. How Facebook gets in hot for not being bias on platform when the left loses an election. But CNN doesn't face any penalties for millions in Damage's and the deaths of more in months then killed by anti fetusciders in decades. With there disinformation and edited video
Jackie Celestin-Andre
Jackie Celestin-Andre 21 日 前
What happened to the growing 'Fro???
Krazy Karen tv
Krazy Karen tv 21 日 前
It's an old episode
Hot Girls Video XXX
Hot Girls Video XXX 21 日 前
Anyone want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
C H 21 日 前
Trevor found some conditioner I see.
Krazy Karen tv
Krazy Karen tv 21 日 前
That's an old episode
Osmosis Jones
Osmosis Jones 21 日 前
Did you know the Director of the FBI says majority of political violence is right wing never mind Progressive activist Slytherin calling for ice agents to be killed and he's willing to pay 500 dollars per head . And I don't care about the hundreds of progressives the at RNC trying to beat up Rand Paul& his wife. If its crazy to assume everything the president says is a lie .is it really any more crazy to assume everything the FBI director says is a lie.
digitalbookworm5678 21 日 前
Osmosis Jones
Osmosis Jones 21 日 前
Did you know a guy a political activist Slytherin call for ice agents to be killed even offered to pay 500dollars a head . Yet the FBI says majority of political violence is right wing. Hundreds of progressives at RNC wanted to best rand Paul and his wife to death and FBI says majority of political violence is right wing. If its possible every thing Trump says is a lie .is possible every the FBI director says is a lie. Smoking his sigarettes. The left wing media actually doesn't fact check they source's check isn't legitimate source's and illegitimate source's what would expect a cult to say about outside information. Except right wing platforms like Qwen Beck encourage people look stuff up. directs you to direct information. But he's crazy according to lift wing source's. Steven Crowder shoe documents videos and left wing source's own reporting. But shows heavily edited Videos according to left wing source's. Then sources that played the last 30 seconds of the 7 minute Georgia Floyd video. And crowder playing full 7_minutes turns out he wasn't racially profiled he was twking other black people called the cops on him . and the cops were calming and He wasn't saying he was gonna die before getting on the ground .and autopsy show over dose of PCP but evidence of a crushed wind pipe. And new millions of dollars in damage when the same unrilable source's shut the economy because it proves trickle down economics more why data shows it does work while SOURSE'S say it doesn't. .while reality shows it does. And more killed by Antifa BLM in months then the anti abortion in decades all based in an edited video of some tw🤢🤢ker who died of over dose not police brutality. How Zuck gets punished for giving none bias platform that the left doesn't control. Causing the cult to lose an election. But CNN doesn't face any penalties for disinformation that caused real damage. AndbTrickle down economics. Only hand of sales men got rich off the gold rush and the standard of living went up for entire country. Also the industrial revolution. Medical science medical technology no more famons in america those the minimum wage was already raised at least twice sense every for fast food to bus rides cost a nickel.. And now the record fast economic recovery sense September when trump gave subsidy to the too1%of corporations proving case in point .the covid vaccine . I don't care what any source's say I care more what objective reality FACTS show
SBCKI 21 日 前
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MrIrvGotTea 21 日 前
That's my 28-3 qb! Sorry our team sucked that year and our defense couldn't finish
Crystal Tillman
Crystal Tillman 21 日 前
the Bears need Colin
LadyBookWorm 21 日 前
Congratulations JASON WRIGHT 🙏🏽
Mark Murray
Mark Murray 21 日 前
Its a shame tear 2020 this is going on in the supposedly greatest country in the world
drock1974life 21 日 前
Roger Goodell is just now getting it? I find that very hard to believe. He has known all along about the non-whites plight, however he has been too scared to speak out against it. He was/is a part of the problem .
digitalbookworm5678 21 日 前
Of course he knew all along. He was afraid of a mean tweet from the orange guy. 😎
Matthew Murray
Matthew Murray 21 日 前
Conservatives: Shut up and tackle
Lockie T
Lockie T 21 日 前
We are past the point of "talking about the problems" and we need to move onto actually "addressing the problems". People have been getting high perpetually talking about the problems over and over when it is actually acknowledged. Move on to the harder portion. The solutions. Provide ideas on how to fix it rather than just screaming "WE NEED TO ADDRESS IT!". Well, address it. Anything that involves laws, policies or regulations. Or else you're just stuck without giving anything of essence to move forwards. And then no1 will take you serious.
dafttool 21 日 前
Some people take a knee to honor their dead; ✊🏽 Other people take a knee to give Trump head. 🍄
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Donald Trump, Loser-in-Chief | The Daily Social Distancing Show
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
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クララ ブラン
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これがプロの世界!? アドリブシーン集Part3