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Here’s a look at how some players have used their platform and capital to give back. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #NBA
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Isabelle Grayson
Isabelle Grayson 3 日 前
You know how having nothing feels when you grew up having nothing.
Ronald Smith
Ronald Smith 18 日 前
You See these bro are at the age wear they Reconize what's happening in these Neighborhoods because they were young not to long ago/ they not old Men they were them NOT to long ago!! AMEN
Mike O'McIrishguy
Mike O'McIrishguy 23 日 前
One America News Network - NTD News - Breitbart - Sky News Australia - News Max - Project Veritas - The Gateway Pundit - The Liberty Daily!!!..
travis powell
travis powell 24 日 前
They played this vid like 4 times in the past 2 years? Lol smh
Jason Kelly
Jason Kelly 25 日 前
If God blessed me I want to be able to give back in a big way. I pray more people live like this.
Bunnie Byrd
Bunnie Byrd 26 日 前
Corliss Williamson is from my hometown and he donated a big chuck of money to the Boys and Girls Club while I was in school. Its a poor area so it made all the difference in the world to me and the other kids that didn't have anywhere else to go after school.
Angelo Cadena
Angelo Cadena 26 日 前
LBJ is the 🐐. Not just on the court but off the court.
esquibelle 26 日 前
Did Trevor Noah have mental health issues? Depression?
Matimu Nyalungu
Matimu Nyalungu 27 日 前
Is trevor back in studio?
Kagoro Bob
Kagoro Bob 27 日 前
The Bookfather
The Bookfather 27 日 前
Oh yeah, let's applaud athletes that give just a tiny percentage of their wealth to make themselves look good. They could give away 90% and still have a much better life than 99% of the rest, but obviously they are not serious about helping others, it's just PR. And by the way, does anybody think that they're not putting their donations on their tax returns? It's actually the tax payers, you and me, who pay for their "generosity". I have much, much bigger respect for a small worker that gives away 50 bucks of his hard-earned money, than for a multi-millionair giving away 1 million. It's altruism when you actually can't afford it, but you do it anyway.
Jordan Rogers
Jordan Rogers 20 日 前
So do you agree with humanity unifying together to become better or do you want the world to remain the exact same so we can complain like previous generations?
Zakaria ibsa
Zakaria ibsa 27 日 前
Lebron JAMES is going to be the next President. MJ is awesome. LBJ IS BRILLIANT AND ABSOLUTE HUMANITARIAN. #THEREALESTGOAT.
Latoya Smith
Latoya Smith 27 日 前
Um, can the NBA players give scholarships to Healthcare workers thats going back to school. I'm asking for myself :-)
Lemini VFX
Lemini VFX 27 日 前
Honestly, people who are afraid of change never really cared in the first place. It takes balls to do the right thing, mad respect for Bron.
Ted M
Ted M 27 日 前
I don't like sports, but I like LeBron. And love Curry ;)
GFF 27 日 前
LOL @ LeBron.. He needs to educate himself, speak up and stop supporting communist China in returns for millions of dollars. CCP is evil and is basically doing an ethnic genocide of the Uyghur Muslims which needs to be stopped! This man is a joke
salazabe 28 日 前
Thank you for the schools so that we have a safe place to begin building a solid foundation. We appreciate the scholarships. Knowledge is power. However if you stop there 🖤 on 🖤 crime won't stop. We need jobs. Everything you are doing will go no where because we are still asking that 🌍 to employee us. Follow through. Thank you
Lynwood Jackson
Lynwood Jackson 28 日 前
I don't know who Kevin Love is, but I appreciate what he and Trevor had to say about anxiety. That shit's too real. Especially right now.
JMB 28 日 前
LeBron James what a man.
jesse diaz
jesse diaz 28 日 前
God bless the shepard
Michael Zirbes
Michael Zirbes 28 日 前
also encourage people who don't need donate stimulas check to food bank from old white guy it's a great way to feel like santa
Michael Zirbes
Michael Zirbes 28 日 前
make fox pay boycot fox
Michael Zirbes
Michael Zirbes 28 日 前
ask if LA sports will boycot fox no games football-- basketball baseball Lakers , Dogers rams clippers chargers . they will lisson to Labron and friends tired of race on fox and lies please make them pay boycot fox
Cameo Harris
Cameo Harris 28 日 前
Trevor you cover such relevant and many times overshadowed or ignored topics. Its so important because mainstream media doesn't.
J C 28 日 前
The Swagnificent Mick
The Swagnificent Mick 28 日 前
Lebron's Tots
truth talker
truth talker 28 日 前
The players are cool . Trevor is a racist trying to divide us . Pay attention .
truth talker
truth talker 27 日 前
Maybe it's me. Like I said pay attention.
Ba Ab
Ba Ab 27 日 前
How is he racist?
Ba Ab
Ba Ab 27 日 前
How is he racist ?
Ba Ab
Ba Ab 27 日 前
How is he racist ?
John 28 日 前
Trump told these guys to just shut up and dribble the ball.
Dannielle Uhrich
Dannielle Uhrich 28 日 前
Thank you to the Big Names giving back!!😘
MLG GAMER 28 日 前
I'm so glad they're giving back to the community in their own way. Especially how Steph Curry's foundation was absolutely needed at this time. God certainly does make things happen the way it should. The chances that his foundation from last year would be needed now more than ever. That's God's plan
J McDonald
J McDonald 28 日 前
God Bless these talented men for giving back to their communities especially in their time of need. My family is all about the Bulls (MJ!!), but Lebron, Curry, Kobe, and so many others have a place in our hearts for helping others. 💖
George Orwell
George Orwell 28 日 前
Balmer... playing the "citizen" .... fact only his billions give him a voice. Many million people have something to say about all this but they are not rich enough, which the guys like balmer ulimately created.... in a plutocracy money talks... Balmer is doing good work but its nothing against what the plutocracy has fucked up before... His cast must fix this shit their defunding of government through lobbyists has created.
Anita Mitchell
Anita Mitchell 28 日 前
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oneee clickk
oneee clickk 28 日 前
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Jessica Mai
Jessica Mai 28 日 前
Lebron should run for a political office when he retires. It’s nice to see he can still relate to the people even though he is now rich & famous.
Sara Israel
Sara Israel 28 日 前
Everyone is great except Dewayne because he needs to work on his own kid and tell him that the is a dam HE and that there is no such thing as God making a mistake
Jyrki Seppälä
Jyrki Seppälä 28 日 前
Great man - but but schools should be free and good for every children by tax money. Is it really baskerball players work to take care of schools and children in USA?
Nicole Sager
Nicole Sager 28 日 前
I think this video is the first thing this year that has actually given me some Christmas cheer ❤
justin castillo
justin castillo 28 日 前
#LeBronJames #DwyaneWade #DocRivers #KevinLove #SteveBallmer #KareemAbdulJabbar #StephCurry
Jeremy toohey
Jeremy toohey 28 日 前
This compilation is also to show us the evolution of trevor's afro
Jimbo Rainbird
Jimbo Rainbird 28 日 前
What a role model LeBron is. Articulate, charismatic, compassionate, hell, he's got the whole package. And thats before we even look at what he is doing with his own money. This is the first time I have heard about not only funding kids, but also the Mums & Dads. Get everyone involved. Amazing stuff.
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 28 日 前
King James!
just for fun
just for fun 28 日 前
LeBron James redistributing wealth to prevent generational impoverishment. King stuff.
It’s Cesar btch
It’s Cesar btch 28 日 前
They have the power to build and creat better communities and they do usually but they are not doing enough tbh whites own them by owning they’re teams .
Edith Owens
Edith Owens 28 日 前
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Joshua Walter
Joshua Walter 28 日 前
Do you notice this was im 2016 not in covid times. So it is misleading. Lebron james here was in the cavaliers. Wade was still playing.
Twan Young
Twan Young 28 日 前
love ya'll, green screen. scary
Belle Ellzey
Belle Ellzey 28 日 前
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Howard McTroy
Howard McTroy 28 日 前
They’re spoiled millionaires who’ve profited off a system that they pretend to hate.
Temple Charles
Temple Charles 28 日 前
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Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 28 日 前
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Ray Bison
Ray Bison 28 日 前
there are many Celebrities, rich people, superstars, but not many willing to give back to community
JakeTheKing The King
JakeTheKing The King 28 日 前
NBA stars does a better job than politicians, America needs to change
Ajwadd Anwarr
Ajwadd Anwarr 28 日 前
Meanwhile our politicans bicker about $600 dollar stimulus checks.... nice
Danny John
Danny John 28 日 前
Anthony Trejo
Anthony Trejo 28 日 前
People argue back and forth about whether MJ or LBJ is the greatest BB player ever. When it comes to basketball MJ is the GOAT but when it comes to actually caring about kids, the poor and the community? LBJ is THE GOAT hands down. We don’t need another MJ. The world needs a bunch of LBJs.
Danny John
Danny John 28 日 前
Ocean Rock
Ocean Rock 28 日 前
In the 1960s cops we're frequently called "pigs" because of police brutality. They need major change.
Oreo Waingortin
Oreo Waingortin 28 日 前
I fucking love these guys
4lliz in Wonderland
4lliz in Wonderland 28 日 前
Sébè Allah Y'e
Sébè Allah Y'e 28 日 前
Ppl, Wade, bought his mom a church! Imagine how much Richligious you've got to be to buy a church!
Steve Schilling
Steve Schilling 28 日 前
Lebron has leadership qualities you don't see very often.
Kathy Ward
Kathy Ward 28 日 前
LeBron came to Kotzebue, Alaska. This meant so much to our kids. Thanks LeBron!
Jan 20th is USA New Independence Day
Jan 20th is USA New Independence Day 28 日 前
I would miss school just to get the recorded message
Jan 20th is USA New Independence Day
Jan 20th is USA New Independence Day 28 日 前
Blacks need economic unity. Buy land and build spaces to rent to the Walmarts, a mall or plaza, etc. So much money in owning bldgs to rent to businesses
armyforlife3 Nao
armyforlife3 Nao 28 日 前
Jesse James
Jesse James 28 日 前
China lovers
Mr.Dad 28 日 前
Jordan has us fighting over shoes... LeBron has us fighting for our futures
Carolyn Davis
Carolyn Davis 28 日 前
Olivia Thompson Green
Olivia Thompson Green 28 日 前
If I may. Thank you for your "call to action". I'm asking if you would look into, and assist the N.F.A.C's voice Mr. John F. Johnson, aka GrandMaster Jay. Mr. Johnson has been maliciously and unjustly charged on the State and Federal level. What the N.F.A.C needs is a "team of attorneys" to volunteer and take the case". The N.F.A.C is fulfilling prophecy. Joel 2:25 ". . . My GREAT ARMY which I sent among you." Halleluyah! Dr. O. 💖
Bolei Di
Bolei Di 29 日 前
education, education, education.
No Energy
No Energy 29 日 前
He's such a good dude. You cant hate him outside of the court
Yod Hey
Yod Hey 29 日 前
Thanks for giving back
Allan Arias
Allan Arias 29 日 前
Sam Withoutlimits
Sam Withoutlimits 29 日 前
Please tell Lebron it's not too late for him to get a degree. Think how much more impressive he could be if he did that. He's already WOW! He'd be bigger than ..WOW then.
Husi 29 日 前
Wade should start doing something important other than IG riches with money always try to tell smart things but 🤷🏻‍♂️
Versatile Vid Pro
Versatile Vid Pro 29 日 前
why rappers cant get together and do this
thexalon 29 日 前
LeBron's charitable and educational work is why I will *always* respect him, even though I'm one of the fans he allegedly "betrayed".
Mark Gigiel
Mark Gigiel 29 日 前
And they finished with Kareem. I'm old. Lew Alcindor. LOL.
Redlight District
Redlight District 29 日 前
Hold up so the beard was supposed to cover an enlarged jaw from p.e.d use. .... Guess not
Marc Touss
Marc Touss 29 日 前
kareem is the best..
Marc Touss
Marc Touss 29 日 前
trevor is even better in this zoom format...
Michelle Ruiz
Michelle Ruiz 29 日 前
Mark Gigiel
Mark Gigiel 29 日 前
I bought my mama a church. LMFAO.
basedgod1281 29 日 前
LeBron James & Dwyane Wade are 100% real heroes for children and their success in the classroom & outside of it...... ❤️❤️😇😇
Mark Gigiel
Mark Gigiel 29 日 前
It's great to dream of a pro sports career, but only a very few get one. But, if the NBA comes knocking at your door with a huge contract when you're still in HS, Take it and you can always worry about college later.
Mark Gigiel
Mark Gigiel 29 日 前
We need more people like Lebron. Black or white it doesn't matter.
Mark Gigiel
Mark Gigiel 29 日 前
SOME people that become rich remember their roots and still care. Unfortunately many don't.
madelyn roesch
madelyn roesch 29 日 前
There's one player I can't identify. Can someone help me. I know Steph and LeBron who else is on? (Forget the coaches.)
Boyd Kooy
Boyd Kooy 29 日 前
Dwayne Wade, Kevin Love and Kareem Abdul Jabbar
YED 29 日 前
Not even a billionaire and he got that school started.
Mario S
Mario S 29 日 前
Wade's name is spelled wrong. He has the same name as his dad. Let that sink in
Ross Mandigo
Ross Mandigo 29 日 前
on a side note... cedar point... is the most amazing roller coaster park in america! top speed dragster baby!
Ross Mandigo
Ross Mandigo 29 日 前
we need more powerful people using their "weight" to get shit done. whats the point of having hundreds of millions of dollars if the country is burning around you.
La Phaun Bennett
La Phaun Bennett 29 日 前
👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️❤️❤️Much love❣️
Al Fazri
Al Fazri 29 日 前
Ngl, i would like to get one of those Mr.James recorded messages, even that mean i gotta skip school. Haha, ty so much for what you doing brother. God bless you.
yayciencia 29 日 前
This is really inspiring. I'm going to search my closet for my old laptop to see if I can bring it back to working condition. I hope I can donate it and help a student.
Harry Mak
Harry Mak 29 日 前
I wonder what a Draymond interview on this show would be like.
Thairish55 29 日 前
this video will not get the appropriate number of views for obvious reasons, the NBA and its players are on track, the other major sports are severely lacking in social awareness and concern!
SillyRaven03 Cricket
SillyRaven03 Cricket 29 日 前
Now I want Trevor to shoot at the basketball court with him lol
Virtual ABC
Virtual ABC 29 日 前
This is the exact reason why NBA > NFL!
Randy Wilson
Randy Wilson 29 日 前
NBA Players Give Back... chinese money to help promote NWO agenda and bring ticket sales back up... Chamberlain, Dr. J, Russell, Robertson,West,Bird,Jordan,Magic all better men and players than gorilla james
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