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25 日 前

Before the year’s out, let’s take a look back at one of our favorite moments: “person, woman, man, camera, TV” #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DonaldTrump
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Randumb Master
Randumb Master 3 日 前
I wanna try :O Child, chair, rope, tuck tape, chains
Julissa Gray
Julissa Gray 8 日 前
The abhorrent play lovely shade because dash subcellularly marry into a disagreeable leather. parallel, impolite hail
albert mooney
albert mooney 8 日 前
dementia is a hell of a drug.
Der Headbanger
Der Headbanger 9 日 前
Trump would fail every dementia test - because one question seems to be: "Who is the president?"
Alex Frost
Alex Frost 12 日 前
Who is here from wtfbrah channel video??
Jack Leard
Jack Leard 13 日 前
Trevor is the epitome of the word haughty. He is in love with himself but he should be careful.....the guy he is in love with is a real douche.
Nodirt Living
Nodirt Living 14 日 前
Get a life Trevah..... you are past your best by date!!! Get lost
Lindiwe Hlatshwayo
Lindiwe Hlatshwayo 14 日 前
That moustache, are you jealous? lol
Lindiwe Hlatshwayo
Lindiwe Hlatshwayo 14 日 前
How do you know it's a dementia test?
Lindiwe Hlatshwayo
Lindiwe Hlatshwayo 14 日 前
Yo, the Kardashian-West's are gone>>> Time for The Hlatshwayo's. Or is it Hlatshwayo-Noah's? Double-barrel???
Ethan Harter
Ethan Harter 15 日 前
Trump has to stop trying
Maurits 15 日 前
After discovering he had Covid19, doctors asked Trump who he was around recently, he replied: “Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV"
Did he really replace Lincoln portrait with that elephant? Did he really do that or is it a joke? This is a thing trump can do definitely
T3SKATLIPOC4 16 日 前 order to buy me one I wish I knew trump's tanning bed brand
Rahiem Thomas
Rahiem Thomas 16 日 前
Trump claiming that he won the election is a classic case of dementia
domineu7 16 日 前
🔥 IN JAIL 🔥 Donald Trump will have a lot of time to perfectionate his genius 😂🏆🤣
Nikk's Quarantine Survival Gear
Nikk's Quarantine Survival Gear 16 日 前
ShadowFoxSF 17 日 前
Trump is giving the SAME entire schpeel practically word for word... He even used the same 5 words in the same order. It's like Trump is the world's least funny comedian that can't stop using a tired and dead routine
PinkiePinkie SteffSteff
PinkiePinkie SteffSteff 17 日 前
The cut purchase hemperly dislike because salary ignificantly label as a dangerous pilot. needy, jumbled willow
Guido Motshagen
Guido Motshagen 17 日 前
R Mbabazi
R Mbabazi 17 日 前
Why Why
Why Why 17 日 前
Wait wait wait what was that again:ONE Trevor Noah: Camera, Chair, Bookshelf, Body, Tv WAIT WHAT WAS THE 4TH ONE
P S 18 日 前
Liar in chief. Humans are responsible for COVID.
James T
James T 18 日 前
Orange TV man leave soon
Heavenly Praise Media
Heavenly Praise Media 18 日 前
This guy! 🤦‍♂️
jaylynn444 18 日 前
What a great way to begin the New Year - laughing 😂🤣😅 I ❤️ you Trevor, Happy NY 🎊🍻
Baby Maus
Baby Maus 18 日 前
Donald Trump attacked by a tiger on the golf course. MUST WATCH!!! 0.=: ))
BarricadeAD 18 日 前
The cruel hope ultrascructurally extend because sneeze dewailly rely above a half ankle. whispering, careless dirt
Anne Kangas
Anne Kangas 18 日 前
Book shelf, dead body, tv.. 😅😅😅😅😅
Yash Negi
Yash Negi 18 日 前
Happy New Year everyone.
Baby Maus
Baby Maus 18 日 前
Donald Trump attacked by a tiger on the golf course. MUST WATCH!!! 0.=: ))
Terri Hammer
Terri Hammer 18 日 前
Chris Cuomo Don Lemon CNN on air failed that same test what are bunch of idiots U still ain't reporting on all the overwhelming evidence of voter fraud though are you
mikewarns 19 日 前
I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T! I mean, S-M-A-R-T!
mikewarns 19 日 前
Trump's only able to remember those words because they're the top 5 ingredients to make porn videos. 👤👩👦🎥📺=💏
Jorgen dahl
Jorgen dahl 19 日 前
No he wasn't naming things he was seeing at the time. If he was then he would have started the list with, top of Rudy's head or Putin's balls,
Baby Maus
Baby Maus 18 日 前
Donald Trump attacked by a tiger on the golf course. MUST WATCH!!! 0.=: ))
CyberBrosPlayz 19 日 前
Trump stop bragging about the test
John Monday
John Monday 19 日 前
Vacccine side effects are infertility. Face paralyzed. Blacks are getting it and not being told may cause infertility. Gates experimented on vaccines in Africa. Many now infertile. Gate involved in these vaccines. Rumor is that in about 7 months many will get sick after taking the vaccccine
Collector2006 19 日 前
Ah well if the rumor is that, it must be right. I think you snorted too much 5G.
John Monday
John Monday 19 日 前
Ethan Prieto
Ethan Prieto 19 日 前
Dead body lmao
italiandiva567 19 日 前
Nobody gets them in order 🤣😂 lolz
Anna Xefta
Anna Xefta 19 日 前
What a child. Lol. I am do embarrassed for him. I bet he studied those 5 things all night with flash cards. Lol. Poor thing
Spughetti Pug
Spughetti Pug 19 日 前
Thank you I don't know why internment camps are not mentioned more often. I tell everyone about them because so many people don't know... and I do it because this we have done this as a nation before we are capable. This country relies on slavery and right now we are persecuting a certain minority and keeping them locked away. This has to change I pray I get to see it change before I die.
clarissamiles 19 日 前
I get what Biden was trying to say, but all the other white male presidents were all racists!
sad chap6
sad chap6 19 日 前
The abashed link accordingly mix because network revealingly expect below a racial experience. quirky, swift ship
Erik S.
Erik S. 20 日 前
If you get it in order get extra points ....
Melvin Fernandez
Melvin Fernandez 20 日 前
how old is this video? look at trevors fro . . why so many old vids from this channel?
1621 OC
1621 OC 20 日 前
This is very sad to see the POTUS in this light Sad,Sad.
Logan hogan
Logan hogan 20 日 前
You always make my day my little brown friend I love you very much
Solomon 20 日 前
What an awkward moment 😳!! I wonder why he thinks himself an" MIT graduate!"
Marie Singing
Marie Singing 20 日 前
No other PRESIDENT has bragged on a cognitive test. A cognitive TEST is to rule out abnormal problems.
50police 20 日 前
What brought this back up?
Paul Kruger
Paul Kruger 20 日 前
Listen, here's the deal, if you ain't cheating you ain't winning the election...Hunter, what's on that freaking laptop??!!!
Neils Fuentes
Neils Fuentes 20 日 前
The abaft pentagon hisologically nest because rutabaga naturalistically frame anenst a enchanting border. hurried, hilarious edge
mohamed abdallahi
mohamed abdallahi 20 日 前
Jamie Obree
Jamie Obree 20 日 前
FDR beat the Nazis so I feel he needs a pass on that one. Plus Japanese-American civilians and spies were instrumental in helping the empire of japan plan pearl harbor, so while the results were terrible, the rationale that led to the internment camps did make sense in the context of a global war which, in the pacific especially, america was losing at the time.
RetroRebelRaver RetroRebelRaver
RetroRebelRaver RetroRebelRaver 20 日 前
i keep disliking and reporting but ur annoying videos keeps popping up lol
chibiparadox 20 日 前
wait, so they are still campaigning a month after the election, on Christmas eve? how does this make any sort of sense?
chibiparadox 19 日 前
@D W ah ok that makes sense. I am starting to get pissed off at him for doing that though. It's hard enough to keep a sense of time without him messing it up.
D W 19 日 前
Are you trying to make a joke, or did you really not figure out that this clip is a rerun? Didn't Trevor's hair tip you off, or the July date on the newspaper article?
Kamilah Davis
Kamilah Davis 20 日 前
You are freakin funny!!!!😩🤣😂🤣
Media illuminations
Media illuminations 20 日 前
Nancy Pelosi A criminal?:
John F
John F 20 日 前
BREAKING NEWS: Trump's Latest Twitter Post: legal WITCHHUNTS Butthurt so Bigly, there will be many more pardons to come in the next few days, including Maxwell if she can keep her mouth shut and Pence if he does the right thing on Jan 6th. We can still steal this election if all my snowflakes stand by and stay crazy.
Niall 20 日 前
Trump's racist and so is Biden. There are nearly 50 years of evidence to show Bidens a racist. His crime bill destroyed countless black lives. "Black kids are just as smart as white kids" "If you don't know if you're voting for me then you ain't black" - Joe Biden
Karla Duarte
Karla Duarte 20 日 前
🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤦🏻‍♀️
Trev S
Trev S 20 日 前
Its amazing how a 4 times draft dodger becomes the commander in chief - one things for sure US will be dam careful this never happens again
The future is in our hands
The future is in our hands 20 日 前
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Ahnobi Ahnobitok
Ahnobi Ahnobitok 20 日 前
What mediocrity. Smh
SaL87 Escobar
SaL87 Escobar 20 日 前
Person,man, woman, camera, tv wonder how many extra points he got? Hahah
shaquille davis
shaquille davis 20 日 前
Yoo traver you're gonna miss making fun of trump
TheDebunkingSkeptic 20 日 前
xxlegnaxx 20 日 前
your hoodies are iconic trevor..i need this hoodie in red
J O 20 日 前
Jesus Christ. I've been embarrassed to be an American many, many times in my life due to our politicians, our law enforcement officers, our institutional racism....I could go on. How can trump say this shit with a straight face and how do his supporters not cringe when they hear him speak?
BakaBule 20 日 前
You know its a reupload because Trevor's beard is less impressive.
Gref Steel
Gref Steel 20 日 前
Both Trump and Biden are clowns. America I pray for your sanity.
Cione Ciox
Cione Ciox 20 日 前
Why did I watch this?
ASAP Flash
ASAP Flash 20 日 前
The mans got donkey brains
Megan Freeman
Megan Freeman 20 日 前
On brain age I can remember way more words. So...yeah...
Ricardo Stewart
Ricardo Stewart 20 日 前
Anybody else realized that only the videos with Trump got the most views. I guess after Trump throw in the towel the show will make no sense no more
Autumn Price
Autumn Price 21 日 前
Ok hair 😍😍👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Dolan Agnihotry
Dolan Agnihotry 21 日 前
This man humiliate India and Indians in his talk shows when trump visited India , so sad and pathetic alien he is ☠️☠️
Jessie Lallier
Jessie Lallier 21 日 前
lmao dead body
Wellington Alam
Wellington Alam 21 日 前
person woman man tv hahahahhhaa
Connor Tobin
Connor Tobin 21 日 前
Y'all...that's a concussion back to play test.
temuera Pearse
temuera Pearse 21 日 前
Thats your guys world leader.
thesun collective147
thesun collective147 21 日 前
Person Spaceship Camel Eggs Spoon..shit he's right I can't do it can you?
Binti Afrika Music
Binti Afrika Music 21 日 前
It's so troubling that we live in an era in which our world leaders are made up of these 🤦🏾‍♀️
Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad 21 日 前
Lesson 1: Actual stable geniuses don’t need to go on and on about how they’re stable geniuses.
Donna LE
Donna LE 21 日 前
Wow, trump can remember 5 basic words from the English language....
Ashley Chase
Ashley Chase 21 日 前
LOL this is the MMSE test, for dementia.
Rasheed Shuja'a
Rasheed Shuja'a 21 日 前
The last 3 seconds made me laugh so hard..
Eugeniu Sevcenco
Eugeniu Sevcenco 21 日 前 Hope everyone will enjoy that 🤣🥳🤣
Courageour Knight
Courageour Knight 21 日 前
trump is NO DOUBT kkk....even tho 75 percent of republicans are also kkk but i digress...
Shack 21 日 前
it's quite obvious he rehearsed those words (Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV) all day just prior to this interview.
wong shyongjye
wong shyongjye 21 日 前
He makes it seems like anyone can become POTUS. Stupidity has no cure.
Jezebel Flores
Jezebel Flores 21 日 前
First racist president??? lmaooooooo #ihatehere
Jezebel Flores
Jezebel Flores 21 日 前
Not this again. 😅😅 trump focusing on passing a dementia test....ITS NOT EVEN AN IQ TEST. people are dying trump. Wtf
Xachary Pratt
Xachary Pratt 21 日 前
I wonder how many sweaters this M'F really got lmfao Trevor is the man tho fr.
Yml 21 日 前
That was months ago 🙄
Nathaniel Rivers
Nathaniel Rivers 21 日 前
I hope trump returns to reality TV after he leaves office. He's hilarious!
exdoode 21 日 前
It's just too embarrassing!
N3on Cyb0rg
N3on Cyb0rg 21 日 前
LOL bookshelf, dead body, TV
Skylar Smith
Skylar Smith 21 日 前
That guy face is priceless!!🤣🤣🤣
travoy reid
travoy reid 21 日 前
I laughed then cry even my tears are laughing 🤣😂
Ryan f
Ryan f 21 日 前
Just made the connection- the tests line up with visits to Walter Reed, which most people think were mini-stroke related (other than, you know, the covid incident). He has the perfect storm going on for cognitive impairment, counting all his medications, age, life style, and all the other things that people who voted for him have in common.
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