Trump Loses Again in Electoral College as His Fans Riot in D.C. | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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The Supreme Court declines to even hear President Trump’s latest election case, the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden, Stephen Miller calls for alternate electors to back the president, and MAGA-heads might try to take things into their own hands. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DonaldTrump
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Edgar Sanchez
Edgar Sanchez 2 日 前
74,000,000 official Americans voted for Trump... Yall think we gonna believe these lies?
Simone Casillas
Simone Casillas 2 日 前
It's going down for real
Simone Casillas
Simone Casillas 2 日 前
Again. I need that hoodie!
Sophia Graubart
Sophia Graubart 2 日 前
"Trump supporters might just take this into their own hands" Me watching in 2021 like: "you have no idea"
Tina Clark
Tina Clark 2 日 前
Just get trump out before he Destroy s The world
Femke Van Wageningen
Femke Van Wageningen 2 日 前
3:52 He called it!
Gamegirl23100 3 日 前
Well we know how that all went down. I’ll be interested to see the inauguration... I hope Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris are safe.
Roger Carpenter
Roger Carpenter 4 日 前
How was this posted 4 weeks ago? The riots are just over a week ago
SuperLexi2009 4 日 前
Mary Miller should resign but she won’t. Why? All she has to do is say what she really want to say and then release an apology. There are no consequences in this Republican Party because the head of it is Mitch who does the same shitty thing all the time. I hope he goes down the history as a traitor for all the young American children. Shame on you politicians who do not have the decency and just flat out a bad human being to their core.
Brandy Johnson
Brandy Johnson 5 日 前
And look what happened ,he was so right lol
Ricardo G
Ricardo G 5 日 前
These people are truly sick and demented. They must be purged!!
Colleen Cook
Colleen Cook 5 日 前
This is so friggin gross. This makes me sick to my guts. What a disgusting display as the troglidytes parade. Ummm FBI? Gang task force? Home Land security??? Any body going to address this sh**????
j nome
j nome 6 日 前
So, clearly there’s a double standard that can’t be denied! If they were Black Lives Matter protesters, police would not have been so cordial. First, they would have not gotten close to the Capital, Second, BLM protesters aren’t armed, if so, they would have been killed. Deny that if you’re that stupid! You can’t, therefore don’t even pretend to be stupid.
Aaron Flores
Aaron Flores 6 日 前
Haha, orange man bad 🤖....Haha, orange man bad 🤖....Haha, orange man bad 🤖....Haha, orange man bad 🤖
Rikki Slonce
Rikki Slonce 6 日 前
People who live without facts baffle me. It's one thing to be conservative and have your opinions (that's totally fine, I don't care what you believe) but it's an entirely different thing to wreak havoc *because* of those beliefs. Once you turn violent...your point is not valid.
AfroDance Rhythm
AfroDance Rhythm 7 日 前
Gladys Lin
Gladys Lin 9 日 前
Thankyou so much👌👋🙏
Eli J.
Eli J. 9 日 前
3:59... yikes
Марек Келин
Марек Келин 10 日 前
You don't even know how happy I am that I am in central europe. Having beautiful view of snowy land from my balocony. Happy that I do not live in the USA.
Mopsygirl1 10 日 前
China Biden!
Dan Nájera
Dan Nájera 10 日 前
Who here watching this Jan 6, 2021 🙋🏻‍♂️
Why didn't we call the blm riots riots of these are riots everyone is retarded
SJ _LunarArtist
SJ _LunarArtist 10 日 前
Arnt the Trump supporters converging on DC soon?
Katy Wolfe
Katy Wolfe 10 日 前
Liar!! The Conservatives have NEVER rioted, that's a radical LEFT action!!
Randall Baumeister
Randall Baumeister 11 日 前
You would think that Trevor comes from a country being destroyed by his ANC would know what a riot would look like.....come on man is the killing in South Africa not enough not to embraces the same BS is USA
Syndic de copropriété Faubourg Montmélian
Syndic de copropriété Faubourg Montmélian 15 日 前
He won
Lobo 16 日 前
Trevor has so much hate its showing on his face. He is a smart guy for sure he’s got a lot of logic but he gets paid for Trump bashing. Comb your hair Trevor your head is looking like an infected Covid ball
pdavis40xxx 17 日 前
Chunky Monkey
Chunky Monkey 17 日 前
How the hell we gonna let a troll from under a bridge who is not American give his two sense about this country. That would be like someone telling him he’d still be in a hut with a wash cloth over his junk if the French didn’t invade South Africa, but we are sitting her listening to an African reject
Logan Kean
Logan Kean 17 日 前
“Riot” nice word play
Roontang Davis
Roontang Davis 18 日 前
Still attempting comedy I see. Misrepresenting the facts, parroting the mainstream media narrative. These lawsuits were not brought by the Trump law team. As has been lied about by "owned" journalists. Protests peaceful until Antifa and left wing this turned up. You lie again. Your an idiot, you've always been em idiot.
Stassi Marlowe
Stassi Marlowe 20 日 前
Joke is on you guys.
adrian angel
adrian angel 20 日 前
Here’s a video of Michigan poll workers scanning stacks of ballots multiple times.
Mark Yuells
Mark Yuells 21 日 前
Yvette 22 日 前
You guys are deceived...when we become as Venezuela (reduced to eating dogs, cats pigeons) you will wish for Trump.
Horlar 24 日 前
...fine, BUT Trump won the election and he will be the 46th President
fraud insanity
fraud insanity 24 日 前
Obama also hand picked and blm did the riots, looting, on gun free zones. I dont know how ppl can be this dumb to ignore what the dems said over the last 20yrs
Alonso God's Son
Alonso God's Son 24 日 前
" you want me to hang up on this bitch" 🤣🤣🤣
Mike Hill
Mike Hill 25 日 前
When I need to know about c*********** I'll ask this guy
D Flo416
D Flo416 25 日 前
Stevie Miller would be a perfect fit for a Nazis SS uniform, he would even yell “hail trumpie “. But he just needs to yell everything he says. He’s got 30 days to work on it!!
Yung Cupid
Yung Cupid 25 日 前
Trevor Noah looking like the Weeknd
Makkushimu 25 日 前
Step up America. Alex Jones just threatened your future president. Time to make an example of him 😏
Mitchell Pritsker
Mitchell Pritsker 25 日 前
No I think Alex Jones is wrong Donald Trump is the globalist and he should be removed not Joe Biden?
O. Ch.
O. Ch. 26 日 前
Big joke he is trump 🙄
Liam Orozco
Liam Orozco 26 日 前
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Tunde Ballack
Tunde Ballack 26 日 前
lol was expecting a muhrrr, after even one of those "Let the process play out", lol especially the final one
breezelow unknown
breezelow unknown 26 日 前
So many paths for Trump to WIN and NO paths for Bidem to win the REAL electoral vote!!! Be prepared when the demos figure this out they will be screaming like demons and then the riots, which will be quickly "put down" by the National Guard!
79velizr 26 日 前
Stephen Miller looks like he's holding back and trying not laughing at his own lies on TV.
PorkChopExpress 27 日 前
That threat to Biden shoulda been in the other video of Man Your so lucky you are White cuz smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ If a black man said some shit like that he woulda been arrested and beat down. Or that whole crowed woulda been pepper sprayed for cheering that threat also smh But since their white making threats on the soon to be president it’s ok smh
chris bean
chris bean 27 日 前
Riots is the word you use now. Your a joke 1 year of peaceful protest.
Lu S.N
Lu S.N 27 日 前
Someone needs to bring democracy to this poor country.
Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman 27 日 前
You are so crazy
John Tatman
John Tatman 27 日 前
Not only did Biden BEAT Trump but he will now be Trump's president. How awesome is that?
Tomm Wayfarer
Tomm Wayfarer 28 日 前
Not hearing is not debunking. Also the waitress example is full of sh*t, others food has to be verified if it has Covid in it and I saw the cook not wearing a mask. That's the truth. President elections are concern of all states... Duh! You can't win a game if the referre is not playing fair.
RusselCrue 28 日 前
D.C Riot?? WTF.
Logan M
Logan M 28 日 前
Biden is out lets party
Crayon_Logic44 28 日 前
How’s this dude funny
Ben T
Ben T 28 日 前
Can you imagine what Texas would say if Oregon told Texas they wanted to fuck with their state's election process? Texans would lose their fucking minds.
Peace Road Puppies
Peace Road Puppies 28 日 前
I was freshly reminded why I don't waste my time watching this channel . TRUMP 2020 to 2024 .
Jared Kauffman
Jared Kauffman 28 日 前
@TLC If a trump rally , that are non violent peaceful protests , simply challenging the outcome of this fraudulent election , is considered a riot , than what on earth do you call the BLM and Antifa city burning violence that went down so far this year ? This dude is a joke
TLC 28 日 前
Exactly, this guy has no clue. D.C. riot? Whatever!
ljs hzjs
ljs hzjs 28 日 前
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shelley isom
shelley isom 28 日 前
This could turn really ugly if these people find their Hitler. Obviously, Trump isn't it.
Fabian Guzman
Fabian Guzman 28 日 前
Texas native here... our governor and attorney generally are two big idiots.. and prob been kissing trumps ass for a long time!... nice try but this Texan is good without trump.
T C 29 日 前
Trump and his enablers have set a dangerous precedence. The Presidential and others Election will only get messier and messier down the line. The Democrats are taking notes. When they lose an election, they will say "My Turn."
T C 29 日 前
Alternative Electors, wow, freedom of speech has reached a new frontier.
Free World
Free World 29 日 前
Tomi Antenna
Tomi Antenna 29 日 前
First you send it to vote, then you send it to conkress.
dinoarellano 29 日 前
Was that Alex Jones on the mic? The freedom country is pretty scary...
Jack 29 日 前
Their protesting peacefuly. It's their right!
Tomi Antenna
Tomi Antenna 29 日 前
They stand united and vocal in open defiance of the constitution and the highest courts of the land. They are attacking the very constitution that grants all citizens their rights, including the right to protest. All citizens of the United States have a sworn duty to defend and uphold the constitution against all threats, foreign and domestic. This is literally what the 2nd amendment was written for. We don't negotiate with terrorists.
Joe Nance
Joe Nance 29 日 前
Joe Biden Won
Valerie Curtis
Valerie Curtis 29 日 前
Alex Jones is one person I'd love to take away his freedom of speech :( Wouldn't it be fun to set up Jumbotrons around all the protestors with Joe Biden speaking or news networks running sound bites of Biden winning. LOL
Master Kay
Master Kay 29 日 前
Stick with comedy. Multiple thousands of fraud very evident. Biden won only by fraudulent means and if he had nothing to hide why not release the Dominion machines to forensics instead of blocking every avenue.
OK America
OK America 29 日 前
Biden explains how Trump lost
Kathryn Jordan
Kathryn Jordan 29 日 前
Trump and his minions are crybabies. Can’t wait to see Trump tossed out of the White House
The Other Side
The Other Side 29 日 前
*America is embarrassing.*
Dreaded-Flower 29 日 前
2:49 if after all this trump actually gets another 4 years- america will burn like portland
Michael 29 日 前
I never thought I should see the day when USA lost democracy.
Heaven Bound
Heaven Bound 27 日 前
"...and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands..." Trump 2020 🇺🇸
Neal Sterling
Neal Sterling 29 日 前
When allegedly "normal" people have no qualms marching the streets side by side with nazis, while threating everyone else with violence, it's not the time to appease these people. It didn't work 80 years ago and it won't work today.
Charles Anthony
Charles Anthony 29 日 前
You're delusional
Bawethu Sydney
Bawethu Sydney 29 日 前
Trump will remain president and that's a reality you'll have to live with
Del Sandy
Del Sandy 29 日 前
It's time to face the music, we lost the election! Act like a good Americans
Velma James
Velma James 29 日 前
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Musa Mkhwanazi
Musa Mkhwanazi 29 日 前
Sure let’s ignore the 46 minute video Trump came out with proving that this election was indeed fraudulent🤷🏾‍♂️.
Alanthier Seorn
Alanthier Seorn 29 日 前
So Alex Jones crawled out of his hole to start shit talking again? XD Lets watch as he gets sued into hell again.
Baback Sed
Baback Sed 29 日 前
Isn’t it a crime in U.S. to attack a president openly and vocally like Barking Jones did?
Mr Bush Lied
Mr Bush Lied 29 日 前
If Stephen Miller had testicular cancer, I'd give money TO the disease. Lord Jesus Christ, please see to it. AMEN!
SharpNote14 29 日 前
Trump thinks that everyone is a traitor to the country like he is. The Supreme Court consists of citizens that respect their oath of office. Trump needs to be installed into prison.
Shanan Alexander
Shanan Alexander ヶ月 前
I’m from Texas and I am not a Trump follower. I won’t say what city in Texas is, but you see Trump 2020 and the American flag, Trump 2020 and the American flag. They’re very serious.
aa134368 ヶ月 前
I get this is a comedy show but that last line is absolutely true. This “not my president” is going to drone for the next 4 years and beyond. It’s strategic disinformation because their base eats it up like Trump eats mcdoubles
anne ヶ月 前
so doesn't trump feel embarrassed enough ???
anne ヶ月 前
and his supporters
Beaver Steve
Beaver Steve ヶ月 前
there is no end to our commitment 30 million men and another 10milloon women stand beside you president Trump we will not challenge your military and we will not interfere with law enforcement but we will stand with you , this is truth.
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez ヶ月 前
Fake fakes.
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez ヶ月 前
That is a crock .
Christopher Tucker
Christopher Tucker ヶ月 前
I wonder how you will have a career after Trump is no longer president.
Togiai Togiai
Togiai Togiai ヶ月 前
Letty Cepeda
Letty Cepeda ヶ月 前
Kiera Brewer
Kiera Brewer ヶ月 前
Wowwwwww I’m shocked... it’s almost like he’s not even recognizing how the democrats reacted... the entire time trump was in office! are you serious?? Yes there are some republicans who took it too far, but that doesn’t even add up to what the democrats have been doing for 4 years! Especially this one... come on guys we’re better then this, we’re all acting like children. And we need to grow up and stop freaking out... and I’m talking to everyone. (No hate
A W ヶ月 前
A "DANGEROUS" security breach today at the Defense Department has all the signs of "TRUMPS NEXT MOVE". REMEMBER TRUMP FIRED ALL THE PENTAGON HEADS AND REPLACED THEM WITH LOYALIST. The Defense Department believes Russia is involved. BUT I BELIEVE TRUMP IS INVOLVED. PLUS TRUMP IS BEING SILENT. WHICH IS TELLING! This is a Hitler move. When Hitlers party was not doing well. Hitler had his loyalist, during the night. Burn down the Parliament Building in Berlin. Causing civil unrest, Hitler gained power. SO IS THIS TRUMPLERS NEXT MOVE? SO WHATS NEXT???????
Vince Imbornone
Vince Imbornone ヶ月 前
I'm a psychologist since '78. Trump has Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD) which is one of a group of conditions called eccentric personality disorders. People with PPD suffer from paranoia, an unrelenting mistrust and suspicion of others, even when there is no reason to be suspicious. › my › diseases
jack Wise
jack Wise ヶ月 前
Democrats cheated the election
jack Wise
jack Wise ヶ月 前
Let's say there was a town of 100 people and all of a sudden you get 1,000 votes how does that happen oh yeah the people at the ballots cheat!!!and for the people who agree that Republicans are awesome thank you for having a brain
The Reckoning
The Reckoning ヶ月 前
This is aging poorly. Trump about to win. Lmao
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