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8 日 前

White supremacy has played a leading role in the development of the United States. Here’s a look at the full history. #DailyShow #WhiteSupremacy #Racism
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David Baker
David Baker 2 時間 前
A agent of division please wake up to his race baiting people. He’s getting rich off of it while you get your community’s burnt down.
Bob Bakker
Bob Bakker 2 時間 前
Are the big corporates a different of The plantage owners? Pay a little bit is not freedom.
Think aboutit
Think aboutit 2 時間 前
More lies from this guy. America is absolutely being assaulted with BLACK SUPREMACY. Black people don't want to get over slavery. They want revenge.
Shelley Zuelich
Shelley Zuelich 19 時間 前
Shelley Zuelich
Shelley Zuelich 19 時間 前
I think they meaning us censor should quit asking what nationality or ethnic preference is. Who really cares unless your an alien .well maybe id care cause id want to have a talk about why now are they exposing themselves
RussP713 21 時間 前
They don't tell Jewish people to move on and get over it,in fact they have museums and have been granted reparations from this country and this country didn't violate them
Endless Andy
Endless Andy 日 前
Love the fact that Nigel Farage is peddling on a video explaining White Supremacy 🤣🤣
Reggy Burnett
Reggy Burnett 日 前
White supremacy is like a biological virus
Ralf Flar
Ralf Flar 日 前
Wake up and rise
A Place
A Place 日 前
Fake news
Anthony Barratt
Anthony Barratt 日 前
Like its Django unchained
pleongv1 日 前
Now you see it in action against China ... sinophobia and anger at progress of non white China.
tony rocco
tony rocco 日 前
Please stop the hate whitey propaganda campaign! What is the “protocols of the elders of Zion”? Watch Europa: the last battle parts 1-10 on bitchute to learn who our mutual enemy truly is and how bad we’ve been lied to in school!
Livelive 日 前
Black people weren't allowed to keep jobs to take care of their child.
Nataly Nataly
Nataly Nataly 日 前
I loved these interviews! Those black authors are my heroes! I try to order all their books as much as I can!
Danville Clarke
Danville Clarke 2 日 前
A real understanding of our situation still isn't being discussed. White people gained control of the world to survive. If nature was left alone without interference, the white man would disappear from the earth. They know this, but the vast majority of you don't. White supremacy is the mechanism of self preservation. Until this discussion is had, the rest is a waste of time. White supremacy isn't going anywhere, it can't. They will do whatever it takes to survive.
Gypsy Freak
Gypsy Freak 2 日 前
Black supremacy is worse
B R O K E .
B R O K E . 日 前
Not even close.
Ma Mc
Ma Mc 2 日 前
Check violence stats and see who commits the most homicides in usa
B R O K E .
B R O K E . 日 前
FBI statistics are proof of systematic racism.
Judah Hex
Judah Hex 2 日 前
Trump words "stand down and stand by" was the rallying cry that led to the January 6th storming of the Capitol building, and you still didn't impeach Trump for that. He should be doing a 100 Year sentence right now along with everyone involved in the storming! BUT NO! We can't do that. They're white!
Tragic Magic
Tragic Magic 2 日 前
Of course we can move on. Slavs were slaves way longer than blacks . Whites were being sold in Africa after slavery ended in America. Racism is being kept on life-support in America
Tragic Magic
Tragic Magic 日 前
@Curtis Louw Racism was coined by a Russian communist to keep people from opposing communism. When it leads to violence, death and a fixed hatred towards a race then yeah
Curtis Louw
Curtis Louw 日 前
But that did not happen in America, so what is your point? Are you saying that because racism existed in a different form somewhere else, that it should not be rectified where we are?
chicken tendies
chicken tendies 2 日 前
last time I checked it wasn't white supremacists burning ,looting ,and rioting all last year 😂🤣🤡🤡🤡
B R O K E .
B R O K E . 日 前
Right, but it has been throughout history and it certainly was at the capitol.
KJ Bush
KJ Bush 日 前
And the concept of white supremacy is based more on systemic racism in the forms of economic, judicial and political supression. The evidence exists (google-the cost of being black in America), do the research. I have plenty of "white" friends and my daughter is half white. But I have personally witnessed and been privy to racial discrimination (many times) and to make a statement like this, just shows that you really do not understand or acknowledge that the concept of systemic racism (white supremacy) is a very real and historic problem thay continues today.
KJ Bush
KJ Bush 日 前
Ok, but what was the reason for the burning, looting and rioting? Simple and coordinated acts of random violence?
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 3 日 前
No Trevor your a Democrat so you push everything about race you make me sick
B R O K E .
B R O K E . 日 前
Idk what about white supremacists isn't about race.
ilovebeinagirl 3 日 前
Can we please stop talking about T***p or uploading past clips and segments about him? Things have been so nice and peaceful and productive for the past 3 months. Let's not ruin it.
Adam G
Adam G 16 時間 前
its easy to click past it. Like it or not hes part of the American story now, and hes shaped the internet into an even deeper toxic cesspool than it was before.
ilovebeinagirl 3 日 前
9:37: Well, now we know why Trevor hasn't gotten a haircut since the pandemic began :-P
mark blue
mark blue 3 日 前
So if you add a comment speaking truth about how a certain people infected and will ultimately destroy this land, they take down your comment? Genocide is real and it happened right here in the United States. 38 Dakota people hung in Mankato Minnesota is just a sample of what one of our founding fathers has done.
Melissa Justice
Melissa Justice 3 日 前
Can you hear hand rubbing in the background?
Mr. Mead
Mr. Mead 3 日 前
Everyone on this show seems to be more racist than whites even the host. I am far from being a resist!!. It's away to divide us all as humans. And just for the record I am a black man living on this earth just like everyone else that is a human being. Slavery has happened to all races ALL of them it's in our history from around the world get educated!.
Dora Adams
Dora Adams 3 日 前
No black girlfriends self hate is real
khoo chee peng
khoo chee peng 3 日 前
White look down black, and black American look down people from Asia.......
B G 3 日 前
Poc supremacy? Loxism? Come on people wake up
Angel Bank's Lopez
Angel Bank's Lopez 3 日 前
Pay up the 400 years... Of oppression then you really equal things .
Nancy Drury
Nancy Drury 3 日 前
I thought for sure- in my lifetime at 60 years old, I would live to see the day racism no longer saw color. We were all purple. I say this as a white woman who grew up in Glendale, Ca where even up to 1965, people of color were either driven out of town @10pm to the city line of San Fernando Road & LA limits to the railroad tracks and dropped off.
Minerva's Owl
Minerva's Owl 3 日 前
Seeing the modern U.S.A. makes me wish both Huey Long and George Lincoln Rockwell would've succesfully gained power.
dreamervanroom 3 日 前
ta-nehisi sounds just like his writing. I find that pretty funny. I didnt have much reaction to the idea that Obama was black. He clearly was not part of the African-American culture of the USA. It was more interesting to me that he had lived in Indonesia. I could see that in him. I have a 3rd degree connection to his life there.
dreamervanroom 3 日 前
That redhair lady was right on. I wish I had been able to see that part from the beginning.
Jonitka Hall
Jonitka Hall 日 前
Brady Russell
Brady Russell 3 日 前
What is white privilege? The fact that from 100 yards away people do not see your skin color and start calling you names in their heads while figuring out how to avoid you. Or how about getting to create job applications where people are expected to identify their race/ethnicity. The idea that the people with the least of everything are to blame for anything requiring wealth or power has always made me so angry. To put it bluntly it is not smart people reaching this conclusion.
walk short
walk short 3 日 前
why do we talk to black people about WHITE supremacy? do white people get to talk about black supremacy? because theres definitely black people that believe in that. like a lot more than the white people that believe in supremacy.... PS what "ushered" in slavery... was slavery... do people think that black people were the first race to be enslaved? have you met jews?
B R O K E .
B R O K E . 日 前
Anti semetic, probably a Qanon supporter. Hm. Black supremacy's existance is debated. The "black supremacy" groups are not destructive like white supremacy groups.
Goof Ball
Goof Ball 3 日 前
Never heard of Richard Spencer or anything he promotes for the most part until you guys put him front and center just to psych people out into voting for you. YOU SREAD IT!
Pervy Sage
Pervy Sage 3 日 前
He did it like a hundred times before that. That’s why he reacted that way. Also, play the entire clip from Charlottesville, not the cut version, you lying hack. BTW, Proud Boys weren’t even White Supremacists. they were led by a Black Hispanic Federal informant near the end.
B R O K E .
B R O K E . 日 前
They do not officially call themselves white supremacists. But if you see the statements they make and things they do, you can tell that most of them are white supremacists, despite their leader being a person of color. And even then, if you still don't believe they're white supremacists, these psychos stormed the capitol building. They're officially terrorists in canada, and should be here. These men are cowards, they have the mindset of a narcissistic child, and they are traitors to this country.
Janus Blume
Janus Blume 3 日 前
Narcissists have such selective memory.
Thomas Neal
Thomas Neal 3 日 前
The rise and spread, began in uhh 1492.
P G 3 日 前
Seems like an inferiority complex
Patrick Wrobel
Patrick Wrobel 3 日 前
Trevor Noah selling racism and division, selectively. Sadly, it pays very well.
Goodness Mirikwe
Goodness Mirikwe 3 日 前
Blessed&FavoredAlways 3 日 前
No, he is not selling it. He is highlighting what is clearly seen if you want to see it. But for those who want to ignore it, he is selling it. Which one are you?
Santino Vergara Castro
Santino Vergara Castro 3 日 前
13:14 This is the biggest flaw of "the left", they always want to talk...One CANNOT "talk" with evil, one crushes evil...Jesuschrist didn't "talk" with demons, he cast them out...Until "the left" stops "talking" there will never be significant change in ameriKKKa BUT THEN AGAIN, there is no true left in ameriKKKa so THAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM !!!
Title27 3 日 前
People acting like the KKK are worse than blacks LOL
pado joe biden
pado joe biden 3 日 前
Debatable Facts
Debatable Facts 3 日 前
I really dislike multiracial society.
B R O K E .
B R O K E . 21 時間 前
@Debatable Facts Because of people like you who disslike multiracial society. You must see how that works, and how we'll be caught in a loop until people like you wake up and get rid of your unfounded "disliking" for multi racial society.
Debatable Facts
Debatable Facts 日 前
@B R O K E . no, just a person with an opinion that when you put people together that are different, those differences are not a strength of that group.
B R O K E .
B R O K E . 日 前
Of Air N' Sea
Of Air N' Sea 3 日 前
The American experiment is over, separation is the only answer
Bubba Smollett
Bubba Smollett 3 日 前
2020Burnlootmurder! 💲8billion in damage no one talks about it why🤔
Bubba Smollett
Bubba Smollett 日 前
@B R O K E . Couple broken windows and a missing laptop other than that it was country Loving patriots that thought they were going to get rid of the corrupt. What is wrong with that.. You realize the biggest funder of BLM SusanRosenberg was pardoned by BillClinton for settingg a pipe bomb at the Senate. hypocrisy at it's finest!
B R O K E .
B R O K E . 日 前
Let's talk about the capitol.
Gillian Hayes
Gillian Hayes 3 日 前
Stay on topic and face the issue at hand instead of avoiding it by deflection dah
sheryl diamond
sheryl diamond 3 日 前
I usally like your segments. But, your so out of line with this one.
B R O K E .
B R O K E . 日 前
@Goodness Mirikwe He's not. They sound like some butthurt bigot who doesn't think white supremacy exists, or thinks black people shouldn't be the ones to point it out.
Goodness Mirikwe
Goodness Mirikwe 3 日 前
Harold Plante
Harold Plante 3 日 前
Completely concur.
sheryl diamond
sheryl diamond 3 日 前
Hope you realize Trump is not the prejudice one. The old white guy Biden is the one creating the friction between americans.
Rico's Bar
Rico's Bar 3 日 前
is the real motive behind racism uhmmm envy?
Fluffy Redpill
Fluffy Redpill 3 日 前
Late night funny man using straw man arguments to create an invisible enemy. It the new boogyman. Be carful there could be a white supremacy advocate under your bed!
Paul Kruger
Paul Kruger 4 日 前
BLM movement is very racist and help to create division.
Yuè Ōtsutsuki
Yuè Ōtsutsuki 4 日 前
America needs to adress native Americans WAY MORE. These people have been through a genocide and are the least represented along Muslims in our Racism talk.
Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Ben
Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Ben 3 日 前
@Yuè Ōtsutsuki Yes it is, the so called natives genocided whites so why all the "who's the biggest victim" narrative?
Fluffy Redpill
Fluffy Redpill 3 日 前
@Yuè Ōtsutsuki yes it is the truth read about the Indian wars. Genocide was also committed by them upon different tribes. Btw it’s not just “white people” Asians have done it, Arabs have done it, Africans have done it. Stop blaming white people for everything bad happening. Btw I’m black
Yuè Ōtsutsuki
Yuè Ōtsutsuki 3 日 前
@Fluffy Redpill even if that were truth - not implying it is - it's still not comparable to a genocide committed by the white man.
Fluffy Redpill
Fluffy Redpill 3 日 前
Native Indians were enslaving each other long before white man showed up, this should also be discussed
John Smith
John Smith 4 日 前
-"all white man bad" - check -"all black man helpless victim" - check -Record low ratings for even the Craig Kilbourn era of the show - check Another Daily Show in the books!
John Smith
John Smith 4 日 前
Lol even the white guy who they wouldn't just give the show to and went to HBO now gets legitimately 20 times the JPpost hits that the Daily Show does. The fact they are still bothering to air this everyday seems to be some sort of reparations in itself
Macdelt Torres
Macdelt Torres 4 日 前
In the US we talk about delicate matter very superficially the moment you say something what is deep or talk about the cruelty then you are shunned
Beyond Human
Beyond Human 4 日 前
If you think skin color makes you a different race, then you might be a racist.
B R O K E .
B R O K E . 日 前
@Fluffy Redpill I think he either meant we are one race/species, human, or that people of the same "race" can have the same skin tone. There are light skinned hispanics, darker skinned whites, lighter skinned blacks, etc. Skin does not determine someones race.
Fluffy Redpill
Fluffy Redpill 3 日 前
If you think polar bears are different than grizzly bears you might be a bear-a-phobe
Fluffy Redpill
Fluffy Redpill 3 日 前
If you think pugs are different than German Shepard’s then you might be dogcist. Genetics determine this not your imagination.
kamal uddin
kamal uddin 4 日 前
racism evolved and it evolved after 9/11 and still evolving whites never get rid of their racist nature and i believe the civil war in america wasn’t fought to free blacks from slavery it was fought to depopulate blacks in america coz they can’t have blacks running around free and procreating and owning their own homes and having their own business
marge wrobbel
marge wrobbel 4 日 前
Leave Soweto in Africa don't blame the immigrants for your problems!
marge wrobbel
marge wrobbel 4 日 前
Hey llooooser! Leave South Africa in South Africa !
The Sh4dowgale - Calli's Apostle [1st of the 12]
The Sh4dowgale - Calli's Apostle [1st of the 12] 4 日 前
I think racism is slowly going away with each generation.
iris marinou
iris marinou 4 日 前
America is suffering of toxic leftards .
B R O K E .
B R O K E . 日 前
The fact that you use the term "leftard" shows that you are very immature.
Fluffy Redpill
Fluffy Redpill 3 日 前
They are delusional
krulle40 4 日 前
I dont get you Trevor. Your father is Swiss and your mom is isiXhosa. You probably had more privilege than most other isiXhosas. Mandela, Mbeki, Motlante, Zuma and now Ramaphosa ran South Africa with The African National Congress. They ran the country into the ground. Worry about your own country and call the leaders here to account. You are a guest there. Slaves were not only black. And you are not funny either and haven't been for a long time.
B R O K E .
B R O K E . 日 前
Don't waste your breath.
Angelo Perez
Angelo Perez 4 日 前
I still don't get why people call the country "America". Is it also a kind of thinking that the country is America and all the other countries in the continent are nothing?
Ned Slanders
Ned Slanders 4 日 前
Numbers 4 日 前
Biden's smile when he said stand back and stand by,,,, priceless
ilovebeinagirl 3 日 前
He was thinking "I've got this presidency in the bag now!"
Red Dragon
Red Dragon 4 日 前
18 mins in i think the face people compare you to hatefull whit people so much they forget I'm human to see the lie i was told not that i should have it better that we are all the same we folks these days only seee your skin color faith as who you are I like that you want me to help your suffering but becouse I'm white you compair my suffering to standing next to opra thinking I'm upset becouse power being taken away from me i could care less aboout that I don't got house and a fam like both you do I can care less who has power becouse nun of you know how to use it I been pore and dissabiled my whole life promissed i can be any thing same lie you tell your kids right now
WapajeaWalksOnWater 4 日 前
WapajeaWalksOnWater 4 日 前
All my school years I was taught ," Remember the Almo " as some kind of important American slogan. But u want people to forget about Enslavement, Tuskegee Experiment, and Wounded Knee? That's Insanity.
agnes Stokes
agnes Stokes 4 日 前
Van Jones is right if we don't wake up it's gonna go back to the 60's where we started
Bradley Brunner
Bradley Brunner 4 日 前
Stop racism and the oppression that it brings and then maybe we can move forward just acting like it doesn't happen and saying get over it hasn't worked for 400 years so maybe we should try something new. like stopping the racism and oppression that the Red Top leaders are pushing.
Bradley Brunner
Bradley Brunner 4 日 前
Yo! I almost forgot I can change the 🌎. I love you! God's is unconditional!
James Rodgers
James Rodgers 4 日 前
Most blacks are more racist than whites maybe cause they want to be white like Michael Jackson
Riiley Wretched
Riiley Wretched 4 日 前
Why are white people superior anyway? What made them think they're more superior than non-white people? What makes a white person superior to a mexican, asian, and perhaps a black person?
B R O K E .
B R O K E . 19 時間 前
@Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Ben Man does not decide what determines the value of man. Again, AYAK?
Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Ben
Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Ben 19 時間 前
@B R O K E . yeah they do =)
B R O K E .
B R O K E . 21 時間 前
@Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Ben AYAK
B R O K E .
B R O K E . 21 時間 前
@Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Ben Wrong again. Genetics do not increase human value, nor do they determine who is superior.
Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Ben
Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Ben 23 時間 前
@B R O K E . it's true no matter how much you want to deny it
tim kahn
tim kahn 4 日 前
please note : they are not called the rational adults for a reason.
tim kahn
tim kahn 4 日 前
its not the slavery of the past .its the fear of the present . i know black people and they live in fear. its just wrong. we need to enforce the equal rights laws passed in 1964. if we did it then we may not be cured all the way but close. color and race is used against us all. its a divide and conquer deal. i was lucky there was busing in the high school i went to in texas. im 72 it was a long time ago. but it cured the fear that causes the hate.
Barbara Parrish
Barbara Parrish 4 日 前
Dave duke is a kkk and you is too
The Great Avocado
The Great Avocado 4 日 前
arch fourtwenty
arch fourtwenty 4 日 前
And my mother was born to as world where a woman that could not vote. And what about my father's people the Irish slaves started before the black slaves in this country. And my mother people Jews
Thomas Hicks
Thomas Hicks 4 日 前
Democratic Party is racist and Anti Christian too!! Don't be deceived here folks as Democrats don't want you to have successful Entrepreneurs in the Urban Areas, just simply look at what the Democrats did to a very substantive, successful Black Wallstreet here!! Don't believe in the strong delusion as the Media Pundits are involved in dehumanizing the Black Community too and this guy here from South Africa raises a red flag but I am not surprised as one cannot liberate from Babylonian System unless they separate first from their bondages or oppressors!!
The Great Avocado
The Great Avocado 4 日 前
So does that mean you're conservative or
Isabelle Zablocki
Isabelle Zablocki 4 日 前
I am all for reparation for black people. I was not born in the US but as a white person, I would be willing to make an effort to address the tragic past in this country and make a contribution.
Fluffy Redpill
Fluffy Redpill 3 日 前
@Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Ben every single time.
Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Ben
Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Ben 3 日 前
You're Jewish, stop talking in the name of white people.
Fluffy Redpill
Fluffy Redpill 3 日 前
It’s the average citizen who has to pay for this, even if they had nothing to do with slavery. Btw white folks were slaves at one point too, where is their free money?
Caleb Copley
Caleb Copley 4 日 前
Look at a single statistic on white on black violence. Your the only one who still thinks white people are racist lol
Mark Hammond
Mark Hammond 4 日 前
Pretty sad. When you were born into privilege, and yet, think you've been wronged? Shitzweak.
The Great Avocado
The Great Avocado 4 日 前
So true
Tryceelin Nileecyrt
Tryceelin Nileecyrt 4 日 前
the women at the end is a showcase for the irony of the female cycle
Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or 4 日 前
\\\ By TNACH-Sound a muslim boy proved Biden's lie the greatest historical shame /// The boy was stone-game-targeting a cave opening high on a majestic canyon, hundreds meters below sea level. The sound came from a broken pottery jar, uttering: TIME FOR THE WORLD TO KNOW BIDEN ET AL SHAMEFUL LIE IN CALLING ISRAEL OCCUPIER OF ITS OWN LAND./
S V 5 日 前
Cancel Culture is just as frightening.
Joann Tate
Joann Tate 5 日 前
They want us to move on , but have they, I hear , it all the time , they want it back , the way it WAS "
tsdunn1 日 前
@Joann Tate Nah
Joann Tate
Joann Tate 5 日 前
Schoolius Delta
Schoolius Delta 5 日 前
.....but later we learned about the Proud Boys Leaders........ Soooooo how are the Proud Boys a White Supremacy Group if the Leaders are Latino?👀
Robin Heling
Robin Heling 5 日 前
A judge, who sentenced an over 90 year old SS guard some years ago answered to the "why can we just turn the page and move on" question in the best way possible and I think it is the perfect answer to Trevor Noah's first question.. "Before we can turn the page, we must read the page"
John Sheil
John Sheil 5 日 前
Why cant we jus move on . Because we want reputation . It went on much later in other countrys and was alot worse . But trevor love the racism that's his brand
Trump doing research? Never! He already knows.
Antonio maximillion'
Antonio maximillion' 5 日 前
America is the United States. All races are here, Indian land and li Mexico proud to be here
Clovis Contado
Clovis Contado 5 日 前
Sorry but it is people like you mr. Noah who are those causing hate and division in america. I’m asian, and i see you hugely profiting from race baiting. You are a race hustler, always looking for racism in everything. The success of Asians, and africans immigrants (like you) are debunks your white supremacy narrative. Move on man!
Fluffy Redpill
Fluffy Redpill 3 日 前
Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson 5 日 前
Having to use other people to maintain an illusion of superiority, as in, "I can control their lives: I am the boss!" keeps white people from being able to be truly free. When you believe the fiction that worth is a matter of "better than," you're yoked to the need for people you can oppress. All that goes away when you develop an interior locus. I say that as a person who is white by birth and by heritage. Racism is self-defeating.
Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Ben
Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Ben 3 日 前
you, my fellow jew, are not white
Terrance Handy
Terrance Handy 5 日 前
We Aren't Like White People Because We Created All White People Men Of Color Were The First Man On the Planet The Last Created Man On The Planet Are Who We Call White Men White Men Aren't Men Their Called Mankind Because Their A Kind Of Man ( TRUTH ).
Perspective matters
Perspective matters 5 日 前
Ah.. the victimhood propaganda.
Alex 5 日 前
im not american and im not white or black, but how i see it from a 3rd person perspective, is that, until the US' oligarchy is dismantled, and reparations are made to bipoc, there will always be systemic racial inequality. not just racial prejudice, but a larger, more insidious, systemic racism
Club Shay Shay
Club Shay Shay 5 日 前
Some people really think white supremacy is a legit problem 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nikolai Ken Mostoles
Nikolai Ken Mostoles 5 日 前
The world is too big and there are so many history of slavery. Will never know and we are not sure if black people has that most horrific racism in history. There are a lot of race that were prosecuted as slaves not only black race.
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