Trevor Chats with His Grandma About Apartheid and Tours Her Home, “MTV Cribs”-Style | The Daily Show

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8 日 前

Trevor heads back to South Africa, tours the neighborhood he grew up in, and gives an “MTV Cribs”-style tour of his grandma’s home. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #SouthAfrica
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raineynight 日 前
She is beautiful!
David Robertson
David Robertson 日 前
"Those big bumps... They know my slippers" - LOL
steven steyn
steven steyn 2 日 前
funny how he left a Black country to go to a mainly white country to make money and then complains about the white people??lol white people are so racist that they give you money for saying how bad they are....
Kamil K
Kamil K 2 日 前
Sounds like what my grandparents experienced during German and Russian occupation of Poland.
AmericanMeiling 2 日 前
There is a sad peace in her words .... Appreciate our elders we would not be here without them 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Mary P
Mary P 3 日 前
My grandmother also tells stories 0f what happened during those days when i visit her... .she cannot believe i work with White people...she is turning 100 years in june..
Cartoon Raccoon
Cartoon Raccoon 3 日 前
I thought this was a new trip to see Grandma, not a repost from years ago.
Mateo Kupstys Chica
Mateo Kupstys Chica 3 日 前
Dave Chapelle was with Trevor at that moment!
Astronaut Cricket
Astronaut Cricket 3 日 前
Thank you for introducing us to your grandmother and your home town. This was wonderful.
No Info
No Info 3 日 前
Sweet, sweet, sweet. 💝
Stefan Schneider
Stefan Schneider 3 日 前
Beautiful and heartwarming as well, how he connects to his roots, well done trevor 🥰!
Therese Suiru Marie
Therese Suiru Marie 4 日 前
We need more shows with grandma she is so sweet
Thomas Davey
Thomas Davey 4 日 前
Jozi, the city of dreams.
Stephine Hall
Stephine Hall 4 日 前
This woman must be protected at all costs. She's a treasure and I feel like she's out coco now. We love you Coco ❤️😘 We see now where Trevor gets his incredible sense of humor. Get her her generator and cable fixed young man.
Nightmare King
Nightmare King 4 日 前
This is amazing, thank you for sharing! I'd love to see more videos like this.
Mon Lee
Mon Lee 4 日 前
ya know, Trevor kinda looks like his gogo! I can see the resemblance for sure
Melissa 5 日 前
❤️❤️❤️❤️ i love her so much 🥺. Reminds me of my abuelita
Davidz 5 日 前
Trevor you’re wearing watches that cost millions lol and your grandma don’t even have electricity🙄. Lord it looks grandma a nice house and see that she has electricity...🙄
Agrid 4 日 前
Oh zip it. His grandmother was joking about avoiding watching his show. The joke involved her joking about power cuts. The power cuts were a joke about the national grid which South Africans would have understood. The power cuts are nowhere near common enough to prevent her from having seen his show. Which was the joke!
Lungile Ndhlovu
Lungile Ndhlovu 5 日 前
I wouldnt mind spending the day with ur Grandma she sounds very intellectual ❤️
Lisa K
Lisa K 5 日 前
I would love to see another interview with her. She's awesome.
Yenting Wang
Yenting Wang 5 日 前
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YlMchannel 5 日 前
As an African I really like this episode and watch it with tears
suzi perret
suzi perret 5 日 前
I love you Trevor! Thanks for your visit to your Grandma’s house in So. Africa!
dandelion5252 5 日 前
My future gogo in law. ❤️
Meaza Belete
Meaza Belete 5 日 前
We need an update on grandma...........LYT
Cecilion Carmila
Cecilion Carmila 5 日 前
The ragged turnover isely admire because drop arthroscopically relax besides a detailed camera. staking, regular copper
Selafiin 5 日 前
"Those big bumbs, they know my slippers" 😂
Crazy Cat Lady
Crazy Cat Lady 5 日 前
Trevor Noah’s grandma is such a delightful woman. 🤗
Johana Purba
Johana Purba 5 日 前
i love koko...
Bella Hermosa
Bella Hermosa 5 日 前
I wasn't elected. 🙄
Laura M
Laura M 5 日 前
He's story about Coco in his book was so funny
Toby Knapp
Toby Knapp 5 日 前
How could 1 let alone plus 60 not feel dearly touched by this? Read "Born A Crime", Then feel free to stick your thumb where it belongs.
Garden Girl
Garden Girl 5 日 前
Coco is the best!!
J F 5 日 前
9:49 how to get your grandson to buy you a generator.
Blue 5 日 前
You better have fixed your nans cable by now!!
Petra 5 日 前
Saju Sukumar
Saju Sukumar 5 日 前
Please bring grandma back again....its such a joy to watch and listen to her......
CawAreYouDoin? 5 日 前
So this is the outside toilet that Trevor didn't want to go to in the rain, so he shat on a newspaper and threw it in the trash, causing an impromptu exorcism of the house? Wow. But on a serious note, it's wonderful to see that his gran is still alive. He better get her that generator!
benny aruba
benny aruba 5 日 前
Im happy for him
Smile A lot
Smile A lot 5 日 前
I love watching this so much! I'd love to see more!
Gift Marimo
Gift Marimo 5 日 前
Load shedding!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Blue Greenglue
Blue Greenglue 6 日 前
What a delightful time. I love the fridge magnets too. : )
Hassan Bai Kamara
Hassan Bai Kamara 6 日 前
Trevor, we need to know if you delivered on the generator and tv...:P
Steven Latchaw
Steven Latchaw 6 日 前
Can we get more interviews with family around the world. The world needs to see our likes and difference and gain understanding.
Nastasya Savchenko
Nastasya Savchenko 6 日 前
That's is so touching. I am 😢. She is so in her mind, she so clear. And strong spirit, bright mind. And touching meeting, your voice Trevor is also so caring. You are very decent guy Trevor. You see things very deep in the world, and the way you joke about it says me that. And also this video beyond humor and show and drama. Very intimate. Thanks for sharing it.
Karlicia Berry
Karlicia Berry 6 日 前
I adore this man! And I adore his grandmother!!! Born a crime..becoming a legend!
Leslie Desjadon
Leslie Desjadon 6 日 前
What a beautiful video!
Blackberry4life 6 日 前
Grandma is beautiful and has beautiful yet bold spirit. Reminds me of my Gran Gran. Bless her!🥰🥰🥰
Michelle Hjeltness
Michelle Hjeltness 6 日 前
His grandmother is great
Geri O.
Geri O. 6 日 前
Darren Mitchell
Darren Mitchell 6 日 前
I hope (i'm sure he did) buy her a generater and got the wiring fixed. Paying it back.
Roland Roberts
Roland Roberts 6 日 前
The thing about honking reminds me of my grandparents in the rural midwest. You would honk and wave to *everyone* you passed.
Ariel Ngagan
Ariel Ngagan 6 日 前
i miss my grandma so much. hope everyone who still have their grandma would spend quality time everytime with them. my grandma has lots of similarities in personality with his grandma coco.
A Adeyemi
A Adeyemi 6 日 前
This is really cool
ahnanda68 6 日 前
Mechanisms of intrudersI thought that was artwork.. definitely looks like familiar neighborhood right here. Thanks for sharing 😊🕊️🤗😇
fiction Kings
fiction Kings 6 日 前
Actually madiba inspired from dr.babasaheb ambedkar both was real warriors of there time. And Granny is fabulous.
Irène Neuschwander
Irène Neuschwander 6 日 前
Awww so sweet 🤗
mahoganimedia 6 日 前
She is adorable ... and her fruit magnets remind me of my own grandma (RIP). Love this ❤
The Montage Gang
The Montage Gang 6 日 前
You better fix her generator and cable
SuneV Lovechild
SuneV Lovechild 6 日 前
Louise Gappa
Louise Gappa 6 日 前
I love this so much!! That grandma energy will never change or fade. She is so funny and loving to her white grandson 😂
High-grades. com
High-grades. com 6 日 前
Donna Devens
Donna Devens 6 日 前
Gliitch Wizard
Gliitch Wizard 6 日 前
Yeah because hes white....I could tell nobody thought that joke was funny. Racism goes both ways.
Tricia White
Tricia White 6 日 前
Em Thompson
Em Thompson 6 日 前
You better take care of your grandma gogo
Alisia Sowden
Alisia Sowden 6 日 前
Mi gusta 💕
J M 6 日 前
Reminds me so much of my own grandmother... unfortunately, she died last year. :'( Guard this video with your life! I never got to get any video of her before she passed.
harjutapa 6 日 前
Grandma used this opportunity to give her grandson chores. Grandmas are the same everywhere.
Marco Vergara
Marco Vergara 6 日 前
best video ever!!!
marshallc3 6 日 前
Thank you!
bomto kaling Riram
bomto kaling Riram 6 日 前
Even though I live in India (a neglected NE part; midst of Bhutan, China/Tibet, Burma) she is still feels so my Oooowwwwnnnnnn.....
Valerie Payne
Valerie Payne 6 日 前
She is so amazing and wonderful! I hope she is still alive and well! I love to hear Trevor laugh!
Torsten Persson
Torsten Persson 6 日 前
Best Cribs ever!!!
octane tony 95
octane tony 95 7 日 前
Those fridge magnets... we all know those fridge magnets orikanjani?
Snowblak DJ
Snowblak DJ 7 日 前
I thought it was a new clip
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker 7 日 前
Watched this before. Watching it again.
herbert feuerste1n
herbert feuerste1n 7 日 前
how about a solar and wind generator?
Stevin Harper
Stevin Harper 7 日 前
This woman is amazing!
welton alleyne
welton alleyne 7 日 前
You are the best.... This must be my favorite episode..... Your interaction with your grandmother is absolutely exceptional. 💯
Germaine Mitchel
Germaine Mitchel 7 日 前
So inspiring to see such an amazing woman who survived against such odds. Nice to see this side of Trevor, you can feel the love between the two.
daan reitsma
daan reitsma 7 日 前
I feel so ashamed to his grandmother, because of what my country has done to them.. greetings from The Netherlands😰
Felix K
Felix K 7 日 前
Hah... Grandma's House feels and looks a lot like my family's house(s) in Greece. Especially those cute metal doors and inner courtyards (except the anti-intruder-measurements). Sounds strange, but I get a lot of positive nostalgia from it.
susiho 7 日 前
You are great but your granny is GREAT !!! Now I know where your sense of humor comes from............. Greetings from Barcelona - Spain
SourDoughBill 7 日 前
The Trevor Team can post this one hundred more times and I will watch it every time.
Rudy Lopez
Rudy Lopez 7 日 前
Wow...LOVE that relationship between Trevor and his granny. 👍👍 Never change Trevor. You are such a cool down to earth guy 👍
Funky Doolittle
Funky Doolittle 7 日 前
South Africa is just Like Mexico minus the lions and tigers...very divided...very dry, very jungle, very rich, very poor, very corrupt, very kind
L K 7 日 前
I'm in love with this interview
Thea Minerva
Thea Minerva 7 日 前
Awww!! Loved it!!❤️❤️❤️
Marx Romero
Marx Romero 7 日 前
Beautiful! This man is beautiful in so many ways!
Journeys With J
Journeys With J 7 日 前
I'm loving this extended version. I am so glad he posted it.
AlJalandhari 7 日 前
Get your grandma solar panels and battery storage not a diesel generator!
Miss Cindy
Miss Cindy 7 日 前
I read Born A Crime and I must say Trevor sure had some strong path forging women in his life. His mother is amazing and Trevor takes after her, I love how grandma Noah described her.
Dharma Kaur Khalsa
Dharma Kaur Khalsa 7 日 前
A Treasure! Both of you.
Aleksandar Ljubojevic
Aleksandar Ljubojevic 7 日 前
Kyle Lopez
Kyle Lopez 7 日 前
Dude this was awesome. Hilarious too
A P 7 日 前
Where's his mask????
Philiswa Sikhilongo
Philiswa Sikhilongo 6 日 前
The video is YEARS old...probably 2018
A P 7 日 前
Apartheid taught Trevor well how to sell out to racists ....s/o to Joe "you aint black if you don't vote for me" Biden
A P 7 日 前
She must be so proud that Trevor turned into a Democrat puppet and a cuomosexual....not
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