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ヶ月 前

President Barack Obama discusses the impact the Black Lives Matter movement has had on him, how to approach police reform in the U.S. and why progressives should avoid taking cues from the Republican Party. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BarackObama
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Socalkid socal
Socalkid socal 6 日 前
Man, I still have a man-crush on Obama. I feel happy when I see him and his word are like a hot blanket on a cold day, or when my mom piled laundry out of a hot drier on me. I am a 55 year old (Patriot) Republican. I cannot imagine what Democrats feel. :))))
michael Lorde
michael Lorde 11 日 前
Quick question why is black and white the only 2 races mentioned
Linda Lamb
Linda Lamb 13 日 前
Trevor, where have you been? We need you!! Miss the sweatshirt guy who talks face-to-face with us honestly!! Please come back!!!!!
Yod Hey
Yod Hey 17 日 前
Cops are anti-American
Rasheed Bibi The Pakistani pilot
Rasheed Bibi The Pakistani pilot 20 日 前
Yep, defunding should drop that ol' surge in murders and carjackings. A few more "violence interrupters" should do the trick and leave criminals shaking in their boots. If things really get out of hand, social workers could put the hammer down and restore law and order.
Yuul Selv
Yuul Selv 21 日 前
Trevor Noah and Barack Obama are two people I'd consider personal disgraces incapable and unqualified to discuss matters of value and conduct beyond perhaps stabbing pedophiles in a dark alley
Destiny One star
Destiny One star 24 日 前
Obama licks the boots of fascism. Lets not forget he bombed innocent civilians but at least he did it with "decorum" and "charm" right? 🙄🙄🙄🙄 I liked your take on news with a sense of humor until i realized youre just another cog in the machine.
Frim pong
Frim pong 26 日 前
Can i get a husband who mentions me in every sentence
Vvmopz 27 日 前
The “compliments” he always gives Mitchell makes Mitchell look like she’s a nagging type, perhaps always trying to compare with Obama’s accomplishments. Perhaps not though
Good Idea Adia
Good Idea Adia 27 日 前
I think James Baldwin applies today because democrats are still playing by the rules from 50 years ago. Maybe they should say more progressive slogans to get somethings done!
Rome 360
Rome 360 15 日 前
Ya think right. I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt but he had to sneak that jab at progressives at the end. He said the outcome "we" want. Who are the we🤔 I am 100% convinced another Trump will come into power because of their willingness to give an inch. I HOPE Biden does something different but I have no faith in him doing so.
TTamara Acosta
TTamara Acosta 28 日 前
Oh stupidity news lies you should be in TV
Larry Knight
Larry Knight 29 日 前
kelly O
kelly O ヶ月 前
I like the different camera angles. Makes it look like they were back at the Daily Show studio.
kelly O
kelly O ヶ月 前
Well said President Obama. I enjoyed this interview. Thanks for the nostalgia Trevor.
Donald Lancon Jr
Donald Lancon Jr ヶ月 前
It's somewhat ironic that the same criticism Obama had about "Defund the Police" could be (and was) directed at Obama's criticism itself. "Don't say something controversial that might alienate your potential allies." - "Oops… did I just say something controversial that might alienate my potential alllies?" D'oh…!
Todd LP
Todd LP ヶ月 前
'This is embarrassing desperation from Barry - Trump gained so much with minorities in 2020 in an election he won by a landslide, and Obama knows it.'
Jason Cheung
Jason Cheung ヶ月 前
What is that watch Pres Obama was wearing?
its a bully
its a bully ヶ月 前
is it me or does obama look like hes 60 kinda
alsoaclient ヶ月 前
I like the strategic camera angles, to make it seem almost as if you are sitting right in front of each other, in opposing chairs! It really gives it that "formal interview" feel.
Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown ヶ月 前
I will love this every day
Edith Owens
Edith Owens ヶ月 前
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Dr. Botton up Truth Ahmed
Dr. Botton up Truth Ahmed ヶ月 前
Listen to yourself President Obama and consider how you continue to criticize Rev. Wright and other BLACK activists? Do something else like guide us "politically" to rid ourselves of the electorate, PLZ!
A. S.
A. S. ヶ月 前
bottom line: “defund the police” is misleading AF. we just need a more accurate slogan about funding emergency mental health responders. eg these aren’t very catchy but something along the lines of “less violence, more help” “fund mental health first responders“ etc. someone actually clever should come up with something
A. S.
A. S. ヶ月 前
@Adrienne Perkins i hope that will not be the case, but regardless it’s not about the slogan it’s really about getting enough people to support the cause that those in power are forced to change the status quo. it’s outreach and it’s hugely important because it could mean success or failure with bringing about change. obviously being thoughtful with HOW change in implemented is just as important but getting there is the first step. i hope we can do both well.
Adrienne Perkins
Adrienne Perkins ヶ月 前
Unfortunately we spend more energy on the slogan and less energy on the actual issue which is the common complaint for disenfranchised people.
Lauren ヶ月 前
Trevor, did you check on Mr. Obama concerning his aids? ;)
Teresa Matzin
Teresa Matzin ヶ月 前
Two words, Obama: brazil, surveillance.
Teresa Matzin
Teresa Matzin ヶ月 前
So, Obama, let's talk bout outlaw surveillance in brazil and how u are part of the hell bolsonaro's election brought to us.
Teresa Matzin
Teresa Matzin ヶ月 前
I know u, obama, and the hell u helped bringing to brazil. I'm so sorry the us is such a dick to latin america under dem presidencies.
S G ヶ月 前
The Dems need a good strategy. Offensive rather than defensive with such a devisive party as the Repubs
S G ヶ月 前
Yes, our use of "words" without dialogue/conversation is why the media has taken control of information, rather than "reporting".
黄毓敏 ヶ月 前
Like how President Obama explains about translating the words.
Drew Goodman
Drew Goodman ヶ月 前
Wow, a whole 2 seconds before Trevor mentions race. Do we even have to guess anymore what the puppet masters working Trevor's mouth are going to have him say?
Christian Méza
Christian Méza ヶ月 前
if you keep asking questions you'll find the answers you're looking for.
TheRogueStatesman ヶ月 前
notice how Obama subtly separates himself from BLM by referring to them as "they" rather than saying "we"...
S G ヶ月 前
In Graffitty we call them Toys.
Fifthelement203 ヶ月 前
“60% of the population occupy a more reality based universe” 😂😂😂 quote of the day! 😂😂😂
ha chid
ha chid ヶ月 前
Orange man bad, really got dems thirsting for the DEPORTER IN CHIEF
Thomas Ross
Thomas Ross ヶ月 前
Holy crap, Obama has the hands of a teenager! Look at those things!
Rayner Sutardja
Rayner Sutardja ヶ月 前
It’s not as much of a problem with the slogan itself, rather the lack of conversation and communication between activists and the people they are trying to influence. In the context of a society with no empathy, anger seems more and more meaningless, and even important issues are trivialized. Slogans and outrage are important, but we have an over-reliance on them.
heaven isfull666
heaven isfull666 ヶ月 前
iyoh that light is killing you neh
Kalpana B
Kalpana B ヶ月 前
Really Trevor nova superb you are
Kalpana B
Kalpana B ヶ月 前
Getting enough people to support a cause what that black means is it Africans or the people that whoever in color black or negros or nizerians.
Kalpana B
Kalpana B ヶ月 前
Trevor Nova is white then.mentioning color still in the slogans is awkward
Kalpana B
Kalpana B ヶ月 前
Black lives matter slogan itself has descrimination
The Other Side
The Other Side ヶ月 前
*It's been centuries since America last had a President that could speak.*
travis powell
travis powell ヶ月 前
....when speaking to the white folks? Why do they have to talk like that, as if all white people think the same, I think they want division..
delia fletcher
delia fletcher ヶ月 前
I watch"The Daily Show" for the dimples.
advils ヶ月 前
Neither one of you immigrants you or Obama can truly comprehend the devastation the police (race soldiers) has been to the foundational Blacks, since the conception of this country. That being said; if there are issues on the African continent both of you have more validity than most black men of America. The black man hasn't been in Africa to share the progress of today's Africa. Furthermore, most FBA doesn't want to go to Africa. It's filled with tribalism. I'm so sick and tired of those immigrants trying to tell the black man's story, better than we even lived it. The foundational Blacks have made this country the most innovative richest country on the planet. Every immigrant has got the free ride of progression off the backs of the Foundational Blacks. Foundational Blacks are the catalyst of this country, in every aspect of the word. What do the Foundational Blacks want? A Black Agenda suited exclusively for the Foundational Blacks, for we are the special people of this land. If what I'm saying is false, then let the Blackamericanssee you being of South African roots, and Kenyan roots make those two countries into a land of opportunity as the Blackman has done for all immigrants. It won't happen.
Paulina Plo
Paulina Plo ヶ月 前
"yes we can" was actually a slogan used by Latin American movements before Barack's time, so I don't think his team originally came up with it.
Donald Lancon Jr
Donald Lancon Jr ヶ月 前
Yes, good point. But he is well aware of that. Presumably what he meant was that his team "came up with" the idea of using the English version of it in the campaign…
Eternal Vigilance
Eternal Vigilance ヶ月 前
LOL. Right wing is the minority now?
Joanne NY
Joanne NY ヶ月 前
Trevor autumn colors definitely look great on you- also share where you get your hoodies, don’t be stingy now. One can clearly see the bromance between these two gentlemen - great interview.
Bartolome Esteban Murillo
Bartolome Esteban Murillo ヶ月 前
If that doesn't scream out of touch. Democrats actually lost votes this election while Republicans gained ground with minorities.
Daniel Salas
Daniel Salas ヶ月 前
Fake laughs 🤔 weird
Rogers Jast
Rogers Jast ヶ月 前
The irritating oboe regretfully double because peer-to-peer premenstrually zip at a sulky season. graceful, substantial knowledge
Glenn Creswell
Glenn Creswell ヶ月 前
How about explaining the need for police ACCOUNTABILITY and establishing laws to keep rogue police officers from murdering with impunity? Stop letting the non caring people change the narrative.
Connor Lehr
Connor Lehr ヶ月 前
wow hes folding on his original stance
Steven Brant
Steven Brant ヶ月 前
It's called "know your audience" or "write for where your audience already is". You cannot change society if your language pushes potential allies away. You can speak truth in ways that attract allies who are not already allies... and we must do this!
Chantell Lassiter
Chantell Lassiter ヶ月 前
Besides my love for cat videos...Trevor kept me going through the whole quarantine 👌
loliolime ヶ月 前
I'd have to say the slogan "Defund the police" is not the reason we lost people in the party. It's because the system has conditioned us to believe that racism is American and when you're against police brutality some take that as a synonym for being anit american and anti police.
Joshua Quijada
Joshua Quijada ヶ月 前
trevor nervous af
Krishna Chaitanya Manthripragada
Krishna Chaitanya Manthripragada ヶ月 前
How can one be this well spoken
Terrance Coleman
Terrance Coleman ヶ月 前
Defund the police isn’t a slogan. It’s a policy demand. Obama prefers dumb slogans because it allowed him to not do anything.
Dan ヶ月 前
First stephen now Noah Really wish Noah did more push back against what obama said, like he does with others. Tomi lauren being a great example
SamJones01011 ヶ月 前
Dan Soto
Dan Soto ヶ月 前
A lot of things back in the days applies today. Like the bill of right and all those things we love to protect. Double standard
Inigo Hohmeyer
Inigo Hohmeyer ヶ月 前
4:03 to 4:43 Obama explains perfectly why defund the police is a bad slogan. Imagine we wanted to reform public schools so that the school to prison pipeline doesn't happen, and our slogan was "defund public education" that sounds like you want to get rid of education. You say defund when you want to get rid of something entirely. There's a reason Martin Luther King didn't say "defund the law" when he wanted the law to be changed. If your slogan means literally something else than what it's supposed to mean it's bad slogan.
Mauricio Leon
Mauricio Leon ヶ月 前
Obama makes sense
estelle potter
estelle potter ヶ月 前
nice, as for electoral college, it protects your farmers, ranchers and the very people that feed those that Obama would have lay waste too! and with a dismissal like this, no wonder the republicans want to disassociate themselves from the democratic party, because the dem is out to control the republican! electoral college vote keeps the unity and all to have a say not just 4 over populated cities! it keeps the balance! "don't bite the very hand that feeds you"
Angel Pedersen
Angel Pedersen ヶ月 前
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LieselMD ヶ月 前
I wish somebody would ask Obama about his involvement in having a bunch of the Dems drop out of the primaries to clear the way out for Biden
Amie Vaughan
Amie Vaughan ヶ月 前
Instead of police: traffic officers w/out guns, mental health professionals for people in distress, unarmed investigators, finally police w/out guns. Decriminalize drugs and have non addiction assistance officers. Many more jobs for educated people. Have community colleges expand and train people for their communities.
Karina Martinez
Karina Martinez ヶ月 前
There were some parts Trevor was nodding his head like “okay I see who you really are 👀” Defunding the Police is NOT abolishing the police! You’re still gonna have police to call but like Obama said calling a mental health professional is wiser to handle those situations. That’s what defund the police is!! It’s allocating some of those massive funds to BETTER RESOURCES!! Him disregarding that statement is cowardly & just trying to keep the status quo. He’s a centrist not demanded ACTUAL CHANGE. Just like most politicians. This is why we need a full on Progressive party to get shit done. ✔️
tgf0069 ヶ月 前
Not ""Defund"" the police... ""Reform"" the police obligations.
Bernadette Van Dal
Bernadette Van Dal ヶ月 前
How the hell you managed to formulate EXACTLY the big questions that we all had for him. FINALLY, someone asked the key questions! Thank you Trevor. Really.
TheFirst Human
TheFirst Human ヶ月 前
Because voter fraud won joe Biden president elect
Michelle Aristil
Michelle Aristil ヶ月 前
Great questions were asked, geniuses answers were given. period!
Nezar Ourabi
Nezar Ourabi ヶ月 前
Go get a hair cut bro!!
Gilbert Pruneda
Gilbert Pruneda ヶ月 前
For good laughs, to finish the year why dont you have silly Trump on your show. We need a good laugh.. lol
Kid Astronaut
Kid Astronaut ヶ月 前
Trevor Noah even bringing up the “snappy slogan” issue. He just became the GOAT for that.
King Adam Lue
King Adam Lue ヶ月 前
TREVOR WE TALKED ABOUT THIS... I wrote a book for Trevor. "Obama Found an Electric Shaver, So Can You" - by Deandre Sues 🤦🏾‍♂️
The Otis Project
The Otis Project ヶ月 前
What a jerk
Adequate Bus
Adequate Bus ヶ月 前
I like a President who lives in the same reality that I do. -C
Herr von Boi
Herr von Boi ヶ月 前
1:51 watch Trevor try so hard to keep a serious TV face while almost converting into a smiling sunshine about every 0.45 seconds.
You can tell Trevor admires President Barack Obama.
DMZ ヶ月 前
What a delightfully articulate and intelligent Man. USA almost fell from grace after Obama. Best wishes for your nation from Iran.
gfarrell80 ヶ月 前
Obama sounds like one of those white liberals MLK and Malcolm X warned us about.
connie lindsay
connie lindsay ヶ月 前
The problem is obama doesn't have the courage to say what he actually believes. Such a traitor
brandon hamson
brandon hamson ヶ月 前
If a slogan hurts your brain, imagine being strangled to death like George Floyd. sorry Obama slow change didn’t work.
polish king
polish king ヶ月 前
Also Constitution needs amendments in next few years .Mr Trump shows us the willingness it's not law and some Politicians can stretch Constitution to there advantage without consequences.
polish king
polish king ヶ月 前
Defunding police will always scare people, Libros cant go there or they will lose midterm elections big time .Police needs to be reformed but NOT defunded.
Adam Krause
Adam Krause ヶ月 前
Barack Obama is a shining example to black men everywhere.
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker ヶ月 前
He fucked it up to Obama care really
Phatbootehjoe ヶ月 前
It's sad that people are so toxic and rabid that Obama even had to explain what was so easy to understand the first time. This is why Im independent. Both the left and the right irritate my soul for different reasons, and both are guilty when it comes to matters of race. There are no "Good guys" if there were, things wouldn't be like this, and would not still persist. People need to stop seeing sides as innocent, that is dangerous. That said I cant imagine what an average joe on the street must think when they're bombarded with toxicity on social media, infighting and accusations of being against something when they weren't given the chance to understand it in the first place. This is why its hard to get anything done. Its hard to have a simple decent opinion with no malice being thrown at you. Its also hard to work for something greater without people trying to shout down your message from both sides of the aisle as Obama can attest to. I've found often the supposed "allies" are the main ones mucking up progress. There is an obvious lack of tact. There is nothing wrong with trying to address that problem to get people more on board.
Ella Ella
Ella Ella ヶ月 前
President Obama is correct. I have seen my own family members (we're black Americans) bristle at the slogan "defund the police." To pretend that it isn't divisive is ridiculous. They can have whatever slogan they'd like, and I hope it has the intended impact, but let's not act as though President Obama said something crazy in that interview.
Brad scott
Brad scott ヶ月 前
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G. Strauss
G. Strauss ヶ月 前
My god, how the world miss this intelligent and decent man.
andrienne djiki
andrienne djiki ヶ月 前
Mr. POTUS aka Obizzle in the shizzle!
Twigling ヶ月 前
Does the slogan matter? Think about all the times the GOP was able to contest or swing issues based on changing the verbiage. Pro-Choice v. Anti-Choice became Pro-Choice v. Pro-Life The Estate Tax that only impacted multi-millionaires became the "Death Tax" and suddenly the middle class and poor were rallying around to tear it down. Global Warming was rebranded Climate Change by the GOP to make it less scary and then when that caught on they started mocking environmentalists for not being able to settle on a term and backpedaling from Global Warming even though it was them that changed the name. The Affordable Care Act has super high support among both parties but Obamacare is loathed in the GOP even though they are the same thing. Yes. The slogan matters.
issaciams ヶ月 前
All this fawning over Obama is gross. Yeah Trump is much worse but Obama was no saint.
Asha Chowdhury
Asha Chowdhury ヶ月 前
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Have a nice Dave
Have a nice Dave ヶ月 前
both are disgusting people
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